B&B Transcript Friday 9/12/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/12/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Clarke: Sally, stop torturing yourself, all right? Just go home.

 Sally: Oh, sure, go home. Just go home. Give up. Give in. Let the happy harlot run my company.

 Clarke: It's not your company. Not any more. I'm sorry -- I know you don't wanna hear it --

 Sally: You're absolutely right I don't wanna hear it. And I don't intend to let it happen, either. Oh, no. No. We have a chance. There is one person -- one rather high-born person -- who would very happily put an end to this.

 Clarke: Stephanie? Sally, she's out of the country. What is she gonna do?

 Sally: Whatever she has to do. They owe us big over there. You know it. My daughter, Macy, helped save her company, and it seems only fair that she should return the favor. Huh?


[Phone ringing]

 Eric: Now your eyes are still closed, right?

 Stephanie: Yes.

 Samantha: One of you is ringing.

 Stephanie: Well, that's me.

 Eric: No, no -- don't get it.

 Stephanie: Okay, okay!

 Eric: Keep your eyes closed. All right? Now, i mean it.

 Stephanie: I have them closed, believe me. This is complete trust.

 Eric: You're lucky it's done. We weren't expecting you until tomorrow.

 Stephanie: What have you been up to?

 Eric: Well, open your eyes now, and you can see. It's your old office. Just the way it used to be.

 Stephanie: Better. You did this?

 Eric: With Samantha's help, yes.

 Stephanie: Oh, my goodness. Gosh. The christening gown?

 Eric: One of the very first Forrester originals.

 Stephanie: Megan, our children, including the boys, were christened in that. Now this room represents what it always should have. Tradition, family, artistry. My god, for so many years it was just piled floor to ceiling, you know, with Brooke's underwear.

 Eric: Now, let's not go there.

 Stephanie: I -- believe me, I have no desire to discuss her. She's out of our lives. Out of the business. Out of the family.


 Ridge: Where do think you're going?

 Brooke: Spectra.

 Ridge: Where?

 Brooke: Logan designs. That's so hard to get used to.

 Ridge: Well, you're gonna have to get used to it if you're gonna be CEO.

 Brooke: I know, I know. It just happened so fast. I feel like my feet haven't touched the ground yet. Oh!

 Ridge: I like keeping you off balance.

 Brooke: So is that why you're racing to do this press conference? Your wild spontaneity?

 Ridge: That would be right.

 Brooke: And the fact that your mother's coming back tomorrow? Coincidence? I didn't think so.

 Ridge: I don't want anything to spoil this day for you. Mother is gone. Clarke has been given specific instructions to keep Sally at bay.

 Brooke: And Massimo -- he's behaving himself?

 Ridge: That would leave Nick.

 Brooke: Nick --

 Ridge: You told him what's going on?

 Brooke: Yeah.

 Ridge: Can't imagine he's taking it very well.

 Brooke: He was disappointed.

 Ridge: Yeah, more than disappointed.

 Brooke: Look, if you think he's going to interfere somehow, that's just not the kind of person he is.

 Ridge: Well, I'll take your word on that.

 Brooke: You shouldn't have to. He's your brother. You should get to know him --

 Ridge: Whoa, look at the time. Come on.

 Brooke: Ridge, oh --

 Ridge: Why don't you go make sure everything's all set up?

 Brooke: Aren't you coming?

 Ridge: I've got a few things to do, finish here, and then I'm all yours, okay? Bye. Bye!

 Brooke: Bye.

 Ridge: See you later. Yeah? Well, put him through. Flanagan, what's the story? They're bluffing. No, maxoil couldn't get in on this if they wanted to.


 Intercom: Dr. Guerrero --

 Bridget: Hey, back from my break.

 Amy: Okay. Hey, are you going out with us tonight?

 Bridget: Oh, I can't. I have to study.

 Amy: Oh, come on. The new radiologist is coming.

 Bridget: Eh.

 Amy: What? He's cute.

 Bridget: Not my type.

 Amy: What's your type?

 Bridget: Hard to explain. But I'll know it when I see it.


 Ridge: Yeah. Right. Okay, good. Thanks.

 Nick: Lowden fleet?

 Ridge: Your sources were right. They were ripe for the picking.

 Nick: Everything seems to be going your way.

 Ridge: Look, about that --

 Nick: I'm happy for you, Forrester.

 Ridge: No, you're not.

 Nick: Right. But I wish you the best.

 Ridge: I appreciate that.

 Nick: That's what I came to say.

 Ridge: Hey -- we are family.

 Nick: Oh, god, don't invite me to the wedding.

 Ridge: Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to. I'm actually not inviting anyone, because we're eloping.

 Nick: Eloping? Because of your mother?

 Ridge: Well, for a lot of reasons, but that's the main one.

 Nick: Oh, so how did she take this?

 Ridge: She doesn't know. She's not back till tomorrow.

 Nick: Really? So you make the announcement today then, huh? Well, that's good. At least you're protecting Brooke.

 Ridge: Look, the announcement of this company is not the only thing we're doing at this press conference today. I'm also gonna be giving Brooke this.

 Nick: Okay. You don't do anything half-assed, do you?

 Ridge: Not anymore. Better get going.

 Nick: Forrester. Be good to her, huh?

 Ridge: Count on it.


 Clarke: Oh, Samantha.

 Samantha: Hey, it looks great.

 Clarke: Yeah, thank you. Thank you, but I need your help. Just for a moment.

 Samantha: Okay.

 Clarke: We need to do --

 Samantha: Whoa!

 Clarke: A little elevation.

 Samantha: You're strong!

 Clarke: And a little light check. So if you could stand right here.

 Samantha: Okay.

 Clarke: All right. Mike? We're gonna dim it and then try the spot, all right?


 Delivery man: Are you Brooke Logan?

 Samantha: No.

 Delivery man: Well, can you sign for these?

 Samantha: Sure. There you go.

 Delivery man: There you go.

 Samantha: Thanks.

 Clarke: Well, look at you. You look like you just won a beauty pageant. Give us a little walk up and down the runway.

 Samantha: Oh --

 Clarke: Yeah, there she is. There's no runner-up, because nobody else came close. Give her a little applause.

[Everyone claps] Oh, it's "miss beautiful." "Miss beautiful." This year's winner.

 Brooke: What are you doing here?


 Eric: Now look, if there's anything you want to change, just say so.

 Stephanie: No, it's -- it's wonderful. Lovely. Might even move in.

 Eric: Yeah, we could arrange that. I still have Brooke's bed in storage. We'll bring it right up --

 Stephanie: Ha, ha, ha. Burn it. This idea of ridge's, to have Samantha design a home products line? I think that's just sheer genius.

 Eric: So do I. In fact, he's having some kind of a press conference over there today. I think he's gonna announce it.

[Phone rings]

 Stephanie: Do you mind if I answer that?

 Eric: No, go ahead.

 Stephanie: Spectra. It's probably Ridge. Hello?

 Sally: There you are!

 Stephanie: Sally?

 Sally: You need to get over here to Spectra pronto. That son of yours is about to call a press conference.

 Stephanie: Oh, yes, i know.

 Sally: You do?

 Stephanie: Sally, i want to congratulate you.

 Sally: What?

 Stephanie: Yeah, I think this idea of Ridge's is just sheer genius. It's just what your company needs.

 Sally: All right, all right. Listen, there's no need for sarcasm.

 Stephanie: I'm -- I'm very serious. Is she there?

 Sally: Yes, of course she's here!

 Stephanie: Sally, I'm gonna come over there. I want to wish her luck. And I certainly want to thank her for everything, you know, that she's done for me.

 Sally: I have entered an alternate universe. There is no other possible explanation.


 Samantha: Um, I was helping with the light check.

 Brooke: No, I mean what are you doing here at all.

 Samantha: You mean that ridge hasn't told you?

 Brooke: Ridge invited you?

 Samantha: Well -- yes. I --

 Clarke: Samantha's part of the team.

 Brooke: What?

 Clarke: Ridge hired her to do a home line. And you should see her ideas. They are terrific. You! I've been looking for you. I hope that is not a saxophone. I hope that is electrical equipment --

 Samantha: I -- I hope you don't have a problem with the home line.

 Brooke: Quite frankly, Samantha, I do. I have a problem. I mean, I can't believe that you would come in here --

 Ridge: Good -- I'm glad you got my flowers.

 Samantha: Oh! Yeah.

 Brooke: Well, you are full of surprises today, aren't you?

 Ridge: Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

 Samantha: Um, Ridge, Brooke has some reservations about the home line.

 Brooke: I didn't know there was a home line. I thought I was in charge here.

 Ridge: You are, Logan, you are. But Samantha here was about to leave town, so I felt we had to jump on an opportunity before it slipped away.

 Brooke: So you just "jumped on her"?

 Ridge: Logan, this is a good idea. It is. It's a good idea, and you're gonna love it as soon as we get a chance to talk about it. But we can't right now, because the doors are about to open.

 Brooke: Right, yes. We will talk about this.

 Ridge: Absolutely.

 Brooke: Absolutely!


 Amy: So what've you got against romance?

 Bridget: Oh, who has time?

 Amy: All work and no play --

Bridget: Is exactly what I need right now. Besides, I tried exciting, all it got me was divorced.

 Amy: So, what -- are you afraid to ever love again?

 Bridget: Oh, god, please.

 Amy: It's gonna hit you when you least expect it.

 Bridget: Yeah, I'm sure. Bells will ring.

 Amy: You joke now --

 Bridget: I work now. Where do they want me?

 Amy: New patient, 406.

 Bridget: Ah, thank you.

 Intercom: Paging Dr. Stateman. Dr. Stateman please


 Massimo: Oh, I better get this.

 Nick: I'll see you in here.

 Massimo: Yeah, right. Hello?

 Doctor: Hello, Mr. Marone? I'm Dr. Cooper, I'm a staff physician at university hospital.

 Massimo: Yes?

 Doctor: I have a patient who was brought in last night by ambulance. He's unconscious and wasn't carrying I.D. But we found your phone number in his pocket.

 Massimo: Oh. Young man, about six feet tall? Blonde hair?

 Doctor: Yes.

 Massimo: Well, thank you for calling. I was a little concerned. How is he?

 Doctor: Lucky. He was brought in with a gunshot wound, but he made it through surgery.

 Massimo: All right, I'll be there as quickly as possible. Damn.


 Ridge: All right, let's begin this conference here. I have some very exciting news. You're gonna be glad you came. I am taking on a new partner. Best the business. The woman I'm gonna introduce is gonna to take this company to new heights of excellence. I wanna introduce you to Brooke Logan.

[Crowd gasps and applauds ]

 Oscar: Oh --

 Bridget: Good, you're awake. My name's Bridget, and I just have some forms I need you to fill out.


 Ridge: All right, in addition to my new partner in crime here, I've also decided we should change the name of the company. So from here on, it will no longer be called "Spectra Fashions." I have a whole new name and whole new logo. Maestro, please lower the lights and reveal our new logo --

[crowd 'oohs' and applauds] from now on it's called "Logan Designs."

 Reporter #1: Brooke, what are you going to bring to the new company?

 Brooke: I'll let him answer that.

 Ridge: Well, for one, she's gonna get my butt into the office every morning. I'll probably turn into a workaholic, which I will thoroughly love. How could I not, having a boss like this?

 Reporter #2: So Brooke will be in charge?

 Brooke: It will be a partnership. In every sense of the word.

 Reporter #3: Romantically, too?

 Ridge: Well, let's see -- how best to answer that question? Hmm, let me see -- okay --

[crowd 'woos' and applauds]

 Eric: Sally!

 Sally: Oh, thank god you're here. Listen, we gotta get moving. We have gotta stop them --

 Stephanie: What's the matter with you?

 Sally: Nothing is the matter with me. It's Ridge you oughta be worried about. Unless you don't care that he's working 24 hours a day with that she-devil?

 Eric: "She-devil"? Samantha Kelly?

 Sally: Samantha? Who cares about her? I'm talking about Brooke!

 Stephanie: Brooke? What are you -- what about Brooke?

 Sally: Ridge made her chief executive officer of my company. Logan designs -- that's what they call it now. He are Brooke are going to be partners. And they are making an announcement about this right now! Even as we speak --

 Stephanie: Well, we'll see about that! Take me down there.

 Sally: All right. All right. Keep moving. Come on. Attagirl! Listen, I'm telling you something. Brooke hasn't got a chance now that you're in the game!


 Reporter #3: What happens to Sally Spectra?

 Brooke: She'll be continuing on in an advisory capacity.

 Reporter #2: When will we see the first Logan collection?

 Ridge: Not until after the honeymoon.

 Reporter #1: You're getting married again? When?

 Ridge: Very, very soon.

 Brooke: Getting ahead of yourself, don't you think? He hasn't even proposed yet.

 Ridge: Well I think it's, you know -- I think this is your turn now.

 Brooke: My turn?

 Ridge: Yeah. It's only fair.

 Brooke: Ridge, if you wanna do this, you're gonna have to do it right.

 Ridge: What, do you want the ring and the whole bended-knee thing and all that?

 Brooke: Yes, the works.

[Crowd laughs]

 Ridge: All right, as you wish.

[Crowd "awws" and applauds]

 Ridge: Brooke, my love, from the very first moment we met, you fascinated my mind, you captivated my heart. You are outrageous, insatiable and a completely hopeless romantic. And I wouldn't have you any other way. I admire and respect you more than ever. So today I propose we put all else aside and become joined together forever as husband and wife. Brooke Logan, my dear sweet love, our time has come. So why don't you make me the happiest man in the world, and just tell me you'll marry me.

 Stephanie: Stop!

[Crowd gasps] Ridge, don't you dare.

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