B&B Transcript Friday 7/25/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/25/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Nick: What are you doing?

Jackie: Nothing.

Nick: You picked up.

Jackie: Oh, of course I didn't. Why would I do that? You're a grown man, you can pick up after yourself. Especially on a day when you have such a very important date tonight with a very lovely young woman, who I don't think would have appreciated finding all your socks strewn all over the dashboard.

Nick: Console.

Jackie: Whatever.

Nick: You did my laundry?

Jackie: See how much I love you?

Nick: Seems to me like you love Brooke.

Jackie: Well, I do. Anyone that can make you this happy -- tops on my list.

[Nick laughing] What?

Nick: Well, I was just thinking of old Forrester. What he wouldn't do to trade mothers with me.


Brooke: Thank you. Edward was just what we needed.

Ridge: Hey, happy to help. I know how stressed out you've been.

Brooke: Well, I could handle Deacon, but Macy with her sick vendetta. Using our children against us.

Ridge: Well, she can't do that now.

Brooke: Thanks to Edward, and his restraining order. I just hope Amber gets back soon with little Eric. I don't want him there with Deacon when he finds out about this.


Amber: We're home.

Little Eric: Daddy!

Rick: Hey, there he is. Come here, big guy. How ya doing?

Little Eric: We made cookies.

Rick: You made cookies for me?

Little Eric: No. Marta.

Amber: Seems only fair.

Rick: Yeah, after all the cookies she's put in your little belly. Why don't you go give them to her?

Little Eric: Marta, cookies!

Rick: He's okay.

Amber: Yeah, I had a long talk with Macy.

Rick: Did you lay it on the line?

Amber: Well, yeah.

Rick: Good.

Amber: Well, you know, I really don't think we have to worry about her.

Brooke: Not anymore.

Rick: We got a restraining order against Macy.

Amber: You did what?

Rick: She can't go anywhere near either of the children.

Amber: No. Oh, my god. What have you guys done?


Deacon: Hey.

Macy: Hey.

Deacon: You know, this was such an amazing day. Just hangin' out with my son -- and I am so glad that you were a part of it.

Macy: Well, he's a wonderful kid.

Deacon: Yeah.

Macy: And it was so important that this visit turned out well.

Deacon: Oh, I know. This could've been a complete disaster. The way Amber was freakin' out -- i cannot thank you enough for calming her down.

Macy: Well, I understand where she's coming from. Here, she's raised him all this time, she's been a wonderful mother, and then all of a sudden she realizes that you could take him from her, just like that? I mean, I'd be panicking, too.

Deacon: You know how much I appreciate you?

Macy: You're welcome.

[Knock at door]

Deacon: Oh.

Macy: Let's not answer that. Actually --

Deacon: Well, we better go answer that.

Macy: Yeah, Eric might have forgotten something.

Deacon: Hi, can I help you?

Process server: Ms. Alexander?

Macy: Yeah?

Process server: This is for you.

Macy: For me?

Deacon: Wait, hang on a second. Excuse me, who are you?

Process server: I'm a process server.

Macy: What is this some kind of subpoena? It's a restraining order. "Protected persons -- Hope Logan and Eric Forrester III." They think I'm a threat to your children.


Amber: A restraining order?

Rick: I thought you'd be relieved.

Amber: But you -- you didn't deliver it yet, right? I mean, you can still cancel it.

Brooke: Why would we do that?

Amber: Because we don't need a restraining order. I talked to Macy. I mean, she's not out to get us. She's not using the kids.

Brooke: Amber, did you expect her to admit it?

Amber: She just wants deacon to have a relationship with his children.

Ridge: Who happen to be the daughter and grandson of the woman she hates most.

Amber: Yeah.

Brooke: Look, I don't think you realize what's really going on here.

Amber: Okay, Rick, you cannot send that order. Okay, it's just gonna set them off, and they are the ones with the power.

Rick: Look, Macy is out for revenge against mom. If we block her path --

Amber: And you think Deacon's just gonna back down? I mean, when has he ever done that?


Deacon: Macy, let me take a look at this for a second. I don't believe this. This is --

Macy: Did they really think I would hurt your kids?

Deacon: You know what? They want to play hardball, that's fine. Not a problem.

Macy: "Macy Alexander may not come within 100 yards of either child, their school or child care. She may not own or possess a firearm."

Deacon: Hi, let me have Julie Shoemaker.

Macy: God.

Deacon: All right, look, this is really important. Tell her that Deacon Sharpe called, to please call me back the minute she gets in, okay? All right.

Macy: Do you think amber knew about this?

Deacon: No. No, this reeks of Brooke and Rick. Those two are the ones calling the shots. You know what? If those two think they are in charge, they're about to find out differently.


Brooke: She's right. At least about Deacon. He's going to be very upset.

Ridge: So?

Brooke: Well, if he decides to be difficult --

Ridge: Like he hasn't been difficult up till now?

Brooke: It's Macy pushing him. I'm sure of it.

Ridge: You're doing the right thing here, Logan. You get Macy to back off, and Deacon is just going to lose interest.

Brooke: And then life can go back to normal.

Ridge: Yeah, what the hell is normal anyway?

Brooke: I don't know, but it sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

Ridge: I'm going to let you get ready for your date.

Brooke: How did you know I --

Ridge: Well, Rick kinda let it slip out.

Brooke: Oh, god. He shouldn't have done that.

Ridge: It's not a problem.

Brooke: No?

Ridge: No.

Brooke: Well, you could be a little insecure.

Ridge: No, actually I can't. After everything you and I have been through, I know we belong together, Logan. And the more time you spend with Popeye, the more you'll know it, too. Good night. Have fun.


Jackie: So, you met Ridge's mother.

Nick: Yeah, she tracked me down.

Jackie: To encourage a romance with Brooke?

Nick: And offer her assistance.

Jackie: What kind of assistance?

Nick: Well, I don't think she was talking about doing my laundry.

Jackie: Stay away form her, Nicky.

Nick: Yes, mother, I intend to. So, unless you want to pick out what I'm going to wear tonight that's -- joking. Just go.

Jackie: You have fun.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Jackie: Love you, love you, love you.

Nick: You, too. Later. Hey, what'd you do with my socks?!


Amber: You know, I think Marta sure loved those cookies, don't you think?

Little Eric: Yeah.

Amber: Yeah, come here. Come here. Go get your pjs on, okay?

Little Eric: Okay.

[Amber sighs]

Rick: Look, everything's gonna be okay. Edward, this lawyer friend of ridge's, he's handled hundreds of cases like this.

Amber: I promised Deacon and Macy we'd try to work something out.

Rick: You shouldn't have tried to handle it on your own, honey.

Amber: Yeah, but it's okay for you to make decisions without me? You're sitting there and you're listening to Brooke, and ridge, and some lawyer I've never even met and it's our son.

Rick: I just -- I thought we needed to take immediate action, that's all.

Amber: What if it blows up in our faces?


Macy: What are you going to do?

Deacon: What am I going to do? I'm going to get my son, once and for all.

Macy: All right, Deacon, just slow down now. Things are just starting to get better.

Deacon: Better? Macy, what the hell is getting better?

Macy: Honey, this doesn't have anything to do with you seeing your kids. You made real progress with Amber today.

Deacon: But Amber's not runnin' the show. We got proof of that now.

Macy: Deacon, I just want to be the one to help you, not to hurt you.

Deacon: Hey, you haven't done anything wrong.

Macy: No, I know. This is about Brooke, this is about her damn paranoia. She just doesn't trust me.

Deacon: Well, it's not just you. She doesn't trust me either. She thinks I'm like your puppet or something, like I don't care about my kids. Like I don't know what's best for my kids. And I'm gonna tell you something else -- she thinks, if she gets rid of you, that I'm gonna just disappear.

Macy: All right. All right. Look, we'll just -- we'll just show them differently, all right? I'll back off and then she'll see that it has nothing to do with our relationship.

Deacon: Hey, I don't want you going anywhere.

Macy: I'm going to go to jail if I don't stay away from your kids. Deacon, your kids need their daddy, not me. We can still see each other, just -- just not when they're here.

Deacon: So what? So I'm forced to choose, now? Screw that, no. Who the hell are these people to -- hey, you're good for me, all right? You're good for my kids and to hell with them. Who are they to make judgments like this?

Macy: They're the ones holding the cards.

Deacon: There has got to be a way out of this.

Macy: Well, we'll talk to Julie and we'll see what she says. Deacon, just don't lose sight of what really matters.

Deacon: Do you think you don't matter?

Macy: To you? Not as much as your kids. And that's exactly the way it should be, Deacon. Look, look, amber will talk to Brooke and Rick, and then maybe --

Deacon: Oh, come on. That's not gonna do any good at all. She's not a Forrester. She's just married to one of them.

Macy: I certainly know what that's like. Being married to a Forrester is like being a second-class citizen. They have their own caste system.

Deacon: Wait a second. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Macy: What?

Deacon: "Macy Alexander may not come within 100 yards of either child." Now, I don't see anything on this about Macy Sharpe.


Brooke: Hello.

Nick: Yeah, come on down! Wow. You look cute. Maybe this trip's a bad idea, huh?

Brooke: Why?

Nick: Well, how am I ever gonna keep my eyes on the road?

Brooke: Well, you can't back out now. You promised me a night sail to Catalina.

Nick: Oh. Oh, right. You're gonna hold me to that, huh?

Brooke: Yeah. I've had one of those weeks.

Nick: Uh-oh. Who's the drama with now?

Brooke: Oh, Macy and Deacon. But I think I've found a way to keep her from interfering.

Nick: Oh, interesting. How?

Brooke: A restraining order.

Nick: Really? Whose idea was that?

Brooke: Ridge's. He called a lawyer and then --

Nick: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba.

Brooke: Not a good idea?

Nick: Oh, no, you -- you said you wanted a break, right? So let's take a break. No talking about lawyers and restraining orders. Just think of cool breezes and sand between your toes.

Brooke: Pink, little umbrellas in fruity drinks.

Nick: Now you're talkin'. That's my first mate.

Brooke: Oh, nick.

Nick: Yep?

Brooke: Thanks.

[Brooke laughing]

Brooke: Goodness. It's so cold out there.

Nick: Oh, here. Take a look out here. I just want to -- I want to warn you, see there's a little -- little fog coming in.

Brooke: Is it bad?

Nick: No, I love fog. But I don't know how you feel. So if you want to go back --

Brooke: No, that's okay.

Nick: Good.


Rick: Amber, I really think this is gonna solve the problem.

Amber: Pissing Deacon off?

Rick: No. Getting Macy out of the picture.

Amber: He's not gonna stop seeing her just 'cause she can't see his kids.

Rick: Well, maybe she'll lose interest in him if the kids are the only attraction.

Amber: That's not it.

Rick: How do you know, amber? What, because Macy said so? Mom's right. She's not gonna admit it, not even to herself. Look, Macy just had a hysterectomy. She feels like mom robbed her of her only chance to have a family. Remember when we lost our little boy? How we felt like we had lost our chance? How far would you have gone to get that chance back?


Macy: You're not -- you're not suggesting --

Deacon: Can't get a restraining order against a member of the family. Can't have that.

Macy: A member of the family?

Deacon: My family. My kids' family. And you wouldn't just be some second-class citizen.

Macy: This -- this is crazy. This is crazy.

Deacon: No, no, it's not. Macy, it's not. Think about it. Listen to me, you've turned my life around.

Macy: But --

Deacon: Think about that for a second, how amazing that is. You turned my life around. Hell, you might have saved it.

Macy: I just made you realize

Deacon: You made me realize I need my kids, and you made me realize I need you. I was at a place in my life where I'd just about lost faith. And that's a scary place to be. I had nothing left to fight for. And here you come, fightin' mad over things that got nothing to do with you. You go barreling in, taking care of my kids and me. That took guts.

Macy: It wasn't like it was a choice that I made, Deacon.

Deacon: No, that's just who you are. Thank god that's who you are. And I would have to be an idiot not to grab onto you and just hold on with everything I've got.

Macy: You wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't for that restraining order.

Deacon: Maybe not. None of that changes the fact -- that I love you. I want you to marry me, Macy.


Ridge: Yes, I'll be home for dinner. Yeah, well, it turns out she has other plans. Yeah. All right, Catherine. I'll see you soon.

Brooke: It's getting worse.

Nick: Yeah. Well, hopefully it'll lift pretty soon. You all right?

Brooke: It's kind of creepy.

Nick: Well, you can look at it that way.

Brooke: And you don't?

Nick: No. I love this. This is the sea. Like a ghost ship.

Brooke: Like I said, it's kind of creepy.

Nick: Come over here. Just listen. Nothing. It's just all your own thoughts. Put your -- look at that. You can barely see your own hand. That means there's nobody out here but you. And me. That's not creepy, is it? It's a night like this that -- that's when the magic begins.

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