B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ozzy: Ty, I want this lighting rig checked.

Ty: I just did, boss.

Ozzy: Check it again.

Ty: Sure, you got it.

Amber: Are you psyched or what?

Ozzy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's coming together.

Amber: Coming together? Come on, we are so gonna be the buzz.

Ozzy: With this ad budget, we'd better be.

Amber: You know, if you hadn't believed in me, then, you know --

Ozzy: Amber -- we're in this together, all right?

Amber: No one can stop us.

[Amber laughs]

Sally: Amber -- you're here, too. Why am I not surprised?

Ozzy: Ms. Spectra. How's Macy? Any news?

Sally: Well, I'm surprised you're asking. I mean, aren't you terribly busy with all the publicity and this swell party to plan, hmm?

Ozzy: Look, I know this has been a hard time for you.

Sally: You have no idea how hard it's been for me. If you did, you wouldn't be dancing on my daughter's grave.

Ozzy: Dancing on -- are you saying -- ?

Sally: That I've lost her already? No. No, we haven't. But I feel as though we have every time I visit that hospital and see her lying there in a coma.

Amber: You know, Sally, we feel really horrible, too.

Sally: You've got a funny way of showing it, Amber. Listen to me, Ozzy, please. My daughter Macy obviously cared about you. She believed in you, or she wouldn't have come to sing at your club and give 100% of her heart and her soul. So for that reason, I am gonna give you the benefit of the doubt about what you're doing now. But be very, very careful, Ozzy. Don't do anything to hurt that girl again.


[Monitor beeping]

Thorne: Hey.

Darla: Hey. Glad you got my message.

Thorne: Yeah.

[Thorne sighs] Man. You try to prepare yourself, huh?

Darla: I know.

Thorne: You been here long?

Darla: Awhile, yeah. I ran into Sally.

Thorne: How'd that go?

Darla: She realizes that Macy needs all the support she can get right now.

Thorne: Good. Where is she?

Darla: She went over to Ozzz.

Thorne: Why?

Darla: You didn't see the ad?

Thorne: What ad?

Darla: It's right over there on the table.

Thorne: "The grand reopening"? You bastard.


Jackie: Knock knock. Oh, my, my. What is that wonderful smell?

Nick: Come in, mother.

Jackie: No, don't tell me. Chateaubriand dripping in a full cream Bernaise sauce.

Nick: No, it's a veggie stir-fry, heavy on the ginger and garlic.

Jackie: You mustn't disappoint me. Are you expecting company, darling?

Nick: Just my usual table for one. Unless you'd care to join me.

Jackie: Well, I was waiting for you to ask.

Nick: Sit down, please. Care for some wine?

Jackie: No, thank you. I don't need it. Neither do you. You must be so thrilled, Nicky.

Nick: I'm not one to believe in miracles, mother. But when Forrester stepped on the plane, it was pretty weird.

Jackie: Yeah. We've both had our share of miracles this year, haven't we?

Nick: Lot of changes. A lot more to come, too.

Jackie: You're referring to my nuptials with Massimo.

Nick: You set a date?

Jackie: Actually, Massimo and I have decided not to wait another day.

Nick: Well, good. I'm glad. Life's too short, you know?

Jackie: Precisely. What is all of this? What are you, boning up on your geography?

Nick: I'm getting ready to ship out.

Jackie: Ship out? You're leaving?

Nick: It's time to set course.

Jackie: Tell me you're joking.

Nick: 'Fraid not.

Jackie: Where are you going?

Nick: Koje.

Jackie: Oh, Koje?

Nick: It's a little island off of Korea. I promised myself I'd get back there.

Jackie: Yeah, right. Nicky, I'm serious.

Nick: Well, so am I, mother. We're launching a new tanker and I've got a little business to shore up in the far east.

Jackie: Why? I mean, what -- what are you talking about? You just got back from that horrendous ordeal. Ridge, he's perfectly safe and -- have you told your father?

Nick: No. You're the first.

Jackie: What about the wedding?

Nick: I'll be back for the wedding.

Jackie: Great. And then what? You're gonna up and sail off again.

Nick: I miss the sea, mother.

Jackie: Well, there's the sea.

Nick: It's not the same, and you know it.

Jackie: Yes, I do. Because that's exactly how I feel when you're gone.

Nick: Mother, you know me. Now, I set anchor here for a while, and it's time to sail off. Like we said, there's been a lot of changes.

Jackie: Nicky? This is about Brooke, isn't it? Isn't it?


Thorne: What the hell is this idiot thinking? Macy's still in a coma for god's sake.

Darla: Yeah, well, apparently Ozzy doesn't give a damn.

Thorne: Sally must be incensed.

Darla: She's heartbroken. You know, first the company, now Macy.

Thorne: You're really worried about her, huh?

Darla: I don't know how much more can she take.

Thorne: The ad says they're reopening tomorrow night.

Darla: Mm-hmm. You think Sally can stop him?

Thorne: She's never backed down from a fight before.

Darla: Yeah, but if Ozzy can be this heartless, I mean --

Thorne: Then she's gonna need all the help she can get.

Darla: Thorne -- where are you going?

Thorne: I'm going to show this "wizard" what he can do with his grand reopening.


Ozzy: Okay, I really do appreciate what you're saying, but this place is all I got. If Ozzz goes under, I'm bust.

Sally: If you're looking for sympathy, save your breath.

Ozzy: See, I don't need sympathy.

Amber: And he doesn't need your permission to reopen, either.

Sally: So, what is this, huh? Life goes on. Is that right? Life goes on, and me and the rest of my family are just gonna have to get used to it?

Ozzy: Okay, if there was anything I could do --

Sally: There is. Respect my daughter.

Ozzy: Respect your daughter? I do. I do respect her -- Ms. Spectra, I've been in entertainment my whole life, and I'm telling you, Macy had a gift. I mean, when she performed, she reached people, you know --

Sally: Stop it. Can't you hear what you're doing?

Ozzy: What? What?

Sally: You're speaking of my daughter in the past tense. You're talking about Macy as if she was already gone. She's not gone. She is going to come back to us.

Amber: Sally? Have the doctors said anything more?

Sally: I'm not interested in what the doctors have to say. I'm not interested in what the doctors have to say, I'm not interested in brain scans, I am not interested in any kind of medical prognosis. I know what I know in my heart. And, Ozzy, if you respect my daughter the way you say you do, you know you've got to stop treating her like this.

Amber: Making Ozzy close down the club isn't gonna bring Macy back.

Sally: Maybe not. Maybe not. But at least it will tell the world that her memory means more than just the reopening of another martini bar on the sunset strip.

Bridget: Sally has a point.

Amber: Bridget, what are you doing here? Ozzy, look, I know I encouraged you to reopen the club. But I think I was so -- I was thinking about what was best for you, and I completely --

Sally: Forgot about Macy?

Bridget: Yeah. Sally, I'm really sorry.

Sally: Ozzy, my daughter gave her heart and soul and all of the music and talent she has in her body for you.

Ozzy: I know.

Sally: Now, the least you can do is give something back.

Ozzy: I don't know what to do. I'm worried sick about your daughter, all right? I am.

Sally: Prove it. Close this place down once and for all.

Ozzy: I told you I can't. I mean --

Sally: What? You're worried? You're worried because you put all your eggs in one basket? And now you're afraid? You're scared that if you lose this, you'll lose everything? Well, I'm scared, too. All right. I've said all I came here to say. I'm gonna leave it to you -- and your conscience. And Ozzy, if you have one, I know you're gonna do the right thing.


Darla: Thorne, wait. Our baby. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound, and I'd really love it if you were there.

Thorne: What about sally?

Darla: She can handle Ozzy.

Thorne: Yeah, well, it's just when you showed me that ad --

Darla: I know, I know. It all came back for me, too. I know.

Thorne: You ever feel guilty, Darla?

Darla: Guilty?

Thorne: I mean, we're waiting for a miracle, and Macy's --

Darla: She'd want us to be happy, Thorne. You know that.

Thorne: Yeah.

Darla: She'd want us to be happy, Thorne. You know that

Thorne: Yeah.


Amber: Where do you get off?

Bridget: Ozzy, look, I know I told you to reopen the club, but I was wrong. I can't believe I didn't see it before. I know -- I know I'm asking a lot from you right now. And I know, Amber, you were depending on this. But come on, guys, did you see that woman? We can't do this to her.

Amber: Look, look, I feel as sorry for Sally as everyone does, okay? I mean, it's horrible what happened to Macy. But closing the club now is not going to help her.

Bridget: It may help Sally, and the rest of Macy's family.

Amber: You know what? Oz, this is your place, and you don't have to listen to this.

Bridget: No, you're right. He doesn't. But you do have a decision to make.


Nick: Not bad, huh?

Jackie: I mention Brooke, you stop talking.

Nick: I'm talking.

Jackie: Yep. But you're not saying anything.

Nick: You know, maybe that glass of wine wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Jackie: Nicky. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, it's no secret that you care for Brooke. And I am delighted about it. She's turned you around more than I ever could. She's been a really good influence on you.

Nick: Why are we talking about this?

Jackie: Because she's the one that's making you want to sail off into the sunset.

Nick: I don't want to be here anymore.

Jackie: I know how painful this is for you, hon -- to see your brother married to the woman you love. Yeah, you love. But you've handled it so well for so --

Nick: Don't make me out to be a saint, mother. 'Cause I'm not.

Jackie: Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I --

Nick: Forget about it.

Jackie: I mean, you've been through a lot lately.

Nick: We all have.

Jackie: It's true. Especially Brooke. Thinking Ridge had died, I mean --

Nick: But he's back now, isn't he?

Jackie: Yes, he is. But if you hadn't been there for her -- oh, Nick, will you stop? Will you please just talk to me, here? You don't want to go to Korea, I know you don't. Something's troubling you. Whether or not you admit it, it has to do with Brooke.


[Monitor beeping]

Sally: Hello, my sweet girl. I'm back. And listen, don't let anybody tell you that I went away for a few minutes to go over to Las Olas for a chile relleno. Because it's not true. I was tempted, but it's not true. Actually, I went to have a talk with Ozzy. Stubborn young man, he's still so determined to reopen that club of his. I can just hear you saying, "Come on, mom. Life goes on." See, it's not true. Life isn't going on for me. It suddenly isn't going on for you, is it, baby? Anyway, I talked to Ozzy. I tried to get through to him. I tried to make him understand what a disgrace it would be to reopen that place with a lot of razzle dazzle publicity after what had happened to you there. I have to believe that he heard me. Now all I can do is hope and pray that he'll do the decent thing and not do anything to hurt you again.


Amber: Don't listen to her, Oz. Okay? We've worked too hard to throw this away now.

Bridget: Whoa, "we"? Amber, you've been working here for what? Like 20 minutes?

Amber: I have busted my butt trying to make this comeback a success. And you know what? I'm not gonna let you stick your little nose in and ruin it.

Bridget: I'm not talking about closing the club down for good, okay? Just until we get a better idea of Macy's condition.

Amber: That could be months.

Ozzy: Yeah. Or never at all.

Amber: Listen, Oz, do you really think Macy would want this?

Bridget: I think if we care about Macy, we'll respect her family's wishes.

Amber: Music and performing were Macy's life. Besides, if we fold now, then the thugs who tried to kill her will win.

Ozzy: She's got a point.

Bridget: Ozzy, I'm just asking you to hold off for a little while.

Ozzy: But you know what? This is all you. I mean, I did this all because of you. You kicked me in the pants, and I did it.

Bridget: I know, and you were incredible. And that's how I know you'll make a success out of whatever you do.

Amber: Just not this. Ozzy, Ozzy, just don't listen to her. Okay? You have every right to make a success right here.

Bridget: The question is, can you live with yourself if you do?

[Amber groans] Amber, I'm not out to get you. But the fate of Ozzz isn't up to you or me. This is Ozzy's decision.

Ozzy: That's right. And I know what I need to do. Ozzz is opening tomorrow night.

Amber: Whoo! I knew it! I knew you wouldn't let us down.

Ozzy: It's gonna be big. The whole world's invited.

Amber: Oh, you are not gonna regret this. Come here.

Ozzy: No, I'm not. This is gonna be an opening like no one's seen before.

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