B&B Transcript Monday 11/17/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/17/03

By Eric
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Just a minute!

Bridget: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Bridget: Oh, you look beautiful.

Brooke: Thanks. I'm going to dinner with ridge at the private dining room.

Bridget: Oh, hot date, huh? Don't worry, I will be quick.

Brooke: About what?

Bridget: Well, Stephanie sent me to go over the guest list for your baby shower.

Brooke: Oh, honey, I don't think I can --

Bridget: No, that's fine. I'll come back when you have more time. Oh, you have to look at the mock-up for the invitations. How cute is this?

Brooke: Beautiful.

Bridget: Yeah. Mom, think about it, it's actually happening for you guys. You and Ridge are married with a baby on the way. Could it get any better than this? Mom... what's wrong? Mom? Come on tell me, what is it?

Brooke: Something happened. Something just terrible.

Bridget: What, with -- with the baby? How is the baby?

Brooke: No, it's not the baby. It's about Nick.

Bridget: Nick?

Brooke: He and I -- we --

Bridget: You what? Mom, you and Nick what?


Ridge: Working something off?

Nick: What are you doing here?

Ridge: Got a question for you.

Nick: And I'm listening.

Ridge: It's about the baby.

Nick: What about the baby?

Ridge: I considering coming to you first considering how she feels about you.

Nick: I'm not following you.

Ridge: It's no secret she's come to rely on you, trust you, considers you a very good friend, as do I. So I have no doubts about asking you to do this one thing.

Nick: What do you mean?

Ridge: I would like you to be our baby's Godfather.

Eric: It's actually quite a coup, Deacon, signing Amber as your lead designer. I mean, that's three-quarters of the whole fashion game, is hooking up with the right people. Look how it worked for us here at Forrester when you were head of promotions. The promotion department wouldn't be half of what it is today if it hadn't been for you.

Deacon: Um, I guess I never realized you felt that way.

Eric: I was just hoping that you would settle down, that you would make some peace with yourself and start living up to your potential. And from everything that Bridget has told us and everything I see here today, it looks like you're well on your way. (Phone ringing)

Deacon: Sorry about that. I thought I turned this off.

Eric: Happens to me all the time.

Deacon: I've been waiting for this call all day.

Eric: Go ahead.

Deacon: Hey, are you able to –


Thorne: Well, do you think you're just laying it on a little too thick?

Eric: I have to set him up.

Thorne: But you don't use caviar as bait.

Eric: He's starting to buy into it, all right? And I can't afford to be subtle. The only way I'm going to get control of his company back is to appeal to Deacon's ego. He has to believe that I hold him in high enough regard to take over his two-bit little fashion house.

Thorne: And in exchange he gives you little Eric’s 2% of Forrester creations. I know that. But if Deacon sees through your act --

Eric: He won't. Anyone as hungry for acceptance as Deacon is isn't going to see through anything.

Eric: Deacon, I have to tell you that we really think you have a lot to offer and if there's anything we can do to help, we would be glad to.

Deacon: I want you both to know how much I appreciate this. I really do. Eric, frankly, I'm trying to accomplish with this company, it's about as far away from Forrester creations as you get.

Thorne: What do you have in mind?

Deacon: I want to go upscale street. I'm talking about clothes that kids are going to feel equally at home on a college campus or an inner city basketball court. Inner city but with a little bit of flash to it.

Eric: If you have a real grasp on what young people really want, this thing could have a real shot. Deb deke you really think that I could be a success?

Eric: I do. This has all the earmarks of a real triumph.


Ridge: I want you to accept the honor of being our baby's godfather.

Nick: No. Come original Forrester, you've got the wrong guy for that.

Ridge: Why don't you let me be the judge of that.

Nick: A godfather is supposed to be a role model, right, a moral compass? I mean, I drink, I smoke, I live in this little tin can. What kind of example is that for your kid? Think about it.

Ridge: Well, maybe we'll clean you up a little bit. I don't know.

Nick: That's not going to happen. This is the picture and it's not very pretty.

Ridge: How about when you were there for Brooke when you thought I was dead? How about when you risked your life and come and rescue me?

Nick: Can we just drop all that, Forrester? It's getting old.

Ridge: I think you should be given a medal for all that.

Nick: God, Forrester, you -- get out of here, will you? Will you just get the hell out of here and leave me alone.


Bridget: Please tell me you don't still have feeling for Nick.

Brooke: No I love being married to Ridge. I'm happier than I've ever been.

Bridget: Is it Nick, then? Does he think you two still have a chance?

Brooke: No, he knows it's over between us.

Bridget: Good. I hate to think what it would do to Ridge if he thought there was still something between you and Nick.

Brooke: Ridge is going to be hurt by this, Bridget.

Bridget: I don't understand, mom. What's the problem here?

Bridget: In South America, when we thought Ridge had died, I was -- I was just half crazy and Nick was so lost. And we never meant for it to happen.

Bridget: What happened?

Brooke: We ended up in the foundary andI didn't think I could stand it any longer. And Nick, he -- he just put his arms around me and --

Bridget: And what? Mom? Please tell me you didn't -- oh, my god. Oh, no. No. Oh...

Brooke: Afterwards, it was like coming out of a fog and we just hated what we did and we wished we could take it back somehow. AndI just wanted t wipe it away from my memory. And I thought that I could. Because Ridge was alive and --

Ridge: Was alive and we had our whole future ahead of us. But then... I found out --

Bridget: You found out you were pregnant. Mom, are you saying this -- the baby?

Brooke: This baby could be Nick's.


Nick: What's the problem, you didn't hear what I said?

Ridge: I'm just trying to figure out what you're not telling me. It doesn't make sense for you to get so upset about something like this. Unless -- unless that may be the reason you're getting this reaction, okay.

Nick: I don't know what you think you've figured out.

Ridge: Oh, I think Ii put you in an impossible situation. Asking you to be our baby's godfather when you feel the way you do about Brooke. I apologize for that.

Nick: Forget it.

Ridge: No, I mean, I'm going on and on, throwing it in your face about me and Brooke having this baby and all. I should be more sensitive about it.

Nick: I'm happy that -- I'm happy for you that you're happy. I wouldn't want to take that away from you for anything.

Ridge: Well, nobody can, Nick.

Nick: Hold onto it. Hold onto what you have with Brooke. S -- she's about as good as they get.

Ridge: You won't get any argument from me about that. Which reminds me, I've got a dinner date with her. She has some kind of surprise for me. I think it's going to be a hell of a night.

Nick: Hey, Forrester --

Ridge: Hmm?

Nick: You're a good man.

Ridge: Thank you, Nick. So are you. Get back to work.


Bridget: You may be carrying Nick's baby?

Brooke: I know what you're thinking but it wasn't like that.

Bridget: How do you think about sex at a time like that? I don't understand --

Brooke: It wasn't about sex. It couldn't have been far  from that. I went to the foundary out of desperation, really. I mean, I just wanted to be close to Ridge. I wanted to be near  him again. And Nick found me there and we were just two desperate people, just reaching out for something, for anything. Just to make that pain go away.

Bridget: Are you sure that is all it was for Nick?

Brooke: He didn't get any pleasure out of it, believe me. The idea of him having to live in a world without Ridge, it was just too much for him to bear. And now we have to pay for it. But Ridge -- Ridge does most of all.

Bridget: He doesn't know yet?

Brooke: No. That's what the dinner is for, tonight. I have to tell him the truth. So you can go and just forget about doing the invitations or anything like that because there's not going to be a baby shower. After I tell ridge.

Bridget: Mom --

Brooke: Honey, don't hold back. You tell me, that I haven't changed and I'm not capable of making a commitment. I'll never be able to love anybody. Especially after what I did to you. And now I did the same thing to the one man that I love more than any other. Tell me, tell me I'm a reckless, selfish person and I deserve to be alone much just tell me, Bridget! Tell me.

Bridget: I can't tell you that. It's not true. It's not true, mom. It's not true. It's not true. 

Brooke: Thank you.

Bridget: You know what, I can't even begin to understand what it must have been like for you, thinking Ridge had died. You -- you reached out to Nick for a lifeline.

Brooke: Is that how you see it?

Bridget: Your husband had just died. This man that you loved for half your life was gone forever.

Brooke: That still doesn't make it okay.

Bridget: No, it doesn't. And nobody can blame you for trying to survive.

Brooke: Ridge can.

Bridget: He won't.

Brooke: I'm kidding myself to believe that he's going to stay with me after tonight, Bridget. I really think I'm going to lose him, I am.

Bridget: No, no, no, you listen to me. You have waited too long, mom. You have fought too hard for Ridge to just give it up. He loves you more than anything, more than -- more than saving face or holding onto his pride or protecting his feelings. So you are going to walk in there and you're going to look him straight in the eye and explain exactly what happened. And he'll understand. Just like I do. Okay? You're going to get through this. You are. I love you.

Brooke: I love you. Oh --

Bridget: It's okay. You'll get through this.


Deacon: Eric, I really appreciate your confidence in me.

Eric: Deacon, in four or five years you're going to have one hell of a company on your hands, you really are.

Deacon: Four or five years?

Thorne: Oh, yeah, it takes at least that long to get this kind of thing together.

Eric: I'm afraid he's right. Without the advantage of say ridge or Brooke had of taking over an established company like Spectra, it could take a long time.

Deacon: What are the chances of that falling into your lap?

Eric: You put that quick mind of yours to work and get a break, it just might happen. You need any help  you call us, all right?

Thorne: Good luck.

Deacon: Sounds like I'm going to need it. Mr. Forrester, I just had an idea. What if -- what if you took our company -- you know, under the umbrella of ForresterCreations? What do you think about that idea?

Eric: Take your company into Forrester?

Deacon: Like a -- like a subsidiary or something, you know. Would you be interested in that?

Eric: I don't know. I mean, you said it yourself, the two companies would be diametrically opposed. I don't know how we could reconcile that.

Deacon: Yeah, you're probably right, thanks.

Eric: Good luck to you, though.


Thorne: He's eating out of the palm of your hand. You had him, Dad.

Eric: Yeah, but now he wants it even more. By the time we are done with deacon sharp, he's going to be begging to sign over his 2%. (Knocking)

Nick: Yeah? Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi.

Nick: I, uh, just made a little something to eat here. If it smells bad, that's because it is bad but I have extra if you're hungry.

Bridget: No, I'm not. I just saw my Mother.

Nick: Did you?

Bridget: How dare you?


Ridge: Come on, Johnny you know I'm going to get it out of you sooner or later.

If Brooke is planning a surprise for you, she didn't tell me about it.

Ridge: Oh, come on, she always works this kind of thing out beforehand. What is it, some kind of fancy dessert? Maybe Nathalie Cole is going to come by and serenade us with "Unforgetable"?

Brooke: Nothing like that, I'm afraid.

Ridge: Look at that, Johnny. The stars just came out. The most beautiful sky I've ever seen.

I'll leave you to it.

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: The memories I have of you in this dress...

Brooke: I've never worn it before.

Ridge: I'm talking about the memories we're going to make tonight.

Brooke: Ridge --

Ridge: This is exactly what we need, Logan. A night all to ourselves, the perfect surroundings, and my very, very favorite meal. Something's wrong. Why don't you just sit down, relax and we'll talk about it over dinner, okay?

Brooke: I can't hold it in any longer Ridge. We need to talk about it now.

Ridge: Logan, what is it? What is it?

Brooke: There's something I have to tell you. Something I've done that I'm not very proud of.

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