B&B Transcript Thursday 8/14/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/14/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Samantha: Better get going.

Ridge: What -- do you have an appointment?

Samantha: Oh, no, I -- but your mom is out and -- and I know you're probably anxious to get home.

Ridge: Yeah, to an empty house. Yeah, yeah. No, thank you.

Samantha: Well, where are the kids?

Ridge: Play dates, sleepovers, you know. Probably the last before school starts.

Samantha: Ah, summer. I spent most of mine right here.

Ridge: Yeah, lots of memories in this old house.

Samantha: Is that your wife?

Ridge: Yeah.

Samantha: Your mom told me it's been really hard on you.

Ridge: Oh, well that's great that she would get into all that right off the bat.

Samantha: Yeah, and she also told me about her and Eric. I -- I just always figured they'd be together forever.

Ridge: Yeah, didn't we all? Hasn't really been smooth sailing around here. For anyone in the family.


Rick: Amber confronted Macy during the ceremony.

Amber: Well, the minister said, "speak now or forever hold your peace."

Rick: And then, when we tried to take Eric with us, their attorney stopped us.

Eric: Well, what does that mean? When you tried to "take Eric with you?"

Amber: You know what, we can't let them take him to Mexico. Because they're not going to give him back.

Rick: We don't know that.

Amber: She threatened us, Rick.

Stephanie: How, honey?

Rick: Look, we cannot stop deacon from exercising his parental rights. If we interfere --

Amber: If we interfere, they'll take him away from us. Which is what they wanna do anyway. But we can't let that happen. We gotta fight this. And no one will come between me and my son ever again.



Sally: Arriba! Arriba and congratulations, you two!

Macy: What is this?

Clarke: Well, we couldn't let you go to Mexico for your honeymoon without a little fiesta.

Macy: Well, that's nice, but we just came by to get our things.

Sally: Well, your things are all set. Your luggage is all packed. We are ready to rock and roll. Everything is perfect, darling. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Deacon: This is so nice of you guys, I can't believe this. You know what? We are just getting started and it's gonna get better from here on out, isn't it? But, you know, something's missing. I think -- I don't know. I think maybe somebody needs a hat. What do you think? Huh?

Clarke: A little sombrero!

Deacon: Ah-hah! There we go.

[With Mexican accent] he said, "badges -- we don't need no stinking badges!"

Clarke: You know what? I think I need to get these boys a virgin margarita.

Deacon: That's a great idea.

Sally: Excellent idea. And maybe a little snack? Or I could make up a little chihuahua bag for the airplane, huh?

Deacon: All right, pard', let's belly-up to the bar, here.

Clarke: Here we go.

Deacon: Look at this. Isn't this great?

Clarke: Some limes here --

Sally: Clarke told me what happened after the ceremony. Are you all right?

Macy: Everything's fine.

Sally: I don't think everything's fine, darling. After that woman attacked you during your wedding ceremony, I think Amber must be losing her mind.

Macy: Well, she's gonna lose a lot more than that if she doesn't control herself.


Stephanie: This situation's gotten completely out of hand.

Amber: I had it under control. I did. Everything would've been fine if Brooke hadn't slapped Macy with that restraining order. 'Cause that's when Deacon proposed --

Eric: Amber, you're not going to accomplish anything with a lot of finger-pointing here.

Rick: Dad's right. We need to figure out what to do.

Amber: We need to make sure Eric doesn't get on that plane.

Stephanie: Now, Amber, look. Just settle down. They're going to come back here to the United States. For goodness sakes, Macy's family is here. Deacon works, he has a job.

Amber: Yeah, but they have our son!

Rick: Amber has a point. The longer they have our son, the less our chances are in court.

Eric: Who said anything about court?

Rick: We're filing for adoption. If deacon contests, we could be in for a very long fight. And -- if Eric is living with them --

Amber: I can't lose him. I --I just can't.

Stephanie: Eric, what do you think we can do?

Eric: What flight are they on?

Rick: They wouldn't tell us anything. We have to go through their lawyer if we want to get in touch with them.

Eric: Sally would know.

Amber: You've got -- you gotta stop them.

Eric: We'll do everything we can, hon.

Rick: Look, honey, it's been a long day. You should go lie down. Dad and Stephanie are on board now, okay?

Amber: Yeah.

Rick: Everything's gonna be fine.


Ridge: Did my mother tell you why she and dad split up?

Samantha: No, but I got the feeling it wasn't her idea.

Ridge: No. She thought she could make it work. But I think dad just felt too betrayed. As it turns out -- I'm not really Eric's son.

Samantha: I'm sorry, what?

Ridge: Yeah, it was a big shock for all of us.

Samantha: You mean you didn't know?

Ridge: I didn't know, nobody knew. Not even mother.

Samantha: How could she not know?

Ridge: Well, she'd broken up with the guy. She was dating Eric. When she found out she was pregnant she just assumed that I was his.

Samantha: All these years?

Ridge: That I think dad could've dealt with. But mother happened to keep that little tidbit of information from him for about a year. Yeah. She didn't want to destroy our relationship.

Samantha: Did it?

Ridge: No. He's the man that raised me. Taught me everything I know. About business, life, being a husband. And a father.

Samantha: Your mom told me that this has been really hard on you, and I just couldn't imagine.

Ridge: You don't know the half of it.


Clarke: All right!

Sally: Adios, muchachos!

Clarke: Adios, amigos.

Sally: Viva, viva, viva!

Little Eric: Good-bye!

Sally: Have a wonderful life!

Clarke: Have a good time!

Sally: Bye! We love you.

Clarke: You okay, sally?

Sally: Yes, yes. I'm just a little teared up. They're tears of happiness for Macy. I'm just so glad that she was able to find so much joy in all of this turmoil.

Clarke: Well, she could've used a little bit less turmoil at the wedding, that's for sure.

Sally: Yes. But I don't think even Amber would dare to pull a stunt like that again.

Clarke: Well, you know Amber and Rick, they tried to take little Eric home with them after the ceremony?

Sally: I know, I know. But deacon's lawyer was able to put a stop to it.

Clarke: They're gonna try something like that again.

Sally: Well, I don't think they will. Besides, if they do, it doesn't matter. Because we're the ones who are in charge now.

Clarke: We?

Sally: Yes, "we." As in Spectra Fashions. You remember Spectra, the underdogs. Perpetual number two to Forrester number one. For years it's been like that, but it's all changing now. This is the beginning of a whole new life for Macy and a whole new era for Spectra. And boy, oh boy, Bucky, has it been a long time coming.

Clarke: But Sally?

Sally: Yeah? Yeah?

Clarke: We've got company.


Edward: Tell me you didn't try to take Eric without Deacon's permission.

Rick: You talked to deacon's lawyer?

Edward: Look, I understand that you and amber are getting desperate, but we cannot afford any more slip-ups. We've got to go into court with an airtight argument. Deacon may be Eric's biological father, but you can provide him with a strong, decent family in a safe, loving home.

Rick: Why do we have to sell ourselves? Deacon is a recovering alcoholic. So is Macy. Her vendetta against my mother was -- was good enough for a restraining order. So what the hell is the problem now?

Edward: Amber. I hate to say this, Rick, but I don't think custody is an option with her in the picture. Not after the scene she caused at the church today. If you want to adopt Eric, I'm afraid you're going to have to do it alone.

Rick: What do you mean "alone"? Wait -- you're not suggesting --

Edward: The best thing you can do for your son is get a divorce.


Samantha: You lost your father, your wife, your wedding fell through, and your fiancée is dating another man.

Ridge: Not exactly the reunion you were expecting, huh?

Samantha: I wasn't expecting anything. I just dropped by to say hello.

Ridge: And I bombard you with everything at once.

Samantha: What are old friends for?

Ridge: You disappointed?

Samantha: In you?

Ridge: Well, you used to have this bizarre notion that I was perfect.

Samantha: Well, I was a starry-eyed child.

Ridge: Aw, you worshiped me.

Samantha: Well, we've all grown up a lot since then.

Ridge: Yeah.

Samantha: Ridge Forrester, family man.

Ridge: Stranger than fiction, huh?

Samantha: No. No, I don't know why it should surprise me. That's why everybody loved coming here. Just being around your family, you felt connected to something. I guess it's because you were all so connected to each other.

Ridge: Yeah. We lost a bit of that.

Samantha: Oh, I don't know. Your mom just ran off to help your dad with a family emergency.

Ridge: Oh, that's because we're good in a crisis. That's probably why we have so many of them. Thank you.

Samantha: For what?

Ridge: Just listening.

Samantha: Well, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Ridge: I didn't get a chance to ask about you.

Samantha: Another time.

Ridge: Where are you staying?

Samantha: The hotel! And I -- oh, I totally forgot. I was supposed to register by 6:00. They've probably gave away my reservation.

Ridge: Why don't you just stay here? I mean, the house you're working on is just around the corner here, so --

Samantha: Yes, but --

Ridge: You could use one of the guest houses.

Samantha: No. No, I wouldn't want to intrude.

Ridge: Oh, come on. Mother would love to have the company. It'd be like old times. You can just hang out by the pool. I can bring the kids over. Maybe we can play a little touch football. I might even let you play quarterback if you're lucky. Hmm?

Samantha: I'd like that.

Ridge: Good. I'll have Helen make all the arrangements. She'll take care of everything.

Samantha: Thank you.

Ridge: I'm gonna go find Helen.

Samantha: Okay.

Ridge: Okay. Nice having you back, Sam.

Samantha: Nice to be back.


Stephanie: Sally, is Macy here? I'd like to speak with her, please.

Sally: You're too late. She's on her way to Mexico.

Eric: Which airline?

Clarke: You know, something about you Forresters. You're just not very good losers.

Stephanie: This isn't some sort of competition, Clarke.

Sally: Tell that to the judge.

Eric: So Rick was right. Deacon's going after custody of little Eric.

Sally: So what if he is? What are you gonna do about it?

Stephanie: Well, look, we didn't come over here to get into an argument with you.

Sally: I know that. I know why you came over here. You came over here to stop Macy and Deacon from taking my grandson with them on their honeymoon.

Eric: Your grandson?

Sally: Yes, my grandson. Now look, I'm trying to be as sensitive as possible about this, because I know how important your family tree is to you Forrester’s. But it's a little unfortunate at this particular time, because it seems to be exfoliating. I mean, first there was Ridge, and now with little Eric.

Stephanie: What is your belabored point?

Sally: My point is, that as of this moment, that little boy is legally my grandson.


Rick: A -- a divorce? You've gotta be kidding.

Edward: Amber is a liability, Rick.

Rick: She's my wife!

Edward: There's a tape.

Rick: What tape?

Edward: Of the wedding. Amber's meltdown. They're going to use it.

Rick: For what?

Edward: The tape reinforces a pattern of violent behavior.

Rick: What -- violent behavior?

Edward: Yes. Amber was arrested last year for vandalism and resisting arrest.

Rick: Those charges were dropped.

Edward: She punched a police officer, Rick. That's on the books. Along with a misdemeanor charge for drug possession, there's a stint in rehab --

Rick: She's past all that.

Edward: Unfortunately, Amber's past is going to follow her right into court. And Deacon's attorney is going to make the most of it.

Rick: There's gotta be something we can do.

Edward: If you want to win, you're going to have to separate yourself from that.

Rick: You mean separate myself from Amber.

Edward: Believe me, Rick, I wouldn't even be suggesting this if there was any other option.

Amber: Hey. What's going on?

Rick: Um, Edward and I were just talking about the adoption.

Edward: I'll – I’ll let you two discuss it.

Rick: Okay. Thanks, Edward.

Amber: So, discuss what?

Rick: Well, he has an idea.

Amber: What is it?

Rick: Edward thinks we should --

Amber: He thinks we should what?


Deacon: Oh, man. It was a hell of a day.

Macy: The first day of the rest of our lives.

Deacon: Any regrets?

Macy: None.


Eric: Sally, Rick and Amber raised that boy as their own son.

Sally: But he isn't theirs. And as of this moment, his real father is my son-in-law.

Stephanie: Oh, you think you know Deacon, but you don't.

Sally: I know him well enough. I know that he loves my daughter, which is a lot more than your son did.

Stephanie: This hasn't anything to do with Thorne.

Sally: That's how you live with yourself, isn't it? You compartmentalize everything. It's true. This is just another example of Forrester arrogance and pride. And gall. The same gall you're showing by bursting in here today.

Eric: Sally, all we want is what's best for that boy.

Sally: And now you want more than that. You want my help, don't you?

Stephanie: Yes. You think this is funny, Sally? You think it's funny to take a child away from the only parents that he's ever known?

Sally: He is with his parents.

Eric: All right --

Clarke: Wait, wait, wait. Before this goes too far, I think you two should go.

Sally: It's all right, Clarke. You say you want my help? Fine. I'll give you some help. I'll give you some very helpful advice. Watch your back, highness. Because you get what you give in this world. And right now your karma is running very, very low. You see, my daughter, Macy, has finally met a man who loves her. And will stand by her. And give her the family she's always wanted. She will finally have justice. And so, by the way, will that little boy. Because he is going to be free. He's going to be free of your influence and out of your clutches. So you see, in the end, we win. The Spectra family ends up with, of all things, your namesake. Eric Forrester III is ours.

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