B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03

By Suzanne

[Sally sighs]

[doorbell rings]

sally: Come in! And whoever it is, you'd better be bringing good news, or you can turn around and go back where you came from.

Stephanie: Well, I've always been the bearer of good news -- for you.

Sally: Hello, stephanie. To what do i owe this pleasure?

Stephanie: I'm worried about you. You know that old song, "running wild, lost control"? That's you. Sally, you've got to get ahold of yourself.

Sally: What is this? Now you're sounding like some kind of intervention.

Stephanie: Sally -- your behavior at massimo and jackie's wedding was absolutely unacceptable.

Sally: I didn't crash it. I was an invited guest.

Stephanie: You revealed some very personal and very private information about ridge and brooke.

Sally: You're going to be a grandmother again. I thought you'd be thrilled.

Stephanie: You know it wasn't the right thing to do.

Sally: Yeah, well, excuse me if my little social gaffe hasn't got me covered in remorse.

Stephanie: Listen, they've lost two babies before, two miscarriages. They wanted to be absolutely sure that she was pregnant before they told anyone in the family. Now, you of all people should be sensitive to something like that.

[Sally sighs]

jackie: Nicky, tell me what happened. Did you get to brooke in time?

Nick: Barely.

Jackie: She didn't tell ridge about your night together then?

Nick: You mean the fact that i slept with my brother's wife? No, she's gonna keep quiet for the time being, but it wasn't easy.

Jackie: So you made her realize just how devastating it would be to her marriage.

Nick: I made her realize how devastating it would be to forrester. One stupid night.

Jackie: You both were grieving. You were comforting each other.

Nick: I was supposed to look out for her, mother. The man trusted me.

Jackie: Well, i think that you did the best that you could in an impossible situation.

Nick: And now she could be carrying my child. You should just see forrester. He's grinning from ear to ear.

[Nick sighs] if this turns out to be my child -- I just wish I could find out, if there was some way to -- to know.

Jackie: Come with me, nicky.

Nick: Where?

Jackie: To get the answers that you need.

Ridge: Yeah, that's right. Brooke and i are expecting. We hadn't planned on making it public just yet. But go ahead, run it. Yeah. Just make sure you focus on logan designs, though. All right. Ciao, marco. Bye.

Samantha: Cat's out of the bag, huh?

Ridge: Yeah, well, the press loves a good story, don't they? What brings you by?

Samantha: I come bearing gifts. I thought brooke would be here, too.

Ridge: Oh, she stepped out for a while, but i like gifts just as much as she does.

Samantha: Okay. Here, rob, would you bring that in, please? Ta-da!

Ridge: Oh, sam. Oh, you shouldn't have.

Samantha: Oh, i know. I couldn't help myself. This'll be just perfect for reading to your little girl.

Ridge: Yeah? What if it's a little boy?

Samantha: Presto. Fit for a strapping forrester.

Ridge: I should have known. I should have -- you are a designing fool, aren't you?

Samantha: Oh, well, i'm some kind of fool. After laying it on the line like i did the other day.

Ridge: Hey, i'm just glad you told me how you feel.

Samantha: You are?

Ridge: Yeah, I think it's great to just get it out in the open.

Samantha: Well, in that case, then i'm very happy for you, ridge. I mean that.

Ridge: Thank you. Things do seem to be going my way these days. Brooke and i and our little bambino on the way. You know what? I hope that you're as lucky as we are someday.

Samantha: I intend to be. I plan on having exactly what brooke has.

ridge: So a free-spirited, jet-setting samantha kelly wants to settle down someday, huh?

Samantha: Well, if I meet the right man.

Ridge: Well, that shouldn't be too difficult for someone as smart, lovely and sassy as you.

Samantha: You'd be surprised.

Ridge: Maybe I can help.

Samantha: You?

Ridge: Yeah. I might just know the perfect guy.

Samantha: You're not talking about that brother of yours. And I don't mean thorne.

Ridge: You know, nick's quite a catch.

Samantha: For a mermaid.

Ridge: Well, brooke found him rather fascinating.

Samantha: Well, i'm not brooke. Besides, captain hook hasn't ever given me the time of day.

Ridge: Maybe he was just temporarily distracted. Anyway, that's all over with. He's now a free agent with no strings attached.

Samantha: Well, that may be. But he did seem a little -- what's the word? Preoccupied at the wedding.

Darla: Sal, stop it. You're driving me crazy, making me dizzy.

Sally: I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry, honey. It's just -- it's very hard to be here like this, and to know that brooke logan is gonna be in here having a baby of her own, you know?

Darla: I know. I hate to see you so upset.

Sally: I hate to see brooke go unpunished. Where is that doctor?

Dr. Paxson: I am sorry to keep you waiting, darla.

Darla: Oh, that's okay.

Dr. Paxson: Oh, is this your mother?

Sally: No, no. I'm a dear friend. How are you?

Dr. Paxson: I'm dr. Paxson.

Sally: I'm sally spectra, doctor.

Dr. Paxson: Spectra, as in spectra fashions? Oh, excuse me. It's now logan designs? Ridge forrester is one of my favorite designers. So, how have you been feeling?

Darla: Just fine, thank you.

Dr. Paxson: Good. No additional discomfort?

Darla: No, no. Nothing other than growing as big as a house.

Dr. Paxson: Your baby is growing.

Darla: Yeah.

Dr. Paxson: Well, let's see how much. Here we go. This shouldn't hurt at all. There we go, right on schedule.

Darla: Great.

Dr. Paxson: Do you have any questions?

Darla: Nope.

Dr. Paxson: Okay, then once the results come back in on your glucose test, you are free to leave. Go ahead and get dressed.

Darla: Thank you.

Dr. Paxson: It was nice meeting you, ms. Spectra.

Sally: My pleasure, doctor.

Dr. Paxson: I am looking forward to the spring collection. Bye.

Darla: Bye. Honey, i'm so sorry.

Sally: Don't worry about it. You've got nothing to be sorry about, darla. Brooke logan is the one who's gonna be sorry.

Nurse: The doctor will be with you shortly.

Jackie: Thenk you.

Nick: Good god. Never dreamed I'd set foot in a place like this. It's the kind of thing to keep a man at sea.

Jackie: Well, brooke's brought a lot of changes to your life.

Nick: Well, let's just hope having a kid isn't one of 'em.

Jackie: Nick, i know how desperately you want this baby to be ridge's, but look at the worst case scenario.

Nick: I have, mother, ever since i found out brooke was pregnant.

[Nick scoffs]

jackie: Have you really? The woman that you love could be carrying your child.

Nick: Oh, please, mother. Let's not go there, all right?

Jackie: If the circumstances were different --

nick: Well, they're not.

Jackie: God works in mysterious ways.

Stephanie: I can tell from that sweet smile on your face, you're thinking of me.

Ridge: Always.

Stephanie: The perfect answer from the perfect son.

Ridge: To what do i owe this pleasure?

Stephanie: Well, before i get into anything, why -- why is that picture of sally in the recycle still here?

Ridge: Oh, brooke wants to keep that up.

Stephanie: Yeah, but why?

Ridge: Just to rally the troops.

Stephanie: Oh. She may need them.

Ridge: You're talking about sally's outburst at massimo's wedding?

Stephanie: Yes, i went over to see her and talk to her, and try and talk some sense into her.

Ridge: Any luck?

Stephanie: No.

Ridge: Sally's had some tough breaks lately. I really feel for her.

Stephanie: Well, honey, we all do. But she blames brooke, you know.

Ridge: Hey, if she's gonna point the finger at anybody, it should be me. I'm the one that came up with logan designs.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't think it has anything to do with the company. The truth is, she's detested brooke for a long time.

Ridge: Yeah, but now she really seems to be on the warpath.

Stephanie: I know. And when someone like sally feels that she has absolutely nothing to lose, she can be dangerous.

Sally: Really strange, honey.

Darla: What's that?

Sally: Being here like this, in here with you.

Darla: Not exactly what you planned, huh?

Sally: Nothing to do with you, sweetheart. It's just that, you know, as a parent, we have a lot of dreams and a lot of plans we make for our children, and it just never occurs to us that they'll go before we do.

Darla: Honey, i'm so sorry you suffered so much. Okay, I love you. And things are gonna turn around for you. They will. They have to.

Sally: All right, yes. Now, go sit down. Go sit down.

Darla: Okay.

Sally: You know, if dr. Paxson doesn't get here pretty soon, she's gonna be in trouble. I mean, if that woman were a waitress, she'd get a lousy tip from me.

[Darla giggles]

darla: Well, I'm sure she'll be back any minute. I can -- i can hear her in the next room.

Sally: Oh, yeah? Wait a minute. Darla, that's not all I'm hearing. Shh. Shh.

Darla: No, no, no. What -- what are you, crazy? What are you doing? Sally -- get down.

Dr. Paxson: Good to

see you again, jackie.

Jackie: Thank you for

squeezing us in, as well.

This is my son, nick.

Nick: Hello.

Dr. Paxson: Nice to

meet you.

So, what can i do for


Sally: We got company here.

Darla: Oh, yeah? Who?

Sally: It is captain nick payne, and the brand-new mrs. Massimo marone.

Darla: Really? What do you think they're doing here?

Sally: Well, I don't know, darla. But you can bet I'm gonna do my level best to find out.

Dr. Paxson: Please. So, how can I help you?

Jackie: Well, actually, we're -- we're here about a friend.

Nick: She's pregnant.

Dr. Paxson: I see.

Jackie: And we have questions about a pregnancy test.

Dr. Paxson: Which one? There are many.

Jackie: Yes, well, this one is like an amnio, except it can be done earlier.

Dr. Paxson: Oh, cvs.

Nick: What's that?

Dr. Paxson: Chorionic villus sampling. It's similar to an amnio, except it can be administered in the first trimester.

Nick: That's the one.

Dr. Paxson: I'm sorry. I take it your friend is concerned about the pregnancy?

Nick: Well, not so much the pregnancy, but the paternity.

Darla: Sal? Sal, what's going on?

Sally: They're talking about paternity.

Darla: Paternity?

Sally: Yeah. Now, why would jackie marone and her son nick come to the ob/gyn to talk about that? You don't suppose --

darla: Suppose what?

Sally: Do you think it's possible that maybe massimo isn't nick's father after all? Hmm? I mean, that would be a terrible way to start a new marriage, on a bed of lies.

Darla: I don't know. Doesn't make much sense.

Sally: You're right, it doesn'T. No. So, I'm just going to have to keep listening, to find out what's really going on.

Stephanie: How did sally know that brooke was pregnant?

Ridge: After talking with clarke, i found out that sally was in here the other day.

Stephanie: In brooke's office?

Ridge: Yeah. Apparentl], she was rummaging around and found the pregnancy test we put in the garbage.

Stephanie: Unbelievable. Thank you.

Ridge: Now the whole world knows we're having a baby.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, honey.

Ridge: I think I'm mostly worried about brooke, though.

Stephanie: Is something wrong?

Ridge: Maybe it's just the hormones flowing through her, but she still has a lot of residual feelings from what happened in puerto vista.

Stephanie: Ridge, she thought you were dead. How could she not have them?

Ridge: Yeah. Nick's not over it yet, either.

Stephanie: Well, I wouldn't worry too much about him. He seems to be fine, to me. I thought brooke was, too.

Ridge: Yeah, well, they're not. The two of them shared something very intense down there, and they're still not over it.

Stephanie: Well, all the more reason to keep sally at bay.

Ridge: You're right about that. With brooke being pregnant, the last thing she needs is sally spectra in her face.

Stephanie: I'm worried that might not be possible. You know, I've known sally a long time. I've never seen her so bitter, and I'm really worried. I'm worried she's out to get brooke.

Ridge: Well, let her try. She can't hurt us. Brooke and i finally have the life we've always wanted. There's not a darn thing sally can do to change that.

Darla: Sally, maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Sally: Quiet. I can't hear.

Nick: Now, this cvs -- correct? What exactly does it entail?

Dr. Paxson: A small portion of the placenta is removed from the uterus.

Nick: How do you do that?

Dr. Paxson: With either a catheter or a needle.

Nick: Oh. Sounds painful, doesn't it? Is it painful?

Dr. Paxson: No, local anesthesia is administered. Most women are fine afterwards, although some may experience mild bleeding.

Nick: All right. But it definitely determines paternity?

Dr. Paxson: Absolutely.

Jackie: Is it safe?

Dr. Paxson: Well, like any procedure, cvs carries a small risk.

Jackie: You mean, she could lose the baby?

Dr. Paxson: Mm-hmm. It's something she will have to consider.

[Sally gasps]

sally: Darla, something very, very strange is going on here. It seems that a friend of nick marone is pregnant, and he is definitely not doing cartwheels about it.

Nick: So, if this friend decides to have the procedure, in your opinion, it's accurate?

Dr. Paxson: Very.

Nick: Even if the two men in question are related? Let's say, brothers.

Dr. Paxson: That would

require more extensive

testing. But, yes. We can determine who the father of the baby is.

Darla: What, what, what? What is it?

Sally: Quiet, darla, quiet. Let me think for a minute. Now, we're talking about two brothers. Hmm? One baby on the way. And one very naughty girl. That's it. Who else could it be? It's brooke.

Darla: Brooke?

Sally: Mm.

Darla: Brooke has to do with this?

Sally: Well, darla, we know that she's expecting a baby, don't we?

Darla: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So?

Sally: All right. But what we don't know, what remains a mystery, is who the baby's father is. Now, it could be one of two brothers, right? Or half brothers, mm? One, ridge forrester, her husband, the love of her life --

darla: Uh-huh.

Sally: Or it could be his newly discovered half-brother. The devilishly handsome nick payne.

Both: Ooh.

Sally: Oh, brooke, you bad girl. You are at it again, aren't you? Mm-hmm. You're up to your old tricks. Only this time, it's not going to be as easy to get away with them as it has been in the past. Hmm-mm. Not this time, honey. This time, justice is gonna be served -- for all of us.

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