B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/3/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/3/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: You know, sooner or later, they'll realize how ridiculous these charges are. Attempted murder, for god sakes.

Eric: Jonathan thinks the D.A. May be able to convince a grand jury that that's exactly what happened.

Ridge: Well, then, we'll have to convince them otherwise.

Eric: We're going to have to get an affidavit from Deacon saying that this was an accident.

Ridge: And how do we do that?

Eric: There's only one person I can think of that would be able to convince him to give it to us.

Bridget: You are unbelievable.

Eric: Bridget?

Bridget: All of you. Deacon is lying in a hospital bed, not knowing if he's ever going to walk again, and all you care about is yourself.

Eric: You know me better than that.

Bridget: I thought I did.

Ridge: Look, Bridget. We don't really want to put you in the middle of this and if you don't want to talk to Deacon, that's not a problem. I'll go do it.

Bridget: I don't want any of you near him. Don't you understand? He's facing more surgery, physical therapy, maybe the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Dad.

Eric: I -- I know that.

Bridget: Well, then you should know right now, he needs to be surrounded by people who care about him and support him. Not people who want something from him.


Oscar: Hey, man. What's up?

Deacon: Not me.

Oscar: Ha, ha. Come on, man, the paralysis is only temporary.

Deacon: I must have missed the part where you got your medical degree.

Oscar: Ah, yeah. Well, I don't need one. I know you. You don't let nothing get you down.

Deacon: Except a bullet.

Oscar: Right, a bullet. So what? Now you're going to give up?

Deacon: You know I might never walk again?

Oscar: So? Since when you back away from a long shot, huh? You used to thrive on them.

Deacon: Yeah. Not this time.

Oscar: Oh, not this time. All right. Come on. Give it to me straight.

Deacon: Let's see, I got shattered vertebrae. I got bone fragments in my spinal canal. Did extensive damage.

Oscar: So, can they take them out?

Deacon: Maybe.

Oscar: Then you got a chance.

Deacon: Maybe! I got a maybe! I might never walk again!

Oscar: All right, you -- Deacon, you're a fighter. You know, you've been a fighter your whole life. Now, all of the sudden, you decide to give up?

Deacon: Why shouldn't I?

Oscar: Because you got too much going for you.

Deacon: Like what?


Massimo: Bridget Forrester. Either of my sons could have had an intelligent, pretty, worthy partner in Bridget. Instead, they both go after that -- that Mother of hers.

Jackie: Brooke has absolutely all the qualities that you see in Bridget.

Massimo: Oh, please, Jacqueline. She's not half the woman her daughter is. If she was, I would not have to worry about which one of my sons is the father of her baby.

Jackie: Don't be so hard on her.

Massimo: How can you say that? Because of her, Jacqueline, both my sons may be at each others throats. My family is being torn apart just when I have found them.

Jackie: Even if Nicky is this baby's father, darling, it will still be your grandchild.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Brooke will still be its mother.


Stephanie: Bridget, everyone in this family wants deacon to recover.

Bridget: Well, then leave him alone.

Stephanie: We can't. We'd like to, but we can't, because your father's future is hanging in the balance, and so is yours.

Bridget: Mine?

Stephanie: Yes. I'm very concerned about these feelings that you exhibit for him.

Bridget: Stephanie, the man was shot by my father.

Ridge: Bridget, none of us feel good about that.

Bridget: Yeah, you say that. The fact is, none of you have any idea how hard deacon's worked to get where he is. He's faced more challenges than you can imagine. Between his abusive father, to his alcoholism, to losing his wife. Every single time he gets on his feet, something knocks him down. But he always gets up. He's never let anything keep him down. Until last night.

Eric: Bridget, all I was trying to do was get him out of your life. Out of all of our lives.

Bridget: Daddy, god, do you hear yourself? You're making excuses? Because of you, Deacon may be facing the one hurdle he can't overcome. And you're not even sorry.

Eric: That's not fair.

Bridget: How fair were you to Deacon?


Deacon: Let me guess. This is the part where you tell me about how much I got to live for.

Oscar: Hmm, yeah. You know what? That's exactly what part this is. What about the whole business you got starting up, huh?

Deacon: I think amber and Sally will be just fine without me.

Oscar: I thought you were the brains behind the operation.

Deacon: Oh, yeah, yeah. Look at me. I must be a fricking genius, huh? A business like that, it needs legs. And, in case you haven't noticed, mine don't seem to be working' that good right now.

Oscar: Okay. Okay, so what? You saying  you're just going to bail on your friends?

Deacon: Look, I'm not their Mother all right. They'll be better off without me.

Oscar: What about little Eric? Is he going to have to fend for himself, too?

Deacon: He's got a lot of people who care about him. Probably take care of him better than I could.

Oscar: Yeah, maybe. But I have a feeling little D wouldn't agree.

Deacon: He's just a kid.

Oscar: Yeah, that's right. And he's your kid, and walking or not, you're his hero. He needs you, man. And you know what? There's a lot of other people who do, too. They wan to see you get better. They care about you. And if you just think about it for a second, you think about all the good stuff you got going on, then maybe you'll start fighting like you been fighting your whole life. I know it sounds kind of corny, but just keep your eyes on the prize.

Deacon: You know something, man, you might be absolutely right. I think I do have something worth living for.


Massimo: Is this your way of apologizing?

Jackie: Darling, I have nothing to apologize for.

Massimo: Oh, that's good. That's good. Well, how about siding with Brooke?

Jackie: Someone needs to.

Massimo: Why? She's got Ridge, Dominic, you, all twisted around her little finger.

Jackie: Well, maybe that should tell you something.

Massimo: It does. She's much more cunning than I give her credit for.

Jackie: Why can't you see that Brooke has some really amazing qualities?

Massimo: Indeed. She's a master of deception. Oh!

Jackie: The woman is carrying your grandchild.

Massimo: Oh, boy. You know, you certainly know how to ruin a perfectly good massage.

Jackie: Massimo, why are you so against Brooke?

Massimo: Why are you so for her?

Jackie: Because she reminds me of me. Yeah. Obviously a much younger me.

Massimo: Sweetheart, she couldn't be half the woman you are, even if she tried.

Jackie: Hmm? Well, let's see. She's beautiful.

[Jackie laughs] seriously, she's intelligent, she's strong-willed, and she's married to the wrong man.

Massimo: At least we agree on something.

Jackie: She should be with Nicky, you know. And the only reason that she isn't is because of time. Ridge has just had more

Massimo: Well, it's his loss, now isn't it?

Jackie: No, it's Nicky's loss. And I hope that Brooke doesn't make the same mistake as I did and loose out on all the happiness that she could have -- with Nicky.

Massimo: What if it turns out to be Ridge's baby?

Jackie: Something tells me that's not going to happen.


Ridge: Dad settled in?

Stephanie: Yeah, in the guest room. I'm so glad that he listened to me and agreed to stay. At least the press can't get to him here.

Ridge: He can't hide out forever.

Stephanie: No, he can't. But neither can you. You're going to have to face the truth about this baby.

Ridge: We don't know the truth, mother.

Stephanie: No, but you will in a few days, after you get the results from the paternity test. I'm sorry you have to go through this, honey.

Massimo: You know, ridge and Brooke have a bond. I don't know -- don't even ask me to explain it, because I have no idea what it is. It just exists.

Jackie: Mm-hmm. And bonds can be broken. New ones formed.

Massimo: Jacqueline, please. If you put these kinds of ideas in Dominic's head, he's only going to be hurt and disappointed.

Jackie: Or he'll end up happy. Yes. Massimo, Brooke and ridge have had how many chances? None of them have worked out.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Maybe it's their due.

Jackie: Or maybe they just weren't meant to be. You know, if Nicky does turn out to be the father of this child, it's going to prove that once and for all.

Massimo: Dominic and Brooke have been together once. What are the odds that this child is his?

Jackie: Oh, this has nothing to do with odds, Massimo. This is fate.


Ridge: You know, I'd like to go just one evening without you bashing Brooke in some way.

Stephanie: And I'd like you to go for the rest of your life without her hurting you.

Ridge: Tell dad I'll be in touch.

Stephanie: Ridge! Don't you blame me for this. I wanted to believe in Brooke.

Ridge: Then do it, mother. Do it. Support my marriage.

Stephanie: Oh, Ridge.

Ridge: Seriously. Look, I love Brooke. I love her from such a deep place down inside myself that it kind of scares me.

Stephanie: She slept with your brother.

Ridge: How many times do I have to tell you, mother, she was grieving. She believed I was dead. She just turned to Nick for a little comfort and the bastard took advantage of that. It's a situation that never would have happened under any other circumstance.

Stephanie: Are you so sure?

Ridge: Yes, I am. Let me tell you something. Brooke and I are together. And we're going to stay together.

Stephanie: And if it's Nick's baby?


Bridget: You like them?

Deacon: I expect to be tiptoeing though them very soon.

[Bridget giggles]

Bridget: So, what's up? Did you talk to mark yet?

Deacon: I did. He wants to schedule surgery right away.

Bridget: That's good.

Deacon: Yeah. I want to get out of this place so bad. First order of business is walking. I am going to walk out of here, Bridget.

Bridget: You are feeling better, huh?

Deacon: Yeah. It's because of you.

Bridget: Me?

Deacon: You make me want to get out of this bed.

Bridget: I think you're giving me a little too much credit.

Deacon: I don't think that's possible. Most of my life -- most of my life, I've operated alone. And when i was with you, I was too stupid and too screwed up to see what we had. And then I got this great second chance. Macy came into my life because she believed in me. And when she died, you know, I just -- I shut down. I didn't want a note from anybody, I didn't want to think that I needed anybody. But the truth is -- I do.

Bridget: You do.

Deacon: Yeah.

Bridget: Deacon, if you want somebody to believe in you, I do. I'm here.

Deacon: I am going to get better. I'm going to walk out of this place. It's just that -- I don't know if I can do it myself.

Bridget: You don't have to do it yourself.

Deacon: You're unbelievable, you know that? I don't have the words to describe what this means to me that you're -- thank you.

Bridget: Deacon, you're in this bed because of me. I'm not going to walk out on you.

Deacon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Wait, whoa. You got no obligation here. I don't want you here out of pity. This is not your fault.

Bridget: This isn't pity. And if my father hadn't walked in on us, then --

Deacon: Well, I can't exactly say I'm going to apologize for kissing you. I'm a little bummed out about the bullet wound, but -- hopefully -- hopefully, next time, we won't be interrupted. There is going to be a next time, right?

Oscar: Hey, guys. What's going on?


Massimo: I didn't know that you were so --

Jackie: Stubborn?

Massimo: Ethereal.

[Jackie laughs] fate, destiny. I didn't know that you believed in those things.

Jackie: Well, Iíve known forever that you and I would end up together. And I'm just as sure that Nick will turn out to be the father of Brooke's baby.

Massimo: Don't tell me. It's in the stars.

Jackie: No doubt in my mind.


Ridge: Mother, I have no doubts at all that Brooke's baby is mine.

Stephanie: Even if the baby is yours, how do you know that you can trust her? She's obviously got feelings for Nick.

Ridge: No, that's all over. Mother, please don't let this situation ruin the good feelings you had towards Brooke. In a few days, we're going to do that paternity test. I need to know that you two can get back to where you were.

Stephanie: I don't know. I don't know. I think you're asking an awful lot of me.

Ridge: Do you realize how important it was to me to have you accept Brooke? After the devastation I felt of losing Taylor, I feel like I'm finally getting my life back here. And that life includes my whole family now and a new baby on the way. And it also includes Brooke and you. Now when we find out the results of this test, and it tells me that this baby is, in fact, mine, I want to know that everything's going to be okay.

Stephanie: You know I love you. I don't want to hurt you.

Ridge: Then don't hurt me. If you do love me, you will forgive Brooke, and you will accept her, too.

Stephanie: Okay. I'll do anything for you. You know that.

Ridge: Good.

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