B&B Transcript Monday 9/8/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 9/8/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Deacon: What the hell are you talking about?! She's got my kid, Rick!

 Rick: She -- she went for a drive.

 Macy: Where's she headed?

 Rick: I don't know. Look, if you would have let me talk to her, I could have --

 Deacon: What are you two up to, huh? Are you supposed to meet up with her later? You just gonna run off together?

 Rick: No! No, look -- look, you know Amber, okay? She panics! With this kind of pressure, she could --

 Macy: She goes crazy.

 Deacon: She could -- she could wind up in a wreck, Rick, on the side of a road. Look, we gotta find them.

 Macy: Don't worry. You call the police. They're going to be over here


 Samantha: Well, what do you think?

 Nick: About the office? It's a start.

 Samantha: Wow. Don't get all mushy on me.

 Nick: What's with the dog.

 Samantha: Oh! Pucci. Pucci, come here. Oh, yes, that's a good boy. Come on -- I think you're making him nervous.

 Nick: I make him nervous? You take that little fur ball everywhere, don't you?

 Samantha: Yes, I do. Yes. He's a very good judge of character. He's very helpful.

 Nick: Is he the one that told you I'd like a conga drum in my office.

 Samantha: No. That was my idea. It's like you -- very unconventional.

 Nick: What do you really think you know about me?

 Samantha: You're not so hard to read. By the way, I am sorry.

[Drum beats]

 Nick: About what?

 Samantha: About things not working out with you and Brooke.


 Ridge: You still not sure?

 Brooke: No, it's not that.

 Ridge: You are sure, then?

 Brooke: Yes. It's just -- I was sure in Paris and in Portofino, in Lake Como --

Ridge: Can you feel how different all of this is now? Can you feel how different you are?

 Brooke: It's not up to me, is it?

 Ridge: Yeah, I think it is. I really think it is. Because all the rules have changed here. And you're the one who changed them. For the better. I think we are better than we've ever been before.

 Brooke: It sort of feels that way, doesn't it?

 Ridge: It more than sort of feels that way. It definitely feels that way and -- I don't think you have to be afraid anymore. Because I'm gonna be here to catch you if you fall. That's all there is to it. Come here, Logan.


 Rick: Lieutenant baker.

 Lieutenant baker: Yeah. Dispatcher hears the name "Forrester," it comes right back to me. Now what's this I hear about Amber kidnapping a child?

 Rick: She didn't kidnap anybody, okay? She took our son for a drive. We lost custody today to the biological father.

 Lieutenant baker: Then she ran off with him?

 Rick: No, look -- she panicked. She couldn't handle it. She's Eric's mother, she's been raising him since he was born --

 Lieutenant Baker: I know how she feels about that boy.

 Macy: Well, then, if you know Amber, you know how reckless and impulsive she can be.

 Rick: When she's pushed over the edge!

 Deacon: Lieutenant, I'm scared to death for my kid.

 Lieutenant baker: Well, then, let's find him.

 Amber: Don't worry, baby. They're not gonna take you away from me.

 Lieutenant Baker: Give me a list of places that she might have gone.

 Deacon: Stephanie's.

 Macy: No, no. She knows Stephanie's not gonna hide her from the law. She probably went to Mexico.

 Deacon: No, she's not gonna try and cross the border. She -- she doesn't have the right paperwork for little D.

 Macy: Yeah, but she might not know that.

 Lieutenant Baker: Well, what about her family? She doesn't get along with her mother. And her sister's out of the country.

 Deacon: Oh! Joe and Tilly! Joe and Tilly!

 Macy: Becky's parents.

 Deacon: Yes, but -- also little D's grandparents.

 Lieutenant baker: Where are they?

 Deacon: Furnace Creek. It's in Death Valley.

 Lieutenant baker: All right. Contact the Furnace Creek police department, fill them in. I've already got an APB out on her. I'm gonna go over to Forrester Creations, check her office.

 Deacon: I'll go with you.

 Lieutenant baker: Rick, you stay here just in case she calls.

 Rick: Yeah.

 Macy: You know what? I'm gonna stay here, too, honey.

 Deacon: Okay. See ya.

 Macy: She really blew it this time, Rick.


 Little Eric: Mommy?

[Amber gasps]

 Amber: Shh -- shh. It's okay. It's okay. Just go back -- go back -- go back to bed.


 Nick: I assume you're referring to Brooke and Forrester going into business together.

 Samantha: Starting their own dynasty.

 Nick: A dynasty? We're not talking about Alexander the great here. The guy makes dresses.

 Samantha: I guess you could offer her her own oil rig.

 Nick: If it were a competition -- which it's not.

 Samantha: No. Not anymore.

 Nick: Just two people taking advantage of a business opportunity. Nice choices.

 Samantha: Or maybe not. Who are we to say?

 Nick: Forrester is desperate and you can feel it. But who are we to say? Maybe we ought to ask the mutt. Maybe he can help us.

 Samantha: When it comes to women, Ridge might be many things. But he's not desperate. If he gives a gift like that to Brooke -- he must know he already had her.


 Ridge: Are you happy?

 Brooke: Can't you tell?

 Ridge: I don't care what I have to do. I'm gonna keep that smile on your face.

 Brooke: Just love me.

 Ridge: When are we gonna do this?

 Brooke: What?

 Ridge: The wedding.

 Brooke: Oh, my god.

 Ridge: What?

 Brooke: Was that just a proposal?

 Ridge: Sort of.

 Brooke: Well, you want me to sort of answer?

 Ridge: I think you sort of just did.

 Brooke: Hmm --

 Ridge: What do you think? It'd be great. We could -- we could do a -- a double wedding, maybe with Massimo.

 Brooke: Oh, you are so not funny.

 Ridge: Hey, think about that. We could throw the biggest brouhaha this town's ever seen.

 Brooke: I want something teeny, intimate -- just you and me.

 Ridge: We could elope.

 Brooke: Could we?

 Ridge: Definite upside.

 Brooke: No stress, no headaches. No Stephanie.

 Ridge: Whoo-hoo! Sold.

 Brooke: Thank you for coming through for me.

 Ridge: Thank you for still being here when I did.

[Giggles and squeals]


 Dispatcher: Be advised.

Possible sighting

on your 278.

 Lieutenant baker: Go ahead.

 Dispatcher: Blue BMW

in an 1180 in riverside.

Driver ejected from the car.

 Deacon: Is that an accident? Ask him is there was a little kid involved. That could be Amber's car.

 Lieutenant baker: Can we get a plate number on that?

 Dispatcher: It's an

Arizona plate --

3 Paul Charles Edward --


 Deacon: It's not them.

 Joe: Amber?

 Amber: Shh!

 Joe: Is that you?

 Amber: Shh!


 Nick: You barely know Forrester. And you don't know Brooke at all. So where's your crystal ball where you're coming up with all these opinions?

 Samantha: I'm sorry I upset you.

 Nick: You haven't upset me. I'm not upset. It's just that -- I just hate that lamp.

 Samantha: Oh, we'll change that out, then.

 Nick: No, leave it. I'll get used to it. This is nice. You did a good job, thanks. I've got work to do.

 Samantha: We'll get out of your hair, then. Take care.

 Nick: Right.


 Ridge: Let's celebrate.

 Brooke: Isn't that what we just did?

 Ridge: Every day and every night for the rest of our lives. I want to celebrate -- you.

[Phone rings]

 Brooke: Mm. Is that the kids?

 Ridge: Looks like it's from inside the building. Nick's office.

 Brooke: Nick? He's here?

 Ridge: Looks that way.

 Brooke: Oh, my gosh --

 Ridge: The door's locked.

 Brooke: He can't find out like this.

 Ridge: How do you think he should find out?

 Brooke: I should tell him.

 Ridge: The sooner the better. Don't you think?


 Rick: Why don't you just go home?

 Macy: Forget it.

 Rick: Look, she's not gonna come back with your car in the driveway!

 Macy: She's not coming back at all, Rick. And you know it.

 Rick: She will. She will, just -- once she calms down and she realizes --

 Macy: How stupid this is? And that's she just given us everything we need to keep you from seeing little D permanently? Yeah, and once she realizes that, what's she gonna do, Rick? She's gonna run like hell.


 Tilly: Amber, what on earth are you doing out here?

 Amber: They haven't called you?

 Tilly: Who?

 Amber: Rick? Or the -- or the police?

 Tilly: The police?

 Joe: Girl, what kind of trouble you in?


[Playing harmonica]

 Nick: Please work.

Brooke: Your new office. It's nice. It's very unconventional. Like you.

 Nick: Samantha decorated it. I don't like it.

 Brooke: You can add your own personal touches.

[Brooke sighs] uh, nick --

 Nick: How's the new job?

 Brooke: Well, it's -- it's not quite what i expected. I mean, there's a lot of work. And mostly the organization

 Nick: How's the new partner?

 Brooke: Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.

 Nick: Come here. You know what that is? Koje Island in Korea. We're launching a new tanker from the main shipyard there. And I've got to go.

 Brooke: I see.

 Nick: I love that island. But civilization has moved in. They're building high rises, condos, bridges. So this is the last time I'm gonna get to see her just as she is. Almost as if she were my own. You're going back to Forrester, aren't you?


 Macy: She didn't have to do this, Rick!

 Rick: Well, if you weren't taking our son away --

 Macy: We weren't!

 Rick: Two days! Two days very other week? That's supposed to be enough?

 Macy: We weren't going to hold you to that! The only reason why we were in court was to protect Deacon's rights. To keep you from shutting us out of his son's life! But this is his home. He loves you. And we trusted you to take care of him and keep him safe! Now you tell me, Rick. How the hell are we supposed to trust Amber now?


 Joe: Amber, tell us what's wrong!

 Amber: I -- I need your car.

 Tilly: What?

 Amber: Well, they're looking for mine. So where do you keep your keys?

 Joe: Now -- now, just hold on --

 Amber: Uncle Joe, Im in a hurry!

 Tilly: Amber! What have you done?

 Amber: No, no -- it's not me. It's not me. It's Deacon. Deacon wants Eric! Did you hear something?

 Officer #1: That's it.

 Officer #2: Hey, look. That's them. Call it in.

 Joe: Deacon? Deacon Sharpe?

 Amber: Yes.

 Tilly: You said he disappeared.

 Amber: He did. And then he came back. And he married again, he cleaned up. And he revoked my guardianship.

 Tilly: He can do that?

 Amber: No. No, he can't. But -- but we tried to adopt Eric legally. And then the judge said no. The judge said that we had to give him back!

 Joe: Over my dead body.

 Dispatcher: Unit 41


 Lt. Baker: This is 41.

 Dispatcher: Furnace creek

pd has found your suspect.

 Lt. Baker: Is she in custody?

 Dispatcher: Under

surveillance, 47 roadrunner lane.

Child appears unharmed.

 Lt. Baker: Tell 'em to set up a perimeter. No one goes in or out.

 Dispatcher: Roger.

 Deacon: Let's go get him.

[Sirens wail]

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