B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/20/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/20/03

By Suzanne
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Samantha: You're running Eric's company.

Brooke: He's the creative side, I handle the business.

Samantha: Well, I can see why Stephanie might have a problem with that, but I still don't see what it has to do with me.

Brooke: She's using you to get back at me. That is why she brought you here.

Samantha: I'm here on business. I'm an interior decorator.

Brooke: Oh, let me guess. Stephanie hired you to redo Ridge's house.

Samantha: No. This is supposed to be a secret. I am here renovating a house for Mr. Marone and his fiancée.

Brooke: Massimo? He's in on this, too? Well, of course. They couldn't beat me separately. They thought they'd have better luck doing it together.

Samantha: I'm sorry. Either I missed something, or you're the most paranoid person I've ever met.

Ridge: Logan. Hey. I'm glad you're here. I see you've met Samantha.


Eric: Too expensive. It won't generate profits.

Thorne: Dad?

Eric: If she sent you down here to calm me down, you just forget about it.

Thorne: Who?

Eric: Brooke.

Thorne: What's going on?

Eric: Oh, she vetoed the collection.

Thorne: What?

Eric: Thorne, I worked -- I worked months on creating the most innovative designs that I've ever produced in my whole career, and they're not even gonna see it to the pattern room because I'm just another employee around here.

Thorne: Dad, you founded this company. It's your name on the door.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, it is, isn't it? Well, there's the irony. Your mother and I created this -- this business so that we wouldn't have to take orders from anybody, so that we could control the product, from the drawing board to the -- to the runway.

Thorne: Does she know about this?

Eric: What, you mother? Yeah, yeah, I told her.

Thorne: What did she say?

Eric: She says just to forget about it. It'll be all -- it'll be over soon.

Thorne: What does she mean?

Eric: I suppose she means to finish the collection and move on to the next thing.

Thorne: That sounds like good advice.

Eric: Pretty good advice. It's about all I can do. Brooke controls this company, and even your mother knows there's nothing to be done about that.


Macy: Why don't you come in?

Deacon: Oh, come on, for god's sake, we're gonna have to listen to this crap?! Come on, Macy, she's playing us!

Stephanie: No I'm not.

Deacon: You're gonna tell me that you came all the way down here to talk about Brooke?! That's bs. You want to talk about little D.

Stephanie: Yes, it does involve him.

Deacon: See?

Macy: Wait, wait, wait -- what about Brooke?

Stephanie: It involves the boy, both of you, and Brooke.

Deacon: No, no, you mean getting even with Brooke, don't you? No, thanks.

Stephanie: Macy, will you at least listen to me?

Deacon: No, no, we're not gonna listen. Look, I understand that you're angry, but I am little d -- Eric's guardian, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

Stephanie: That's correct, but you could do something for me.

Macy: If this is about contesting Deacon's guardianship, you really should contact our attorney.

Stephanie: I'm not going to do that. I don't want to do that.

Deacon: Well, now, why exactly is that? I mean, a couple days ago, you were dead-set against it.

Stephanie: Well, the situation's changed.

Deacon: Oh, what, Amber and little Ricky do something to get on your bad side?

Stephanie: No. Brooke stole the company, and you have the ability to help me get it back.

Deacon: Me?

Stephanie: You're the boy's legal guardian. You vote his shares in Forrester Creations.

Deacon: Are you actually telling me that I have Forrester stock?

Stephanie: No. It's the boy's stock. But you're his guardian. And until he's 21, the guardian votes the stock.

Deacon: And you want me to vote to throw Brooke out of office?

Stephanie: I'm hoping, Deacon, that you will help me return the ownership of this company to the rightful owner.

Deacon: You are absolutely -- I don't even know where to start. You come down and bust up my honeymoon for a business deal?

Stephanie: Well, yes, I did. Macy, I don't have a lot of time. We've got to do this before Brooke becomes aware that anything's going on.

Deacon: No, forget it. You've never given a damn about me. I'll be damned if I'm gonna do anything to help you.


Brooke: Your friend thinks I'm paranoid.

Ridge: Well, I guess I should ask what you were talking about then.

Samantha: Oh, apparently, your mother and your biological father are out to get her.

Ridge: Actually, they are.

Brooke: They are trying to set you two up.

Ridge: What? Me and Sam?

Brooke: Yes.

Nick: No. No, that was me, actually.

Brooke: You?

Samantha: Now the gang is all here.

Brooke: You two know each other?

Nick: Yeah, we met.

Samantha: Nick asked me to escort Ridge to Massimo's wedding.

Brooke: You're going to take her to the wedding?

Samantha: Oh, no, I turned him down. I outgrew those kind of games in high school.

Brooke: Stephanie's the one playing games here, not me. So why don't you go back to New York or London or wherever it is that you came from?

Samantha: And leave you to take care of the Marone brothers?

Brooke: My personal life is none of your business.

Samantha: That's true. That's true. But I am curious about one thing. There's a wedding coming up. And which of Massimo's sons will you be going with?

Ridge: I'm kind of curious about that myself.


Deacon: Okay, well, you know what? Hey, thanks for stopping by, Stephanie. Great seeing you.

Stephanie: Deacon, Deacon, please think this through.

Deacon: You and your entire family labor under the assumption that we want to get even with Brooke the same as you do. We don't. No. We got married because we love each other, and we love little d. And I'm not about to use that little boy to screw Brooke over, and I'm sure as hell not gonna let you do it!

Macy: Look, Deacon, I don't think that's what Stephanie's suggesting.

Stephanie: Your wife is right. This is about my husband.

Deacon: Oh. Oh, wait a second. Now it's about her husband. Every time she opens her mouth, it's something different, Macy.

Stephanie: Listen to me -- you're the boy's guardian, and you control his voting shares.

Deacon: Well, how the hell is it gonna look if I use that power to -- to stick it to Brooke? Or more importantly, how is it gonna look to Rick and amber if they choose to sue me, all right?! I'm gonna come off looking like some greedy, selfish bastard, which is probably exactly what you want, because then that way, what, you get the company back, and they get the kid. How stupid do you think I am?!

Stephanie: I give you my word of honor, this is not a ploy.

Deacon: Oh, oh, wait, now we've got her word of honor. Kind of like the way Thorne gave Macy his word of honor or the way that Rick and amber told me that I'd have a chance with my kid. You know, if I had a dollar for every time you Forresters have broken your promise to me, we would have flown down here in our own damn jet!

Stephanie: You have no reason to trust me, I understand that.

Deacon: That's the first smart thing you've said!

Stephanie: But I have no reason to trust you, do I, Deacon?! And that's what my lawyer said!

Deacon: You know, maybe you should have listened to him. Would have saved you a flight down here.

Stephanie: You don't get it. I didn't have to bring this to your attention. I didn't have to give you this information, but here I am.

Macy: Deacon, Stephanie is taking a big risk coming down here.

Stephanie: Don't you understand? I have given you the power to make significant changes in Forrester creations.

Deacon: All you want is some little puppet that's gonna vote like you want him to.

Stephanie: You don't get this. This is an enormous risk that I've taken. I would take any risk, though, if i could do this for my husband. You have absolutely no idea how much this would mean to him. This is what this is about. It's about my husband! You have no idea the humiliation and the frustration that that man has suffered all of these years. Just today, she rejected his collection!

Macy: The whole collection?

Stephanie: Yes.

Macy: And did she give him a reason?

Stephanie: She doesn't have to give him a reason. Brooke controls 49% of the voting stock. My family controls 49% of the voting stock.

Macy: And deacon controls the other 2%?

Stephanie: And if he will vote in my favor --

Deacon: Which I already told you ain't gonna happen.

Stephanie: If you will vote in my favor, name your price.

Deacon: I don't want anything! Don't you get it?! For once in my life, I have everything I want!

Macy: Yes, Deacon, you do. And so do I. Honey -- we are so lucky. Don't you think we can afford to be a little generous?


Thorne: Did you and mother discuss anything else?

Eric: No, Thorne. I wasn't in the mood.

Thorne: Dad, I hope you didn't take this out on her.

Eric: No, I didn't. I know exactly where to direct these feelings. I just -- don't think it would do any good.

Thorne: Look, you let me talk to Brooke, and you give mother a call, okay?

Eric: No, no, I don't want to call your mother about this. Stop pushing this, all right? She and I have nothing left to say to one another.

Thorne: Dad, mother knows that you're upset, okay? And she's worried about you.

Eric: No, Thorne, no, I'm not gonna call her, and I don't want you to call her either, all right? You know how she feels about Brooke. Let's not throw any more fuel on that fire.

Thorne: You know what? Brooke is a big girl. She can take care of herself.


Nick: Well, you heard the man's question. Let's have it. Door number one or two?

Samantha: You're just gonna let her take her pick?

Nick: The biggest problem is gonna be sneaking you into the wedding.

Brooke: Sneaking me in?

Nick: Massimo had you banned.

Brooke: What did I tell you?

Nick: Oh, don't worry. My mother will have something to say about that.

Ridge: So will I.

[Samantha laughs]

Samantha: Thank you. You know, I think you guys just solved a big problem for me. I was trying to figure out how to configure the guest bedrooms upstairs, and I think I got it. This one'll be Ridge's, this one's for Nick, and the one in between with the connecting doors and the fire escape, it's all yours.


Deacon: Macy, please tell me that you're not actually buying this.

Macy: Deacon, you've been trying to prove to everybody how much you've changed, right? You're not selfish, you're not greedy. You're just a good man who's tried to overcome a lot of tough breaks. Well, Eric Forrester has had a lot of tough breaks, too. No, you weren't around, but I remember what it did to Eric when Brooke took over his company.

Deacon: You know, Stephanie practically begged you not to marry me.

Macy: Because she loves me, and she was trying to protect me.

Stephanie: I do love her, Deacon.

Deacon: And you despise me.

Stephanie: I despise what you did to Bridget. I'm not happy about this custody thing with Rick and Amber. But you've got a chance here to show your wife you are the man she thinks you are. You've got an opportunity to just put this all aside and maybe for the first time in your life do something because it's the right thing to do.

Macy: Deacon, Eric was just like you -- a man trying to build his own business. Now, how would you feel if somebody came in and tried to tell you how to run a business that you built with your own sweat and blood?

Deacon: How would I feel? I know exactly how it feels, and excuse me, but you've got a little selective amnesia going on. Are we not talking about the same guy that took a car and tried -- no, not tried -- ran me over?!

Stephanie: All right, Deacon. I have no argument for that. I -- Deacon, if you do this, I'll be forever grateful. I don't know what else to say.

Deacon: Brooke would be furious, not to mention Rick and Amber.

Macy: I thought we were through letting Brooke push us around.

Deacon: You actually want me to do this?

Macy: Yes.

Deacon: Why?

Macy: Well, if my mother were in this situation, I would hope somebody would come along and do the same thing to help her.

Deacon: It's not the same. Marone owns Spectra.

Macy: No, but he's not telling her what to do. She is still in charge. And I think that Eric should be, too. We'll do it, Stephanie. Just -- just tell us what papers we need to sign.

Stephanie: Well, I don't have any papers. What I have to do is call a board meeting tomorrow in Los Angeles. I was hoping the three of you would come back with me.

Macy: We'll be there.

Deacon: Stephanie, I need to speak to my wife alone.

Stephanie: Of course you do, Deacon. I have the corporate jet. I'll be at the airport. We'll wait for you.

Deacon: Yeah, well, I wouldn't fire up the engines just yet.

Deacon: Macy, what are you doing? You want me to vote against Brooke?

Macy: I want you to vote for Eric. What's wrong with that?

Deacon: This marriage is supposed to be a new start for both of us, right? A new family, new priorities.

Macy: Isn't doing the right thing a priority?

Deacon: I don't know how to get this through to you -- I want as little to do with the Forresters as possible, and so should you.

Macy: Yes, but you have to vote, Deacon, one way or the other, and the fact is, Brooke stole their company.

Deacon: The fact is also that she took your husband.

Macy: This does not have anything to do with Thorne and me.

Deacon: Come on, are you gonna tell me that this has nothing to do with revenge? You wouldn't have even let Stephanie in this room if she wasn't offering you Brooke's head in a platter.

Macy: No, no, this is not about revenge, Deacon.

Deacon: No, no, I know, I know, this is about justice.

Macy: And not just for me.

Deacon: It's about thanking the Forresters for all the nice things that they've ever done for you, right? What they've done to me, your mother, how they've kept us down -- we don't owe these people anything.

Macy: So now you want to make them suffer?

Deacon: No.

Macy: Well, that's what they're doing, deacon, every day, every day that they have to walk into that office and take orders from Brooke.

Deacon: Listen, I worked there, okay? I know how tense it is.

Macy: Right. It's a family business, Deacon. And Stephanie and Eric deserve to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, just like you do about your business, just like I do about my music. But they can't.

Deacon: Maybe it's time they leave and find a new business.

Macy: Oh, come on, it's their name on the door.

Deacon: Macy, why do you care so much about this? Please, do not let Stephanie put you in the middle of this.

Macy: Deacon, it's one vote. And then Eric gets back his company and we can move on with our lives.

Deacon: Any way you slice it, it's gonna look like we're trying to settle old scores. I don't want to do that.

Macy: I don't either.

Deacon: Okay, then why are we talking about this? Please, I'm begging you. Let's just stay out of this.


Eric: She's wrong, Thorne. She's wrong about everything. These designs are good.

Thorne: Brooke actually said those designs were no good?

Eric: No, no, she said they were too expensive to produce and that they wouldn't sell in this economy. What she doesn't know is that it's not always about money. It's about enhancing our reputation.

Thorne: You know what, dad? Let's produce them anyway, prove Brooke wrong. And then maybe next time, she'll listen to you.

Eric: Yeah. Bottom line is, it's her call.

Thorne: But you know it's a mistake.

Eric: We'll divide the company. We can't do that again. It already happened once with Ridge. I'm not gonna do that to the employees.

Thorne: Dad, this is not about the employees. This is about you --

Eric: I had a vision for this company! I knew exactly where we were going and exactly how we were gonna get there, and now I can -- all I can do is make suggestions. It's just -- this is killing me.

[Eric sighs]


[phone rings]

Stephanie: Hello?

Brooke: I know what you're doing, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Brooke?

Brooke: Did you hear me? I'm on to you.

Stephanie: Well, I -- I don't know what you're talking about, Brooke.

Brooke: Your latest attempt at matchmaking. It wasn't enough to strand Nick and me on an island, you had to ship somebody in for Ridge.

Stephanie: What?

Brooke: You know what I'm talking about. Don't play innocent with me. Your dear little family friend.

Stephanie: Oh, Samantha.

Brooke: Your plan's not going to work. It's going to fail as miserably as all of the others. Face it, Stephanie, you can't touch me.


Jonathan: You're back.

Stephanie: Yes.

Jonathan: Deacon's not with you?

Stephanie: No.

Jonathan: You couldn't get through to him?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know. I mean, Macy understood. She got it right away. But he's suspicious.

Jonathan: Can you blame him?

Stephanie: No, not really. You were right. There was a great deal of animosity. It's just -- if we could just get past that.

Jonathan: You had to give it a try.

Stephanie: Well, I did. I really did, because -- this is what Eric wants. He wants to be back in charge at Forrester.

Jonathan: Stephanie --

Stephanie: I know, I know you told me not to give up.

Jonathan: Stephanie --

little Eric: Stephanie!

Stephanie: You came.

Macy: We decided to cut our honeymoon short. We're going to attend your board meeting, Stephanie. It's time Brooke Logan finally got what's coming to her.

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