B&B Transcript Monday 9/22/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 9/22/03

By Suzanne
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(missing first few minutes)

the international operations on high alert, as well as the fleet.

Massimo: And Calixto?

Captain: I'm in touch with Admiral Perkins. He's going to establish a perimeter and arrange safe transport back to the states for all non-essential personnel, families, anybody else --

Massimo: And the security on that?

Nick: Those are my own men. Not to worry, I have clearance on all personnel. Now, this group, they have a plant -- that's their M.O.

Massimo: Why is it that we are just hearing about this threat now? I mean, what happened to our sources in intelligence?

Captain: Nope, they haven't picked up on anything unusual.

Massimo: Who? I mean, could it be a hoax?

Nick: This group is covering their tracks pretty well. Massimo, they're into fund-raising. They don't want anything high profile -- assassination attempts, sabotage, none of that. They want cash, lots of cash. And they want it now.

Massimo: So kidnapping, that's what we're talking about.

Nick: It's a terrorist's version of venture capital.

Massimo: You were with us, right, when they took Cathy Gordon?

Nick: I sailed with her father.

Massimo: I want every employee in the South American operation accounted for.

Nick: We've got Admiral Perkins working on that.

Massimo: Good. I sure wish to hell I knew where Ridge was.


Ridge: Tears?

Brooke: I never thought this would happen.

Ridge: Come on, you knew.

Brooke: No, I -- I walked away.

Ridge: You scared the hell out of me. You know that?

Brooke: Me, too.

Ridge: No more fear. No more loneliness. No more -- no more hurt. You belong with me, now.

Brooke: And to think, all I had to do was go in the opposite direction.

Ridge: Yeah, we'll have no more of that, either, okay?

Brooke: No, not to worry. Whither thou goest I will go.

Ridge: Thy people will become my people.

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: Even my mother?

Brooke: I was thinking more like your kids, but yes, that includes your mother.

Ridge: She can't hurt us anymore.

Brooke: I know, even if she wanted to, because hate is just a small, small thing next to love.


Oscar: Look, I sympathize, all right?

Amber: Well, of course you do. I mean, after what Deacon did to you, and now he's got my son.

Oscar: I've got enough problems of my right now.

Amber: Listen, listen, you could help me. You could go on the record with what you know about him. You could talk to the police, or even just the judge --

Oscar: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I know he did, okay? But the truth is, there was never any real proof.

Amber: We'll find it. We'll find it. Or we could get him on tape, admitting it, or something. He could -- this isn't funny! Okay, my little boy is out there. Stop laughing. My little boy is out there, and he thinks I abandoned him. Now you have to help me.

Oscar: No, I don't.

Amber: Don't you understand? I might never get to see my son again.

Oscar: Yeah, I get it. It's a tough break, but --

Amber: But, but -- not your problem.

Oscar: I just don't want to get involved.

Amber: Listen, this is your chance. This is your chance to get back at deacon. You want to get back a him, don't you? Yeah, c'mon, you're still angry with him, it's obvious.

Oscar: Let it go.

Amber: No. Bridget. Bridget, guess what, guess what. Oscar knows Deacon.

Bridget: What?

Amber: Yeah, he's got all kinds of dirt on him, too.

Bridget: Who doesn't?

Amber: Well, no, no, no. See the thing is, he could help us get Eric back.

Oscar: How are you mixed up in all this?

Amber: Well, she's my sister-in-law. See I guess Deacon when he was in Vegas, he did all kinds of illegal stuff.

Bridget: What kind of stuff?

Amber: Well, like stealing from casinos. I mean, think about it, this is deacon, you know, there -- there's got to be tons of stuff. You know? And Oscar, he could testify. And then the judge, he could see what a bad influence Deacon would be --

Bridget: Amber, Amber. Stop. Okay? It's over.

Amber: No, no! See, that's what I'm trying to tell you. It isn't.

Bridget: It is. It is, whatever happened years ago, no judge is going to care. And even if they do, who gets custody of little Eic? The woman who held him at the edge of a cliff?

Amber: No, Rick. Rick would get Eric. We could do that for him --

Bridget: Stop it! God! You don't think you've done enough for Rick? Given the fact that he's home right now, packing up the rest of little Eric's things. Getting ready to say good-bye to -- Amber -- Eric is his whole world.

Amber: Well, you don't have to tell me that.

Bridget: Yeah, apparently, I do. Because even after you cost him his son, you're still going on with these stupid, crazy, impulse moves. I mean, do you ever think? Sorry. You love Rick. I know that. But you've also hurt him more than anyone else ever has. So, please, excuse me if I don't want to hear any more of your brilliant ideas. I'm supposed to take you to x-ray.


Nick: You haven't heard from Forrester? But then again, why would you? He's on his honeymoon, remember?

Massimo: You know, I never thought in this lifetime that I would be grateful to Brooke. But effectively Ridge is in hiding. I mean, he's better off where he is than if he were here. Oh, I want his children to have bodyguards. Unobtrusive, okay? Because I don't want them excited or frightened in anyway. And your mother, too.

Nick: I'll do it from the plane.

Massimo: The plane?

Captain: Admiral Perkins advised against that.

Massimo: You're going to go to Calixto.

Nick: Yeah.

Captain: You're forgetting, you're a Marone now. Massimo's son and heir -- just the kind of target they're looking for.

Nick: I haven't forgotten I'm a Marone. That's why I'm going.

Massimo: And that's the reason I'm going to go, too. We have a responsibility.

Nick: It's our first father-son trip. Forrester will probably be very upset he's missed it.


[Bird caws]

ridge: Where the hell did you come from?

Brooke: Everything's open.

Ridge: Is that the same bird?

Brooke: Hmm, I guess so. I think she has a crush on you. What's your name?

[Bird caws]

Ridge: Yeah, killjoy, that's your name.

Brooke: You two make such a cute couple.

Ridge: Yeah, don't encourage it. All right, you, come on, go, go.

Brooke: Ridge you can be so heartless.

Ridge: Shoo, shoo. Go away.

[Bird caws] can you not see I was busy here?

Brooke: I think she's jealous. Can you blame her?

Ridge: Okay, come on. Go, go, go.

[Bird caws] let's just ignore it.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Ignore her.

Brooke: Okay.

[Bird whistles]

Ridge: All right. That's it, you're out of here.

Brooke: Ridge, wait. Don't hurt her. Maybe we should call the front desk.

Ridge: I can handle the bird, okay.

Brooke: If you say so.

Ridge: Okay, come on, you, come on.

[Bird caws]Ridge: Stop it. Oh, for god's sake. Come on.


Nick: No, no, no. Mother, we won't be gone long. Yeah. We just need to check up on some things down there. No. No, nothing more than that. Right. Well, I'll be in touch with you. I promise to take care of him, too. All right, i love you. Okay. Y'all set?

Massimo: Jet's waiting.

Nick: It's your first time on a plane since the crash, isn't it?

Massimo: Ah, I haven't given that a second thought. It's mike Gordon, Dominick. Do you know what happened to him after they kidnapped his daughter?

Nick: Yeah.

Massimo: I felt for him then. I -- at least I thought I did, until I had my own family. But now, I really understand what he went through. And it could happen again. A brother, a father --

Nick: Not if we can stop it. Ready?

Massimo: You got it.


[Bird squawks]

Ridge: I'll get you! Got you. Got it. Close the window, quick.

Brooke: Oh, my hero.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I couldn't get her off of me.

Brooke: Poor, irresistible Ridge. Can't get away from female attention, even here.

Ridge: Yeah, well, it's a curse. Okay, where were we? Where were we?

Brooke: Oh, let's see. We were about right here.

Ridge: No, actually, you were about right here.

Brooke: Oh!

Ridge: With your hands like so. You are so incredibly beautiful. I can't believe I wasted so much time.

Brooke: Oh, I almost forgot.

Ridge: Where are you going?

Brooke: I got you something.

Ridge: It can't wait?

Brooke: No. It's a wedding present. Here it is. Open it.

Ridge: Where'd you get this?

Brooke: In the village.

Ridge: Unforgettable.

Brooke: Let's never forget -- with our work, with our children, with each other. Because every second is so precious.

Ridge: Especially this one.

Brooke: Especially this one.

[Bird squawks]

Ridge: Oh, for god sakes. I'm trying to make the most of a minute here!

Brooke: She's never going to give up.

Ridge: Yes, she is.

Brooke: I'm sorry, sweetie. But going to have to just learn to move on.

Ridge: Oh, it's stuck.

[Brooke laughs]

Brooke: Look at the way she's looking at you. She's in love.

Brooke: Think she's gone?

Ridge: She'll be back. They always come back.

Brooke: Oh, that's terrible.

Ridge: If I'm so terrible, why'd you marry me?

Brooke: For the clothes.

Ridge: The clothes? Really? Is that a fact?

Brooke: What'd you think? You are a major fashion designer.

Ridge: Well, then how about if I see you change into another one of those cute little outfits, huh?

Brooke: Another one?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: You tiger.

[Ridge growls]

[Brooke laughs]

Brooke: I'm gonna take a shower, too.

Ridge: Don't be long. I'm gonna have to come in after you.

Brooke: Oh, I'm scared.

Ridge: You should be scared. You be very scared. Unforgettable.

[Bird squawks]

Ridge: What the


Bridget: Hey, hey. No cheating.

Oscar: What?

Bridget: Hi. Listen, I'm sorry about me and Amber.

Oscar: Oh, yeah. Don't be. You rescued me -- again. I don't know. I'm gonna have to get you a cape or something. Maybe some thigh-high boots.


Bridget: Yeah, she can be a little bit intense.

Oscar: Yeah, that's one word for it.

Bridget: She means well.

Oscar: Road to hell, all that?

Bridget: Yeah, exactly.

Oscar: Yeah, well, they way i figure it, you can be playin' with a full deck if you get mixed up with Deacon Sharpe.

Bridget: You think so?

Oscar: Know so.

Bridget: Me, too. Better than most.

Oscar: Why do you say that?

Bridget: I was married to him.

Oscar: I -- I'd, um -- hmm --


Bridget: No, don't worry about it. It's not like I'm proud of it. I gotta go back to work. Bye.


Nick: I'm liking the family plane.

Massimo: Ah, good. Good.

Pilot: Good evening, Mr. Marone.

Massimo: Ah, rex. How are you?

Pilot: I'm very good, thank you.

Massimo: Glad to hear that. Have you met my son, Dominick?

Pilot: No, not yet.

Nick: How're you doing?

Pilot: Hi. Good, thanks. So where are we headed this evening?

Massimo: Calixto.

Pilot: I'll be damned, you found out.

Massimo: Found out what?

Pilot: Where he was headed. Listen, you better not tell him you heard that from me.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Pilot: You tracked Ridge down, right?

Nick: Ridge is in Calixto?

Pilot: Oh, geez, you did hear it from me. I wouldn't have said anything -- guys, he's gonna kill me.

Massimo: Look, never mind that. Look, where is he, exactly?

Pilot: Mr. Marone, he made me swear that I wouldn't say anything.

Nick: It's an emergency. He'd be happy you told us. So spit it out.

Pilot: Puerto vista. One of the resorts there. He didn't tell me which one.

Massimo: All right, get us there.

Pilot: Yes, sir.

Massimo: It's Ridge. They're after Ridge.


Ridge: Very weird. Very weird.

Brooke: Is that the bird?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: You let her in?

Ridge: No.

[Bird squawks]

Brooke: What'd you say? I couldn't hear you.

[Bird squawks]

Brooke: Ridge?

Bellman: Rapido, rapido!

[Speaking spanish]

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