B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Deacon: Amber, please. Please, you're scaring the kid.

 Amber: Shhhh. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay -- nobody's going to hurt us. Okay?

 Lt. Baker: If you want to protect your son, Amber. Let him go.

 Johnson: Mrs. Forrester, if you don't comply, we're gonna have to take you by force.

 Amber: No.

 Deacon: Please, don't make him do that. It's okay, Eric. Come on. Come on -- come to daddy. Come on -- come to daddy.

 Amber: Oh, god! Okay. It'll be okay. Momma loves you so much. Oh god -- god!

 Deacon: That's it, that's it. Come on. Okay, come here. Come here -- come here! Okay. Okay. Okay, you're okay now. Okay, listen to me -- this nice policeman over here is gonna take you over to the car. Daddy's gonna be there in just a minute, okay? You go with him, okay?

 Amber: There! You have him! Are you happy now?


 Rick: I can't believe Amber took off with Eric.

 Macy: Well, Deacon will find them.

 Rick: Deacon is the reason she did this. Both of you -- trying to take Eric away!

 Macy: Let me set you straight on that. You're the one that tried to keep him from us. You took it to court and the judge granted you visitation.

 Rick: He is our son. He has grown up in this home. We are the only parents that he has ever known.

 Macy: You heard what the judge said.

 Bridget: I'm sure we'll hear something soon.

 Rick: Amber has got to know that I'm going out of my mind right now.

 Macy: Yeah, well, the problem is Amber only thinks about Amber.

 Bridget: Why are you here?

 Macy: Because I told Deacon I would wait here.

 Rick: Well, wait someplace else!

 Bridget: You know what, why don't you go upstairs. You're stressed enough. I'll take care of this, okay?

 Rick: I want her out of here.

 Macy: All right, I'll go. I'll go.

 Rick: You pushed her to this. And if anything happens to either one of them, it's on your heads.

 Bridget: Is that true?

 Macy: Amber and Rick petitioned for custody and the judge made his ruling.

 Bridget: Oh, okay, so you're not going to take any responsibility for this?

 Macy: Deacon just wanted to see his son.

 Bridget: I think you should go.

 Macy: Bridget, we're worried about Eric.

 Bridget: Just go.


 Deacon: No, Amber, this doesn't make me happy.

 Amber: You got what you wanted.

 Deacon: You think I wanted this? Amber, do you have any idea know how fast you were driving? You could've -- you could've wrecked the car! You could've gone off the cliff! This -- no! This is not what I wanted!

 Amber: You won. You won -- you beat us.

 Deacon: I'm not the one who turned this into a competition, Amber. You with that damn petition --

Lt. Baker: This is not the time. Amber, your son is safe. Now, if you'll just come along with us, we'll make sure that he's taken care of.

 Amber: No!

 Deacon: Amber, please! Amber!

 Amber: No!

 Deacon: Please, listen, listen. The lieutenant's right, listen --

 Amber: No!

 Deacon: I promise you, we'll go home, we'll talk about this. But right now, we gotta get Eric out of here. This is not good for him to see you this way.

 Amber: Oh, now, you know. You know everything now, don't you? You don't know the first thing what that little boy needs!

 Deacon: What he needs is to know you're okay. He needs you to stop this, okay?


 Brooke: What are you doing here?

 Macy: I was just leaving, Brooke.

 Brooke: Not until you tell me what you're doing in my house.

 Macy: Deacon and I were coming by to pick up his son.

 Brooke: I know, Rick told me. You got custody. You must be very proud of yourselves. But if you even think of pulling a stunt like that with Hope --

 Macy: I'm not the one pulling the stunts.

 Brooke: You said you were leaving, Macy. Where's little Eric?

 Macy: You know, that's a good question. Because your crazy daughter-in-law kidnapped him.

 Brooke: Excuse me?

 Macy: Amber took him.

 Brooke: Where's Rick?

 Macy: He's upstairs.

 Brooke: And who's looking for Amber?

 Macy: Deacon. Along the police.

 Brooke: The police?

 Macy: Amber committed a crime.

 Brooke: The only crime here is that somebody let you and Deacon take that boy from his home.

 Macy: You know, that's the problem with you Forresters. You're so used to getting you what you want, you start to feel entitled. But not this time. Because this time the judge ruled in our favor, and I'm sure he's not gonna have any problem doing that again, once he finds out what Amber did.

 Brooke: And I'll bet you can't wait to tell him, can you?

 Macy: Because we're worried about Eric.

 Brooke: You're not too worried to gloat.

 Macy: I'm not gloating.

 Brooke: Why not? Isn't that what you always wanted? Triumph? Oh no, wait -- I'm sorry. You wanted justice. It's ironic, really. After all your talk about what goes around comes around. While you're reveling in my family's misfortune, your mother's lying in a hospital bed somewhere.


 Bridget: Rick?

 Rick: Is she gone?

 Bridget: Yeah.

 Rick: Eric was supposed to grow up in this room.

 Bridget: Rick, I'm sure he's okay. Amber wouldn't let anything happen to him.

 Rick: She kidnapped him.

 Bridget: She panicked.

 Rick: She blew it. The judge said that we could see Eric every other weekend. And now Deacon's probably not going to let us see him ever again.


 Deacon: Amber? Amber, listen to me, please. Just think about the boy.

 Amber: That's all I'm thinking about.

 Deacon: He doesn't understand this.

 Amber: Yeah, you're right. You're right. He won't. He won't understand why he can't live with mommy and daddy. He won't -- he won't understand why a judge let you take him away. Do you have any idea how this is gonna affect him? Huh?

 Deacon: I promise, we can talk about this, okay? We can talk about it back in L.A.

 Lt. Baker: Look, Amber, your son should be home in bed.

 Amber: He's not going to be home, lieutenant. He's going to be with Deacon.

 Deacon: We're gonna treat him fine.

 Amber: You know, I promised him. I promised him I would never make him go anywhere he didn't wanna go.

 Deacon: Amber, he likes our place.

 Amber: He --

 Deacon: Stop it, Amber -- please!

 Amber: He didn't wanna go there today!

 Deacon: Amber, this is crazy. Stop it! Do you see -- do you see yourself? Do you see us? Please, this can't be good for him.

 Amber: Oh, yeah. You're one to talk. You're one to talk. You just come into his life. You come into his life -- you just flip everything upside-down. You come in as the prodigal parent and -- and -- stay away! Stay away! You came in, and you flipped his entire life upside-down. Everything! You ripped him away from his home and his family -- how is that gonna affect him?

 Deacon: Listen, we'll work through this together.

 Amber: He's -- he's gonna think we abandoned him.

 Deacon: We didn't abandon him. Amber, kids go through this custody stuff all the time.

 Amber: That doesn't make it right. You know how it feels. I know how it feels. And what you and Macy did, it completely --

 Deacon: We were just defending ourselves.

 Amber: You stole him from me!

 Deacon: No! No, Amber. No, we didn't steal him. You did. Not me. Not Macy. You did it.

 Amber: Yeah, and I'm the one who's gonna pay for it, right? Right? You're just -- you're gonna go back to the judge, and you're gonna make sure I never get near Eric again. Is that what you're plan is? Huh?


 Macy: My mother is in the hospital?

 Brooke: She collapsed during a business meeting.

 Macy: Oh, my god.

 Brooke: She was on the way to the door, and she just keeled right over. It looked like a heart attack.

 Macy: Oh my god -- why didn't you tell me? I have gotta go to her.

 Brooke: It's too late, Macy. She's gone.

 Macy: She's gone?

 Brooke: Home. She faked the whole thing.

 Macy: I -- I don't understand.

 Brooke: Well, apparently, she thought that if she caused a diversion, she could stop Ridge and me from taking over her company. But it didn't work.

 Macy: Taking over Spectra?

 Brooke: Well, it's not gonna be called Spectra anymore. Ridge wants the name to reflect the new vision. It'll be Logan Designs. Kind of catchy, don't you think?

 Macy: You? You and Ridge?

 Brooke: Yes, and I have to thank you for that. Because if it weren't for you and Deacon forcing me out of Forrester, I never would have had this incredible opportunity.

 Macy: Oh, you bitch! You took over my mother's company?

 Brooke: Well, no, not really. It was kind of a pre-wedding present from Ridge.

 Macy: My mother put her life into that company. Spectra Fashions means everything to her. And you just took it away?

 Brooke: And little Eric means everything to Rick and Amber. That didn't stop you from taking him away from them.


 Little Eric: Where's mommy?

 Johnson: Well, she's talking to your daddy and officer Baker.

 Little Eric: I wanna go home.

 Deacon: There's no plan, Amber.

 Amber: You're not going to use this against me?

 Deacon: Amber, I don't wanna hurt you. Amber, please --

 Amber: You called the cops.

 Lt. Baker: You abducted his son.

 Amber: No! Deacon was gonna take him away from me.

 Deacon: Yeah, but the judge gave you visitation rights.

 Amber: No, he gave me four days a month! He just -- he gave me four days. That's not enough. I -- I am his mother. I am. I raised him since he was an itty-bitty little baby. And Becky -- she wanted me to. That's why -- that's why she made the videotape, and -- and that's why, because she -- because she trusted me.

 Deacon: Amber, what do you think Becky would say if she could see you now, like this? What do you think she would say, if she could see her baby in the back of a police car?

 Amber: No, no, no. It -- it wasn't supposed to be like this.

 Deacon: Amber, you are so lucky that this wasn't a hell of a lot worse.

 Amber: I would've never done anything to hurt Eric. No! Because I love him!

 Deacon: I know you do. I know. And he loves you too. He loves you so much. And you and Rick -- you guys have done -- you've done a hell of a job, Amber. And you know, I'm the first one to admit that, right? But this isn't right. This isn't necessary. We could've worked something out.

 Amber: We can't now?

 Deacon: Not here. Not now. But listen -- Eric's okay. Let's just go home. Okay, baby, just take my hand. Come on -- it's me. Just take my hand. Let's go home.


 Rick: How could she do something so stupid? Kidnapping. Ignoring a court order. No judge in the world would give us custody now!

 Bridget: Maybe you should call your lawyer.

 Rick: And tell him what? I don't know where Amber is. They could be halfway to Mexico by now.

[Phone rings] hello?

 Little Eric: Daddy.

 Rick: Eric? Are you okay?

 Little Eric: I'm in a police car.

 Rick: Where's mommy?

 Little Eric: Arguing with Deacon.

 Rick: Is somebody with you?

 Little Eric: A policeman.

 Rick: Okay, can you put him on the phone?

 Johnson: Hey, this is officer Johnson. Your son is fine. He wasn't hurt. Once lt. Baker straightens out things with your wife, we'll be heading back to L.A.

 Rick: Where are you?

 Johnson: We're at Furnace Creek, Death Valley.

 Rick: She went to her aunt Tilly's. Can -- can you put Eric back on the phone? Hey buddy, how you doing?

 Little Eric: I was scared, daddy. The car went so fast. And mommy's so worried.

 Rick: Look, everything's gonna be all right. You're gonna be home really soon. You just mind the police officer. I love you, Eric.

 Little Eric: I love you too, daddy.


 Deacon: Okay, come on, baby. Just reach out and take my hand. And we can go.

 Amber: Where?

 Deacon: To go back to L.A.

 Amber: I'm not going to jail. No!

 Lt. Baker: The judge gave custody to the Sharpes. You were legally obligated to turn the boy over --

 Amber: What did he tell you about me? What did he tell you, huh? Did he tell you that I was crazy, huh? That I was crazy? That I couldn't be trusted with my own child. No, you! You are the one that cannot be trusted. You and Macy. Yeah, you and Macy are the perfect parents. Yeah, right. Yeah, you are. You are, now that you're sober. Yeah. Uh-huh. But how long is it gonna last, really? I mean, think about it. Think about it. Sooner or later, you're gonna fall off the wagon, and then you're gonna be the same mean old son of a bitch you've always been. You are. You're gonna be drinking. You're gonna be fighting with Macy. And my little boy's gonna be caught in the middle of it. Yeah, yeah. He is! Just like you were when you were a little kid. He's gonna be in his bedroom! He's gonna be scared. And he's gonna be hiding. And he's gonna hear screaming parents. And he's gonna -- no. No, no. All of that -- all of that innocence and that little sweetness he has, it's all -- it's all gonna dry up. And then -- he's gonna be just as bitter and as angry as you are. Mm-hmm.

 Deacon: No.

 Amber: No, no! Not gonna happen to my baby. No!

 Deacon: No --

 Amber: No.

 Deacon: No! Amber, no! It's not -- Amber, no! Amber!

[Amber screams] No! !!!

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