B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/3/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/3/03

By Suzanne
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Clarke: Sally, you hang in there, okay? The paramedics are coming.

Brooke: Oh, god, what can we do?

Massimo: You can leave her alone. That's what you can do.

Sally: It's so dark. Can't see. Clarke --

Clarke: Sally, Sally --

Sally: Don't leave me.

Clarke: I'm not going anywhere, okay? You stay right here.

Secretary: Mr. Marone, the paramedics are here.

Massimo: Oh, thank god. Come on. Okay.

Clarke: I think she had a heart attack.

Paramedic: What's her name?

Ridge: Sally.

Clarke: She had a heart attack last year. An angioplasty.

Paramedic: Sal -- Sally, can you hear me?

Massimo: Come on. Come on, you've got to help her. Do you understand me? You've got to do something.


Judge: Mrs. Forrester, I'm looking at a very troubling criminal record here.

Amber: I can explain all of that, your honor.

Judge: Well, I hope so. It says you were incarcerated last summer.

Amber: Um, but I was cleared of those charges.

Judge: You also spent some time in a drug rehabilitation center.

Amber: Voluntarily. Um, I realized that I needed help, and -- and I got it, and now I'm fine.

Judge: I was given a copy of Mr. Sharpe's wedding video --

Amber: I -- I-- that wasn't my fault.

Rick: Look, your honor, my wife just -- she panicked. Macy and Deacon were taking our son to Mexico, and she was worried that they weren't gonna him back.

Deacon: Your honor, we were just going on our honeymoon.

Amber: I panicked, your honor. And, um, I know it was wrong, and I know it doesn't make me look very good, um, but you know, I -- I lost it. I mean, the idea -- just the idea of losing my son -- he's the most important thing to me in my life. And Rick and I, we are just as important to him. And he may not be our child biologically, but he is a Forrester in every way that counts.

Rick: Eric has grown up in our home as a part of our family. If we had any idea that Deacon was gonna cause all this trouble, we would have adopted Eric a long time ago.

Amber: And we don't want to bash Deacon.

Rick: Or Macy.

Amber: But we just think Eric should stay where he is, because he's happy. And if Deacon wants visitation, then that's fine. But we are his parents. Now we just -- we want to make it official.

Deacon: I'm sorry. Excuse me, your honor, I'm sorry. I have to say something here. What Amber just said -- well, that's not exactly the truth.


Nick: The ambulance just left.

Brooke: I think we should go to the hospital.

Massimo: You -- you -- let me tell you something. You better pray to god that that woman does not die. Because if she does, it's gonna be on your head.

[Siren blares]

paramedic: She's stable for the moment. Mr. Garrison, you can stay with her.

Clarke: Okay. Sally, listen to me, okay? I don't know if you can hear me, but you're gonna be fine. You're gonna be just fine.

Sally: You bet I am, Bucky boy. Hey, I knew I gave a great performance, but don't tell me I fooled you, too?

Clarke: Sally


Deacon: Your honor, Amber and Rick have done a great job raising Eric. I'll be the first one to admit that. But when it comes to wanting to be his parents, well, they want to do a lot more than just make it official. And as for panicking at the wedding, well, amber did, when she attacked my wife and when she tried to take my son.

Amber: Okay, judge, you have to understand --

Judge: Mrs. Forrester, you had your turn. I'd like to hear from Mr. Sharpe now.

Julie: Your honor, we submitted an affidavit from Mr. Clarke Garrison, who was present at the time --

Judge: I read it. Thank you, counselor. Go on, Mr. Sharpe.

Deacon: Um, this wasn't just some isolated incident. I mean, they've tried to keep me from my son other times, too.

Judge: Is that why you were absent from his life for so long?

Deacon: No. No, I'm just gonna -- I'm just gonna tell you, honestly. I was pretty messed up for a long time. I'm sure you got something in that file about my drinking and probably a whole lot of other negative stuff I did. I needed some time to get my life together, so I took myself out of his. And I've got to tell you, it was the smartest thing that I've ever done, because now I know I'm ready to be a father to my son. I've actually got something worth teaching this kid. You know, a lot of people, they -- they talk about wanting to be a better person. Well, I've got to tell you something, it ain't that easy. It takes a lot of guts.

Macy: That is exactly what Deacon did, your honor. He's a better person now. All he ever wanted was to spend time with his child. He didn't barge into Eric's life making ultimatums. He just wanted to spend time with his son.

Amber: You took him to Mexico.

Rick: Amber, stop it.

Amber: No, no, no, wait. Why does she get to say anything?

Deacon: Because she's my wife, and because she's Eric's stepmother.

Amber: Yeah? Well, you think you can do a better job than me? Is that what you're saying?

Rick: Stop, Amber.

Amber: 'Cause you know what? You know what? I told Eric that he might be going to your house after school today, and you want to know what he said? He said no.

Edward: Amber --

Amber: He said he wanted to stay home with us.

Edward: Amber, sit down.

Julie: Your honor, this outburst is completely outside the scope --

Judge: Emotions are running high, Ms. Shoemaker. Perhaps I should give you all some time to cool down.

Rick: Look, judge, I'm really sorry. She really didn't mean it.

Judge: It's all right, Mr. Forrester. I've heard enough. We'll take a brief recess while I consider my decision.

Amber: Wait, that's it?

Judge: I'll have the bailiff call you when this hearing reconvenes.


Ridge: Brooke didn't set out to give Sally a heart attack, and neither did I.

Massimo: But you did, Ridge. You come in here dangling this -- this --

Ridge: This is business, Massimo.

Massimo: It was an ambush.

Brooke: I offered Sally a place in the company.

Massimo: Her company, Brooke. Spectra is her company.

Ridge: No, father. It's my company. You made it possible for me to be in charge, and Im turning the reins over to Brooke.

Nick: I don't think that's the major issue right now, bro.

Massimo: Dominick is right. We'll discuss this another time.

Ridge: There's nothing to discuss. Look, I'm as worried about sally as you are. I hope like hell she's able to recover. But the decision has been made, Massimo.

Massimo: I'm going to the hospital.

Brooke: I think we should go, too.

Massimo: Don't you dare.

[Door slams]


Clarke: You scared me half to death. Why did you do that?

Sally: In order to buy some time, and some sympathy. If we are gonna stop Ridge Forrester from giving spectra fashions to Brooke Logan, we're gonna need muscle, somebody like Massimo Marone.

Clarke: He is not gonna veto his golden boy.

Sally: When there's a life and death situation on the table, Bucky, negotiations can be unpredictable.

Clarke: You can't keep this up at the hospital. You can't do that.

Sally: If it's the only way I can save my company from Brooke Logan, you bet I can. Just watch me.


Deacon: Oh, man. My heart is beating like a hummingbird. I can't believe it. It's -- it's over, right?

Julie: Yes. The judge will call us when he has a ruling.

Macy: How soon will that be?

Julie: Could be ten minutes, could be an hour.

Macy: I can't believe amber actually said that Eric does not want to go to our house.

Julie: I just hope that that doesn't affect the judge's decision.

Deacon: Oh, I don't know. Hey, did you see their attorney's face? That guy was completely freaked out.

Julie: Well, Amber's outburst certainly didn't help their case.

Macy: The fact is, Deacon is Eric's father. They're trying to keep him away from us. I mean, I think it's a pretty black and white decision.

Julie: Yeah, but you know, the judge is ruling on more than just the adoption petition. He's also going to consider visitation, and he could limit it. That's in his power.

Deacon: What are you saying, that he can do whatever he wants?

Julie: If he feels it is in the best interest of the child.

Deacon: Listen, um, I made a good impression in there, right? I mean, he asked me why I hadn't been in Eric's life, and I was honest. I did what you said. I mean, it was cool, right? Okay.

Julie: You were fine. You were fine. It's gonna be fine.

Deacon: Okay.


Edward: That's all right.

Amber: God, I blew it, didn't i?

Rick: No, Amber, it's okay.

Amber: The judge threw us out.

Edward: No, he's deliberating.

Amber: Yeah, about what a colossal big mouth I have.

Rick: Look, Amber, the judge needed to hear what Eric said this morning.

Amber: Well, if he believed it, then why didn't he ask to interview Eric?

Rick: I do not want Eric to be in the middle of this.

Amber: Neither do I, but -- but you know, if he was so concerned --

Edward: Amber -- Amber, trust me, there is no way to predict which way this thing will go.

Rick: I mean, are you -- are you sure you don't have any feeling on it whatsoever?

Edward: Oh, no, I've been doing this too long to fall into that trap.

Rick: Is there anything -- anything at all that we can do?

Amber: So I got a little emotional. The judge understands that.

Rick: He has to. Look, you -- you heard Eric this morning. He wants to stay with us, and he's going to, okay?


[Monitor beeping]

Mark: Sally, why don't you tell me what happened?

Sally: I don't know. Heart attack.

Mark: Your vitals are stable at the moment.

Sally: I feel so weak, Mark, and I have this pain.

Mark: Your heart rate's slightly elevated. I'm gonna wait for the lab results to come back, but it looks like you made it through the worst of it. And given your history, I'd like to monitor you for awhile.

Clarke: Is it okay if I stay with her?

Mark: Yeah, absolutely. Just make sure she gets some rest, okay?

Clarke: All right.

Mark: All right.

Clarke: I can't believe it. You're conning my son. Look, you can fool everybody at the hospital, you can fool everybody at Marone, but you cannot fool those machines.

Sally: Relax, it's gonna be fine. The mere idea of Ridge Forrester handing Spectra to Brooke Logan like a cheap bunch of flowers is gonna send my blood pressure right through the roof.

Massimo: Thank you, nurse. Thank you very much.

[Massimo sighs]


Nick: Well, was it worth it, hmm? Was it, your little surprise?

Brooke: Please, Nick, I feel bad enough already.

Ridge: What were you doing here, anyway?

Nick: The old man wanted me to get a feel for the business. Nice.

Brooke: It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Nick: Well, how did you expect her to react, really? You basically hijacked her business from under her feet.

Ridge: Listen, Nick, I hate what happened to sally, but this episode just proves that we were doing the right thing. Two heart attacks in one year? The woman obviously doesn't need the stress of running a fashion house.

Nick: So you're saying you're doing her a favor?

Ridge: I made a business decision, all right?

Nick: It certainly won't hurt your love life -- either of you.

Clarke: Massimo.

Massimo: How is she?

Clarke: Well, the doctor wants to monitor her for awhile.

Massimo: Is she stable?

Clarke: For now.

Massimo: I had no idea what Ridge was planning to do.

Clarke: I guess the shock was too much for her.

Massimo: God, I feel so terrible. Has she said anything?

Clarke: Nothing that would make you feel better.

Massimo: She had a right to be angry at me, you know? She's my friend, for god's sake. I know how much spectra means to her. Sally -- sally -- it's Massimo, Sally. You don't have to worry about anything, believe me. I will get you the best medical treatment there is. I'll get you the best doctors. I'll get you the best -- the most accurate tests.

[Fly buzzes]

Clarke: Massimo, the doctor says she needs her rest.

Massimo: Right, right. You're right. This should not have happened. My son is making an egregious mistake. He is letting his obsession with Brooke -- look, I don't give a damn what he is planning. If Eric has the right to control his company that he started, so does Sally. To do this -- to rob this poor woman of her life's work, leave her on her deathbed. Look at her. That bitch is not gonna get away with it!

Clarke: He's gone.

Sally: We did it. We did it.

[Monitor flatlines] I knew we could pull it off.

Clarke: Yeah.

Sally: Can't you see it? Now with Massimo on our side, Ridge and Brooke do not stand a chance. Come on, dance with me, Bucky.

Clarke: What? Are you crazy?

[Sally hums]

Massimo: Clarke, I brought -- what is this? Sally, what the hell is going on here?


Amber: He came back fast.

Rick: Is that bad?

Deacon: Rick and Amber look pretty nervous.

Macy: Well, they should be.

Deacon: Yeah.

Judge: I've read all the documents in this adoption petition. I've heard arguments from both sides. And I have to tell you, this decision was still extremely difficult. It's obvious to me that you all love this child very much. I only hope this custody issue doesn't interfere with that. Regardless of how you feel about each other, you each have an important role to play in Eric's life.

Amber: Yes, sir.

Deacon: Absolutely.

Judge: Very good then. I am now ready to make my ruling in the adoption petition of Eric Forrester III.

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