B&B Transcript Friday 9/26/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/26/03

By Suzanne

Massimo: What the hell was he thinking? Taking this into his own hands?

Brooke: You know nick. Once he figured out that bellman was one of them --

massimo: Oh, sure, so he had to play the big hero.

Brooke: Well, he took a chance following him, yes, but --

massimo: Come on, it was a stupid, foolish mistake!

Brooke: It could lead us to ridge.

Massimo: Look, why don't you get it together, brooke? These people are professionals! Don't you understand that? And dominick has absolutely no idea how to deal with them. If they get the slightest wind that he's snooping around --

brooke: Nothing's going to happen to him.

Massimo: Why? Why, because you say so?

Brooke: Because he's resourceful, and he's determined -- and admit it or not, he does love his brother. There is no way he's going to let ridge down.


nick: Please, help me.

[Anna sobbing]

anna: I'm sorry.

Nick: You can't walk away after what they've done to your brother.

Anna: I have no choice.

Nick: You can't be afraid. Look at me. I see it in your eyes. You know where the american is. Tell me. I promise I won't let anything happen to you.

Anna: My brother made promises, too.

Nick: Is that how you want to live? At their mercy the rest of your life? Afraid to go to sleep at night for fear you may not wake up the next day? Is that what your brother would want for you?

Anna: They're holding the american in a building about a kilometer from here. Down by the wharf.

Nick: How do I find it?

Anna: It's an old foundry. They used to melt down silver from the mines.

Nick: Do you have access to it?

Anna: Yes. In fact, they're expecting me back any minute with their food and their drinks!

Nick: Well, that can be awfully heavy to carry by yourself. Let's go place our order, shall we?

[Speaking spanish]

cesar: Esta trabajando.

Juan: Asegudate que este mascaliente que pueda. You think you're sweating now, marone? Just wait until toro returns with the second ransom and we start feeding these furnaces.

Ridge: Another $10 million? That's a lot of gold that has to be melted down.

Juan: Can't exactly pass off marked bars, now, can we?

[Speaking spanish]

cesar: Toro, bueno. Estas de regreso.

Juan: Necesitas ayuda con el ora?

Toro: No, i don't need any help with the gold. Because there isn't any. See, your father refuses to pay the second ransom. Seems he's not convinced that we are men of our word.

Ridge: Can't really blame him, can you?

Toro: He seems to think that all he'll get back for his money is a corpse. So maybe -- I should prove him -- right.

massimo: Charlie, thanks for coming.

Charlie: Yeah, well this certainly changes our strategy, doesn't it?

Massimo: Yeah, thanks to my renegade son. Charlie webber, from the embassy -- brooke logan.

Brooke: Forrester. Brooke forrester. I'm ridge's wife.

Charlie: Of course. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.

Massimo: And now we have twice the concern.

Charlie: When captain payne left to go after this guy, was he armed?

Brooke: Not that I know of.

Charlie: Well, I've got a few men in the field looking for him now. Hopefully, we'll find him before he gets in the way of our operation.

Brooke: What about the second ransom? When are you going to deliver it? Is something wrong?

Massimo: It's nothing for you to worry about.

Brooke: If it concerns ridge, I have a right to know exactly what's going on. So tell me, damn it. Did you or didn't you get the $10 million in gold?

Massimo: We're holding off.

Brooke: Holding off?

Massimo: Until we have proof that ridge is alive.

Brooke: Now you're making demands on the kidnappers?

Massimo: Look, these people have jerked us arod once. It's not going to happen again.

Brooke: Massimo, I can't believe you're worried about losing your money!

Massimo: This has nothing to do with that, damn it. And you know it!

Charlie: It is a strategy, mrs. Forrester.

Brooke: It's a way to make sure that ridge doesn't survive!

Massimo: Listen, let me tell you something -- if we don't play hard ball with these people, I guarantee you'll never see ridge again!

Brooke: And you say that nick is taking a risk.

Charlie: We know what we're doing, ma'am.

Brooke: You'd better.

[Phone rings]

charlie: Webber. Where? Any sign of -- all right. Keep on it. Let me know. The bellman was found dead in an alley behind a local cantina.

Massimo: What about --

charlie: No one's seen nick.

Toro: You are more trouble than you're worth.

Ridge: So now you're going to make things worse by killing me?

Toro: Callate! Or i swear i'll shut you up permanently, you gringo!

[Phone rings]

[speaking spanish] si? Lo siento. I followed your instructions perfectly. Yes, but -- as you wish. It's you're lucky day. You've been granted a - how do you say? Reprieve. So, listen up. You are to get in touch with your family. Tell them you're all right and that they are to cooperate with us fully. Comprendes?

Cesar: It's about time. What took you so long?

Toro: Anna was tending to a family matters. Weren't you, pequenita? A tragedy, really. See, her brother, esteban, had a terrible accident. One that he'll never recover from.

Toro: Oh, my sympathies, anna.

Cesar: Now, luckily for her, she's going to be more careful. She knows better than to try and run away from her friends.

Anna: I've learned my lesson.

Toro: Smart girl. Who's the vagabundo?

Anna: I couldn't carry this by myself, so I gave him a few pesos to help.

Toro: Get on with it. Gana tu dinero.

Nick: Si -- si, senor. Con gusto.

Bridget: Oh, my god! Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Oscar: Okay, you're gonna have to be honest with me now. Are you always this klutzy?

Bridget: I knew it. It was you who sent those flowers.

Oscar: Yeah, well, you know -- I had to do something to thank you.

Bridget: Thank me for what? What is this about?

Oscar: It's about my future. Because of you, it's looking pretty amazing.

Bridget: So you're working here at the lair?

Oscar: Well, you know i -- bought it.

Bridget: What?

Oscar: Yeah, I bought it. I'm gonna open that club that i always wanted to, you know? Bridget forrester, welcome to "ozzz."

Massimo: All right, let me get this straight. The bellman was found stabbed to death?

Brooke: Nick was not involved.

Charlie: We don't know that.

Brooke: Why would he kill the man that would lead him to ridge?

Massimo: Because somebody must have realized that the bellman was being followed.

Charlie: Probably.

Brooke: Why didn't nick come back to the hotel?

Charlie: Maybe he couldn'T.

Massimo: Oh, god. Both my sons -- both of them in god knows what kind of trouble.

Charlie: We are doing everything we can to find them.

Massimo: I want to go there myself. I want to get to the scene.

Brooke: I'm coming with you.

Massimo: Absolutely not.

Brooke: If I stay in this hotel room one more second, I'm going to go out of my mind, massimo!

Massimo: Brooke, the situation is bad enough without you making it worse. Come on, charlie.

Brooke: Massimo, don't leave me here! Massimo!

[Speaking spanish]

toro: Hey, loco. Cerveza.

Nick: Si, si.

Cesar: Gracias.

Toro: You must be thirsty, amigo. Say nothing about where you are, and you will drink to your heart's content.

[Phone rings]

brooke: Hello?

Ridge: Brooke, it's me.

Brooke: Ridge! Oh, my god, ridge! You're alive!

Ridge: Sorry to worry you, logan.

Brooke: Where are you? What's going on? Are you okay?

Ridge: They're all around me here. I can't say much.

Brooke: They haven't hurt you, have they?

Ridge: Yeah, I'm okay.

Brooke: When massimo told me he was holding off on the ransom, i didn't know what to do.

Ridge: Hey, i'm not going anywhere, logan. You and I have waited too long to be together.


Brooke: I'm scared.

Ridge: Hey, we've taken on my mother and come out on top, okay? Remember that.

Brooke: I love you so much.

Ridge: I love you, too. More than you'll ever know.

You're what's kept me going,

brooke. You always have, you always will.

Toro: There is your proof that he's still alive. Now, go get the gold, or it will be the last time you ever hear from him.

Brooke: Ridge? Hello? Ridge? Are you there?

Toro: That was so touching. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

[Ridge groans]

[speaking spanish] dale de beber.

Nick: Si, senor. You hang in there, forrester. Your ship hasn't sailed yet.

Bridget: I can't believe you're already renovating. What about, like, closings and escrow and all that stuff?

Oscar: Yeah, well, you know, it's a funny thing. Pretty much let you do whatever you want if you pay with cash.

Bridget: Cash?

Oscar: Don't get the wrong idea, you know? It's not like I have an endless supply lying around.

Bridget: Well, then, how did you manage to --

oscar: I sold the casino.

Bridget: You did?

Oscar: Yes. Yes, i did. That's right. Signed the papers this morning. You are looking at a free man. Whoo!

Bridget: Um, can I ask you a question?

Oscar: No.

Bridget: No, I can't ask?

Oscar: No, I didn't sell it to the syndicate.

Bridget: How did you know i was gonna ask you that?

Oscar: I'm the wizard of oz, remember? Hey, dig this. See this here?

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Oscar: This is the last thing i got of my father's dream. It used to hang over the doorway to the casino. I remember the day we nailed it up. He says to me, "ozzy --" that's where the "oz" comes in, you know? He called me, "ozzy." He says, "ozzy, if you go after what you want in life with persistence and passion, good fortune will always find you." "But," he says, "it never hurts to have a lucky charm." So i was thinking maybe you could help me over here putting this up, huh?

Bridget: Yeah. Your dad sounds like a great guy.

Oscar: Yeah, he was all right. Truth is, I'll be lucky if i'm half the guy he was someday.

Bridget: Well, it seems like you're off to a pretty good start --"ozzy."

Oscar: Thanks to a much-appreciated new friend. I just gave you a little bit of encouragement.

Oscar: I know. Sometimes, that's all you need.

Bridget: I'm gonna --

massimo: Not one person at that cantina had a clue as to what could've happened to dominick. I mean, you'd think someone would have noticed something. Has he called?

Brooke: No, but --

massimo: Listen, if those people get ahold of him, then we've got --

brooke: No, i don't think they did. Ridge would've found a way to tell me.

Massimo: You heard from him?

Brooke: The kidnappers put him on the phone so that we would know he was all right.

Massimo: Brooke, how did he sound? I mean, did he give you a clue as to where they're holding him?

Brooke: He wasn't able to. Obviously they threatened him.

Massimo: Damn it!

Brooke: And they said if we don't turn over the ransom, that --

massimo: Charlie webber. Massimo marone.

Brooke: We have to find a way to come through for ridge.

Massimo: We will, believe me. We will.

Brooke: Maybe nick will find a way, too.

Ridge: What took you so long?

Nick: It wasn't easy putting this outfit together.

Ridge: Check out my hands. I've been working on them for a while.

Nick: Nice start.

Ridge: I owe ya.

Nick: Don't worry. I'm making a list. You think you can handle the two at the table?

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Nick: One, two, three --



[anna screams]

ridge: Let's get out of here.

Nick: Anna. Anna, now's your chance. It's time to get out of here.

Ridge: You!

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