B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/30/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/30/03

By Suzanne & Eric

theiatheing ted th a little rpect rig. Shinks'm tnly visitation.

Sheay not b thenly O. I ink rickight benvoltoo. Sothing he said yterday. Made me ink that.

Stands to rean... enevheresters feel threateddo ve a teency tocle theagons.

 Te t goo sh m out dcon's li.

 If u cat t childrennowou do it?

 The restrainger onl applies macy alender n macy sharp.


 Mrs. Cy sharp. Deacon prosed.˝R (Knocking) Comin (knockg continues)

 Deacon, just lete i

get the hell out of here.

 I didn't know about the restraing order,ka i just want to talk to you.

 Talk to me? No ohould be talking without my lawyer present.

 Lawrs are the ones that got us into is mess. Lawyers only do what you tell them to do.

 I didn'T. I swae, i had no reason w rick and brook were planning you asked me to trust you. Now it's your turn to trust me.

 Youtill should have stopped this, all righ as far as I coned you didn't douross me.

 No, I didn'T.

 How could you possibly m me choose between my ds an mace y?

 Thatas a mistake.

 A mistake? You're d rit it have. One I don't intend o making again.

 Man, this place looks like a museum.

 Tnk you, thk. Now,ou're absolut sure that nicknd broe can et backo los angeles tonight?

 In a dingy? No wa

 The channel isnds aren't uninhabited, a they?

>>O, there's some camp grounds and stufbut not where they hauled in.

 That wt ihought. So they're -- they're not in any real danger?

 What downi would put my st pal in a pinch? Look, you wanted brooke and him to spendome time alone. So I took theoat.

>>Ell, think that was an excellent idea. You've done a great job.

 Oh,, I am okin wful oen frankli here

 O, money is suc an inlica subject. I'm v gtefu, cky, an I am hoping thanick i going to be gratefu too.

 I can't believe this.

 So th boat's really gone?

 Itn't on a ef. The current couldn't have changed.

Doesn't make sense.

>>Ll right, e boat's gone. Th means we're -- we're here on this island. We reot going to get off and this ltle dingys not going to make it all the w back. Wee stk re, nick.

 Looks like it.

 Oh, god. Well, did you bring the c phone ateast?


 Okay. What about thedio? Nobody knows wre we areu know.

 Ia tional park. That means that there's a ranger station somewhere.

 We haven'teen a single person all D.

 Well, it'sot like we fell off th map. Your family knows we were going to catalina, right? Someone will find the boat so the coast guard will come lookinfor us. He , weon't betrand that lo. Hmm?

 Deacon asked you to marry him?


 And you said?

 I haven't said anything yet.

 You're not sure?

 No. It's just that it came out of thblue, an i need time to think.

Well, ocourse y do. I mean, yo and deacon have just started seeing each other.

 And in othercircstces we probably wld have waited a little bit longer but --

 It's the restraining order, isn't it it's the restraining order. You figure this is the way t get arou it.

 That's not thenly reason why he proposedmom.

 Wl, I should hope not. I mean, rriage is a very serisšˇ buness.

Hees me. And we want to be togethe we want rai his children together.

 And wheyou're allowed toe th.

 Ok, mom, know this probably a shockndith everythinge goinon in my life it might seem a ltlesuspt 's not. He wano build a life me, a ry comen, i know what you're thi you'rehinking that this is way o soon an that I'm not ready --

 I'm ting that this isruly what you want then i thk it wderf.

 You're angry but i was angry too. And en i got back tohe house and I found out what they had done --

youxpt me toelie this all wentn while y were talk to me?

 I meant everything I said to Y. You ha my word.

 You're obviously not e one running the show.

 Okay -- oy, the siation has gotten a ltle more colicad.

 You're damn rightit's gotten more colicated, for you, amber.

 W we can deal wi this.

 Oh, honey, i can I am going to deawith it.

 How, you're gng to hand it or to the lawyers? Ay, we don't have to do that.

>>Here n way anyon is eping me or mac away fm ids, you uerstand me? I don't care what kindf tric your family pulls. It ain't goi to happen, all right? You got m word on that.



 Hey,t a great treat. , Cookies and milk.

 I saw a truck leavingut the driveway there.

Oh, really? Must have been the plumbing truck.

 This a bad time?

 N not at all. Everything's been taken care of.

 All r ght, you can still wah the girls tonigh then?

 Absutely. Where ishomas?

 Basketball game. Duncan's mom wl drop him F.


 I've got a resertion at the cafe rouse.

 With who?


 You heard from her?

 Not Y. But I'm seshe will beack soon. When she gets back, she is gointo nee a lot of pampering after spending the night on nick's bucketf bolts.

Somebody s to find


 Aoupl hours.

Well, ybe not tha soon. It oka wee got a blanket.

We need to do now is build a fire. Ire? For what

 Welit gets pretty chilly on the islands en that su goes down.

 Oh,y god, we're going to spend the night here? What? What is so funny? .It's got to be you I've sailed the world about ten times d I've neve lost

boatd been stranded on an island.

 I'm glad you fin this so amusing.

 Well, i gus if I'm going to b stuck on an island, i consider myself luc to be with someby as cutes yo are.

 Don't you dare even think about repoputing this island.

 To be ite loan, we t ha time. I suggest we wk ound and get the laof the land, gather attle firewood. Late keep ving, huh?

 No'mtang right here.

 All right suit yourself. Probly won'te back bore dark. Ke ce.

 Uh --

 There. We're here. S enjoy it good afton ... tonight on cfrn news... the city steps up it's wt nile testing after a dead bird found in edmonis confirmed to have the disease... the much anticiped sar concert isndery in toronto... we'll talk#with one edmontonn, who's taking in the huge party.. and the future ojasper's maligne lake is in jeopardy. We'll tell you why. That plus a look at your weather forecast. Seyou at six.

 Macy: So if I want to marry deacon, you'll support it?˝O

 Sally: Darling, how many times do i ha toell it's whai've alway wanted for you, all i have ever ed for y, is to see you lead a happy and productive life and if you truly believe that you n find that with deacon d his chiren, then i am bend it 100%.

 Cy: And you don't have any concerns?

 Lly: Some, of course. And I will admit i had a lot of reservations at the beginning. Because deacon's relationship with brooke and because of all of the controversy with the cldren.

 Macy: And that doesn't bother younyre?

 Oh, n I will always be concerned about you. But what really bothe me is thedea of the forrester faly turning their lawyers loose onou, issuing cou orders, doing everything they can to interfere wityour relatiship with deacon.

 Macy: Well, they're t going to get away with that.

 Sally: Tell me truth, darling lip liuwouldn't really getÝrĐ mried just to e them, would you?

 Macy: Absolutely not, mother, no. Look at me. You kw me better tn anybody. I am serious about ts. Yes, I' gotten married for the ong reons. I've gotten married to the wrong people. Not this time. This t, if do it,t's g to be forhe right res.

 Sally: Welluw somein darling? Believe U. Can see the truf at you' saying your fac I caseeitin ay y ey light u wheou tkabout deac. And i saw it just now when you told meow hees you.

 Macy: He does.

 Sa then your getting married has nothing to do with court ders orspitef whatrook brooke mithink revenge.

 Macy: Nothis is about deacon and m turng our ves ound andhen moving fod.

 Sally: And this is t lver lining.

All othe da clouds that y had to fight yourayĐi rough. Inll those lessons that you d to arn. This isay-off?

 Macy yeah, that's what it feels like. Like a reward.

 Sally: Well, it's a eward that is rich deserd, my darling.

Deserves it more than you.

 Nick: Ay. Right throug he, come on. There we a. We've found it.

 Ooke: I guess by chance it's on the other side t island.

 Nick: Once we start a fire somebodyill see the smoke.

 Brooke: I' thirsty. Is thereny icft in tt cooler

 Nick: No. We can finish theest of the wine.

 Brooke: Berries. You have t cooh them first. I have a girlcoutyou know.

 Nick: Well, how resourceful. Ybe you could builds a little that much hut and a coconut radio, huh?

 Brooke: Lsh you g dinnerlast n so I'll do th honours tonht.

 Nick: I forgot the fishing rod.

 Brooke: It's all rht. I got one. I hopeou like crab.

 Nick: You got what younted,idt you?

Brke: What that?

 Nick get from therealld

 Brooke: Thisnot reay wh I had i m

nick: 'S not that d, iit,o appoinen, no cell phos -

 Brooke no boat.

 Nick nothing to do but watch the sun set.

 Brooke: Yokn, for somebody who pdes himself in du and responsibility, you certainly seem like a little slacker.

Nick: Well, life is more than bines appointments, businesswoman.

 Brooke: Don't let your father hear you say that.

 Nick no. His priorities certainly have changed in the last few weeksw˝, han'tey?

 Brooke: Ever sce our mothame back into his life.

 Nick: I gus if you truly findhe right woman, all of the challenges just turn into adventures, don't they

 Deacon, deacon, don't freak out, please. There's got to be some way to wo this out. I'll taltok and --

 Macy: Deacon, y're no going to believe this. I told mom that youposed and she thrilled.

 Amber: You' getng married? Losed captnif this progra b

you by ctv.Ca, tv t clicks.

 Amber: What did you just say?

 Cy: Amber. I didn knoyou were here.

 Ambe you proposedded?

 Deacon: Yeah

 Ber: U guysbarely even know each other.

 Cy: I don't ink th's any of your buness.

 Amber: T affects my son, it is. The restraining orde you said that you wou d with it. This i your plan?

 Deacon: Oh, stop, this is not a plan, all right? This is aenuine proposal.˝Or

 Amber: It a genuine scheme. Macy yore wrong amber. Deacants us to be a mily.

 Amber: , My god. Ri was rig rick was right you guys, you're tryin ta eric.

 Acon: No, amberno, we're not.

 Amr: Yeahyou think -- you think if you just get married you're going to get custy?

 Deacon: Amber, please, we don't have a problem with you, all right? Yo always going to be a part of hili.

 Amber: No, y chave eric. Er imy . He's my son! He's my little boy! No, you cannot have my son!

 Deacon: Well, i think that went well.

 Ridge: All right, kiss me goodp night. You can read a story.

 Good night, dad. Love you.

 Ridge: You be good to grandma, okay? I'll see you to.

 Stephae: You fine the exact same place we left off last time. I'll be right B. So did you hearrom boke?

 Ridge: A left asage on her cell ph she's probably goi to meet me at the restaurant.

 Stephanie: Loan issues don't you you would have -- she would ha cald and conrm?

 Dge: Don't know, ther. I dot know what's g on.

 Stephanie: I t you do. You juon't wan to aitit.

Ridge: She's not l with him. Steph avenue and if she, if she's spent the last 24 hours wi nick?

 Rie: Hasn't it occurd to you there's something wrong here?

Epnie: The whole situation wrong she's austrianing you, and i can't stanit.

 Ridge:She's no doing at. If it was it would be over. You don'tave to worrybout˝or that. If sheessing around th anyone, brooke and i a e finished.

Brooke: Careful. It could be h.

 Nick: Mmm. Mmm. Rt of like pie without the crust.

 Broo: If you n't ck them, ey could make you sick.

 Nick: You'reretty hay.

 Brke: Thank you.

 Nick: Ought to g your daughter eolled in girl scouts as soon as you can.

 Brooke: Hanging o wh you, tharobably a good idea

 Ni: The boat wasn't my fault.

 Brooke: Really? Well, en,hat happened? We didomething toake the sea godsgr

ck: Maybe we made them happy. At

 Brooke: You're having a


 Nick: I am. Are you?

 Brooke: Yeah. It's just i keep thinking about hope. This is the second nht i haven't kissed her good night.

 Nick: Ght. I'm sure rick andamber are taking care of her.

 Brke: I know. It's just --

 Nick: You miss her.

 Brooke: She'a vy portant pa of my day. No matr what hpens, whether it's busy or sessful, nothing elatters. Right then, inow exactly who I.

 Ni: Pe's mom.

Ooke: I couldn't le that.


Ar very impresse, yo ow that?

 Brke: Me?

 Nick: Ye,you. The way you held it together through everything and -- well, look at you now.

 Brooke: M maroone on this desert isld.

 Ni: No,ou're relaxed,kn hmm? I don't think I've evese you more peaceful.

 Brooke: Ything south of my hands

-- verything is out of my nds.

 Nick: Hodoes that feel?

 Brooke: WellI don't think I would to live my life that way but for today --

 Ck: Yolod it didn't you?

 Broo: Exploring the isla, by the fire, a bottle

wine, your one-man ba. What's not to love?

 Nick: Love.

That what we're talking abt here, brooke?

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