B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Deacon: Can't this thing go any faster?

 Lt. Baker: Take it easy, Sharpe --

 Deacon: Lieutenant, I'm sorry, but my kid's been kidnapped, all right? I mean, who the hell knows what kind of trouble he's in? We've gotta find Amber! We gotta find her now.

 Lt. Baker: She's with her aunt and uncle --

 deacon: We don't know that. She could've left Furnace Creek for all we know.

 Lt. Baker: Lapd unit 41 to fcpd 6, do you copy?

 Policeman #1: Roger,

41, this is fcpd 6.

Go ahead.

 Lt. Baker: You still have a visual on that car?

 Policeman #1: I'm looking

at it right now.

Parked in front of the

same trailer.

 Lt. Baker: Roger that. On my command, be ready to move in.

 Policeman #1: Roger that.


 Amber: Is he asleep?

 Tilly: He sure is.

 Amber: I -- I promised Becky I would take car of him. I would give him a good, loving home --

 Tilly: That's exactly what you're doing, honey.

 Amber: Rick doesn't think so.

 Joe: Well, what did he want? For you to hand Eric over to that good-for-nothing Deacon Sharpe?

 Amber: I think he thinks I made it worse by running.

 Joe: Nothing could be worse than having my Becky's son raised by the scum that knocked her up. What's he doing asking for custody, anyway? He never gave a damn for that child before.

 Amber: It's not him. It's the woman he's married to. She's the one pushing this. Macy -- she can't have kids of her own, so --

 Tilly: So she wants yours? Doesn't she realize what that will do to that child? What it'll do to your family to take Eric away?

 Amber: Oh, she knows exactly what it'll do.

 Tilly: And she's still bent on making it happen?

 Joe: What kind of woman is she?

 Amber: She's the kind of woman who wants revenge, and she's not gonna stop until she gets it.


 Macy: This is driving me crazy. Why haven't we heard something?

 Rick: Maybe you should try deacon again.

 Macy: No, he would've called if he had the chance. I just pray they have a lead on Amber and little Eric.

 Rick: I just -- I still can't believe she took off with him like that.

 Macy: Oh, come on, Rick. You saw her at my wedding. She lost it.

 Rick: She just made a bad decision, that's all, Macy.

 Macy: Rick, when are you going to stop defending her and admit that she has no excuse for what she's doing? She's gone too far this time. And the sooner you face that, the better it's gonna be for all of us.


 Samantha: Wow, when you give a gift, you don't fool around.

 Ridge: Well, you've heard about Logan Designs.

 Samantha: Brooke is a very lucky woman.

 Ridge: No, I'm the lucky one, actually and not just because we'll be working together.

 Samantha: So then you're back with her?

 Ridge: Can you say "elopement"?

 Samantha: When?

 Ridge: As soon as we lay the groundwork for the company, we're outta here.

[Dog barks]

 Samantha: Pucci says "good luck."

 Ridge: Yeah. How about you?

 Samantha: I say "good luck," too.

 Ridge: Well, I guess you graduated from high fives.

 Samantha: There's a lot that's different about me.

 Ridge: Wish I had the chance to find out. You'll probably be out of town by the time Brooke and I get back. I have an idea. The perfect solution.

 Samantha: Do you?

 Ridge: Why don't you come to work for us?


 Nick: So that's why you're here, isn't it? You're here to tell me you're going back to Forrester? Amazing.

 Brooke: Nick, I want you to understand --

Nick: Please. Because I'm dying to understand.

 Brooke: I love him. And I belong with him. I'm sorry.


[police siren]

 Deacon: That's it. That's it right over there on the left. See it?

 Lt. Baker: Kill the lights, Johnson. All right, you should have your boy back any minute now.

 Joe: So, this Macy is trying to get back at Rick's mother?

 Amber: For stealing her first husband.

 Tilly: But using a defenseless little boy to do it?

 Amber: Yeah, she actually convinced herself that Eric would be better off with her. She says that I can't provide stability.

 Joe: Well, what does she think you've been doing all these years?

 Tilly: You just have to take one look at that little angel in there. He is the sweetest thing. And the way his eyes light up when he talks about you --

 Amber: Two days. Two days -- that's what the court ordered. Two days every other week -- that's all the time they gave me with him.

 Joe: What is wrong with these people? Don't they know he's already lost one mother?

 Amber: I just kept imagining his little face when we had to hand him over to Deacon. I mean, how was I supposed to explain that to him? That he can't -- that he can't live with mommy and daddy anymore? He's just gonna think that we don't love him --

 Tilly: Come here, baby.

 Amber: Oh, Aunt Tilly -- Aunt Tilly, I know what it's like to -- to not feel wanted. To wonder why your parents, they just don't love anymore. I mean, my dad -- my dad, he was never there. And my mom, she might as well have not been.

 Tilly: I remember -- you cried more tears than any child has a right to.

 Amber: I can't put Eric through that. I'm not gonna do that to him.

 Tilly: Of course you can't.

 Joe: No, we're just gonna have to figure a way to change this judge's mind.

 Amber: Well -- there's nothing -- there's nothing I haven't already said!

 Tilly: Then we'll get us another judge --

 Amber: No, no, no, it doesn't work that way, Aunt Tilly.

 Tilly: My grandson is not going to live with Deacon Sharpe. That's all there is to it.

 Amber: No, he's not. He's not. And if Deacon and Macy -- they want Eric so bad, then they're have to kill me to get him!

 Joe: Uh-oh. We got company.


 Nick: I think you may be feeling sorry for the wrong person.

 Brooke: What do you mean?

 Nick: I'm not the one who's about to make a huge mistake here.

 Brooke: Nick --

 Nick: What? What? What do you wanna ask me? What do you want? Hugs and congratulations? Is that what you want from me?

 Brooke: No, I guess not.

 Nick: Good.

 Brooke: But you have to admit, what Ridge did was pretty amazing.

 Nick: Whatever you say.

Brooke:  He wants to start our own company, and build a legacy for our children, the same way Eric and Stephanie did.

 Nick: Oh, why not? Look where it got them.

 Brooke: It's not gonna happen that way for us.

 Nick: How long are you gonna keep saying that?

 Brooke: It's going to be different.

 Nick: Why?

 Brooke: Because he learned his lesson.

 Nick: What about you, Brooke? When are you going to learn your lesson?

 Nick: Do I look confused? 'Cause I am confused. Please, help me here. Fill in the blanks for me. What's happened all of a sudden with you and Forrester that everything is just -- good?

 Brooke: Nick, I -- I won't know for sure until I just jump in headfirst and go for it.

 Nick: Jump in? This is years you've been with this man, back and forth. "Jump in headfirst"? What are you talking about?

 Brooke: I thought that's what you liked about me.

 Nick: Well, sometimes the water's a little deeper than it looks.

 Brooke: I have to do this. If I don't, I'll always wonder if it was our time. If this was our one chance to finally have it all. I know we've made mistakes and we've hurt each other.

 Nick: Yes.

 Brooke: I just needed time, I think. I needed time to finally grow up myself.

 Nick: People should grow together.

 Brooke: Sometimes it's just not that easy.

 Nick: Well, it should be.

 Brooke: It should be. But you've never had a long-term relationship.

 Nick: How do you know? Tell me, what do really think you know about me? Hmm? Tell me. What do you think you know about me?

 Brooke: I know you love the sea.

 Nick: Okay, what else?

 Brooke: You're very loyal.

 Nick: Very good. Two for two. You think I'm a good judge of character?

 Brooke: Oh, yes.

 Nick: Well, you're wrong. 'Cause it looks like I misjudged you.


 Samantha: You want me to work for you?

 Ridge: Yeah, why not? It'd be a natural for you. You could do what you do best. You could design a whole home line. Everything from shower curtains to couches.

 Samantha: The next Martha Stewart, huh?

 Ridge: Absolutely, why not?

 Samantha: You don't think Brooke would mind?

 Ridge: Having someone with your talent on board? I think not.

 Samantha: As long as she would see it that way.

 Ridge: Brooke's had reason to feel threatened before. But we're through all that. I'm going to make sure that Brooke never doubts my love again.

 Samantha: What about you? Any doubts on your part?

 Ridge: Not a one. I think this time Brooke and I are finally gonna get it right. So, do we have a deal?

 Samantha: I'm all yours.

 Ridge: Great.

[Dog barks] he approves.


 Rick: You have to understand. Amber is just trying to hold onto her son.

 Macy: That does not give her the right to take the law into her own hands, Rick.

 Rick: She -- she has seen two of her babies die. And now you're gonna rip another one away from her? Macy, you, of all people, should understand what that feels like.

 Macy: And that's what scares me, Rick. If Amber feels like she has nothing to lose, she may be capable of just about anything.

 Joe: Awful dark out there, but I figure they got three, four cops.

 Amber: Oh, my god! What am I going to do?

 Deacon: Have you seen my son? Have you seen Eric?

 Policeman #1: Yes. Along with one adult male and two females.

 Deacon: Does one of them with long blonde hair?

 Policeman #1: Answering to the description of Ambrosia Forrester? Yes, sir.

 Deacon: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- easy, Tex. What are you doing? My kid's in enough danger, man. Put that away.

 Lt. Baker: Hey, let's try to handle this peacefully, all right? You guys handle the perimeter. Johnson, let's go.

 Joe: Well, they're headin' over.

 Amber: Oh god! Oh god! Don't let them in! Uncle Joe, please. Please.

 Joe: I'm locking the door. Don't worry. We'll figure something out. Don't worry.

[Knock on door]

 Lt. Baker: Mr. And Mrs. Moore? Lapd. Open up, please.

 Joe: Go away! This is private property!

 Lt. Baker: We need to speak to Amber Forrester.

 Joe: You heard me! You ain't welcome!

 Lt. Baker: Amber -- it's Lieutenant Baker.

 Joe: She didn't do nothing wrong!

 Deacon: Amber, you're not gonna get away with this, all right? Come on, be smart, please? Just give him back.

 Amber: You go to hell, you son of a bitch! You'll never have my son!

 Lt. Baker: Amber, open the door or we're gonna have to break it down. Everybody, hands up!

 Deacon: She's gone!

 Deacon: Where are they? Where are Amber and Eric?

 Tilly: How dare you show your face here!

 Joe: Get out!

 Deacon: I'm not going anywhere without my son!

 Tilly: You have no son. You gave up your right to him when you walked out on our daughter!

 Lt. Baker: Check back in that room.

[Car starts]

Lt. Baker: Damm it! Go, go, go!

 Deacon: Damm it, they're getting away! Come on! We gotta stop them!

 Lt. Baker: They went out back.


 Nick: I have not known you very long, but this topic has gotten old fast. And your relationship with him is old. And your history's ugly. And you know what they say about history, right? It repeats itself.

 Brooke: We'll prove that wrong.

 Nick: You know, for a smart girl, you do dumb things.

 Brooke: Nick, I really would like to stay friends.

 Nick: Oh, is that what we are? Friends?

 Brooke: Yeah, that's all that we can be. I love you -- and if it was any other time, any other place -- who knows? But right now, my life is with ridge.

 Nick: Well, I guess I can grow my beard back.

 Brooke: No, don't. Don't hide out from the rest of the world like you did. You have too much to offer.

 Nick: Thanks.

 Brooke: I'm just telling the truth.

 Nick: Truth is good.

 Brooke: Truth is good. Take care.


[Police siren]

 Lt. Baker: We're in pursuit of a tan Chevy Malibu heading west on Indian Trail.

 Deacon: Lieutenant, she's turning right over there on that dirt road.

 Little Eric: Mommy, we're going too fast.

 Amber: Don't worry, honey. Mommy's not gonna let anyone hurt you.

 Little Eric: I'm scared!

 Amber: Oh, no, no. Just a little while longer, honey, okay? And then it's gonna be all over. Oh, no!

 Lt. Baker: They're heading for that cliff!

 Deacon: She's stopping.

 Amber: It's okay, sweetie. It's okay. We gotta run! Run! Come on, run! Run!

 Little Eric: Mommy, where are we going?

 Amber: Come on, come on!

 Deacon: Amber, stop!

 Amber: Go away!

 Deacon: Amber!

 Amber: No! No!

 Lt. Baker: All right, cool down, both of you! Amber, let the boy go.

 Deacon: Okay. All right, it's cool now. Daddy's here. Come on --

 Amber: Don't come any closer! I said stay back! Stay back.


 Announcer: Tomorrow on "The Bold and the Beautiful" --

 Deacon: Amber, please. Please, you're scaring the kid!

 Amber: It's okay. It's okay. Nobody's gonna hurt us, okay?

 Lt. Baker: If you wanna protect your son, Amber. Let him go. If you don't comply, we're gonna have to take you by force.

 Amber: No.

 Deacon: It's okay, Eric. Come on -- come to daddy. Come on -- come to daddy.

[Amber groans]

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