B&B Transcript Thursday 9/4/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/4/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Brooke: Ridge, I realize that this is an incredible opportunity.

 Ridge: Well, then stop second-guessing yourself.

 Brooke: I can't help it. Sally just had a heart attack.

 Ridge: Brooke, that was not your fault.

 Brooke: Maybe not. But when she heard that I was going to take over her company --

 Ridge: All right, listen to me. Sally is one of the toughest little gals that I've ever known. She's gonna be up and dancing again. That's for damn sure.


 Massimo: Heart attack? My ass!

 Sally: Oh, stop it. Blah blah blah. So my old ticker isn't actually on the skids after all. So what? It ought to be after that bombshell you let your prodigal son drop on me.

 Massimo: "So what?" You led me to believe that you could be dying, for goodness sake.

 Sally: I am dying, Massimo. I am dying at the very thought of Brooke Logan taking over Spectra fashions.

 Clarke: Massimo, you said so yourself. Brooke does not belong at spectra.

 Massimo: That's right. But that was before I realized that the two of you are playing me for a fool.

 Sally: No, not for a fool, Massimo. Just playing for a little time to see how things really are. And now I see it. Simply because I am no longer at death's door, your offer is rescinded. Is that it, huh? I know what's going on here, Massimo. Don't try and con me. You are afraid. For the first time in his life, the great Massimo Marone is absolutely terrified. Terrified of losing his precious son. And I'm the one who's supposed to pay for that.


 Judge: Custody cases are always difficult, especially when both parties clearly love the child in question. But Eric iii can only have one legal guardian, and that is why after great deliberation, I have decided to deny Rick and Amber Forrester's petition for adoption.

 Amber: No.

 Judge: Having said that, the Forresters have done an excellent job of raising young Eric. Therefore, I'm granting them visitation, no less than two days every other week.

 Rick: Two days?

 Judge: It is imperative that you continue to be part of the boy's life. He'll need that stability during this time of transition. But Mr. Sharpe is the child's natural father, a fact I simply cannot overlook.

 Amber: But we are -- we are his parents. No -- no, I'm begging you, your honor, please, don't take Eric from us. Please, he'll think that he did something wrong and that we're punishing him. Eric -- Eric, he loves us. He doesn't want to be with Deacon and Macy. He wants to be with us. I'm begging you, please, god, please. Please. He -- he's our son. He is our son. We are the only parents he's ever known.

 Judge: My heart goes out to you, Mrs. Forrester, but I must do what I believe to be in the best interest of the child. Counselors, if I could have a word.

 Amber: No. He's just a little boy. He's not gonna understand. He's gonna think that I abandoned him and that we don't love him or something. No.

 Rick: Amber, some here, come here. Come here.

 Deacon: Amber -- Amber, I promise you, we'll take good care of him. I'll be by to get little d later.

 Amber: Oh, no. Oh.

[Amber sobbing]


 Brooke: Ridge, once we hear from Massimo that Sally's okay, then you'll have my undivided attention. I promise you.

 Ridge: I've waited months. I've been a very patient man. I've literally waited months for us to start our future together, Logan. And I'm not just talking about Logan designs. I realize you've been testing me. Logan, I have been a good boy so far. I want you to make love with me.

 Brooke: Here? Now?

 Ridge: Yes -- here, now. Why not?

 Brooke: Ridge, I haven't made love to anybody -- not you, not Nick.

 Ridge: Because you knew if you did, you'd be making a commitment. So make that commitment to me now. Right here, right now, Logan. There's nothing stopping us.


 Massimo: I have nothing to fear, Sally. Because I will not lose my son.

 Sally: I see. So that makes me the sacrificial lamb, huh?

 Massimo: This is a simple business decision, nothing more.

 Clarke: You don't actually believe that, do you, Massimo?

 Massimo: What I believe is none of your business, Clarke.

 Sally: Of course it's his business. He's part of the Spectra family. And what about my family, hmm? What about my daughter? Do you honestly expect me to roll over and play dead and take orders from Brooke Logan after everything that woman has done to hurt my daughter? Massimo, come on. I know you. You despise that woman as much as I do. Why are you allowing this.

 Massimo: Damn it! Do you think I'm happy with this arrangement? Sally, listen to me. In this case, I think that Ridge is right. Because change will be good.

 Sally: Good for who? Good for me? Good for my business? Good for all of the people who've stayed loyal to me all these years? Massimo, do you know how many times we've all had to work together to save Spectra? Do you even care about any of that? I'm telling you, I am not gonna let this happen. I will not allow it.

 Massimo: Don't do anything foolish, Sally.

 Sally: Is that some kind of threat, huh?

 Massimo: A word of caution. From an old friend.

 Sally: You're not my friend, Massimo. Not anymore. So let me give you a word of caution. If you dare allow Brooke Logan to come anywhere near Spectra Fashions, you are gonna live to regret it.


 Amber: I can't. I can't do it, Rick.

 Rick: Amber, we don't have a choice.

 Amber: Two days every other week? Eric -- Eric is gonna think we abandoned him.

 Rick: Look -- look, amber, as long as we all get along, I don't see any reason -- I can't imagine why deacon and Macy won't let us see Eric more often.

 Amber: Well, you couldn't imagine that they'd get married, and now we lost our son.

 Rick: Amber, the best thing we can do right now is abide by the court's ruling until we come up with a better solution.

 Amber: And meanwhile, Eric is gonna think that we don't love him anymore and we didn't want him. No, no, I know what that feels like. I know what it feels like to have a parent turn their back on you, and I'm not gonna do that to my little boy.


 Rick: We are not turning our backs on Eric.

 Amber: How do you think Eric is gonna feel when he's living at Deacon and Macy's?

 Rick: We'll find another way, okay? I promise.

 Amber: Where are you going?

 Rick: I'm gonna go speak with Edward and Jonathan.

 Amber: But -- but Marta's gonna be bringing Eric back any second.

 Rick: Look, I'll be back, okay?

 Little Eric: Mommy.

 Amber: Hi, baby.

 Marta: We came in through the kitchen. Eric wanted to make sure we have spaghetti.

 Amber: Spaghetti?

 Little Eric:: Tommy loves spaghetti.

 Marta: Eric invited Tommy to dinner. Mrs. Johnson said it was okay.

 Amber: Oh. Um -- actually, honey, you're gonna be going to Deacon and Macy's tonight.

 Little Eric: Oh, but you promised.

 Amber: I know, baby. There's nothing mommy can do.

 Marta: Would you like me to pack Eric's bag?

 Amber: Thanks, Marta. Honey -- I'm sorry.

 Little Eric: I told you I didn't want to go to Deacon and Macy's.

 Amber: I know. I know. Mommy doesn't want you to go either. But I -- I can't do anything about it.

 Little Eric: Daddy wants me to go?

 Amber: No, of course he doesn't want you to go.

 Little Eric: Then why do I have to go?


 Brooke: Nothing's stopping us?

 Ridge: Not unless you want it to. Logan, I don't want to spend another minute without you.

 Brooke: Neither do I.

 Ridge: Well, all right, then.

[Phone rings] It's Massimo. Hello?

 Massimo: Ridge, you're never gonna believe this.

 Ridge: What?

 Massimo: Sally faked the whole thing.

 Ridge: What? You're kidding me.

 Massimo: No, I'm not kidding you. She's as healthy as a horse.

 Ridge: Well, thank you for that news. I appreciate it. I'll talk to you later.

 Brooke: What? Is sally okay?

 Ridge: The whole thing was an act.

 Brooke: What? Oh, my god. How could -- how could she do that, Ridge? She had me scared half to death. How desperate could she possibly be?

 Ridge: So what's your excuse now? Another shower? She must really love water.


 Amber: Thanks, Marta.

 Little Eric: Mommy, I don't want to go.

 Amber: Hey. Do you know how much I love you?

 Little Eric: All the world and then some.

 Amber: And how long will I love you?

 Little Eric: Forever and a day.

 Amber: That's right. So you trust me, okay? That everything's gonna be fine. Come on, honey. Come on, let's go. Here, take your frog. Come on, okay?


 Ridge: No worries. No distractions. Just you and me and the rest of our lives together.

 Brooke: A new beginning.

 Ridge: Yeah. You know, watching you with Nick Payne, I must admit it kind of showed me what I've been putting you through for the last number of years.

 Brooke: Doesn't feel very good, does it?

 Ridge: No. It also showed me something else. It showed me that I have a new respect for you.

 Brooke: You really want to make love to me, don't you?

 Ridge: Logan, I want you by my side. Not just as a business partner -- as my wife, mother to my kids, as my best friend.

 Brooke: I want that, too.

 Ridge: Then let's stop all this "thrill of the chase" business. Let's put all that behind us and just get down to what's real. What do you say? Make love to me. Right now.


 Rick: Amber? Amber? "Rick, I'm sorry. I love you. Amber." No, she wouldn't -- she wouldn't -- Amber?

[Doorbell rings] oh, my god.

 Deacon: Hey, you mind if we come in?

 Rick: You know what? We're not quite ready.

 Deacon: Look, Rick, Macy and I have been talking, man. I know this is hard for you. We're really gonna try and work with you on this, okay?

 Macy: We all just want the same thing. We want what's best for little D.

 Rick: Yeah, yeah, that sounds great. But maybe you could come back tomorrow and just give Eric a chance to get used to this.

 Deacon: No, no, we're gonna do this now. The judge decided. Hey, little D, come on down! Rick, where's my son? Answer me.

 Macy: Oh, my god. She's gone?

 Rick: Well, what do you expect? You pushed her over the edge.

 Deacon: Whoa, whoa, you are not gonna blame us for this. Now, tell me right now, where's Amber? Where's my son, Rick?


 Little Eric: Mommy?

 Amber: Yeah?

 Little Eric: Where are we going?

 Amber: On a little adventure, honey. The best part is we're gonna be together.

[Phone rings]

 Rick: Amber?

 Amber: I'm sorry.

 Rick: Amber, where are you?

 Amber: I had to go somewhere.

 Rick: You come home right now.

 Amber: I can't. I can't.

 Rick: Amber, come on --

 Deacon: Amber, you get your ass back here right now or I swear I'm gonna call the cops.

 Amber: You go to hell.

 Deacon: She hung up. Macy, she's not coming back.

 Macy: What?

 Rick: Deacon, what are you doing?

 Deacon: Yeah, hi, this is Deacon Sharpe. I want to report a kidnapping.

 Rick: No, Deacon, no, come on.

 Deacon: Her name's Ambrosia Forrester. She took my son. I want her apprehended and arrested for kidnapping.

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