B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/29/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/29/03

By Suzanne & Eric
Proofread by Boo

Ridge: Get out on the boat and then ???.

Stephanie: Unbelievable! I don't understand you. She spends all night with another man and you make her the victim.

Ridge: They just got slick, that's all.

Stephanie: ? They're trying you!

Ridge: We're just going to have dinner.

Stephanie: Oh she's going to have dinner with you tonight? The walked down the aisle together, she changed her mind d now she' stringing you along like a love sick little schoolboy.

Ridge: No, she's not.

Stephanie: Then what is this all about

Ridge: It's just what Brooke seems to need right now that's all.

Stephanie: You don't need this. Honey, honey, come on, you're a hell of an attractive, successful, available man there are  any number of wonderful women in this town that would just love to date you.

Ridge: Don't bother mother. I want Broke.

Stephanie: yes, but the question is does Brooke want you?

Nick: Fog's cleared.

Brooke: Is it the sun?

Nick: See fog cleared. Morning.

Brooke: Morning. Thanks.

Nick: How did you sleep?

Brook: Good. How about you?

Nick: It was beautiful up on deck.

Brooke: You stayed up all night?

Nick: Come on , I'll show you where we are.

Brook: Wait a minute let me freshen up a little.

Nick: The sea air will do that for you, Mayre. Come on.

Brooke: It's just frigid.

Nick: Yes. The way you like the morning even when you wakeup.

Brooke: Is that Catalina over there?

Nick: No, it's too small. It's one of the channel island

Brooke: Cango?

Nick: It's a national park. There's nothing there but a few campsites, and a few hiking trails.

Brooke: Really? Let's go - let's load up the dingy and go over there.

Nick: I wasn't sure you wanted to get back to your beloved land.

Brooke: no I don't. Co on, let's go!

Ric: You'd better get dressed, you don't want t be late for camp. (Doorbell)

Ric: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, amber. I thought I'd catch mom before she went to work.

Amber: She isn't here. She had a date with Nick last night.

Bridget: She spent the night with Nick?

Amber: They got caught in the fog and asked me if Ii couod watch home.

Bridget: Did she call his morning?

Amber: No, but Ridge did.

Bridget: Is he upset?

Amber: I don't know. I didn't talk to him.

Bridget: How could she let this happen?

Amber: I don't know. But the way things are going lately, I wouldn't mind failing off in the sunset myself.

Bridget: What do you mean the way things are going? Something wrong?

Amber: You know Deacon's been spending time with the kids.

Bridget: I thought you and Rick stopped that.

Amber: We tried and it backfired.

Bridget: And do you no--

Amber: He got a lawyer.

Bridget: He wants custody.

Amber: Visitation. But why now? I mean, everything is completely out of control.

Bridget: Macy. Had nods.

Amber: I mean, enough people are involved in this already. Ur Macy and me and Rick and Thorne.

Bridget: Thorne?

Amber: And Deacon's involved with Macy.

Bridget: And they'd agree?

Amber: You mom see's to this and that .They went to Deacon's house and Macy was there. After everything Brooke put her there, what better way?

Bridge that easy?

Amber: I don't know. Macy opposed it, but Deacon, claims he wants to spend time with Pete and Eric, to get to know them. Spend few day was them a month. And I thought we had worked everything out and everything was going to be fine, but then Brooke and your brother they had to take a hard line.

Bridget: What did they do?

Amber: They got a lawyer, put a restraining order on Macy.

Bridget: Oh, my.

Amber: Yes. Believe me, Ric is not the only on who is going crazy about the moves your mom's been making.

Ridge: I'm not going to debate with this with you mother.

Stephanie: That's because you know you can't win.

Stephanie: Brooke loves me.

Stephanie: She sure has a funny way expressing it.

Ridge: What does that say about me if I can't give her the time to sort all this out, huh? How can I ask her to trust me if I don trust her?

Stephanie: Everything has a line. You're only supposed to put up with so much.

Ridge: Is that the kind of advice I -- I should have been giving dad about you?

Stephanie: I'm not dating other men, and I'm not toying with his emotions

Ridge: Brooke will come back to me.

Stephanie: And if she does, you don't car how she behaves in the meantime? If she sleeps with him?

Ridge: Just because she went the night on his boat?

Stephanie: You're the one who said it was a trick. Why does a guy pull a stunt like this?

Ridge: Nothing's going to happen.

Stephanie: Nick obviously thought so.

Ridge: Yeah? Well, he thought wrong.

Stephanie: If he did, then where is she? Why didn't she come home?

Nick: Serious, you really want to head out to the land?

Brooke: Don't you?

Nick: I just thought you be anxious to get back to Los Angeles.

Brooke: No not really. Hope is fine. I don't have any meetings. Think if I'm back by the end of the day, it will be okay.

Nick: You don't think your family is worried about you?

Brooke: no, they'll be fine. Rick said I'd be very, safe.

Nick: I wasn't referring to Rick.

Brooke: I'm referring to our picnic that I'm supposed to have and I wonder if you have anything else besides all this beer and potato chips.

Nick: It just doesn't sound right. I'm surprised you don't want to go back to Los Angeles.

Brook:  C.E.O.'s can play hooky too, you know.

Nick: But you never do.

Brooke: I am today.

Nick: Okay. Ms. Brooke, Good.

Brooke: There's one problem. I can't go there dressed like this.

Nick: What's wrong with that?

Brooke: Look.

Nick: Okay. Not good. One second. I think I might have something here.

Nick: You should be able to find something in there that fits.

Brooke: All right. I'm not going to ask you why you have all those bikinis on board.

Nick: A good captain has to be prepared for anything

Bridget: No wonder you're stressed. This situation is terrible.

Amber: It didn't have to be.

Bridget: Slapping a restraining order on Macy does sound a little bit extreme.

Amber: Know how Deacon is going to react Bridget

Bridget: Didn't he give you his word he wasn't going to do anything?

Amber: Yes, and the next thing you know is some process server shows up with papers.

Bridget: No wonder you're nervous.

Amber: I know you're a little biased.

Bridget: I Know him better than anyone. I think mom was right to protect herself.

Amber: And Macy.

Bridget: Do the restraining order says nothing against Deacon.

Amber: Deacon's Hope and Eric's father.

Bridget: Is Eric' father.

Amber: Deacon just wants to be a good parent.

Bridget: He never had any interest in them before. How does he expect them to love him?

Amber: So I have second to Deacon to be a good parent.

Bridgett: You can't do that

Amber: No if I want a fair peace in life. Nobody wants a custody battle, but I'm afraid that that's what's going to happen now with your mom drawing the line in the sand.

Brooke: Oh, it's beautiful.

Nick: Isn't it, though? Just like you, only cause it's unspoiled.

Brooke: I'm not spoiled Nick

Nick: How many different outfits did you try on? Shorts and tops?

Brooke: How many bicyles did you have on there? I just wanted to be comfortable for my hike

Nick: Who's goinng hiking?

Bridget: Don't you like hiking?

Nick: I just don't consider walking in the woods sport.

Brooke: And dangling a string over the side of the boat, that's a sport.

Nick: Well you're catching on Brooke . I think we should eat before we get started. Well, I hope you're not too hungry.

Brooke: I'm starved. What do you have?

Nick: Potato chips, corn chip, can of tuna.

Brooke: I hope you have something to wash all that down with

Nick: Yeah. Got some beer. Some wine. Goes with the fish.

Brooke: You had to do this on the boat?

Nick: Kiwi captain gave it to me when I took over the ship. I saved for special occasions.

Brooke: We don't get to drink it?

Nick: What do you care about this/.

Brooke: Your misty island, you're right that is a special occasion.


Bridget: Amber do you want me to get that?

Ridge: Hey, Bridget. Is everything all right?

Bridget: Yeah, I was just looking for mom.

Ridge: So was I.

Bridget: She's not back yet. Amber let me in.

Ridge: She looking after Hope?

Bridget: No, Rick too her to the office. Amber is getting little Eric ready for camp.

Ridge: You know what's going on with him, right?

Bridget: Deacon, yea she just told me.

Ridge: How are they holding up?

Bridge: She's nervous. How about you?

Ridge: Me?

Bridget: Ah, how are you doing.  I mean today the thing with Nick and mom.

Ridge: Has amber heard from them?

Bridget: No since last night. You worried?

Ridge: More all the time. When your antiperspirant leaves a white residue

Bridget: Nick is a good sailor. I'm sure their both fine.

Ridge: You think they're still together.

Bridget: Yea they got caught in the fog. What is it?

Ridge: I went over and had breakfast with my mother.

Bridget: You told her what happened?

Ridge: She knew something was bothering me.

Bridget: They went out for dinner. It was just a date. Little rid that's what I keep telling myself.

Bridget: If it's really bothering, you should talk to her.

Ridge: I have. No, we're connecting again, Bridget. We are I can feel it. The other day, Brooke really opened up to me. She needed my help.

Bridget: That's good.

Ridge: But tough?

Bridge: Ridge, don't give up on her. This thing with Nick is just temporary she loves you she always has.

Ridge: Something always seems get in our way, thou and I just don't want that to happen anymore.

(Harmonica music)

Brooke: You're really on that.

Nick: You've haven't had entertainment in your life, Brooke. The great thing about the harmonic music, it  sounds like something. Here. Give it a try.

Brooke: No, no.

Nick: Come on, try it. Just wrap those beautiful lips around there and blow.

Brooke: Okay. Like that?

Nick: See.  Just like a pro.

Brooke: I'd rather hear you play

Nick: You ready to head out for a little walk around the island?

Brooke: No, I'm not feeling so good.

Nick: You shouldn't have had that sec glass of wine

Brooke: Was good. Than you for sharing it with me.

Nick: You're starting to get a little sun burn you know

Brooke: We've been out here for a long time.

Nick: Want to go back?

Brooke: Not yet.

Nick: You sure?

Brooke: I'm sure.

Nick: You'.

Brooke: I'm relaxed. But, Nick where's the ?

Nick: What?

Brooke: Where's the Shady Marlin

Nick: Good question

It's done. I took care of everything.

Stephanie: So Nick and Brooke cannot get back to Los Angeles?

Oh, no. They're not goin anywhere.

Stephanie: Well, what did you do? Steal the boat

Well, I got out there, no one was there. They took the dingy over to the wonderful channel islands, so, yeah, I pulled the anchor and took off.

Stephanie: They're on the island alone and stranded. Perfect.

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