B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/6/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/06/03

By Suzanne & Eric
Proofread by Becky



 Stephanie: Hello, Macy.

 Macy: Yeah, I was just right in the middle of something.

 Stephanie: Wedding plans, perhaps?

 Macy: I guess you heard.

 Stephanie: Yes. Amber and Rick told me. Macy, you're really going to marry Deacon?

 Macy: I suppose you came here to try to talk me out of it.

 Stephanie: I love you as if you were my own daughter, and I just hate to see you though your life away on this fellow.

 Macy: I know you've had problems with Deacon --

 Stephanie: Honey, he's trouble. He's nothing but trouble and he's going to be trouble for you.

 Macy: What's he going to do, cheat on me, get my best friend pregnant?

 Stephanie: You have every right -- every right to be angry with Thorne, but does it really make sense to compound his mistake by making one of your own?

 Macy the only mistake I made was trusting your son again.

 Stephanie: No, I think the mistake you'll make is if you -- if you marry Deacon of the I mean, why do you want to be involved with a man that's brought nothing but heartache and trouble to every single woman he's ever been involved with?

 Macy: I think I could say the same thing about Thorne.

 Stephanie: No, Macy. The difference is Thorne isn't malicious. He made a mistake, a terrible mistake, but he made it because he thought he had lost you.

 Macy: And now he has. Look, I'm sorry, Stephanie, I know you mean well but what Thorne did, sleeping with my best friend and then asking me to adopt the baby --

 Stephanie: Can't you find it in your heart to forgive him? Isn't that one of the tenants of AA, forgiveness?

 Macy: Yes, it is. And hopefully one day I'll be able to forgive him, but let's not confuse that with forgetting.

 Stephanie: This is something you never forget. I understand that. But talk to him, Macy. Just one conversation. No expectations, no pressure.


 Thorne: Okay, Robert, I want the photos displayed all over the room and the flowers everywhere.

Robert:  The florist just arrived.

 Thorne: Agree, great.

 Robert: Will there be anything else?

 Thorne: Yes, candles.

 Robert: Everywhere?

 Thorne: Yes. Thank you, Robert.

 Ridge: Man. You said you were planning something big.

 Thorne: Do you think it's too much?

 Ridge: Well you, said you wanted to get Macy's attention.

 Thorne: I want to sweep her off her feet, Ridge.

 Ridge: I think she's definitely going to have to sit down when she sees all this.


C.J:  Everything's set. We leave for Japan in three weeks. What do you want?

 Deacon: Do you think you and I could talk?

 C.J.: No, we can't.

 Deacon: C.J., Look, I know how --

 C.J.: I'll make this really simple for you, Deacon. Are you going to marry my sister tomorrow?

 Deacon: Yeah.

 C.J.: Then we're done here.

 Deacon: No, we're not. Listen, your sister was really hurt that she doesn't couldn't make the party today.

 C.J.: I really don't think there's anything to celebrate.

 Deacon: Yeah, there is.

 C.J.: Like hooking up with you is going to be a real positive experience for her. I think Bridget and Becky would disagree on that one, buddy.

 Deacon: Look, C.J., It's been a long time since you and I have seen each other and I'll be the first to admit that back then -- well, let's just say I had issues. I hurt a lot of people, I'm aware of that.

 C.J.: Yeah, people I care about. And what, now you're after my sister?

 Deacon: Your sister is excited about this. Your mom is planning the whole thing. Hell, your dad made the gown.

 C.J.: Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. You've got everyone fooled, everyone except for me.

 Deacon: C.J., This isn't about me.

 C.J.: Yeah, you're damn right it's not. It's about Macy.

 Deacon: Yeah, and she wants your support.

 C.J.: She's got t the minute you break her heart I'll be there to pick up the pieces.

 Deacon: It's in the going to go down like that.

 C.J.: Oh, really? Have you ever had a relationship that didn't go down l like that?

 Deacon: Okay. Um, what do you say we cut the crap.

 C.J.: Okay.

 Deacon: You don't like me.

 C.J.: Got that right.

 Deacon: And frankly, I don't blame you all right? The things I did, the people that I hurt in the past, C.J., It's nothing to be proud of, all right? But that doesn't mean that people can't change.

 C.J.: I see. And you're looking for Macy to help you could that?

 Deacon: Can't you see, she already has?

 C.J.: Great, great. That is so great. Because that is exactly what Macy needs right now, another loser looking for a woman to help himself grow up. Macy has been there and done that. She can't save you from yourself, man. She's got her own issues to deal with.

 Deacon: I was kind of hoping I could help her out with those.

 C.J.: Oh, really, like you helped her diffuse the situation between her and Brooke? You've got Rick and Brooke fighting her for their kids, man.

 Deacon: They're the ones that turned this into a fight.

 C.J.: They put a restraining order on her, Deacon.

 Deacon: I can't help they overreacted.

 C.J.: They wouldn't have if you weren't involved in the situation. Don't you get it? You are nothing but bad news and bad karma and I'll be damned if I'll let my sister get caught up in that.

 Deacon: That's not can go to happen. I love your sister, all right? She and my kids are the most important thing in the world to me and I will die before I let anything happen to any of them.


 Macy: I've already talked to Thorne.

 Stephanie: Talk to him again.

 Macy: What good is that going to do? I'm not going to change my mind.

 Stephanie: Or are you afraid that he might be able to change your mind?

 Macy: I'm marrying Deacon.

 Stephanie: Well, fine. If your resolve is that strong, then what harm will it do?

-- What harm will it do?

 Macy: I'm not going to be backed into corner, Stephanie. I love Deacon, and as much as I'm touched by your concern, I really don't appreciate being told how to conduct my personal life.

 Stephanie: Macy, you know how Thorne feels about you.

 Macy: Well, he has a funny way of showing it. You know, we don't have the greatest history.

 Stephanie: But that's behind you.

 Macy: Yes and it's getting further and further behind me all the time. I'm moving forward, Stephanie. I'm not going to pick through the ruins of my relationship with Thorne and try to some advantage something positive out of all this disappointment. I deserve better.

 Stephanie: I know you do. You do, absolutely. But you're not going to find that kind of happy nest with Deacon. That man isn't worth the dirt you walk on. (Doorbell)

 Delivery for Macy Alexander.

 Macy: Yeah, that's me. Thank you. Join me for different tonight at the private dining room. Do you see, the private dining room? I told you. See, he's moving up in the world.

 Stephanie: Macy --

 Macy: Stephanie, would you pardon me but I have to get ready. I'm having dinner with my fiancée.

 Stephanie: Just think about what I said. I know I do understand that your relationship with Thorne has, you know, been tumultuous but just give him a chance. It could work out in the future.


 Ridge: Flowers, candles, a walk down memory lane. You're really pulling out all the stops.

 Thorne: Well, Macy is getting married tomorrow, Ridge. This could be my only shot to get her back. I have to make this count.

 Ridge: Got to hand it to you, little brother. You definitely know how to make an impression.

 Thorne: But it be enough to change her mind?

 Ridge: You're not going to win Macy over with photos and flowers. It's the thought that counts.

 Thorne: Now you tell me.

 Ridge: Have you thought about what you're going to say?

 Thorne: What I've been saying all along, Ridge. Macy gives me another chance, I promise this time will be different.

 Ridge: Uh-huh. She can get different anywhere. Deacon is different. You've got to do better than that.

 Thorne: She doesn't love Deacon.

 Ridge: There you go.

 Thorne: And he'll never love her as much I do.

 Ridge: Even better. That's just words. Now you've got to prove it to her.

 Thorne: What's all this?

 Ridge: This is just window dressing, Thorne. Once you get her attention, then you've got to show her what's in here.

 Thorne: I intend to, Ridge.

 Ridge: You've got to listen to me, little brother. You can't go halfway on this. You've got to jump in with both feet.

 Thorne: Isn't that what Brooke wanted from you?

 Ridge: I don't know what Brooke wants right now.

 Thorne: I -- I heard about the boat ride, man.

 Ridge: Let's just stay focused one. This is about your problems.

 Thorne: This is a challenge, one that Macy and I have faced and come through.

 Ridge: Do yourself a favor and don't bring up those others tonight.

 Thorne: No, she needs to remember the good times.

 Ridge: Looks like you guys have had a lot of them.

 Thorne: Yeah, and there are going to be a lot more.

 Ridge: There you go. That's the right track. You're going to do fine.

 Thorne: I have to do better than just fine, Ridge. If I don't get through to Macy tonight, I could lose her forever.


 C.J.: You say you don't want Macy to get hurt?

 Deacon: No.

 C.J.: Then leave her alone.

 Deacon: Hey, C.J., I'm not the one hunt hurting her. You are.

 C.J.: Really?

 Deacon: I know you love your sister and I respect the fact you want to protect her but that's not what she needs right now. Let me ask you this... what if that's not how to happens, how is it going to look, her little brother waiting for her to fall down? She's a smart woman. Give her some credit. She knows my history as well as you do.

 C.J.: Yeah, we, she knew Thorne's history too and she still took him back and look where that got her.

 Deacon: I would like to think she learned from that mistake.

 C.J.: Really? Then tell me... how the hell did she end up with you?

 Deacon: Be use she trusts me. Because she made a commitment to me and to my k kids.

 C.J.: Your children. Oh, man, that is rich.

 Deacon: We're going to be a family, C.J. Now, I know you know how important that is to Macy. She wants you to be there when it happens.

 C.J.: At the wedding.

 Deacon: No, in the wedding. As my best man.

 C.J.: I'm sorry, am I hallucinating? You want me to stand up for you?

 Deacon: C.J., It would mean so much to Macy, and to me. Please, will you do it?

For all the times with me snow for all the truth you made me see

for all t joy you brought to my life for all the wrongs that you made right

for every dream you made come true for all the love I have in you

I'll be

 Deacon: Hello, Macy. You look so beautiful.

Never let me fall

you're the one who saw me through

through it all (knocking)


 Ridge: Hey, mother, what are you doing down here?

 Stephanie:, Have you talked to your brother today?

 Ridge: Yeah, I just talked to him. Why?

Stephanie: Really? He's not answering his cell.

 Ridge: Maybe it's off. What's the problem?

 Stephanie: I was just with Macy and it wasn't a great conversation.

 Ridge: Did you try to convince her not to marry Deacon?

 Stephanie: Yes, I did. She won' listen. You know, she seems genuinely committed to him. And I mean, Iguess he's really crazy about her. He sent flowers just to ask her to come out and have dinner with him.

 Ridge: Wait a minute. Macy is having dinner with Deacon?

 Stephanie: Yes. And guess where? At the private dining room. I guess Slly must have pulled some strings or something, because you can't go there unless you're a member.

 Ridge: It's really Thorne. He sent those flowers.

 Stephanie: But she thinks it's from Deacon.

Ridge: It's a whole set-up. 'Thorne's got the place decked out with candles and pictures and all this stuff. He's convinced he and Macy are to be together. Tonight he's going to prove it.

 Stephanie: I don't think that's going to be so easy after the conversation I had with her. It might be too late.


 C.J.: Macy wants me to be your best man?

 Deacon: I think it's really important for her to know that the family is behind her.

 C.J.: We, I am. I'm just not getting behind this wedding.

 Deacon: You know, , if you could just put your feelings towards me --

 C.J.: No, that's it, okay? I am tired of having this conversation with you. Macy can do whatever the hell she wants but I am not putting my stamp of approval on this fiasco.

 Deacon: The ceremony is tomorrow and your mother has the address. I really hope you change your mind.

 C.J.: I won't.

 Deacon: I know that you still see me as that selfish bastard that dumped Becky and that broke Bridget's heart, but whether you like it or not, I ain't that guy anymore. Your sister has opened my eyes. And she has shown me what I've been missing and I am going to spend rest of my life proving to her that I am worthy of that, and nobody is going to stop me.

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