B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/10/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/10/03

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

 Stephanie: But being a clairvoyant is not one of them.

 Brooke: I never said I was a clairvoyant, but I do know this child is Ridge's.

 Stephanie: Why, because you really, really, really want it to be that way?

 Brooke: No, because I feel it.

 Stephanie: Where? In that committed heart of yours?

 Brooke: When I think of how close we'd become --

 Stephanie: That's because I thought you'd changed.

 Brooke: I did change, and so did you. You accepted Ridge and me.

 Stephanie: And look what happened! You've enmeshed him in another one of your continuous dramas.

 Brooke: What happened with Nick was a tragic mistake.

 Stephanie: Yes, and one you may have to live with for the rest of your life.

 Brooke: No, Stephanie, this baby I'm carrying is Ridge's, and nothing is going to change that.


 Marvin: Let's go over it again.

 Sally: You're killing me with this, Marv, you know that. You are killing me with this. Okay? All right here goes nothing, I'll try it. First, I find the Easter egg, secret Easter egg, right? And I use that to gain access to the -- password file, password file. And then I will be able to outmaneuver their system, and break into the -- what -- restricted files.

 Marvin: Then what?

 Sally: Then, well, then I will see the two candidates for the paternity test, and using the control and the delete keys, I will be able to manipulate the outcome of that test, huh, huh, huh?

 Marvin: All completely undetected.

 Sally: Yes! Perfect. Marvin, you're a genius.

 Marvin: I think you've got it.

 Sally: I think I've got it, all right, and you know what? That means that a certain, other person is gonna get hers. That's marvelous.

[Marv laughs]

 Marvin: I am the best hacker in the city.

[Both laugh]

 Sally: You are the best hacker anywhere in the world, Marvin. You are a scream. Best hacker in the city.

 Nick: Hello, sally. I didn't know you were a regular patron of Chuck'S.

 Sally: Why, Captain Payne --

 Nick: Hi.

 Sally: Hello, hello.

 Nick: What's going on here with your computer, and who's your friend?

 Sally: Ah, this is a colleague of mine. We haven't seen each other for a while. We were just catching up, but we're finished now and he has to go somewhere. Don't you, honey?

 Marvin: I haven't finished my beer yet.

 Sally: Oh, you haven't finished your beer yet. Go on, get out of here, you joker.

[Sally laughs] What a character, huh?

 Nick: See ya, pal. So, tell me, Sally --

 Sally: Sit down, sit down, drop anchor.

 Nick: Is this your first time here at Chuck's?

 Sally: Yes. Yeah, it is, but you know something -- I have definitely decided I have to get out more. Because, obviously, I don't have anything left at home.

 Nick: Oh, so that's your excuse, huh?

 Sally: My excuse for what? Life.

 Sally: You've got to be kidding, right? Messing with Brooke's life, that's a good one. That woman has taken absolutely everything away from me.

 Nick: And you're just gonna take right back, aren't ya?


 Bridget: So beautiful.

 Oscar: What, the ring? It don't hold a candle to you. I'm serious, Bridget, I've never been more serious about anything in my life.

 Bridget: You know about my history with deacon, and you're trying to make sure it doesn't repeat itself. Which is so sweet of you, Ozzy, but, I mean, a proposal?

 Oscar: No, no, this isn't Deacon. It's about me and you. I am head over heels for you.

 Bridget: I feel the same way about you. Oh, god -- okay. I promised myself I wouldn't do this again.

 Oscar: Do what, get married?

 Bridget: No, jump into something so quickly. No matter how right it feels.

 Oscar: There it is. You just listen to your heart. I mean, 'cause that's I what its there for. And it's telling you that -- you've found something good. I swear I will be good for you.

 Bridget: I don't doubt that.

 Oscar: Please, take that ring, and take all the time you want. I'd just feel a lot better knowing it's on your finger.


 Sally: Obviously, you don't think I have any good reason to resent Brooke?

 Nick: Sally, I don't know you very well, but I'm sure you can talk yourself into just about anything.

 Sally: About as easily as Brooke talked herself into you, huh? Listen, it doesn't bother me, I understand that you have feelings for your brother's wife. And she obviously has them for you. Don't bother to ask me how I know this, because I never reveal my sources. But there is one question that should be asked, and that is who the proud father is going to be.

 Nick: I'll tell you that right now. Ridge Forrester. Whiskey, please.

 Sally: That is a very, very noble answer, and a very insincere one. Come on, this is me you're talking to. You're in love with that woman. Don't you realize the only way you're ever going to be with her is if that baby is born smelling like old spice? Don't give up yet, captain. Your ship may still come in.]


 Stephanie: If you're so certain that this is Ridge's baby, why are you working so hard to convince me that it is?

 Brooke: I'm not. I want to ask you a favor.

 Stephanie: You want me to forgive you.

 Brooke: I want you to accept what happened and put it behind you, for Ridge's sake.

 Stephanie: Have you talked to Ridge lately?

 Brooke: We were just together.

 Stephanie: And he didn't say anything?

 Brooke: Nothing -- what about?

 Stephanie: Oh, you know, just that it's a very difficult time for the family.

 Brooke: Oh, you're talking about Eric and the shooting.

 Stephanie: The accident.

 Brooke: Of course.

 Stephanie: Look, Brooke, its put an enormous strain on everyone, but especially Bridget. Eric is really concerned that her feelings for Deacon are more than just sympathy.

 Brooke: What are you talking about?

 Stephanie: Well, he's worried that she has this sense of obligation towards Deacon. You know, that she feels that she's the one that has to get him back up on his feet and make up for everything that happened.

 Brooke: Well, that's Bridget. She's very helpful.

 Stephanie: No, no, he's worried that it goes beyond that. He thinks that -- he thinks Deacon's falling in love with her all over again. And apparently, he's been very open in his feelings.

 Brooke: Well, Bridget would never be vulnerable to him. I mean, she's with Ozzy, they're seeing each other.

 Stephanie: Yes, they are.

 Brooke: So, what's the problem?

 Stephanie: I don't know. Let's just hope that he can make her forget all about her ex-husband.


 Bridget: You're not afraid at all?

 Oscar: Of what? Spending the rest of my life with you? Why should I be?

 Bridget: Ozzy, it's not that easy.

 Oscar: Yeah, it is.

 Bridget: So confident.

 Oscar: Hey, that's one of the things you love about me, right?

 Bridget: You're right. I do, Ozzy. I love you. God, you know, I've made so many mistakes. But when I'm with you -- I just feel like I can trust my heart again.

 Oscar: You can. I will not let you down.

 Bridget: This is a really, really big step.

 Oscar: Yeah, it is. But you know what? I'm right here to take it with you. I love you. I do, and there's not a doubt in my mind that I would be the luckiest man in the world if I could have you as my wife.

 Bridget: I'm sorry, I can't stop crying. I just -- I can't believe this is happening.

 Oscar: Well, it is. I mean, we've both had some pretty hard knocks, you know, but I think we can get through it together, you know, rise above it and move on. And start what I think would be an amazing life.

 Bridget: You think so, huh?

 Oscar: Yeah, I know so.

 Bridget: Where's that ring?

 Oscar: Hmm.

 Bridget: Hmm.

 Oscar: I might have lost it. Oh.

 Brooke: Oh.

 Oscar: Yeah?

 Bridget: Yeah.


 Sally: Keep your eye on the prize, sailor. You know something, I have been acquainted with Ridge and Brooke for a lot of years. And you're the first man I've ever seen that could actually turn her head. I think you two would be great together.

 Nick: You're a funny lady, you know that? Let's be honest here, it's pretty much all about revenge for you, isn't it, Sally?

 Sally: Yeah, and loyalty.

 Nick: Loyalty to whom?

 Sally: Stephanie, for one.

 Nick: Stephanie Forrester? You're gonna have to explain that one to me.

 Sally: Ah, listen, her royal toughness and I go back a lot of years. I've got a lot of respect for her. I'd do anything for her.

 Nick: Well, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

 Sally: I'm can be your friend too, captain.

 Nick: I'll pretty much decide that.

 Sally: Nah, I'm serious. I think that -- you're going to make a wonderful father.

 Nick: You know something I don't?

 Sally: Maybe. All of that worldly wisdom and sophistication will make that a very lucky child.

 Nick: Maybe some day.

 Sally: Maybe sooner than you think.


 Bridget: Marriage. Wow.

 Oscar: After an engagement.

 Bridget: You know, this is the best part. This is the part where we -- we get to really know each other. You know, explore each other. What we like. What drives us crazy.

 Oscar: Yeah, and I gotta get my job goin'. Get my life back on track, so I can be a man you can be proud of. You know, um -- as for the exploring part, we can get that started any time you want.

 Bridget: Oh, right, yes. You've been really patient about that, and trust me, I want to be with you too. I really do. You're gonna hate this. Um -- I want to wait until we get married.

 Oscar: Hmm. You do?

 Bridget: I know, I know, I know, it's just it's so -- it's so easy to get caught up in feeling good. Ozzy, sex complicates things. When I walk down that aisle, I just -- I want to be so sure that I'm doing it for the right reasons. So you want your ring back now?

 Oscar: Well, you drive a hard bargain, lady.

 Bridget: I know what I want.

 Oscar: Yeah?

 Bridget: Yeah. Ozzy, you are so special and so amazing. When I'm with you, I feel safe, totally at peace, totally happy.

 Oscar: Yeah? I do all that for you?

 Bridget: Yeah, you do. You're probably gonna think I'm crazy, but I think I fell in love with you the second I saw you.

 Oscar: Me, too.

 Bridget: Ah, liar.

 Oscar: Okay, okay. Listen, maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake, but there's no question now, all right? And as for time and all that, you take all you want, all right. I respect you. I respect that. I -- I'm just so happy I see this ring on your finger. I'm just so happy to think about us starting a new life together. I'm definitely the luckiest man alive. Guess what?

 Bridget: What?

 Oscar: We're engaged.

 Bridget: Yeah. Oh my god.


 Stephanie: Okay, let's not talk about virginity. Have you thought, really, about what you're going to do if the baby turns out to be Nick's?

 Brooke: This is pointless.

 Stephanie: No, it isn't!

 Brooke: I'm pregnant with Ridge's child.

 Stephanie: But if by some quirk of fate it turns out to be Nick's --

 Brooke: Why are you doing this?

 Stephanie: Look, I'm not trying to upset you. Honestly, I'm not. I just want you to consider the possibility.

 Brooke: Nick is not the father!

 Stephanie: And if, by some chance, the tests prove that he is? Would it be so bad? I mean, he is good looking, and he's charming.

 Brooke: Stephanie, he is not the man that I'm in love with. You can wish all you want. I'm sorry, it's not going to happen.


 Nick: You just don't give up, do you?

 Sally: No, not when something is this important. And I know you. I know your stomach is all tied up in knots waiting for the results of that paternity test.

 Nick: I'm a sailor, knots are my specialty.

 Sally: Well, I'm nothing but a poor woman who's lost everything. But I do know that everything can change on a dime. Bull's-eye. You better get used to the idea of being a father, captain Payne. Because tomorrow, my dart is gonna hit a bulls-eye.

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