B&B Transcript Friday 8/8/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/8/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Macy: Oh, Deacon. It's just like you. I love it. My wedding day.

[Phone rings]Macy: Hello?

Deacon: Baby, this is the last day that you're gonna wake up alone.

Macy: You promise?

Deacon: I promise. Till death do us part.

Macy: You know, um, C.J. Called.

Deacon: He's not coming, is he?

Macy: I understand his decision, and I'm not gonna let it ruin our day.

Deacon: You know what? You're the only person I need there. Do you know how lucky me and little D are?

Macy: I'm the lucky one. And if somebody had told me that a couple of months ago --

Deacon: Hey, baby, you deserve to be happy.

Macy: I am, Deacon. You make me so happy. You and that adorable little boy of yours.

Deacon: Our little boy. See you at the altar. Bye.


[Amber remembering]

Becky: I have to ask you something. Are you sure?

Amber: Sure?

Becky: About little Eric? It's a big responsibility. And I wouldn't blame you --

Amber: Oh, no. You never have to worry about that. I love him so much and I think of him like my own. You'll always be mine, sweetheart.

Brooke: He knows that, Amber.


Sally: All right, everybody. It is magic time. Come on, let's get moving.

Macy: Yes, ma'am.

Sally: Oh -- oh, wait a minute. What about C.J.? Is he going to come with us? Or is he going to meet us over at the church?

Macy: He's not coming.

Sally: Not coming?

Macy: Yeah, it -- it's all right, Mom.

Sally: Oh, it's not all right. It's not all right.

Macy: Look, if he can't support deacon and me, I think it's better that he's not there.

Clarke: She has a point, Sal.

Macy: Yeah. Mom, come on. You want me to be happy, right?

Sally: Oh, darling, of course I do. More than anything.

Macy: And I am. I'm happier than I've been in a long, long, long time.

Sally: Well, all right. I know that, but --

Macy: No "buts." No. Not this time. Now, I am moving forward, I'm moving away from Thorne, his family, all that ugly history.

Sally: You've really put it all behind you?

Macy: That's right. No one can touch me. Not even Brooke.


Amber: We have to stop her, Brooke. I mean, Macy -- she may think that she loves Deacon, and that she wants him, but it's my son that she really wants.

Brooke: Yes, that and getting even with me. But you're right, Amber. We do have to find a way to stop her. The question is, how?

Amber: Rick and I talked to our lawyer. There's nothing we can do to stop the wedding.

Brooke: Then we'll have to find a solution on our own.

Amber: I tried. Okay? I even thought about running away.

Brooke: With little Eric? Amber, that is the worst idea that you could come up with.

Amber: Is it? Is it, though? I mean, this is Eric's home, and if Macy and deacon take him from us -- no, Brooke, I can feel it. I can feel it inside me. If that wedding goes through, I'm never gonna see my son again.

Brooke: Don't lose hope just yet.

Amber: Where you going? Brooke?


Macy: Oh, mother, it's beautiful.

Sally: It's not too shabby. Actually, I think we did a spectacular job, considering it was all at the last minute.

Macy: It's exactly how Ienvisioned it.

Clarke: Sally had me call every florist in town until we got the right one.

Sally: And the results are spectacular. Thank you, Clarke. That was above and beyond the call of duty.

Clarke: I had to do it, you know? With Darla being out and all. Oh, I'm sorry, Mace.

Macy: That's okay, Clarke. Nothing could ruin my day today.


Amber: Rick. Where have you been?

Rick: I just spoke with Edward. The fact is, we can't stop this wedding. And Deacon and Macy taking our son on their honeymoon, out of the country, no less.

Amber: Well, what did he say? Can we do something?

Rick: No. It's the same old story. Deacon is the biological father.

Amber: But you know, he barely even knows him.

Rick: Look, Amber, I'm not trying to argue. I'm just telling you what Edward told me.

Amber: You know, I don't care what some attorney says. Okay? That's not the whole story by a long shot.

Rick: What are you talking about?

Amber: Your mom left a little while ago. She didn't say where she was going, but I think she went to talk to Macy.


Sally: You know, Macy, sometimes I think Clarke Garrison has more screws loose than a model-t ford.

Macy: It's all right, Mom. I'm fine.

Sally: Well, of course you're fine. How could you not be? You're about to marry a man who adores you, who has this wonderful little boy who thinks you're "cuckoo."

Macy: And to top it all off, I have the greatest mother in the world.

Sally: Oh, well, yes, I guess I am pretty wonderful at that.

Macy: Seriously, Mom. I just can't thank you enough for all your support. And not just for the wedding. For everything you've done for me these past few months.

Sally: You're a fighter, my darling. You're just like me. All you have to do is stay strong. And I know you're gonna wind up on top.

Macy: Yeah, well, it didn't seem that way for a while.

Sally: I know how hard it's been, honey. And I know how much you've been tested. But that's all over now. I think you can finally say "adios" and "bye-bye" to Thorne Forrester and Brooke Logan.

Macy: Amen.

Sally: Double "amen" to that, huh? Now listen, I expect you probably want a little time to yourself, hmm?

Macy: Do you mind?

Sally: No, I don't mind. Not a bit.

Macy: You really are the greatest.

Sally: Of course I am. Thank you, darling.

Macy: Okay. D came over to surprise me.


Deacon: Just breathe. Just breathe.

Clarke: Is the groom ready?

Deacon: You about gave me a frickin' heart attack, man. There's nothing like cutting it close.

Clarke: Relax, relax, okay? A tux isn't made in a day. Except for today.

Deacon: Great.

Clarke: So, Deacon, I heard about C.J.

Deacon: Yeah, looks -- looks like your son stood me up.

Clarke: Yeah, well, Iím sure he had his reasons.

Deacon: I know he does. It's all right, man. It's cool. Wow. Clarke, this is -- this is -- thank you.

Clarke: Thank you. Would it be cool with you if -- if I stood in as your best man?

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think I can handle that.

Clarke: Good. Good.

Deacon: Wow.

Clarke: I hope you can handle a lot, you know? Sally and her extended family are very important to me. I'm glad you're joining them. But Deacon, I want you to know something. I look out for them. And I always will. Especially Macy.

Deacon: You know what I think? I think Macy's got a hell of a friend. And I think you've got nothing to worry about. Because I'm going to take damn good care of her.

Clarke: All right. Let's get you dressed. Don't wanna keep the bride waiting.


Minister: You approve, Sally?

Sally: Yes, reverend, I do. I approve of absolutely everything. Now, I have done my part. The rest is up to you.

Minister: The good lord and I will see what we can do.

Sally: The good lord, eh? Well, he wouldn't dare disappoint me.

Minister: He won't disappoint Macy, either. I guarantee it.

Sally: Thank you for that. I've been saying a lot of prayers for my daughter lately.

Minister: Well, it -- it appears he was listening.

Sally: It does, doesn't it?

Minister: You know, life is full of trials and tribulations, Sally.

Sally: I know. But nobody knows that better than my daughter, Macy. But most of her "tribulations" have come at the hand of one particular sinner. But I don't think she's going to be a factor anymore. Reverend, I really believe my daughter, Macy, is going to be happy at last. All of her dreams are going to come true. She's got a wonderful man who loves her and is devoted to her, and who can give her the family she's always wanted. And no one or nothing can take it away from her. Not even you, Brooke Logan.


Macy: Get out.

Brooke: I'm here to help you, Macy.

Macy: I don't need any help, Brooke, especially from you.

Brooke: Yes, you do.

Macy: Oh, yeah? You gonna share your secrets for failed marriages?

Brooke: Something we're both familiar with.

Macy: Only I'm moving on.

Brooke: With Deacon?

Macy: Jealous?

Brooke: Hardly.

Macy: He must've done something for you. You cheated on your own daughter to be with him.

Brooke: And now you're marrying the man.

Macy: That's right. And in a couple of hours, we're going to be on our way to Mexico for our honeymoon.

Brooke: With Rick and Amber's son.

Macy: It's Deacon's son. And that's why you're here, isn't it? One desperate plea to end this marriage.

Brooke: Somebody has to try to get through to you.

Macy: Okay, why don't you go ahead? I tell you what, why don't you get down on your hands and knees and beg me. That will be so much fun to watch.

Brooke: I don't have to beg, Macy. I'm doing you a favor.

Macy: Like the favor you did me when you stole my husband?

Brooke: Oh, god, you're still obsessed with Thorne? I thought you were moving on with your life, with Deacon.

Macy: I am. And once I do, you and Thorne will be out of my life for good.

Brooke: Maybe Thorne. But as long as you're tied to little Eric, you'll never get rid of me.

Macy: Maybe. Maybe not.

Brooke: Is that a threat?

Macy: I don't know, Brooke. Do you feel threatened? How does it feel to watch me hold the cards for a change?

Brooke: Oh. So that's why you're getting married.

Macy: I love Deacon. And he loves me.

Brooke: Really?

Macy: I don't have to convince you of this.

Brooke: No. You just have to convince yourself. My god, Macy, you're so desperate to have a child that you'll take advantage of an innocent little boy. And for what? To get revenge against me?

Macy: Oh, yeah, right. This is always all about you.

Brooke: Don't tell me you're not enjoying yourself.

Macy: Having the upper hand? Yeah, it feels good, Brooke. Because I played second fiddle to you for too long. But not anymore. I'm marrying somebody who loves me for me, and is not secretly lusting after you, and you just can't stand it.

Brooke: Oh, you really believe that, don't you? This is your shining hour. Your golden triumph over me. Think again, Macy. One look, one word, and Deacon is mine all over again. His parents will love you.


Sally: Now where is that videographer anyway?

Gladys: Hey, Sally. Where do I set up?

Sally: Gladys? You? What happened to the video guy you were supposed to hire to shoot this wedding?

Gladys: He had to wrap up a skin flick, and he asked me to step in.

Sally: Really? Well, I'm about to ask you to step out.

Gladys: And lose this magic moment for posterity?

Sally: All right. Tell me honestly, do you know how to use this equipment?

Gladys: Oh, but of course. Quiet on the sets.

Sally: Oh, please. Please be merciful. Let this be the only disaster that happens here today.


Deacon: Great.

Clarke: There. Hey, you're looking sharp.

Deacon: That's very funny. Good pun.

Clarke: Promise me, Deacon. Macy will always come first.

Deacon: You know something, Clarke, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a woman in my life.

Clarke: How about Brooke?

Deacon: What about her?

Clarke: Well, she's got a knack for causing trouble, especially for Macy.

Deacon: Yeah, well, um, let me put your mind at ease. I think the last place in the world that Brooke wants to be is anywhere near me and Macy. So, what do you say? Let's go get me hitched, huh? Come on.

Clarke: All right. After the groom.

Deacon: Oh, thank you.


Rick: Voice mail.

Amber: But your mom always leaves her cell on.

Rick: Unless she's in a meeting.

Amber: Okay, then try her at the office.

Rick: I did. She hasn't been in yet.

Amber: Then there's only one place she can be.

Little Eric: Mom? Dad?

Amber: Oh, hi, baby.

Rick: Hey, buddy. You're looking good.

Little Eric: I'm all ready for the wedding.

Amber: Oh, well, I can see that. Look at you.

Little Eric: When are we leaving?

Rick: Um, soon. Your mom and dad were just talking.

Little Eric: About what?

Amber: About you, sweetheart.

Little Eric: How much you're gonna miss me while I'm gone?

Amber: Oh, I'm gonna miss you more than you know. Come here.

Rick: But you're going to have a wonderful time. Okay?

Little Eric: Okay.

Amber: Listen, why don't you go upstairs and see if Marta has your daddy's shirt pressed, okay?

Little Eric: Okay.

Amber: What if your mom doesn't come through?

Rick: Hey, listen, if anyone can get through to Macy, it's my mother.


Macy: You are so full of yourself.

Brooke: Deacon still loves me.

Macy: Oh, yeah, right, right. There's not a man on the planet who isn't head over heels for you.

Brooke: Months ago, Deacon stormed into Ridge's house, and he told him all about the affair, how I'd betrayed Bridget, and that he's Hope's real father.

Macy: And what's your point?

Brooke: Why do you think he did that, Macy?

Macy: Because he's sick of living with your lies.

Brooke: Because he's sick of living without me.

Macy: Oh, right. And so he thought if he told Ridge, that Ridge would be disgusted and then he'd have you all to himself.

Brooke: Desperate men do desperate things.

Macy: And all you have to do is bat your eyelashes and you'll steal Deacon's heart all over again?

Brooke: We both know it.

Macy: I know you'd try. I don't put anything past you.

Brooke: If I were you, I'd walk out of this church and walk out of little Eric's life for good.

Macy: Not a chance.

Brooke: You brought this on yourself, Macy.

Macy: Oh, really?

Brooke: For setting your sights on Rick's son.

Macy: Oh, for the last time, it's Deacon's son.

Brooke: I didn't come here to argue that, okay?

Macy: No, you came here to stop the wedding.

Brooke: I would do anything to protect my family. So you should think long and hard before you walk down that aisle today.

Macy: I already have.

Brooke: Really? Well, then think about this. Do you really want to marry another man who is still in love with me?

Macy: Your ego is amazing.

Brooke: This is not about ego. This is about protecting little Eric from you.

Macy: So you threaten to steal yet another one of my husbands?

Brooke: It's not a threat, Macy. It's a fact. I could take him away from you just like that.

Macy: Oh, god, you are sick. Do you know that?

Brooke: Not as sick as you -- marrying a man for his child.

Macy: I love that little boy. I mean, my god, who wouldn't? But you and your family are so paranoid, you think that I'm just out to steal him.

Brooke: You are out to steal him. That is why I will not allow this wedding to happen. I am warning you, Macy. You thought I hurt you before, but it's nothing compared to what I could do to you. So walk away. Or else I'll make sure that your heart is broken all over again.

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