B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: No. You and Nick? Can you even answer me?

Brooke: I'm sorry.


[Knock on door]

Bridget: Deacon.

Deacon: Hi.

Bridget: Hi.

Deacon: Is this a bad time?

Bridget: Oh, I could actually use the distraction. Why don't you come on in?

Deacon: Really? You feel like talking about it?

Bridget: No, not really. What's up with you?

Deacon: Saw your father.

Bridget: Yeah? Did it go well?

Deacon: It went better than I expected.


Stephanie: I don't understand the problem. You are CEOof the company.

Eric: Until Deacon Sharpe has a change of heart.

Stephanie: Well, yes, I guess you're right. That's not the ideal situation.

Eric: No, it's not. And I'm gonna fix that.

Stephanie: So that's why Jonathan's here this evening?

Eric: Mm-hmm. Putting the finishing touches on the contract as we speak.

Stephanie: And what do you need a contract for?

Eric: The contract is between Forrester and Sharpe designs.

Stephanie: Sharpe Designs?

Eric: Mm-hmm. Deacon's going into business with Sally and Amber.

Stephanie: That's great. That's wonderful.

Eric: Yeah. It's a new design house, targeting the hip, young, urban crowd.

Stephanie: Well, Sally won't be in competition with us anymore.

Eric: No, she won't, because I'm gonna fold this new company right into Forrester.

Stephanie: You mean a subsidiary?

Eric: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna give Deacon one-third ownership of his new company.

Stephanie: And what exactly are you expecting back

Eric: He's gonna give us his son's 2% controlling interest in Forrester, and he's gonna give me the satisfaction of knowing that nobody can oust me as CEO of Forrester Creations ever again.


Jackie: Oh, my god. Nicky, how can you be so cavalier?

Nick: I wouldn't call it cavalier, mother.

Jackie: Really? Brooke is with Ridge right now, telling him.

Nick: I know what she's telling him.

Jackie: You've got to stop beating yourself up. Do you know that?

Nick: Either way you slice this thing, it's my fault.

Jackie: Why? I mean, neither one of you were thinking clearly. In fact, I don't think you were thinking at all.

Nick: We're not just talking about infidelity.

Jackie: No, we're talking about a baby.

Nick: I just can't believe I put everybody in this position. I can't believe it.


Brooke: Ridge, look at me, please.

Ridge: How could you?

Brooke: I don't know.

Ridge: My brother.

Brooke: We were in shock. We just needed somewhere to turn.

Ridge: Oh, so you turn to each other.

Brooke: Ridge, it wasn't like that. Ridge, I love you. And so does Nick. He hates this as much as I do.

Ridge: Oh, don't defend that son of a bitch. I asked Nick to take care of you. What does my loyal brother do, huh? Sleep with my wife.


Bridget: So, don't keep me in suspense.

Deacon: What?

Bridget: Tell my dad about the new company you're starting?

Deacon: Yeah, of course I told him about it. You know, I show up, I'm expecting your dad to give me, what, 15 minutes tops? The guy takes me in his office, he's talking to me like I'm one of his old golf buddies, or something.

Bridget: Well, my dad owes you, deacon.

Deacon: Ah, what, are you kidding? My ex-father-in-law, this guy still hates me, trust me.

Bridget: People change.

Deacon: Well, uh, I guess that must be true, because your dad has just done, like, a complete 180.

Bridget: Okay, details, details. Come on.

Deacon: Um, all right. So I show up, and we sit down at the big board table. It's me and your dad and Thorne. And he starts giving me some very practical, sometimes difficult advice. But the thing about it is that he really seemed to like my ideas.

Bridget: Why wouldn't he? I'm sure they're fantastic. So is that it?

Deacon: No, no. So we shake hands good-bye, and I'm walking towards the door, and I get this idea, and I spin around, and I say to your dad, "what if Forrester Creations just took Sharpe Designs underneath its wing?"

Bridget: Did he go for it?

Deacon: No, he didn't. He didn't go for it, but, I mean, the guy treated me with total respect. I mean this is the first time he's even done that.

Bridget: Sounds like he's seen what's inside of you.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Just like his beautiful daughter is.


Eric: Little Eric asleep?

Stephanie: Out like a light.

Eric: Good.

Stephanie: You know, I've been thinking, starting up a new company, I mean, that's gonna be risky.

Eric: Deacon's company is gonna fail. I mean that's the whole point. And meanwhile, I've rescued control of Forrester creations. You have reservations?

Stephanie: Well, of course I do. Deacon voted for you. Push came to shove, he voted for you, and that's what put you back in charge of this company.

Eric: Yes, and he can vote me out any time he wants to. I don't want him having that kind of power. Especially after everything he's done to this family.

Stephanie: Listen, you're not worried about Bridget and Deacon? I mean, that's so -- that's so far in the past.

Eric: I wouldn't be so sure. Stephanie, I saw him in the guest house with Bridget the other night.

Stephanie: So?

Eric: Well, what's he doing there? Why does she even let him in? I want that bastard away from her and away from my whole family. Now, don't argue with me about this, all right? My mind is made up.

Stephanie: I'm not going to argue with you. I just think there's a fairer and better way to handle this. Eric, Forrester is your company.

Eric: And once this contract is signed by Deacon, it will be a fait complete. Oh, he'll sign it. He'll sign it, I guarantee it.


Brooke: Ridge, I love you with all my heart. Please, please try to understand.

Ridge: I'm trying. With everything in me, Brooke, I'm -- I'm trying.

Brooke: I watched you fall into those flames, and I never thought I was going to see you again. And I swear if it weren't for those children, I wanted to die, too.

Ridge: Is that when my devoted brother made his move, huh?

Brooke: No, Ridge. He didn't come onto me. It just happened.

Ridge: That's what he'd like you believe, I'll bet, isn't it?

Brooke: It's true.

Ridge: How do you know? How do you know, Brooke? Really? I think you need to -- to face something here. I think you need to face that that guy took advantage of you. You know, for all you know, this baby you're carrying inside you could be his. Oh, no, Brooke. No. Oh, no!


Jackie: Do you think he'll forgive her?

Nick: I hope so.

Jackie: What about you? Okay. I think that you should leave town until this blows over.

Nick: Are you suggesting that I run?

Jackie: Oh, this is no time for bravado, Nicky.

Nick: This isn't about bravado, mother.

Jackie: Look, I know that you want to protect Brooke, I understand that. She could be carrying your child. But if Ridge comes here --

Nick: I think it's time you go.

Jackie: Why? You think this could be dangerous, I mean, if he should show up?

Nick: He'll be here.

Jackie: Promise me something. You promise me you won't let things get out of hand, okay? I love you, Nicky.


Ridge: No. No. Logan, this baby -- our baby -- it can't be Nick's. Oh, damnit, Brooke! I thought this was all behind us. All the lies, secrets, scandals. I thought -- I thought we were finally able to build a life here.

Brooke: Ridge, we still can. This doesn't have to change anything.

Ridge: You don't think so?

Brooke: I was out of my mind with grief. And, yes, I made a terrible, terrible mistake, but once we do that test, we know it's for sure your baby --

Ridge: Then what? What, what? We just forget and move on? Oh, Brooke. I thought this was our chance.

Brooke: It still is. Ridge, this is your child. I know it is. I can feel it in my heart. We can still have everything we've always wanted. We can have our children and our family, our baby. We can have it all. If you could please, please just forgive me. Ridge, what are you doing? Ridge, don't go. Please, ridge!

[Brooke sobbing]


Eric: Jonathan, this is brilliant.

Jonathan: Deacon will think he's winning the lottery.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, in reality, he's walking away with next to nothing.

Eric: Which is all that creep deserves if you ask me.


Bridget: Well, it is getting late. I gotta hit the books.

Deacon: Hit the books.

Bridget: Yes.

Deacon: Study hard. I just wanted to come over and give you the good news.

Bridget: I'm glad you did.

Deacon: So am I.

[Cell phone rings]

Bridget: Oh.

Deacon: I swear, I hate these things. I can't stand 'em. I swear  it's like having an electronic lease.

Bridget: Mm, go, answer it.

Deacon: I'm sorry. Hello?

Eric: Deacon, Eric Forrester.

Deacon: Hi, Eric.

Eric: Am I catching you at a bad time?

Deacon: Uh, no, no, not at all. What's up?

Eric: Deacon, I was thinking about the conversation we had earlier -- this sort of off-the-wall idea of yours to fold your new company into Forrester.

Deacon: Yeah. Eric, listen, if I crossed the line or anything like that, I'm sorry.

Eric: No, no. No, Deacon, not at all. It seemed a little risky to me at first, but the fact is, if this works, I think it could be one hell of a business deal, for both of us.

Deacon: You do?

Eric: Yes. Yes, I do, and I see no reason why we shouldn't get the ball rolling right away. I assume you can speak for Sally and for Amber as well?

Deacon: Uh, yeah, absolutely, yeah. I think we're on the same page here.

Eric: Good. I was able to catch business affairs before they left for the day, and they've drawn up a preliminary deal memo. Why don't you come over to the office, take a look at it?

Deacon: Uh, right now?

Eric: Yes, unless that's a problem?

Deacon: No, no, that's -- no, that's great. Listen, I'm out the door.

Eric: Good. Deacon? I have to tell you, I'm really looking forward to this.

Deacon: Yeah, me, too.

Bridget: Come on, that was my dad?

Deacon: Yeah, that was your dad, and -- I don't, I'm losing it. Your dad wants to take Sharpe Designs and bring it in as a subsidiary for Forrester creations. I can't believe this!

Bridget: Get out, are you serious?

Deacon: No, I'm -- he's drawing up contracts. He wants me to come down to the office.

Bridget: Oh, my god!

Deacon: This is unbelievable. Oh, my -- Bridget, this is exactly the break that I've been waiting for.

Bridget: And you deserve it. You'll see my dad won't let you down.


Eric: Tonight, I secure my place as CEO of Forrester Creations, and we get Deacon Sharpe out of out lives forever.


[Brooke crying]

Brooke: Ridge?

Jackie: He's gone?

Brooke: I don't think he's coming back. Oh, god, what's wrong with me? Why do I keep hurting the people that I love the most?

Jackie: Nicky was asking the same thing. You know, Ridge has every right to be furious. I just really hope that he realizes that Nicky never meant for this to happen.

Brooke: He doesn't. He thinks that Nick took advantage of me.

Jackie: Advantage? Oh, dear god. Ridge is probably going to see Nick now. Brooke, we have to stop him.

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