B&B Transcript Tuesday 12/9/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 12/9/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Brooke: Is anyone out there? Sally, is that --

 Ridge: Good evening.

 Brooke: Very funny.

 Ridge: Funny, no. I am not funny. I am Dracula. I am the prince of darkness.

 Brooke: Well, you're going to be the prince of pain, if you don't put that candelabra down and kiss me.

 Ridge: Ooh.

 Brooke: Ow, you bit me.

 Ridge: Now -- now you are under my spell, Logan.

 Brooke: I've been under your spell since the moment I laid eyes on you.


 Marv: You the lady looking for help?

 Sally: I'm the lady who's been spending an awful lot of time in here, waiting for you to show up.

 Marv: Traffic's a bear.

 Sally: Um-hmm. Marvin, they tell me you're some kind of genius. Why is that?

 Marv: I'm the best.

 Sally: Oh, really, the best, huh? Well, that's good. That means we're going to get along just fine.

 Marv: So, what do you need?

 Sally: Information.

 Marv: My specialty.

[Sally laughs]

Sally: Good. You see, I am writing a novel.

 Marv: A novel, huh?

 Sally: Um-hmm. This is a novel about a wronged woman, looking for some kind of justice.

 Marv: Let me guess. Scarlet O'Hara needs to hack into a computer system?

 Sally: This heroine of mine, Scarlet. She has decided she's going to use modern technology to alter the course of history. The history of one child in particular. And, Marvin, I'm going to need you to help me do that.


 Oscar: Hi.

 Bridget: Hi. Thank you, for what you said in there.

 Oscar: You okay?

 Bridget: Yeah.

 Oscar: Parents can drive you nuts sometimes, huh?

[Bridget laughs] especially when they're right.


 Eric: Do you think I should go talk to her?

 Stephanie: No, Oscar seems to have it under control.

 Eric: He's a terrific young guy. I'm still concerned that Bridget has this terrible blind spot where -- where Deacon's concerned.

 Stephanie: Yes, well, we all know how you feel about Deacon.

 Eric: He's poison to her.

 Stephanie: I don't think you should worry about that with Oscar around. She seems to be in good hands.


 Deacon: It's not bad, huh?

 Amber: Wow, you don't mess around, do you?

 Deacon: Not when I want something badly enough.

 Amber: Look at Bridget.

 Deacon: You're wrong, no. Her days of worrying about me, they're history.

 Amber: So, you just slip that ring on her finger, and all that pain and heartache is just going to magically disappear?

 Deacon: You still don't believe me, do you?

 Amber: I just hate to see you set yourself up, Deacon.

 Deacon: Oh, yeah, like you care.

 Amber: Bottom line, you've got Mt. Everest to climb where Bridget's concerned.

 Deacon: Well, it might not be as steep as you think.

 Amber: What, because of this sudden connection you two share?

 Deacon: All right, listen. When Eric busted into my place, went medieval on me, we weren't exactly holding hands.

 Amber: What are you saying? He caught you two in bed?

 Deacon: No, but, almost. She might be a little more committed than you think.


 Bridget: So, you agree with my father?

 Oscar: I don't know, I -- I trust your judgment, you know, but your dad's kind of right. Deacon's no good. I mean he's all right, he's just not good for you.


 Brooke: Apology accepted.

 Ridge: Apology, excuse me?

 Brooke: For scaring the daylights out of me.

 Ridge: Oh, please, I didn't scare you.

 Brooke: Oh, yes, you did. Turning off all the lights, and walking in here with a bad boris karloff imitation.

 Ridge: Well, it was Bela Lugosi, actually, and I admit it was bad. It was about romance, Logan. Something you and I desperately need in our life right now.

 Brooke: You always know exactly what I need.

 Ridge: I better. You're going to be having my baby soon.


 Marv: This story of yours, where's it take place?

 Sally: In a genetics laboratory.

 Marv: What exactly is Scarlet after?

 Sally: Paternity test results.

 Marv: To, ah -- alter the course of history?

 Sally: Got it. And also to give the villainesses in my epic story a long overdue comeuppance.

 Marv: Do you believe in the Easter bunny, lady?

 Sally: The Easter bunny?

 Marv: Because we're going hunting for a big ole Easter egg.


 Samantha: Well, it doesn't look like Deacon's going to be much of a problem now.

 Eric: They do seem to be getting along really well, don't they?

 Samantha: I for one think they make a lovely couple.

 Eric: Well, that may be true, but Bridget's a rescuer. She's not going to be able to turn her back on Deacon.

 Samantha: Feeling sorry for somebody's a lot different than falling in love again.

 Eric: Sam, you don't know the hell that he put this family through.

 Samantha: No, but I do know that Bridget's crazy about Oscar. She doesn't want to disappoint you, Eric, but she does want to feel like you have faith in her decisions.

 Eric: I do. Just not when they involve Deacon Sharpe.

 Stephanie: Well, they won't, if Oscar has anything to say about this.


 Oscar: You know, I'm not saying your father couldn't have handled things a little better.

 Bridget: Just the way he talks about deacon, it's like I'm totally naive.

 Oscar: Yeah, and I know you're one of the smartest ladies I've ever known, but when deacon pops up on your radar you go a little haywire. I don't know, maybe it's 'cause of that oversized, super-duper huge, big heart of yours. Maybe it's something else. He was your first, right?

 Bridget: I'm not hung up on deacon.

 Oscar: Okay, okay. I'm not saying you are. But you got to admit the guy casts a pretty big shadow.

 Bridget: Okay, please, god, please -- can we just talk about something else? Anything.

 Oscar: Okay, that's good, that's good for me. That's good for me. Um -- 'cause, you know, he's your past, and I am your future.

[Bridget laughs] that's beautiful. Look at you. That smile, that's what I want to see.

 Bridget: You know something, Marrone?

 Oscar: What?

 Bridget: You're good for me.

 Oscar: You think? I think we're good for each other. Yeah, I think we're really good for each other. I mean, I've done everything in my life like it was just a roll of the dice, but I got to tell you something, falling in love with you was the safest bet I ever made.

 Bridget: What did you just say?

 Oscar: You heard me -- and I meant every word.


 Sally: Marv, you sure you know what you're doing?

 Marv: I used to I.T. Hospital software. Find the golden Easter egg -- you're in.

 Sally: In where? And what is this Easter egg nonsense?

 Marv: A hidden command in a program. Think of it as the back door someone left open.

 Sally: Ah-ha. Allowing me -- or, excuse me, allowing Scarlet to have access to the computer records.

 Marv: You're catching on.

 Sally: Well, I hope so, Marv. I hope so. Do you realize, in a couple of days, my epic novel will be complete? And a certain someone's marriage will be kaput.


 Brooke: I always feel so safe in your arms.

 Ridge: Good. Good, because I'm not going anywhere.

 Brooke: This is your child, Ridge, I know it.

 Ridge: I know it, too.

 Brooke: We're finally going to have the life that we've always wanted.

[Crashing sound]

 Brooke: What was that?


 Amber: Nothing personal, Deacon, but what is Bridget thinking?

 Deacon: Gee, I don't know, maybe I'm worth a second chance? Maybe I've changed?

 Amber: Look, I am sure she's concerned, and she's got to be feeling guilty --

 Deacon: Wait, stop right there. Look, I'm not a charity case.

 Amber: Well, come on, you know Bridget. She's like Florence Nightingale on steroids.

 Deacon: Amber, I've changed. Maybe you can't see it, but maybe she can.

 Amber: And being in this hospital bed has nothing to do with it?

 Deacon: No, because you know what? I'm not going to be here that long. The doc's going to fix me up. Before you know it, I'll be walking down that aisle with my beautiful bride.

 Amber: Not if Eric Forrester has anything to say about it.

 Deacon: He's not going to. I'm going to treat her so well, he's going to be thrilled to welcome me back into the family.


 Bridget: You're in love with me?

 Oscar: Don't look too surprised.

 Bridget: No, just, I never thought --

 Oscar: Oh, whoa, whoa. There's your mistake right there.

 Bridget: What?

 Oscar: Thinking. Yeah, I pretty much gave up on it. As soon as i met you, as a matter of fact. Used to be nothing but trouble. Now, pretty much, I just -- I listen to my heart. You know, just, all in my heart. That's what I've been doing. First time in a long time.

 Bridget: Well, it suits you.

 Oscar: Thanks. So, what do you say? You ready to leave the past behind us?

 Bridget: Do you really think that's possible?

 Oscar: Do I think that's possible? I'll tell you what, I think pretty much anything is possible, and you should know that. You know why? Because you taught me that. You did, and I tell you what, I'm really counting on you remembering that right now.

 Bridget: Oh, my god, Ozzy, what is that?


 Brooke: What was that?

 Ridge: I don't know, but we'll find out.

 Brooke: Sally?

 Ridge: It's a sign.

 Brooke: You mean, it's like an omen?

 Ridge: No, I mean it's a sign.

 Ridge: Have you heard from her lately?

 Brooke: Sally? No, thank god.

 Ridge: Maybe she's finally going to leave us alone.


 Marv: Now, I've written all the directions down for you.

 Sally: All right.

 Marv: You try it.

 Sally: Here I go. Ah, control, alt, enter, slash.

 Marv: Back slash.

 Sally: Sorry, sorry, okay. Ah, back slash.

 Marv: And where will that take you?

 Sally: To the master database.

 Marv: Where you will access the password file and Login as the administrator of records. Now, all you have to do after that follow these steps, its all here.

 Sally: I'll tell you what, Marv, why don't you go over to the bar and get us each a glass of something bubbly. I feel like celebrating. Well, I think you should enjoy these fleeting moments with your husband, Brooke, because they're going to end very soon.


 Stephanie: You don't want to spend the night again, keep an eye on Bridget?

 Eric: No, that won't be necessary.

 Stephanie: You're not worried about Oscar's intentions?

 Eric: I'm counting on them.


 Amber: You must be on some serious medication, because there's no way the Forresters are going to welcome you with open arms.

 Deacon: You know what, I don't even care. Bridget's the only one that matters here. You don't get it, do you? That's all right, no one does. It's like, her faith in me, after every lousy thing that I did to her, she still believes in me. I mean, look at me, I'm paralyzed. I should be freaking out, and all I can think about is how happy I am that she's in my life again. Tomorrow, this ring is going to be on her finger, and I'm going to have every reason to get up out of this bed and walk again.

 Oscar: I know you said you wanted to take things slow. This is kind of sudden, but um -- I don't know, I just -- can't help myself. I'm kind of hoping that you won't be able to either. You know, 'cause really there's -- there's no real time frame for this kind of thing. When you know, you know, right? And -- and I know. I know it with all my heart, you're the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. And, you know, call me crazy, but I think I'm a pretty good bet, too. I do, you know, and Massimo in there, he says, I got potential. And that's --

 Bridget: I think you have a lot more than potential, Oscar.

 Oscar: You're in shock, and that's definitely understandable. Talk about out of the blue, huh? Okay, but I just want to tell you that, um -- here in my heart, where it matter's most, right? I just -- I feel, everything. I feel so alive. I'm just, like, I'm filled up inside with this big ball of light that's just filling me up and -- what am I saying? Just listen to me. Just listen to me, Oscar Morrone, I don't talk like this. But you, with you, I just know. I just know it, you're the one. And I could, I could go on forever just talking about -- how being with you -- when we're together, everything feels right. How I love everything about you. How I love just to kiss you. When I kiss you it's like -- I -- I could die at that moment, and I would die the happiest man alive. Bridge, I just want to make it simple. Bridget Forrester, I love you, and I would be blessed forever, if you would -- if you would be my wife.

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