B&B Transcript Thursday 7/31/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/31/03

By Suzanne & Eric

 Stephani i know.

 Th livi with us was almost like-

 Sthani havir mo

 Thom: Yeah.

>>Ep e: Th truth i, honey, n oneever going take you mothe' place. But I'moping thaone of these yssomee reall wonderful willalkinto yourd's fe and fill that void for all e of you.

 Stephanie: Well, i guess i better answer that. How about you go upstairs and see if they have murdered o another.

 Thomas: Okay.

 Stephanie: Okay,o on what are you dng her

 Oh, thank god you're here. You've got to do something. You've got to stop them.

 Wait, sl dn, stop who?

 Amber: Deacon and macy.

 Thorne: You still think deacon's trying to get little: Eric?

 Amber: It's not just deon. It's may i. That's why they got the restraining order ains macy.

 Thorne: I knew brooke felt that way and ihought you did too, amber.

 Amber: That's before i talked to macy and deacon. He told me he ju wanted to

t with his so and I tught we had worked the whole thing out and rick wen and got the restraing orde and that's what did i that's what pushed them to this.

 Thorne: So wt amber?

 Amber: To the only thing to get around the restraining order. Deaconsked macy t marry him.

 Okay, well, i needed that.

 Nick: W. Amazing what a hothower can do, isn't it? Wait, wait, wait -

 Macy: Wh, what?

 Deacon: You told me you talked to your mom about my proposal.

 Macy: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: "Almost hwh? What did she say?

 Macy: Let's see, whatidshe s

think she said sething likehe thoug we would have a grealifeogethe and after tnking abouit, starting to feel the same way.

 Deacon: You're saying yes, you want to marry me?

 Macy: Well, you haven't changed your mind, have you?

 Brooke: Yes, i suppose i do have feelings for you.

 Nick: "Suppose"? You suose youove me? Ll just sail me to shore. How about that, the beautul lady supposes loves the sea ca

 Brooke: I can't help it, really. It's the way you live life, it's just contagiou.

 Nick: You make it snd like a disease. Brng brook no, it's --

 Brooke: New york it's just the opposite. You're a cure mv for everything that goes wrong in my life.

 Ni: Well, that's little better.

 Brooke: Everything that we landlubbers thrive on, money, car, homes, jewelleryall that stuff doesn't mean ythi to

 Nick: I'm just a simple sailor, brooke.

 Brooke: You don't try t meure up. You dot try tout people down. U make me nt to see life through your eyes a that's an amazing quality. And wheat even more amazing is th you're just yourself. You'reomfortable in your own skin. And you make me want to feel comfortable in mine.

 Nick: Well, you should. You've got goo skin.

 Brooke: I' trying to b serious.

 Nick: Well, so am I. You've got good skin hair, teeth,g4 smi --

 Ooke: All right, that's it. I po my heart out to you and you can just compliment my looks?

 : No.

 Brooke:Well, whatlse do you have t s me?

Acon u can c, mr S. I'm n he cause you any trbl

 Stephanie: Fine. Then why are you here?

 I can'take your mon.

 Stephani I n't understand, corky.

 I did what you asked. I sehat nick and brooke were stranded tog but it have a joke. I can't take a pay-off for th. The guys a, we do that kind of stuff to each other all thtime. So I don't want your money. Five thousand, it's a there. Take it.

 Ridge: Wheat going on?

 Stepnie: Hi, honey.  Ridge: Why is this gentman ying to gi you $5,000?

 Stephanie: Oh, we're just negotiating about some work that he did for me.

 Ridge: Five gs seems a tad mu for a plumbing problem.


 Ridge: I saw your truck outside. You were here earlier.

 Stephani could we discuss this rarity? Maybe you could call me.

 There's nothing to discuss. I don't takeey for playing practical jokes on friends.

 Ridge: Practical jokes?

 I'm not a plumber. Your mom is trying to pay me for pulling a fast one on m buddy, nick.

 Ridge: Nick payne?

 Yeah. We're old seamates.

 Ridge: Would you wait here a minute? Can borrow you,lease? I wt short, to the point and


 Stephanie: Right. I got him to leave nick and brke stranded.

 Ridge: Stranded where? Steph on the channel islands. They're fine. As a matter of fact, I'm sure they're more than just fine.

 Ridge: Oh, mn it, mother. I camever here because i thought maybe you were right. Maybe there was something ing on between brookand nick and now i find out euphoric straighted the whole damn thing?

 Stephanie: And I'm sure she's taken advantage of situation.

 Ridge: When are you going to learn?

 Stephanie: I've learned a long time ago thatthat wom is bad news for you.

 Ridge: Will you stop it? You're always trying to justify everythin we a not throughere. The first thing i have to do is find brooke. Steph I'm re s's ectlywhershe wantso be

 Ridge: N't belve that an e sus ll isn wher i wt her to . Co on,e'reng.

Where aree goi?

 Ri whe yolefthem, the cnnel islands.Ht

 Nick: Brooke, I want to tell y somethi that I've never told anybody. I haven't been honest with you. There is a love in my life, the only one I've ever had.

 Brooke: She must be special.

 Nick: She is. Beyond, actually. She turned my liferound. It's something that I've always damed, something that i could never describe. I trusted her, puty life in her hands and i never looked back.

 Brooke: Has she lived up to your expectations?

 Nick: Yeah. It's hard to explain,omebody that's tempermental and unedictablef*, but at the same time when you feel something that's real and you feel something that's honest, you just -- I don't know, just the thought of her sort of makes myeart race. You know that feeling?

 Brooke: Sounds like somebody you might want to settle down with.

 Nick: We already have.

 Brooke: You have?

 Nick: Yeah there's nothing that w ever come between me and the sea

 Brooke: "The sea"? Oh y rat. Thishole time youwere talking about thocean? Nick: Yeah. Well did y thi ihave tal out?

 Oo: Just td ythat i loved you. Nick: No, yo dn'T. You said "iuppo i love u". Naturehat you said, "i suppe i love you" is what you said.

 Brooke: Well, don't you have anything to say to5 good afternoon ... tonight on cfrn news... beef rallies are happening across alberta...but are they doing any goo rob wiiams investigates the grassroots efforts to get american border re-oped. Edmonton pice are investigatinsh of paintball shootings... and hollywood star jennifer lopez tells all in an interview with our graham neil... that plus a scorching weather forecast. See yoat S. Lq"@@"h getting y your , he I I ntou know what plday in yo life. F here you said

 Thorne: Ma and deacon getting married? Amber, she hardly knows this guy and if she did, she wodn't even nsider i

 Amber: Yeah, well, they're more than considering it. My god... if the go through with this, then -- then they will be more than halfway there t takinger I can away from m

 Thorne my god tha wh thiis aut. Macy is sot and aryth she --'shing o at anyone.Ber, what bray ht oo.

Amber: Uhink tt onc they have eric that they're*z going to go after hope

 Thorne: I know that macy blames brooke for most of her problems. I c't imagine any other reason she would be doing this.

 Amber: Well, we've got to do sometng. We've got to stop her.

 Thorne: You can start by getting rick totake backhe restraining order.

 Amber: It's not going to do any good. Even if deacon gets access to his kids it's not going to be enough to stop the wedding. You, you're the only one t can do that.

 Thorne: Amber --

 Amber: You don't want r to end up with deacon, do you?

Thorne: No, i don't

 Amber: Then we have to do something, thorne, please.

 Deacon: Changed my mind? Changed my mind? What, are you dding me?

 Macy: So you still want to marry me?

 Deacon: Oh, absolutel hey, hey, I've got agreat idea. Sten, we can g on fligh, we can be in vegas in a couple ofours. What do you say?

 Macy: Vegas, and get an elvisersonar to marry ?

 Deacon: No, you want%q something nice, something big, right? We'll have a khurl, the biggtcongregation, auge reception. Nothing is going to be too good for you, i promise. May mace I was thinking something more intimate, you know, personal.

 Deacon: Yeah okay. The sun is gog down. You and me in a hot tub, clothing optional, with a minister. He would have his clothe on.

 Macy: What church do you go to?

 Deacon: I go to the one where beautiful angels come down and they rescue srs.

 Macy: Oh, deacon.

 Deacon: You'tay"oh, deac" until you see it.

Macy: Oh.

De yohate it.

 Macy: Love it.

Acon yeah? Ay. Th ere's sething I wan to do. I know th as far as couples go,ou and i were kind of off but there's something I want to doy the book. Macy alexaer, i love you. Will you please be my wife?

 Nick: We need some firewood.

 Brooke: It's notxactly

wasoping for. Nick, you don't tell people how you feel, they're never going to know.

 Nick: Oh, come on, you know I'm crazy about you. You're funny , you're tiful. You know, love is not a word that i tak lightly, brooke. I just found out who my old man s so that's kd o a deal. It was sort of -- well, this is it, this is what I've been missing in my life.

 Broo: And?

 Nick: Well, it's true. I guess, you know, filled in the blanks of the story and -- yeah, i can think about myse nd look aado the future. Right?

 Brooke: What do youee?

 Nick: Well, that's the funny thing about the future. You just don't know what's in it.

 Brooke: Yeah, it's kind of scary.

Ni: Scary. I've gone down in shark infested water and ty ever --and never a man and i fad was ofves twe th size o ship a neither one us ev ccked. Ihought i expernced evhing unte1 U. Don't you get boke? You're the sea me.

 Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by mccain deep n delicious cake. The treat that's simply irresistible.

 Nick: That should enough to ep us warm through the night.

 Acon: So this this is the part right now where you say yes and I put the ring on your finger.

 Macy: Ohand th what?

 Deacon then we live happily ever after, of course.

 Macy: Deacon --

deacon: "Deacon", that could be yes or it could mean no. Does it?

 Macy: No.

 Deacon: No, it means yes?

 Macy: Yes?

 Deacon: Yes, it means yes?U!U

 Macy: Yes, yes.

 Deacon: Wait, wait, wait-put the ring on. Come here, give me your hand. Now wre fished.

 Macy: Now we're just benning.

 Deacon: I like the way that sounds. What do you do on the first day of a new beginning?

 Macy: Well, let's -- well, we -- we could clean the house.

 Deacon:Ah, yeah, you know we cou do that.

 Macy: Yeah. Or we could --

 On: Oh! I like that much better. (Doorbell) why do knot it's am alght? Ay -- mace go getthat

deacon: I'm go n to ge rid her well king of cleaning house.

 Ridge: Broo?


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