B&B Transcript Friday 10/31/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/31/03
Happy Halloween

By Suzanne
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Ridge: Sweetheart, you're pregnant.

Brooke: I'm not pregnant. Not from that night. But Ridge you and I will have our child -- just not yet.

Ridge: Hey, beautiful.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: How're you feeling? Or do I even have to ask?


Jackie: Oh, welcome home, sweetie. How was your flight?

Nick: You know me, I hate planes. I'd rather sail the seas than fly over 'em.

Jackie: Yes, it was very nice of you to actually make the sacrifice. You know, so you could get here in time to give me away.

Nick: Why are you sounding cranky? Something I said?

Jackie: Something you did. I don't like being hung up on, young man.

Nick: Oh, come on, mom. You were going off on me on the phone. The plane was ready to take off -- I don't want to talk about this. Let's talk about the wedding. Something you should be happy about, 'cause you're getting hitched.

Jackie: Well, I am. It's just that well, your father's taken care of everything. The only thing left for me to do is actually show up and say "I do."

Nick: What's with all the boxes?

Jackie: Oh, he's sending someone to pick them up. Unless of course, you'd like to stay.

Nick: No.

Jackie: Darling, no, it would be totally perfect. You've got the ocean right outside the door.

Nick: I see the ocean.

Jackie: Please, please, please, I want you to.

Nick: Mother, come on. Why do you have to be the way you are? It's so hard to say no to you.

Jackie: But that's what you're doing, right?

Nick: That's the way it has to be. For now, anyway. Okay?

Jackie: You know, Nicky, I respected your decision all those years to have a life at sea. But you've got something, here. Now. I mean, you've got a family, you've got a job, you got a position. I'll be damned if I'm gonna just see you screw all of that up.

Nick: Well mother, what would you say if I told you -- I already screwed it up?


Massimo: Excellent. We'll -- we'll finalize the details next week.

Shelly: I told you ms. Spectra, you're going to have to wait.

Sally: Just get out of my way, honey. Get out of my way.

Shelly: Mr. Marone, I'm sorry.

Massimo: It's all right.

Sally: Here. Take a look at that, Mr. Groom-to-be. Read it and weep. I know I did when I saw it.

Massimo: "Massimo Marone IV to wed Jacqueline Payne." I thought you approved of my choice.

Sally: It's not your bride I've got a problem with. Keep reading.

Massimo: "Best man to be son, Ridge Forrester. Other son, Dominick Payne, to give his mother away -- so, what's the matter with --

Sally: Keep reading.

Massimo: "Matron of honor to be Brooke Logan Forrester.

Sally: Bingo. Brooke Logan Forrester. CEO of Logan Designs, formerly known as Spectra Fashions. How could you do that to me? Massimo, how could you let that happen? You know how much harm that woman has done to me and to my family. Here, why don't you just take this and place it right in my heart, okay? Just do it. Because I couldn't hurt any more than i am hurting right now.

Massimo: Sally, this is no time to play Madame butterfly. Come on, I know you're upset.

Sally: Upset -- me? Oh, Massimo, what could I possibly have to be upset about? I mean, could it be I've lost my beloved daughter? Or could it possibly be that my company -- which I treasured, and you know how much I treasured it -- is no longer my company. Having been handed over to that blond witch. Could it be that, possibly? How could you let that happen, Massimo? How could you? You know how much my company meant to me! You knew!

Massimo: I know, I know. Of course, I did.

Sally: That blond witch, I swear, she has pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone concerned here. Including you. "Brooke Logan Forrester, matron of honor." Ha! That's a laugh. That women has no honor.

Massimo: All right, stop it. All right? Sally, stop it. You're over-reacting here.

Sally: Over-reacting, am I? Well, I've got a news flash for you pal. I was really looking forward to attending your wedding, you know? I really was looking forward to it. Because of our long friendship and because I like you so much. And I wanted you to be happy, and I was happy for you. Well, that was before all of this happened. Now, wild horses couldn't drag me to that wedding.

Massimo: Look, sally, you're my friend, okay? You've always been my friend and I care how you feel, i care if you are hurting.

Sally: Oh, stop it. Stop it. Don't give me that. I don't want your pity. I don't want it and I don't need it. You're the one who needs to be pitied, Massimo, having that jezebel as a daughter-in-law. Watch your back.


Brooke: Ridge, I'm fine.

Ridge: You sure? You're looking a little pale.

Brooke: I think you're imagining things.

Ridge: Temperature seems okay. But I'm not convinced. Okay, disrobe, please.

Brooke: Excuse me?

Ridge: Well, I think you need a complete exam.

Brooke: Aren't you a little old to be playing doctor?

Ridge: No, not at all. You got a better idea?

Brooke: Well, do you remember "Brooke's bedroom?"

Ridge: Do I ever.

Brooke: Well, how about "Logan's lingerie"? I've got some great ideas, here. You could be the designer --

Ridge: We could spend the next few months doing research and development.

Brooke: Ridge, I'm serious.

Ridge: So am I. So am I. Let's take the ideas to lunch here at the Cafe Russe, then we can go home and plunge into some research.

Brooke: Actually, I'm not really very hungry.

Ridge: Still feeling queasy?

Brooke: I just think it's all the excitement.

Ridge: Or maybe the rabbit really has bitten the dust.

Brooke: No, it's too soon for that.

Ridge: Why don't we find out for sure?

Brooke: What do you mean?


Jackie: What do you mean, you screwed it up?

Nick: Forget it.

Jackie: Nicky, don't you walk away form me.

Nick: I said forget it, mother.

Jackie: I will not. It's Brooke, right? Why am I asking, of course, it's Brooke. That is why you hung up with me earlier.

Nick: Would you leave this alone, please?

Jackie: No, Nicky. Look, you fell in love -- you lost the girl. I mean, it happens, honey. It just happens, but you just pick yourself up. And you get over it.

Nick: I am getting over it.

Jackie: Well, you're not acting that way.

Nick: Well, I didn't know somersaults were required, I was saving them for later. But if that's what you need to convince you --

Jackie: Don't be insolent. I love you. I'm just trying to help.

Nick: Well, then back off, mother. I don't need this, least of all from you.


Massimo: So, how is my bride's little secret wedding present coming along?

Samantha: Well, we're right on schedule.

Massimo: What was that? Samantha?

Samantha: It's was nothing. Everything is under control.

Massimo: I'll be the judge of that. Where's mommy?

Massimo: Samantha?

Samantha: Oh, Massimo, before you go in, let me explain.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no, no. If anything happened I want to see for myself. Excuse me.


Brooke: Ridge, put that way.

Ridge: Why? You have something against a "do-it-yourself" pregnancy test?

Brooke: No. But I'm not pregnant.

Ridge: What if you're wrong?

Brooke: Sweetheart, I want a child as much as you do, but it just doesn't happen that fast.

Ridge: You're forgetting. I have seen you pregnant.

Brooke: So what does that have to do with --

Ridge: It's an instinct. I just know this look about you.

Brooke: What look?

Ridge: Just put me out of my misery, will ya?

Brooke: Ridge --

Ridge: Logan, look, what if you are? Nine months from now, we'll have our own little bundle of joy.

Brooke: You've got this all figured out, haven't you?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Please? For me?


Jackie: It's not like you to talk to me that way.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Jackie: I must have struck a nerve. And I don't want your apologies. I want to understand.

Nick: Understand what?

Jackie: About you and Brooke, what happened.

Nick: I've told you everything there is to know.

Jackie: Yeah? Well, why don't you try looking me in the eye and saying that?

Nick: Mother, I didn't come halfway around the world to get the third degree from you.

Jackie: I don't mean to upset you.

Nick: Well, then let's talk about something else. Shall we?

Jackie: Nicky, why are you doing this?

Nick: Doing what?

Jackie: You say that you are over losing Brooke to Ridge. But in the very, very same breath, you're adamant about going back to the Far East. And it just doesn't make any sense to me, not when everything that you care about is here. Your family, everything --

Nick: Mother! For the last time. I don't want to talk about this.

Jackie: You didn't just fall in love with Brooke, did you? No, no, no, no. There is more to it than that. Because I know you, Nicky. I know you better than anyone in the world. And you would not be going to all of these lengths unless --

Nick: This conversation is over.

Jackie: You slept with her, didn't you? You slept with Brooke Logan.


Samantha: I hope you're not disappointed.

Massimo: Samantha, this is magnificent. It's beyond all my expectations.

Samantha: Well, i hope your bride likes it as well.

Massimo: Oh, Jacqueline will love this.

Samantha: And she's going to love you even more after doing all this for her. It's an amazing gift, Massimo.

Massimo: Well, I'm marrying an amazing woman. Oh my, oh my. Oh my, oh my. Tomorrow, I marry my dearest love in this fabulous house. With my two sons standing up for me. Finally, a home for my newfound family. A man could not be more blessed.

Samantha: I'm very happy for you.

Massimo: And I am happy that you are staying on.

Samantha: Well, I don't really know how long I'm going to be staying on after the wedding, actually.

Massimo: Why? Has something happened?

Samantha: Well, a lot has happened. But not exactly what I'd hoped for.

Massimo: Don't tell me. You had feelings for Ridge?

Samantha: Well, I know now that I was just kidding myself. I mean, nothing could have come of it.

Massimo: You mean, maybe -- because of Brooke?

Samantha: Ridge is with the woman he loves. I would need a magic wand now to break them up.


Ridge: Anything yet?

Brooke: Ridge, I told you --

Ridge: I know. I know, I know. It takes a few minutes. But I'm dying here.

Brooke: You're really into this.

Ridge: Hell, yes. Nothing would make me happier than knowing you're carrying our child.

Brooke: Honey, I want that, too. More than you know. But --

Ridge: Hey, Logan, look. Look. I think it's changing color. This is it the moment we've been waiting for here, kiddo.


Nick: You're amazing, you know that?

Jackie: No, please, don't -- don't be angry.

Nick: I'm not angry, mother. But you're right. You just -- you just know me so damn well.

Jackie: You don't want to leave, do you?

Nick: No. But I respect and love my brother. And I'm in love with Brooke. But they are happy. And if I'm around --

Jackie: No, Nicky, please. Listen to me. Listen to your mother, all right? You must not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with guilt about this. I mean, for God's sake -- you and Brooke -- you were just dating when you slept with her. I mean, it wasn't like she was married to Ridge or anything. Oh, my God. She was married to Ridge.

[Jackie gasps] Oh, Nicky.

Nick: Mother -- I don't know how to explain it. It was -- she as in such pain. We thought he was dead. She was desperate, she was -- I had never seen anything like it. She was on the edge and I was there with her. And -- I don't know, it was -- it was sex. But it wasn't sex. It was two people who were desperate and emotionally spent. And -- I'm not making an excuse. There is no excuse. But still, there is no reason to say anything about it. So that's what Brooke and I have decided to do. We're not gonna tell anyone because no one needs to know. Because nothing is ever gonna come of it.

Ridge: Well, come on, Logan. Don't keep me in suspense. What does it say?

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