B&B Transcript Monday 8/18/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/18/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Bridget: Hey, you -- Amber? What's going on? Did you sleep here last night?

Amber: The Bel air hotel was full.

Bridget: You and my brother have a fight?

Amber: Just my life falling apart. Nothing for you to worry about.

Bridget: I heard about Macy and Deacon, their honeymoon in Cabo.

Amber: With my son.

Bridget: Amber, I understand why you're concerned, but, sweetie, little Eric's coming home soon.

Amber: Even if they do bring him back, he's not gonna be coming home to me.

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Amber: Ask your brother.

Bridget: Amber, I'm asking you. Come on. Talk to me. What's going on?

Amber: Rick wants a divorce.

Bridget: A div -- that's crazy.

Amber: Well, what's crazy is me thinking I could ever be a part of this family.

Bridget: You're serious?

Amber: Rick can't take any chances, Bridget. Not with me. Not -- not when our son's future's on the line.

Bridget: What's does Eric have to do with this?

Amber: Rick is filing for adoption without me.


Rick: Stephanie, just in time.

Stephanie: Oh, just in time to hear the divorce announcement?

Brooke: Divorce? What are you talking about?

Rick: I see you've spoken to Amber.

Stephanie: Well, where did you expect her to go? She slept at my house last night.

Brooke: Would somebody please tell me what's going on here?

Stephanie: He's asked his wife for a divorce.

Brooke: That's ludicrous. They love each other.

Rick: Of course we do.

Brooke: Well, then tell me what Stephanie's babbling about.

Edward: If you'd like me to explain, Rick --

Rick: No. Stephanie's right. I asked Amber for a divorce.

Brooke: Honey, why?

Rick: For Eeric. You know what Macy and deacon are trying to do. They are trying to steal our son.

Brooke: You're filing for adoption.

Edward: Against the child's natural father. You have to realize, the odds are not in Rick's favor.

Rick: And with Amber as my wife, they're even worse.

Edward: Amber does have a very checkered past.

Stephanie: Well, the natural father is no saint. And Brooke can certainly testify to that.

Rick: Okay, look -- bottom line -- I need to end my marriage to save my family.

Stephanie: Are you listening to what you're saying?

Rick: Yes, I am. And I just wish Amber would understand.

Stephanie: Understand that you want to throw her out of your life?

Rick: It's not a real divorce, Stephanie.

Stephanie: That's the only kind I know. Why, she's absolutely devastated.

Rick: That is the last thing that I wanted. This is a legal strategy. Nothing more.

Stephanie: Well, it's a pretty stupid legal strategy. She feels completely betrayed. How would you expect her to feel otherwise?


Ridge: Starting to see what all the fuss is about, huh?

Nick: Escapes me.

Ridge: What does Massimo want?

Massimo: To firm up my wedding plans.

Nick: So when's the big day?

Massimo: Well, I'm gonna leave that up to your mother. The rest is up to me.

Ridge: Then what can we do for you?

Massimo: Well, there is one thing -- a topic that pertains to both of you.

Ridge: Gee, let me guess.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Brooke Logan. I don't want her within a zip code of my wedding.


Rick: I don't want to hurt Amber. I'm just trying to do what's best for our son.

Stephanie: By alienating his mother?

Rick: I love Amber, but -- dammit, she did this to herself!

Stephanie: So she has to deal with these consequences alone? You don't mean that.

Rick: If you would have seen her at that wedding, Stephanie --

Stephanie: What is this? Her punishment?

Rick: This isn't a punishment. This may be our last chance to save our family.

Stephanie: By breaking it apart, Rick?

Edward: I understand your concerns, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: I don't think you do. Otherwise, you would never have suggested this ill-conceived strategy. You don't realize it, but Amber is a wonderful mother.

Edward: I don't doubt it. But unfortunately, testimonials alone are not going to help us in court.

Stephanie: Because of her checkered past?

Edward: The only thing the judge is going to see are amber's errors in judgment, her possession of drugs, assaulting an officer, her stint in rehab.

Brooke: Oh, please, spare us the details.

Edward: Now pit this against Deacon Sharpe, the child's biological father and sole legal guardian, and Rick doesn't have a chance.


Stephanie: And I guess Amber doesn't either.

Bridget: Rick is filing for adoption on his own?

Amber: Our lawyer thinks he has a better chance of winning without me.

Bridget: This is insane.

Amber: I've made a lot of mistakes, Bridget.

Bridget: And deacon hasn't?

Amber: This is not about deacon anymore.

Bridget: No, you know what? You're damn right this isn't about Deacon. My brother is acting like a complete moron.

Amber: He's just trying to protect our son.

Bridget: By separating him from his mother?

Amber: I'm -- I'm not Eric's mother, not really.

Bridget: Amber, you know what? To that child you are. And that's all that matters. Look, you and Rick are just -- you guys are really stressed out right now. You're dealing with this whole Macy/Deacon situation --

Amber: And that gives him the right to end our marriage?

Bridget: Of course not.

Amber: You know, I love him, Bridget. I love him, and I thought he loved me, too.

Bridget: Amber, he loves you. You know he does.

Amber: Just not enough not enough to stand by me. You know, if the tables were turned, if he was the one in trouble, I would do whatever I could to make sure that everyone knew what a great father he was. And why won't he do that for me?

Bridget: He's scared.

Amber: No. No, Bridget. Rick doesn't get scared. Okay? He takes action, and he gets results. If he wants a divorce -- I'm not gonna stop him.


Ridge: What do you mean, no Logan?

Massimo: No arguments, Ridge.

Ridge: Who's arguing, Massimo?

Nick: I'm laying two to one she not only places, she shows.

Ridge: Not on your arm, Payne.

Nick: Yours either, pal.

Ridge: What do you say we just let the lady decide that?

Massimo: What do you say we let the groom decide, hmm? No Brooke. That's final.

Nick: Mom may have something to say about that.

[Knock at door]

Samantha: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. Ridge?

Ridge: Sam? What are you doing here?

Samantha: I'm reporting to work. It looks like I've come to the right place.


Edward: Once Rick gets custody, if he and Amber wish to resume their relationship --

Rick: Wait -- wait a minute. "Resume"? My god, I will always love Amber. And she will always be my wife. No legal document is gonna change that.

Stephanie: Wait a minute. You're assuming that she's going to take you back after this fiasco.

Brooke: Stephanie, don't make a bad situation even worse.

Stephanie: Well, I feel that somebody has to defend her. And I don't -- I don't -- I just don't get the logic of this thing.

Edward: Simply put, amber is a liability.

Stephanie: She's a liability? She's a wonderful mother. And as a couple, she and Rick have given this child a stable home, a loving family. But you're saying that you should present him to the court as a single parent?

Edward: In this instance, yes. Petitioning to adopt a child from the natural father is extremely difficult.

Stephanie: Well, what makes you think that this strategy's going to work?

Edward: For all the compelling points that you've just made and more -- the stable home life, the opportunities afforded young Eric, the way that you've all embraced this child.

Brooke: We love him, and he is and always will be a part of this family.

Edward: What better way to show the court that little Eric is truly a Forrester than by giving him a portion of the family business?

Stephanie: You gave him a piece of the company?

Brooke: What's it to you, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Well, you didn't run it by the board.

Brooke: I'm CEO of Forrester Creations. I can do whatever I want with my 51%. If I choose to give 2% of that to my grandson, that is what I will do, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Stephanie: No, there isn't.

Edward: All right, Rick. We have to talk about a few things here.


Bridget: Amber, my brother is being completely insensitive, but I'm sure by now he's come to his senses.

Amber: He asked me for a divorce, Bridget!

Bridget: He's panicking.

Amber: Great, great. Every time there's a crisis, what's he gonna do? Kick me to the curb?

Bridget: Okay. Just give him a chance to get his head back on straight here.

Amber: You know, we always said that marriage was about sticking together. Good times, bad -- we're in for the long run.

Bridget: You still are. Did you guys sign anything? No, right? Sweetie, it's gonna be okay. All right? It's gonna be all right.

Amber: Thanks.

Bridget: I'm really sorry you're going through such a hard time. But, honestly, I believe that everything's gonna work out in the end.

Amber: That's because they have to. Because we're a family. I mean, you know, nothing -- nothing can break us apart. Especially not each other.


Ridge: Reporting for work?

Samantha: Oh, I'm sorry. I slipped.

Massimo: No, no, no, no. No problem. We don't keep any secrets here.

Nick: Not anymore.

Samantha: Well, Ridge, you remember that big job I told you about?

Ridge: The remodel?

Samantha: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Wait -- you're working for Marone here?

Samantha: Yeah, it's a small world, isn't it?

Massimo: Miss Kelly is decorating the house I bought for Jackie.

Nick: Don't tell me, Taj Mahal on a hill?

Ridge: What a great idea. No furniture, lots of pillows, incense burning everywhere.

Samantha: Stick to fashion, Forrester.

Nick: Or shipping or whatever your job du jour happens to be.

Massimo: Now let me get this straight. You two know each other?

Samantha: Oh, we're -- we're old friends.

Ridge: Sam used to play at the house when we were kids.

Nick: Oh, now she's all grown up.

Samantha: And you would be?

Nick: Captain Nick Payne. How you doing?

Samantha: Samantha Kelly. This is poochie.

Nick: Oh, pleasure to both of you.

Samantha: Likewise.

Ridge: Not for long.

Samantha: Well, everybody seems to know who I am and what I'm doing here.

Nick: An open book. I like that.

Samantha: What about you, Ridge? This a social call?

Ridge: Not exactly.

Samantha: Wait a minute. You said something about shipping?

Nick: Forrester's a sailor now.

Samantha: Ridge? You gotta be kidding me.

Nick: My feelings exactly.

Ridge: You remember when I told you about my dad?

Samantha: You mean how he wasn't really your --

Ridge: Yeah. Well, now your new boss here is.

Samantha: Mr. Marone?

Massimo: Please. Call me Massimo.

Nick: Stick around long enough, you'll be calling him dad like the rest of us.

Ridge: The lively character next to you, regrettably, is my half-brother. Wild, huh?

Samantha: Well, you have a whole other family.


Amber: Found me.

Rick: Stephanie gave me a heads-up.

Amber: Well, um, I was gonna call.

Rick: Um, look, about last night, Amber --

Amber: Rick, if you're here to apologize, just forget it.


Nick: Mm-hmm. I understand. I'm still looking for the resemblance myself.

Samantha: So you and Ridge are half-brothers?

Nick: Mm-hmm. Imagine my shock.

Samantha: I -- I take it that you're Jackie's son?

Nick: Yeah. You met her?

Samantha: No. That would ruin the surprise. You know, the Taj Mahal?

Nick: Mm, she's actually not that kind of girl.

Samantha: I gather she's a lot more like her son?

Nick: She's much better looking.

Samantha: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Now tell me, you said that you and Forrester were -- were friends as kids, right?

Samantha: Oh, well, we go way back.

Nick: Oh. Well that explains it.

Samantha: Explains what?

Nick: Oh, nothing. Probably shouldn't even say anything about it. But we were talking about the wedding coming up, you know?

Samantha: Your mother and Massimo's?

Nick: Yeah. And he said he had this special lady that he'd like to take. Friend of the family, she's back in town, and -- well, you know Forrester, behind the bad hair and the bad clothes, he's actually a shy guy.

Samantha: You're saying that he wants to ask me to be his date?

Nick: Well, the thing is, he'll probably need a little encouragement.

Ridge: Sorry about the interruption, Sam. Where were we?

Samantha: Well, you were just about to ask me to be your date to Massimo's wedding. And, yes, Ridge, I'd love to go.


Rick: You won't even hear what I have to say?

Amber: I don't need to. You're sorry. And so am I. I know I shouldn't have walked out on you last night, but when you said the word "divorce," I -- look -- I know we both overreacted. But seeing you here right now and knowing that you feel the same way I do, nothing is more important to me than our marriage. You, me, Eric -- without those " I dos," we wouldn't be a family. And so, we've got a battle on our hands. You know, but Eric is our son. I don't care what deacon says. And he needs us both. He needs his mother and his father, and we will be there for him. Because together, we can do anything. Oh, what have you got there? Is that a surprise for me? "Dissolution of marriage"?

Rick: I need you to sign.

Stephanie: We have 49%. And the child has 2% this is a very interesting turn of events.

[Phone rings]

Deacon: Hello?

Stephanie: Deacon, It's Stephanie Forrester.

Deacon: You people are absolutely amazing. I'm on my honeymoon.

Stephanie: Yes, I know. When are you coming back?

Deacon: I don't know. In a couple days.

Stephanie: That's too late.

Deacon: It's too late for what?

Stephanie: Deacon, I have to sit down and talk with you and Macy. It's very important.

Deacon: Well, I guess it's gonna have to wait, Steph.

Stephanie: No, I can't do that.

Deacon: Well, you don't have a choice. Adios.

Stephanie: Marty? Yes, this is Mrs. Forrester. I'm so glad you're there. Marty, I want you to fuel up the jet. I'll be over right away. Well, you can file your flight plan for Cabo san Lucas.

Brooke: What're you still doing here, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Oh, I was just returning a few phone calls.

Brooke: Well, make them somewhere else. This hasn't been your office in years. Oh, and close the door on your way out. I have a lot of work to do.

Stephanie: Bye. CEO. Maybe, just maybe -- for not much longer.

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