B&B Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Amber: Rick?

Bridget: No, it's just me. You okay?

Amber: No.

Bridget: Rick told me what happened.

Amber: Yeah. You blame me, too, don't you? Well, you're wrong. You are, both of you. You're wrong.

Bridget: Amber, I'm really sorry you lost custody of Eric.

Amber: You know, it wasn't all my fault. It wasn't. I mean, I shouldn't have kidnapped him. But that's not why we lost Eric. It was Macy and Deacon. I mean, they've been trying to break up our marriage for months, and -- and it worked. It worked. They got Eric. And Rick, he's -- he's gone. And it's all because of them. You know, it's not -- it's not too late, Bridget. I will get them back.

Bridget: You need to concentrate on getting better, okay?

Amber: You think Rick made the right decision, don't you?

Bridget: I have to get back to work.

Amber: What, are you -- you glad that he left me?

Bridget: Amber, I thought you should know, we have to move another patient in here. It's only temporary, until we can find him another room. I'm sorry.

Amber: Wait! Did you say him? Brid –


Nick: So, once we've entered this port, we should have covered the entire west side.

Captain: You run a very efficient meeting, commander.

Nick: It's just like running a ship. You just chart a course and steer it.

Captain: I think you've got the pacific fleet headed in the right direction.

Nick: You heard from Admiral Perkins?

Captain: I received a report from him this afternoon about an incident involving one of our ships moored in Puerto Vista.

Nick: Accident?

Captain: Vandalism. Nothing serious. The Marone logo was defaced with some kind of symbol.

Nick: Puerto Vista, South America.

Captain: I believe you've docked there several times.

Nick: Do you have a photo of the symbol?

Captain: I could request one from the port authorities.

Nick: Do that. I'd like to see it.

Captain: Mr. Marone.

Massimo: Ah, captain. Good to see you. All's well?

Captain: Mm, the pacific fleet's in very capable hands. You should be proud.

Massimo: I am. I'm a very lucky man to have the sons I have.


Ridge: Here we are.

Brooke: Oh! Oh, this is beautiful. How did you find this place?

Ridge: I'm not telling you.

[Jungle noises]Ridge: Well, looks like this room is occupied.

Brooke: How gorgeous.

Bellman: The animals in the resort are accustomed to people. They're not dangerous. But I would use the safe for your valuables. The monkeys have expensive taste.

Brooke: This is amazing.

Ridge: The brochure said this place was pretty wild.

Bellman: This is your first visit to Puerto Vista, SeÑor Forrester?

Ridge: Yeah, it is.

Bellman: We can arrange a tour if you wish. Calixto is a beautiful island.

Ridge: Well, thank you. Maybe -- maybe later. Thanks.

Brooke: This is paradise. Now, this is what I call getting away from it all.

Ridge: You approve, huh?

Brooke: Yes, I do. I love it. And I love you for bringing me here.

Ridge: Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast. The best is yet to come.

Brooke: Ooh.


Oscar: You know what? You know what? I do have insurance. I can afford a private room.

Bridget: It doesn't matter. We're short on beds. There's nothing I can do.

Oscar: Well, then, you could have kept me in the ICU.

Bridget: You know what? If you don't stop complaining, I'm gonna keep you in the hall.

Oscar: Well, that'd be a lot better than having to share a room with some geezer who's gotta have the tv turned all the way up.

Bridget: Unfortunately, all the old geezers are taken. You'll be sharing a room with a woman for the time being.

Oscar: A chick?

Bridget: "A chick," yeah. It's just temporary, until we can find you another bed. Okay?

Oscar: Hmm. What's wrong with her?

Bridget: She had an accident. She took a fall. She's got some pretty severe injuries. Actually, I think you guys'll be in the same physical therapy class together.

Oscar: Oh, goody.

Bridget: You know, you're being awfully disagreeable for somebody who's lucky to be alive.

Oscar: Well, I tell you what. You bring me in there, you show me what she looks like, and we'll talk about how lucky I am, all right?

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Amber: Oh, no. No, no. Back up -- you are not putting him in here.

Bridget: Oscar, meet Amber -- your new roommate.

Amber: I'm calling my doctor. You can't do this.

Bridget: It's only temporary.

Amber: No, it is against the rules, Bridget. You are not allowed to have a man and a woman in the same room.

Bridget: Amber, I know. I know. But we're just waiting for a few patients to be released, okay?

Amber: Okay, how long is that gonna take?

Bridget: I don't know. I'm sorry.

Oscar: You know what? I'm gonna wait out in the hall.

Bridget: No, you are not!

Oscar: This is worse than the old geezer with the tv. Just let me go.

Bridget: What can I do here? Okay, I will close the curtain. You guys can completely ignore each other. How does that work?

Amber: Oh, don't worry, because I intend to. You know, I have enough going on in my life right now. I do not need some nosy little stranger butting in.

Oscar: Oh, boy. You know what? Don't worry, sweetheart. You keep your troubles to yourself, you and me will get along just fine. All right?


Bellman: I hope you enjoy your stay at the Puerto Vista.

Ridge: I'm sure we will.

Bellman: If there's anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, pull the cord by the bed. It'll ring a bell in the main house, and an attendant will be sent out to your bungalow.

Ridge: Cool, thank you. Here you go.

Bellman: Gracias.

Ridge: Gracias.

[Jungle noises]

Brooke: So, no phones?

Ridge: No phones, no faxes.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: No e-mail. We're pretty much off the grid here.

Brooke: Nobody knows where we are?

Ridge: Well, Catherine does. I swore her to secrecy, though.

Brooke: We're finally alone, right?

Ridge: Yes we are, Logan. Just you and me. No distractions, no interruptions. Just the two of us.


[Car chase on television ]

Amber: Can you turn that down? I'm trying to rest.

[Sound of heart monitor]

Little Eric: Mommy!

Amber: Oh, hi, baby!

Deacon: See, mommy's all right.

Macy: He was -- he was worried about you.

Amber: You're so sweet. Such a good boy. But don't worry, okay? Mama's gonna be just fine.

Deacon: Looks like the doctors are taking good care of mommy.

Amber: But you know what would make me feel so much better? If you came here and gave me a big hug and a smoochy-mooch --

Macy: Be careful. Don't -- don't -- don't hug mommy too hard.

Amber: You can hug me as hard as you want. Come here. Mama's so sorry I scared you last night. I promise I'm never gonna ever do anything like that again, okay?

Little Eric: When are you coming home?

Amber: Oh, not for a little while. You know, mama's gotta stay in here to get better.

Little Eric: Then I can go home with you and daddy?

Amber: Well -- the grown-ups are gonna have to talk about that, okay?

Macy: I'll tell you what, Eric, why don't we let Deacon and mommy have some time alone, okay? And since visitation hours are almost over, why don't you give her another hug, okay?

Amber: Not yet.

Deacon: I'll meet you in the car, okay?

Macy: Okay.

Amber: Come on, just a few more minutes, okay?

Deacon: Okay, come on, pal. We gotta go.

Macy: Let's go.

Little Eric: Bye, mommy.

Amber: Bye, baby. I love you.

Little Eric: I love you.

Amber: How could you do this? You are stealing my son.

Deacon: Okay, I think it's time that you catch the bus back from fantasy land. You stole him. No one else. I'm just making sure you don't do it again.


nick: What's all this?

Massimo: Well, I'm sorry to dump all these reports on you, Dominick, but with Ridge out of town, I need you on this.

Nick: You heard about that?

Massimo: Yeah, his secretary told me.

Nick: You okay with it?

Massimo: Well, I would have rather have heard it from him, of course, but obviously there wasn't enough time, so --

Nick: Well, they left so quick, there's smoke coming from their tires still.

Massimo: Who?

Nick: Your oldest son and Brooke.

Massimo: Are you telling me that Ridge took Brooke with him out of town?

Nick: You're serious.

Massimo: Of course I'm serious. I'm asking you a question.

Nick: They eloped.

Massimo: They're -- they're getting married?

Nick: If they went to Vegas, it could be over by now.

Massimo: And you don't know where they went?

Nick: Last I saw, he put a ladder to her balcony and took her off into the sunset.


Brooke: Look at him. So cute.

Ridge: He reminds me of you a little.

Brooke: Come on. That map says that this path leads right down to the ocean.

Ridge: Oh, yeah? Want to go take a look?

Brooke: Well, I'd go down there if it was a nudie beach. I don't have anything else to wear.

Ridge: Well, I might just have something you could wear. Look.

Brooke: So you packed for me?

Ridge: Just the essentials. Let's see, we have --

Brooke: A bikini.

Ridge: Mm-hmm. And --

Brooke: Another bikini. Oh, a negligee. Another negligee. Oh, a teddy. I can see the pattern here.

Ridge: Well, too casual, you think?

Brooke: Don't you think you're putting the cart before the horse?

Ridge: Well, maybe. But you can't have a honeymoon without a wedding, and you can't have a wedding without a wedding dress.

Brooke: It's just --

Ridge: Wait. There's more.

Brooke: I don't know what to say. It's beautiful. It's like a crown.

Ridge: I think you should look like royalty on your wedding day. 'Cause I'm sure as hell gonna treat you like a queen for the rest of your life.


Deacon: Look, I'm sorry, all right, but he's my kid, and I've got to protect him.

Amber: You revoked our visitation.

Deacon: What the hell did you expect me to do? You kidnapped him.

Amber: Yes, well, Rick did not do anything wrong, okay? And you won't let him see Eric, either.

Deacon: No, no, I won't, actually. I don't want him around either one of you. It's an unhealthy environment, and last night, you -- no, listen to me -- you were completely out of control.

Amber: Eric still needs me.

Deacon: No, not like this, he doesn't. You're irrational.

Amber: I was provoked. I was provoked, and you pushed me, Deacon. You know it.

Oscar: Deacon? Deacon Sharpe, is that you?

Oscar: I'll be damned.

Deacon: Now, look what the cat dragged in. What the hell are you doing here? Finally getting that overdue personality transplant?

Oscar: Ha, ha, ha. Something like that. It's a long story.

Deacon: Oh, I bet it is. Heard about your old man. Can't exactly say I'm sorry.

Oscar: You know what? You're a son of a bitch.

Amber: Wait, wait, wait -- how do you guys know each other?


Brooke: Another present? Ridge, you've done enough already.

Ridge: It's just a little one.

Brooke: Thank you. Oh. Chocolate.

Ridge: Yeah. It's part of the Mayan wedding ceremony.

Brooke: Oh, goody. I knew I liked it here.

Ridge: It's traditional for the husband and wife, families, to get together and share a feast of chocolate.

Brooke: You don't expect me to save this till we get home.

Ridge: Well, no, I just -- well, you'll see when you open it.

Brooke: Oh. It's a picture frame.

Ridge: It's our family.

Brooke: It's Thomas and the girls.

Ridge: Who were very excited, by the way, that we were eloping.

Brooke: They didn't feel left out?

Ridge: No, Steffy and Phoebe actually thought it was quite romantic.

Brooke: And Hope will, too, when she's old enough to hear the story.

Ridge: Which I'm sure will be a bedtime staple.

Brooke: And what are we gonna put here? This will be our wedding photo?

Ridge: Well, yeah, we could do that, I guess. I kind of had something else in mind, though.

Brooke: Rick and Bridget?

Ridge: You could do that, too.

Brooke: What were you thinking?

Ridge: Well, now that you ask, I was thinking that frame would be for the baby that we have together.

Brooke: Another baby?

Ridge: Would you like that?

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, I just, I wasn't sure. We have such beautiful children already.

Ridge: Yes, we do, who we can't possibly love any more than we do.

Brooke: No, of course not.

Ridge: This baby would be an expression of our connection, of our commitment to each other. I know it's taken a long time for us to get to this point. This is by no means the end of our journey, Logan. It's right now. It's only the beginning.

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