B&B Transcript Monday 11/03/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/03/03

By Suzanne
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Ridge: So what's the verdict, Logan? Are we pregnant or not?


Nick: Would you say something already?

Jackie: You -- you made a mistake.

Nick: A mistake? I slept with my brother's wife!

Jackie: Well, you -- you thought that Ridge was dead! I mean, Nicky, you were just comforting her.

Nick: Well, try telling him that.

Jackie: No, no -- you told me that you and Brooke had decided that Ridge didn't need to know.

Nick: Well, no, he doesn't need to know, but that's going to make this thing magically disappear. I'm a constant reminder of something she's probably desperate to forget.

Jackie: So that's your excuse then for running away.

Nick: I'm not running.

Jackie: You don't want to go back to Koje.

Nick: What I want is irrelevant.

Jackie: Brooke comes first?

Nick: She finally has a life that she -- she wants, that she deserves. I'm not going to ruin it for her.

Jackie: You know, that's spoken like a man who is very much in love. It's ironic, isn't it, honey? You've spent your entire life searching for this, and like it or not, you have finally found it.

Nick: Mother, if you're implying that there's some sort of future for me and Brooke, forget about it. It ain't gonna happen.


Ridge: Logan, if this is your idea of a tease --

Brooke: I can't believe it.

Ridge: Yes! Yes! You are pregnant! You are! You've made me the happiest man in the world, again. Great news, huh?

Brooke: Yeah. It's the best.

Ridge: You're not exactly jumping for joy here.

Brooke: I just know that these home pregnancy tests aren't usually foolproof.

Ridge: What? You just don't to get your hopes up?

Brooke; oh, Ridge, I know how much you want this.

Ridge: How much we both want it.

Brooke: Yes, of course. It's just --

Ridge: Logan, Logan, look, I -- I know that we have had our -- our complications in the past.

Brooke: It's not that.

Ridge; Then what's wrong? Is it Puerto Vista? Are you worried about what happened down there?


Sally: Whoa. You're a little jumpy, aren't you, Bucky?

Clarke: What are you doing here?

Sally: What do you think I'm doing here? This is my building -- or it used to be. Spectra fashions -- my company. My creation.

Clarke: Well, like you said, it's not anymore.

Sally: Sensitive as ever, I see. You must really enjoy the thought of getting away from me. Hmm? Of course, you are completely disregarding the fact that I was the one that gave you the start in this business, nurtured your talent, kept you going, made you the successful man you are today.

Clarke: Sally, I will always be grateful. Now, may I have that?

Sally: You've got a funny way of showing your gratitude. Stabbing me in the back? Going to work for Brooke Logan.

Clarke: There is a lot of opportunity around here for an ambitious man. And you know me, I'd be a fool not to go for it.

Sally: You're no fool, Bucky. That's the wrong word to describe you. Traitor. That's a better word. Because you are behaving like a cold-blooded, ruthless traitor!

Clarke: Sally, I know you have lost a heck of a lot lately.

Sally: I haven't lost anything. I've had a heck of a lot taken away from me, stolen from me. My sweet daughter, my life's work and someone I always thought would be my best friend.

Clarke: Well, I need a job. I'm far too young to retire.

Sally: You just don't get it, do you? You just don't get it. I don't think anybody really gets it, except me. This building, this old pile of brick and mortar -- this place meant everything to me, absolutely everything. And when the world got too difficult and trouble started to pile up on me, it was working here that gave me the strength to carry on. Now it's gone. Stolen from me. Stolen by Brooke Logan -- along with almost everything else that mattered in my life!

Clarke: Sally? Sally? Oh, sally, where are you going?


Brooke: Puerto vista? What about it?

Ridge: I think it's been eating away at you -- the hell that Sheila put you through down there. It's taken its toll on you and Nick both. Risking your life to save mine, being held captive. Logan, I want you to promise me that you'll do your best to put all of this out of your mind.

Brooke: I'm trying to forget.

Ridge: Well, that's all we can do is forget -- and to be sure.

Brooke: Be sure about what?

Ridge: This baby -- that everything's as it should be.

Brooke: How?

Ridge: Let's go see your doctor, verify the pregnancy, run some tests. I think we need to know for sure.

Brooke: Yes, we do.

Ridge: Everything's gonna be all right, Logan. You'll see. We're finally gonna have the baby we want, the life we've dreamed of. What happened down in Puerto Vista -- we are not gonna let it stop us. Okay?

Ridge: Come on! Let's go. Come on.


Sally: Well, at least one thing hasn't changed around here.

Clarke: Sally, don't do this to yourself, okay? Come on, don't go in there.

Sally: Brooke?

Sally: Oh, Clarke. Oh, Clarke. Macy's desk used to be here. It's gone. Everything -- everything's gone!

Clarke: Samantha gave the place a little makeover.

Sally: Oh, yeah? What's that over there?

Clarke: You don't want to know.

Sally: Tell me, Clarke.

Clarke: Steam room.

Sally: A steam room?

Clarke: Ridge's idea.

Sally: Oh? Doesn't sound like one of his ideas. Sounds more like one of Brooke's ideas. Look what she's done. She's turned my office into some kind of bordello. All my history, all of my memories -- degraded. For years I kept that company going, Clarke. And with one wave of her hand, she has destroyed it all. Brooke Logan has destroyed it all. You know something? I think the time has come for somebody to come along and destroy something of hers!


Nick: Brooke and ridge are married. They're happy. They'll probably have a kid soon, so -- leave it alone!

Massimo: Whoa, boy. That's no way to talk to your mother.

Nick: Well, it's a little late for lectures, isn't it?

Jackie: Massimo, it's fine, really. Nicky and I, we were just discussing something. That's all.

Massimo: Oh, let me guess. Let me guess. Our prodigal son's wandering ways?

Nick: Ha, well! I'm here, aren't I?

Massimo: Yes, you are. And we couldn't be happier, Dominick. After all these years, the Marone family is finally together -- hmm? Not only through name, but through blood. And nothing -- nothing -- is ever going to come between us.


Ridge: Thank you for fitting us in, doctor.

Dr. Paxson: You were in luck, I had a cancellation. You two must be very excited.

Ridge: It's been a long time coming.

Brooke: We just need to be sure.

Ridge: We have some concerns.

Dr. Paxson: About the baby?

Ridge: Uh -- we got pregnant on our honeymoon, at least we think we did.

Dr. Paxson: That's romantic.

Ridge: Yeah, well, it started out that way, but then things got a little complicated.

Dr. Paxson: How so?

Ridge: We were out of the country, and we ran into some trouble. We were held against our will.

Dr. Paxson: I had no idea.

Ridge: Brooke was shaken up pretty badly, both physically and emotionally.

Dr. Paxson: Brooke, were you injured?

Brooke: Just scared.

Dr. Paxson: Did anything else happen during the ordeal? Anything sexual?

Ridge: No. I mean, nothing like that, really.

Dr. Paxson: Well, you did the right thing, coming in for an examination.

Brooke: I just don't see how it could be possible.

Dr. Paxson: How what could be possible, Brooke?

Brooke: I was under so much stress, I don't see how I could be pregnant.

Dr. Paxson: Stress can definitely affect a woman's ability to conceive. Let me just run the blood samples down to the lab, and we'll find out for sure. Shouldn't be long.

Ridge: Hear that? Few minutes, we'll have our answer -- the answer we're both hoping for, huh?


Clarke: Sally? Sally, you're talking crazy.

Sally: No. Brooke Logan's the one who's crazy if she thinks she's gonna get away with this.

Clark: Why don't you do yourself a favor, okay? Why don't you take yourself home and relax before things get out of hand?

Sally: Why don't you take yourself home, huh? Or better yet, walk down the hall to that office that i made for you and slither away like the snake you are, huh? Just forget about me! Go on, just get outta here. Forget about me, I promise I won't burn the place down, all right? Please.

Sally: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It's a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test! My sweet daughter is dead. And Brooke Logan is gonna have another child?

[Sally scoffs] it's not fair, you know? All you guys up there in charge of destiny -- somebody's been playing with loaded dice, because this is definitely not fair! And I'm gonna even the score. I am gonna do it. Whatever it takes, I will do it -- to even the score!


Dr. Paxson: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Ridge: Good news?

Dr. Paxson: Congratulations. You're expecting a baby.

Ridge: I knew it!

Brooke: Oh!

Ridge: I knew it! What do you think about that, Logan!

Brooke: Oh, I'm -- I'm thrilled. So thrilled.

Dr. Paxson: I realize this isn't a first pregnancy for either of you.

Ridge: Oh, don't worry. I'll make sure my workaholic wife takes good care of herself.

Dr. Paxson: You are a very lucky woman, Brooke, to have such a devoted father for your child. Now, everything appears to be fine, but I want you to take it easy, Brooke, especially the first few weeks. Sounds like you went through quite an ordeal. Don't overdo it.

Ridge: She won't.

Dr. Paxson: Good. Then, unless you have any questions, you can set up an appointment schedule with the nurse on your way out.

Ridge: All right. Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Paxson: Congratulations, again.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Whoa! You're awfully quiet, mom.

Brooke: Gosh. I'm in shock.

Ridge: Well, you heard the doctor. Everything's okay. Remember, we're gonna put all this stuff from Puerto Vista behind us, right? I'm gonna spoil the heck out of this little kid -- just like his mom.

Ridge: I'm gonna go get the car, okay?

Brooke: Oh, no. That's not necessary.

Ridge: Oh, but it is necessary, very necessary.

Ridge: I love you, my wife.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Brooke: Don't do this to yourself. This is our baby. It has to be. It's yours, Ridge. It has to be yours.

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