B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/5/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/5/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Nick: I don't have a lot of time.

Jackie: Well, I'm glad you stopped by, Nicky.

Nick: I've been trying to say no to you my whole life, Mother. It doesn't work. Is there coffee in this?

Jackie: Yes, it's coffee, and I need to talk to you, darling, about the test.

Nick: Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's over.

Jackie: This may not be the end of it.

Nick: Well, it is for me.

Jackie: You don't know that.

Nick: If there's any fairness in the world, Mother, yes, I do know it.

Jackie: Is it fair for you to give up the woman you love? Is it fair for you to give up the possibility of having a child with her?

Nick: I don't want to talk about this anymore. We've been over this. My feelings for Brooke are inconsequential. This is about the two of them. Their ships have been set on a course for years.

Jackie: He was married to someone else, darling. So was she.

Nick: And now they've found each other. It's a beautiful story.

Jackie: I don't understand how you can make their relationship out to be some kind of fairy tale, when you know it's not. I mean, they've had so many problems.

Nick: And I'm not going to put my name on the list of those problems. By the end of today, it's going to be settled. We'll find out and make sure that Forrester's the father of that child.


Dr. Paxson: We should be all set, Brooke. Are you ready?

Brooke: Yes, I'm ready.

Dr. Paxson: Okay, I've already administered local anesthetic. Let's make sure it's taken effect. Can you feel that?

Brooke: No.

Dr. Paxson: Good. As I've explained before, the transabdominal procedure should only take a few minutes. The baby will be continuously monitored with the ultrasound. Now, once I've located the placenta, I'll insert a needle and remove a small portion of chorionic villi cells.

Brooke: Is that it?

Dr. Paxson: That's it. The cells will be sent to the lab, along with the other two DNA samples.

Ridge: Are you going to do that later?

Dr. Paxson: After we're finished here. You ready to get started? Don't worry, Brooke. I've done over 50 of these tests this year. The risk to your fetus is minimal.

Ridge: We just want to make sure that our baby is healthy.

Dr. Paxson: CV sampling is better than 99% accurate in detecting hundreds of genetic and chromosomal disorders.

Brooke: When will we get the results back?

Dr. Paxson: Usually it takes a week to ten days, but I've talked to the lab. We should know something sooner.

Brooke: And the paternity results?

Dr. Paxson: We should even be able to tell you the sex of the baby. Okay, just relax. This might be a little uncomfortable, but it will be over before you know it.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: I'm right here, Logan. You heard the doctor. Our baby is going to be just fine.


Jackie: Stephanie, can you spare me a moment?

Stephanie: Oh, Jackie. Well, this is a surprise.

Jackie: Really? It shouldn't be.

Stephanie: Oh, paternity test.

Jackie: Don't tell me you've forgotten.

Stephanie: Let's just say Iím trying to put it out of my mind.

Jackie: Why? Are you having trouble with it?

Stephanie: Aren't you?

Jackie: No. Actually, I'm not. I would have no problem accepting Brooke and her baby into my family.

Stephanie: If it's Nick's baby.

Jackie: And if it's Ridge's, can you say the same? No. You can't. Which is why I hope that this child is related to me.

Stephanie: Well, I think there's a very slim chance that'll happen.


Nick: Hey, Forrester. Where's Brooke?

Ridge: Getting dressed.

Nick: So it's over.

Ridge: Yeah. Once we finish the DNA test, you're done.

Jackie: Still, you wouldn't be heartbroken if this baby was Nick's.

Stephanie: Well, I think ridge and Brooke would be.

Jackie: You don't think that Nicky could make her happy?

Stephanie: She's in love with my son.

Jackie: Yes. But she could have feelings for Nicky still.

Stephanie: Why? Just because they had sex in Puerto Vista?

Jackie: No. Because he's a good man. Because he cares very deeply for her.

Stephanie: Well, I can't dispute that, but she's chosen Ridge.

Jackie: Well, if this baby turns out not to be Ridge's, she might just have to re-evaluate that choice.

Stephanie: And she might not.

Jackie: Their connection is that strong?

Stephanie: I think some people would call it obsessive.

Jackie: Do you?

Stephanie: Well, their history certainly supports it. It certainly explains why she never gives up on him and why he always returns to her.

Jackie: Yeah, but to return, you've got to leave.

Stephanie: And he has, for years at a time, and then he comes back.

Jackie: So nothing's going to keep them apart?

Stephanie: I think her heart belongs to Ridge.

Jackie: But it didn't always. I mean, when she and Nick were together, it was --

Stephanie: Jackie, she's married to Ridge now. They're planning a family, and she's not going to allow anything to interfere with her marriage.

Jackie: You're willing to accept that?

Stephanie: It's not a question of me accepting it. Look, even if the baby is nick's, she's not going to walk away from the marriage.

Jackie: So what are you saying? That Nicky was just a diversion for her?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Jackie: No. Uh-uh, I don't think so. They have a bond together. Nicky brought out something in Brooke. They may only have been together for a couple of months, but it meant something to her, more than she's willing to accept, even to herself. And, Stephanie, Nicky loves her. And he wants the baby to be his.


Nick: So how'd it go in there? Is Brooke okay?

Ridge: Brooke's fine.

Nick: Guess I don't need to ask about you.

Ridge: Just as well.

Nick: It's not that I'm not interested.

Ridge: No, I'm sure you are very interested.

Nick: Come on, Forrester, I'm not going to play games with you. You got something else to say to me, say it.

Ridge: You know, the thing is, Nick, I don't have anything to say to you. Neither will Dr. Paxson once this test comes back.

Nick: Well, I hope you're right. Guess it's a little tough for you to believe that, isn't it?

Ridge: Yeah, a little.

Nick: Well, I swear to you, on the medical source guide. I don't want to steal your wife.

Ridge: You know, it's really cute you can make jokes so easily about all this. Brooke just had a needle jammed into her belly to prove I'm the father of that child.

Nick: I'm not joking.

Ridge: Tell Dr. Paxson, will you, that I'll be in the waiting room.

Nick: Hey, Forrester, hang on. Hang on, hang on. I got nothing to say to you except -- I apologize.

Ridge: Oh, I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry Brooke ever got mixed up with you.

Nick: I don't want to interfere with your marriage.

Ridge: You want this baby to be mine?

Nick: I want it to be yours. I want -- I want her to be happy and --

Ridge: Well, that's very noble. Very noble, indeed. But you know what that really says to me? It tells me just how much you're actually in love with my wife.


Dr. Paxson: Your husband seems like a very understanding man.

Brooke: He understands me.

Dr. Paxson: The paternity issue doesn't seem to have affected your relationship.

Brooke: We won't let it.

Dr. Paxson: I can't tell you how rare that is.

Brooke: He's one in a million.

Dr. Paxson: I was concerned the situation might cause you too much stress. That can be dangerous to the baby.

Brooke: I'm okay. I've been taking good care of myself.

Dr. Paxson: Stress was a factor in your last pregnancy.

Brooke: I'm fine. I'm better than fine.

Dr. Paxson: I'm your doctor, Brooke. You can tell me anything.

Brooke: Well, there's nothing to tell, really. You've seen it for yourself. You always hear those stories of unconditional love, of those couples that can survive anything. And you wish you were one of them, but you're not sure until something happens. Well, now I know.

Dr. Paxson: You aren't concerned about the paternity test?

Brooke: Oh, I'm really concerned about the baby. This is her first checkup.

Dr. Paxson: Or his.

Brooke: Yes, I guess we'll find that out, too. Paternity isn't the only question that's going to be answered by this test.

Dr. Paxson: No, and it's not the only reason the test was administered, but it is important.

Brooke: Absolutely. Ridge and I want to have this cleared up as soon as possible.

Dr. Paxson: And what about the other party, Mr. Payne? How is he feeling about all of this?

Brooke: He doesn't want to cause any problems between Ridge and me.

Dr. Paxson: So he's just as understanding as his brother?

Brooke: He's a wonderful man, and he's going to make an incredible father someday. But this isn't his child.

Dr. Paxson: I'm sorry. If you were so sure --

Brooke: Do you believe in women's intuition?

Dr. Paxson: Yes, but I leave the certainties to science.

Brooke: And this test is going to prove me right.

Dr. Paxson: And if it doesn't?

Brooke: Ridge and I  have been waiting for this child for a very long time. To think that we could be robbed of this experience, this manifestation of our love, I just can't think about it.

Dr. Paxson: I understand.

Brooke: And it's nothing against Nick. He's been an amazing friend to me. And I do love him, but not the same way that I love Ridge. They're two very different people.

Dr. Paxson: And they're waiting in my office. Are you ready?


Ridge: Go ahead, Nick, deny it.

Nick: We've already been over this, Forrester. One thing I won't deny in this -- that you're my brother, and I love you.

Ridge: Spare me the speech about loyalty and family unity, will you? 'Cause I don't think you really know the meaning of the words.

Nick: I know it's hard for you to imagine now, but when these test results come back, you just might look at this a little differently.

Ridge: When these test results come back, Nick, I won't have to look at you again, ever.


Stephanie: Nick wants to be the father?

Jackie: I've heard him say it.

Stephanie: Has he said that to Brooke?

Jackie: I don't think so.

Stephanie: Has he discussed it with her?

Jackie: What are you saying? Have they been meeting behind Ridge's back? No, Stephanie, they haven't. My son respects their marriage.

Stephanie: You don't.

Jackie: I'm thinking of my son.

Stephanie: Mm, and the grandchild that maybe she's carrying.

Jackie: I'd love that child, without reservation, could you?

Stephanie: Well, I'm certainly not going to punish an innocent little baby because of his Mother's mistakes.

Jackie: A mistake? I don't see this as a -- a mistake. Nick and brooke, they belong together. They make each other happy. It's --

Stephanie: Look, Brooke has an uncanny knack for making unhealthy choices.

Jackie: Yeah. Well, that's why this could be such a godsend, for both of them. It is out of their hands. Their future is going to be decided by this test.

Dr. Paxson: Good. Everyone's here.

Nick: Is this going to take long?

Dr. Paxson: Not at all.

Ridge: Good. Let's get it done, so we can get out of here.

Jackie: We both want our sons to be happy.

Stephanie: And you think that Nick could be happy with Brooke?

Jackie: I saw it. So did you. Why else would you have stranded them on that island?

Stephanie: Oh, that was just wishful thinking.

Jackie: No, I think it was more than that.

Stephanie: Not until we have the results of the test.

Jackie: My son needs this, Stephanie. He needs it. He's spent his whole life just sailing from port to port, never putting down roots, never staying anywhere long enough to put down roots. Well, all of that changed. He came to L.A. He found his father. He met Brooke. And it just opened him up. He needs that woman, Stephanie. He needs her. The day that Brooke and Ridge announced their engagement, what did he do? He took off for Korea. If this child turns out to be Ridge's, he's just going to leave again maybe this time for good.

Stephanie: I see. You don't want to lose him.

Jackie: I couldn't bear it.

Stephanie: Jackie, it's out of our hands.

Jackie: Ridge, he has children. He has a family. And his last marriage, well, I mean, couldn't have been happier, could it? He's had his chance. I think my son deserves one, too.

Stephanie: Well, all you can do is hope.


Nick: So what do we do? Roll up our sleeves?

Dr. Paxson: No.

Ridge: You're not taking blood?

Dr. Paxson: Skin cells from inside your cheeks.

Ridge: That's accurate?

Dr. Paxson:  Ninty nine percent of the time. Open. Good. Okay. And again. Each of your swabs has been given a number that corresponds with the names on that chart. I'll send Brooke's CV sample and your DNA to an independent lab, where the results will be analyzed and reported. Open. Good. One more.

Brooke: Why two?

Dr. Paxson: It's just a precaution in case of contamination. The lab runs two tests just to make sure they get a consistent result. Got a medical courier waiting outside who will take these samples to the hillside clinical lab. I've asked them to rush the results. They should begin working on your case today.

Ridge: So we might find out within a few days then?

Dr. Paxson: They'll do the best they can.

Brooke: Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Paxson: I'll be right back.

Ridge: I'd say you're done.

Nick: I'll wait for the doctor to tell me that.

Brooke: Is this the way it's going to be from now on? You don't know how much it hurts to see the two of you this way. I know we're all anxious about the test results. This is a very tense situation. But don't forget, we all want the same thing. We want to get back to normal. And we can. Maybe not overnight, but I do believe it's possible. And once we get those test results back, ridge and I will go on with our lives, with our marriage. And the three of us will pick up the pieces. You're brothers. We're all family. Don't forget that.

Dr. Paxson: These need to be delivered to the hillside clinical lab right away.


Announcer: Coming soon --

Sally: I think you should enjoy these fleeting moments with your husband, Brooke, because they're going to end.

Brooke: What was that?

Sally: Very soon.

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