B&B Transcript Monday 7/28/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/28/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: What do you think? Is it gonna clear up?

Nick: Not yet.

[Bell rings]

Brooke: We can't just sit here.

Nick: We don't know what's out there.

Brooke: Well, nobody can see us either.

Nick: That's why we have fog lights and warning bells. We're fine.

Brooke: We're stuck.

Nick: A fog like this can clear off in a minute.

Brooke: Or it could stay around all night. I know what the weather's like out here, Nick.

Nick: A good captain is always optimistic.

Brooke: We were supposed to have a lovely dinner on Catalina tonight.

Nick: Are you hungry? Is that what you're saying?

Brooke: What do you think? I'm sure you don't have any wonderful food here on this ship of yours.

Nick: Come here. We're on a boat. We're surrounded by food. Here, put that on.

Brooke: Oh, no, no, no, no, I don't fish.

Nick: You can hold a net, can't you?

Brooke: You know, it's slippery out there.

Nick: Well, just hang on to something. You'll be fine.

Brooke: Oh, oh, look, I've got a signal on my cell phone. Maybe I should call somebody.

Nick: Well, who are you thinkin' about calling? The pizza delivery guy?

Brooke: Oh, very funny.

Nick: Now, this is gonna be truly fresh fish, not that stuff you get at that cafe who's its you eat at. What is it?

Brooke: Cafe Russe.

Nick: Russe. Right.

Brooke: Russe.

Nick: Whoa!

Brooke: Oh!

Nick: We hit something. Get the net.

Brooke: What net?

Nick: The net, the net, back here. Grab the net. It's on the floor. That's it there. Bring it over here. That's it. All right, now, put it down by the water.

Brooke: Where?

Nick: Overboard. Put it -- just bend down -- that's right. Just try to scoop him in there. That's it. Scoop him up. Good, good, good. Good, good. Good, there you go. Excellent. That's a girl. All right. Look at that. Look at that. Huh? Well, I don't need to take you to dinner. I brought dinner right here. Good job.

Brooke: You're not gonna kill that, are you?


Sally: Hello, Rick.

Rick: Sally, your daughter's making a big mistake.

Sally: Excuse me?

Rick: Hooking up with Deacon. It's a bad idea.

Sally: Really? For who?

Rick: For Macy.

Sally: Oh, I see. You're concerned about Macy.

Rick: Well, aren't you?

Sally: Look, why don't we just cut right to the snapper, save a lot of time? I know all about Deacon Sharpe. His entire history. And I think I can assure you, that's all behind him now.

Rick: Right, right, because he's a changed man?

Sally: He's trying to be.

Rick: Yeah? And what's Macy trying to do?

Sally: I'll just accept that as a rhetorical question.

Rick: She is using my son to get back at my mother.

Sally: Oh, Rick, no. Macy has gotten very close to little Eric. She would never use him.

Rick: Why? Why is she so interested in Deacon's children?

Sally: Because Macy and Deacon are interested in each other.

Rick: And this is their way of getting back at my family.

Sally: No. No, this is their way of getting on with their lives. Now, apparently, your family doesn't want them to. And what is all this talk about vengeance and getting even? Seems to me that if anybody's being vindictive around here, it's you, Rick.


Macy: You want to marry me?

Deacon: More than anything.

Macy: Look, I realize this might be a way around Brooke's restraining order, but you really should check with an attorney first.

Deacon: Wait a second, I don't need to check with anybody. I know how I feel.

Macy: I know you're angry. I understand. I'm angry, too.

Deacon: I love you. Macy, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You and me, and the kids.

Macy: A family.

Deacon: No. Our family. Look, I'm not trying to outwit Brooke here. I'm not just looking for some legal loophole to jump through. I want you to be my wife. And when I do finally get to see my kids, I want you to help me raise 'em.


Rick: You think I'm being vindictive?

Sally: I think you're doing everything in your power to keep Deacon away from his children.

Rick: We're protecting them.

Sally: He's their father.

Rick: Sally, Deacon is dragging your daughter into a fight that they cannot win.

Sally: He's giving her a reason to smile again. He's made her happy. Spending time with Deacon and his children has given her a whole new lease on life. And I do not intend to stand by and let you or your family take that away from her. Not now, not ever again.


Macy: Oh, Deacon. I -- I don't know what to say.

Deacon: Well, you could try yes.

Macy: I'm touched. I -- I am.

Deacon: I caught you off guard, didn't I?

Macy: I just -- I wasn't expecting any of this. I wasn't expecting to meet you or connect with your kids.

Deacon: Macy -- I want you to be a part of their lives.

Macy: I want that, too. I do. It's just that I've been through a lot.

Deacon: I know.

Macy: We both have. And we've been there for each other. But -- I don't want you to confuse that.

Deacon: Now, do I look confused to you? Macy, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. And everything that we have been through, to me that's just proof.

Macy: Of what?

Deacon: Of how right this is. Now, think about it. You think what marriage is. It's two people coming together and doing better than they can by themselves.

Macy: It's just happening so fast.

Deacon: We have waited our entire lives to get to this place. And I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna wait another minute.


Rick: Sally, I'm sorry about what happened to Macy. I really am.

[Cell phone rings]Rick: You know, I've got to take this.

Sally: Fine. We're through here anyway.

Rick: Mom?

Brooke: Look, I've got to talk fast because my phone's dying out. I just want you to know that I'm on Nick's boat and we're stuck in the fog.

Rick: What do you mean you're stuck?

Brooke: We can't move until the fog lifts, but I just want to make sure that you and Amber can watch little Hope for me until I get back.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, no problem. How long are you gonna be?

Brooke: I have no idea.

Rick: Are you in Catalina?

Brooke: No, not yet.

But I just don't want you to worry, okay?

Rick: Oh, I'm not gonna worry. You're with nick. You'll be fine. Look, just have a good time and I'll see you when I get home.

Brooke: I'm losing you. Hello?

Nick: Brooke, what's going on?

Brooke: Rick?

Nick: The food's ready. You still hungry?

Brooke: Yeah. Rick's gonna watch the baby for me.

Nick: Oh, well, good.

Brooke: Yeah.

Nick: Can I have that?

Brooke: Oh, sure.

Nick: All right. That's all settled. We can relax. Would you like to eat?

Brooke: Yes.

Nick: Okay. Dinner is served.

Brooke: This is wonderful.

Nick: Well, what it lacks in looks it will make up for in taste.

Brooke: I didn't know you could cook.

Nick: Oh, yeah. You know, when you're stuck in a boat with someone in the fog --

Brooke: Thank you.

Nick: You can actually learn a lot about a person. There you are. I'd say by the time we get moving again -- we'll know each other a whole lot better. Cheers, kid.

Brooke: Cheers.


Macy: Deacon.

Deacon: Hey, we've earned this. We deserve this.

Macy: I don't want to rush.

Deacon: I know. I know. Hey, listen, we're gonna -- we're gonna take it slow. You can trust me.

Macy: I do.

Rick: Hang on, Sally, we're not finished yet.

Sally: I think we are.

Rick: No, sally, listen to me, okay?

Sally: No. I've heard enough. You know something, Rick? The only thing more annoying than a Forrester on his high horse is a Forrester pretending to be contrite.

Rick: Sally, I really am sorry about what happened to Macy.

Sally: Well, you should be. You and your whole ridiculous family.

Rick: Yeah, you see? Macy does blame us.

Sally: Oh, what was I just saying, huh? It has to be about you, right?

Rick: No, no. This is about Deacon. He is a user. He used Becky. He used my sister.

Sally: And what about your mother? Oh, but then, of course, nobody takes advantage of Brooke Logan, do they?

Rick: Nobody threatens her children, either.

Sally: Why would Deacon threaten her children? Unless this battle isn't as futile as you seem to think it is.

Rick: This is not Macy's battle. This is not Macy's business, and she's not doing herself any favors getting involved.

Sally: And you're not doing yourself any favors by coming to me with this, either. Macy is not going to go on living her life according to Forrester rules. She is going to make her own decisions from now on. And I support her in that 100%.

Rick: Even if she ends up getting hurt?

Sally: Now, who's threatening who?

Rick: It's just what happens to people who get involved with Deacon.

Sally: Macy and deacon have been a very good influence on each other. And you know something else, Rick? I think if your family allows little Eric to spend time with them, Macy will have a very good influence on him as well.


Brooke: This fish is fabulous.

Nick: I can go catch another one if you want.

Brooke: I'm all right.

Nick: Yes, ma'am, you are.

Brooke: So what other hidden talents do you have? You can cook, you can fish, you can play guitar.

Nick: I can tie 100 different knots.

Brooke: Hmm. Well, that could certainly come in handy.

Nick: Yeah? Why's that?

Brooke: Well, according to Massimo, he thinks I'm an expert at tying the know. But lately --

Nick: Well, it's okay to step back and examine your options every now and then.

Brooke: Well, look at a couple like Massimo and your mother, how they've just kind of thrown caution to the wind and just went for it.

Nick: After going it alone their whole lives. Don't forget that.

Brooke: Your mother didn't date after her husband died?

Nick: Oh, no. My mother and I have very high standards.

Brooke: Obviously.

Nick: Remember, I pretty much haven't known who I was my whole life. Can't really give much to another person when you don't know who you are. So now I know who my old man is, and it's time to start looking ahead.

Brooke: And what do you see?

Nick: Children. Five girls. That's what I'd like to have.

Brooke: Not a boy?

Nick: No. I don't think I could deal with somebody like me.

Brooke: Hmm. For some reason, I didn't picture you as a sugar and spice kind of guy.

Nick: Well, girls aren't like that anymore. Dance recitals and dolls. They play the same sports as boys. I could be the fishing coach.

Brooke: Wow. But you know what? A lot happens before that. Like, there's midnight feedings, you've got to change all the diapers.

Nick: Well, I'll just stick to gutting the fish for now. I think I'd be a good dad.

Brooke: I think you would, too. A little girl needs someone to make her feel safe.


Macy: You certainly are full of surprises tonight.

Deacon: Oh, yeah? You had a couple of your own there.

Macy: You know what I mean.

Deacon: Yeah. So, you still think it's too soon to get married?

Macy: It's a big step.

Deacon: It's a big step in the right direction.

Macy: Yeah, it could be.

Deacon: No, no, no. It will be.

Macy: You are so sure of yourself.

Deacon: Yes, I am. About us, I got no doubt.

Macy: I don't doubt you. Not at all.

Deacon: Tell me, then -- what's the matter?

Macy: Well, we haven't known each other that long.

Deacon: Yeah. Okay, all right. Go ahead, ask me. Anything. Anything you want.

Macy: It's -- it's not you. It's me.

Deacon: Macy, I know that you are -- you're one of the most decent people that I have ever met in my life. I know how I feel when Iím around you. And I also know that you're just getting out of a marriage.

Macy: I've made some mistakes, Deacon.

Deacon: Join the club.

Macy: I've jumped into some relationships. I've gotten married for the wrong reasons.

Deacon: Are you worried about what to tell your family? I mean, I understand, you know, if Sally doesn't want me calling her "mom" right away. We'll ease into that.

Macy: I don't exactly know how to explain this to them.

Deacon: You know something? Everybody's a sucker for love. All you gotta do is tell them the truth -- that we met each other, and we fell in love.

Macy: It's that simple for you?


Nick: How do those jammies fit?

Brooke: Oh, they're good. How do they look?

Nick: Good. We're not going anywhere tonight.

Brooke: What did I tell you?

Nick: Well, you were right.

Brooke: Are we in any danger?

Nick: I guess that depends. Probably a good idea to get some shut-eye.

Brooke: You only have one bed?

Nick: Well, this isn't a cruise ship, honey.

Brooke: Nick, I can't share a bed with you.

Nick: No problem. Not interested.

Brooke: You're not?

Nick: Nope. Not if what I hear about you is true.

Brooke: What did you hear about me?

Nick: That I'm just some speed bump on your way back to Forrester.

Brooke: Who told you that?

Nick: Do you deny it?

Brooke: Do you need me to?

Nick: Not really. I know you're attracted to me.

Brooke: That's your most attractive quality -- your modesty.

Nick: Thanks.

Brooke: There is something very appealing about a man who wants what he has. Which begs the question -- what attracts you to me?

Nick: Well, who says I am?

Brooke: I do.

Nick: Maybe a little.

Brooke: Why?

Nick: Because we've both devoted our lives to something. I devoted mine to the sea. And you've devoted yours to Forrester.

Brooke: We're both missing something.

Nick: I think so. We're the same, you and me. We may be lost in the fog, but we're really not lost at all. Are we?

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