B&B Transcript Friday 7/4/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/04/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

 Rick: I told you to leave, Deacon.

 Deacon: Look, I just want a couple of minutes, all right, Rick?

 Brooke: I don't want you making trouble.

 Deacon: I just want to bring a gift to my daughter and say happy birthday.

 Brooke: I want you to stay away from Hope.

 Deacon: Let me clue you all in on something... Hope is my daughter, and if I want to see her, I'll see her.

 Ridge: Do you have anything else to say before I throw you out?

 Deacon: You know, Ridge, for a guy who likes to play with dresses and boats, you sure like to play the tough guy, huh?

 Brooke: Marta, would you take Hope to up your room? We'll celebrate later. Ridge, tell your kids I'm sorry. Thanks for coming. And thanks for being so protective. But I really need to talk to Deacon. And this time there won't be room for interpretation...


 Nick: She looked great. She was in great spirits. She was up walking around. She flew through the tests the doctor gave her.

 Massimo: That's wonderful. Wonderful. I'm going to get over there s soon as I can get out of here.

 Nick: I think it will mea a lot.

 Massimo: To both of us. You know, I lost something very precious to me, and no way in hell I'm going to lose it again.

 Nick: I think I have a lot of refiguring to do.

Massimo: I'd like to help you do that Dominick.

 Nick: It's funny, when it turns out you're not the man you thought you were --

 Massimo: You are that man and more. Come over here, I want to show you something. You see these statues here? They are your roots.

 Nick My grandfather?

 Masimo: -Hmm. Massimo Marone III. You know, you've got quite a history behind you, and quite a future in front of you. (Speaking Italianan) "He is blessed who has a child to love". My father told me that now we're going to teach it to you.


 Rick: Hi buddy. I'm sorry about this, okay? We'll have Hope's party another day?

 Eric: I guess.

 Rick: Did my dad go home

 Eric Jr.: Did my dad go home?

 Rick: Not yet.

 Eric Jr.: Want to play?

 Rick: Maybe some other time, okay? Hey, how about a hot dog?

 Eric Jr.: Tons of ketchup and not mustard.

 Rick: Okay.

 Amber: Poor Eric, he was looking forward to this party.

 Rick: I think that he would get the message and stay away.

 Amber: Well, it is his daughter's birthday.

 Rick: You're not saying that you condone this?

 Amber: He cares about his kids.

 Rick: If he cares about his kids, he will stay ay. They are safe, they are happy. Him coming back into their lives is going to confuse him.

 Amber: Playing hard ball with Deacon to keep him away, that's going to push Deacon the other way. When you push him, he pushes back that much further. A coup of visits here and there, that couldn't really hurt, now, could it?


 Brooke: Why did you do it, Deacon? What did you come to see Hope to gain? You knew if I showed up here, I would just throw you out.

 Deacon: I'm sorry, Brooke. I thought it was worth a chance. I'm -- I thought our daughter was worth it.

 Brooke: This is me you're talking to. Why don't you tell me what it is you're really doing here?


 Massimo: Okay, "il mio mio nono".

 Nick: That would make you Massimo Marone IV. My only question is: Does Ridge have dibs on the fifth?

 Massimo: Well, he does -- he is your older brother. But you're not going to be overlooked by any means.

 Nick: I'd like to see the look on his face when you tell him we're brothers.

 Massimo: You missed that.

 Nick: He knows?

 Massimo: I figured we should all get used to the idea. (Buzzer)

 Massimo: Yes, Shelley? Send him up into the conference room. I'll b there soon. Attorneys! A new patent.

 Nick: I'm glad you're handling this one, pop.

 Massimo: "Pop". I like that! That's cute.

 Nick: How did he handle it, the "brother" thing?

 Massimo: Well, he didn't throw any furniture around, if that's what you're thinking of.

 Nick: I just can't think of any two people less alike.

 Massimo: Oh I'm sure you'll both find something in common.


 Deacon: Please, can you just accept the fact that I'm finally trying to do what's right for our daughter.

 Brooke: So this is about nothing more than being there for Hope?

 Deacon: Wouldn't you say that is reason enough?

 Brooke: What is going on, Deacon? Why are you here?

 Deacon: Can't a guy grow up?

 Brooke: Grown-ups don't do what they want to do when they want to do it.

 Deacon: Iím sorry, I wasn't going to miss her first birthday party, look at pictures years from now and see everybody in them but her dad. That's not going to happen.

 Brooke: This could have been an incredibly special day for her, Deacon.

 Deacon: Yeah. It could have been.

 Brooke: With you here?

 Deacon: Why not? Please tell me, what could it hurt ?

 Brooke: Hope. It could hurt Hope.

 Deacon: Fine. How?

 Brooke: I don't want her getting used to you. I couldn't bear to see the look on her face when you don't show up anymore.

 Deacon: Brooke, I'm not going to flake on her.

 Brooke: How can I believe that?

 Deacon: Because of everything that I'm doing to get my life together. 

Brooke: You're an alcoholic, deacon.

 Deacon: Yeah. Yes, I am.

 Brooke: Oh, well, at least you admit it.

 Deacon: I don't think you know how hard it was for me to admit that, what it took. And going to these meetings every single week, and staying clean. This is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. And I know I have got a hell of a fight ahead of me. But I'm doing it. I'm doing it for Hope and I'm doing it for little "d" because they need me. They need me to be whole. They need me to be there for them like the father I never had. And I will not let my kids suffer, wondering why the hell their dad took off when that they did to make them take off. So yes, I will be there for every birthday and every Christmas, and every single graduation. And I swear to you, those kids will never wonder whether or not I love them. And neither will you.

`                       *****************************************************************************************

 Rick: All right, buddy, here you go. One hot dog. Look, Amber... I know Deacon. And if we give him an inch he'll take a mile.

 Amber: See, that's the thing: I'm not really sure he wants the whole mile. Now he has a career that he's trying o get of t ground. That means a lot of legwork a lot of hours. He's barely going to have enough time to eat let alone spend time with two kids.

 Rick: Yeah, you're right. You can't exactly do daddy day-care and power lunches at the same time.

 Amber: And a few days of changing Hope's diapers and chasing after Eric will cure him real quick.

 Rick: Humor, Amber?

 Amber: Everyone likes to think they're being listened to, and that they're getting what they want. Especially someone like Deacon.

 Rick: The only problem with that is, mom is up right now, telling him to go to hell.

 Amber: I just hope it doesn't blow up in her face.


 Ridge: Father, I just want -- sorry, I thought he was here.

 Nick: No. He stepped out. Big meeting with the legal eagles.

 Ridge: Yeah. Look, when he comes back, tell him I'll b in my office.

 Nick: Hey! No hug for your baby brother

 Ridge: Wasn't sure that he'd told you.

 Nick: Right, right.

 Ridge: Didn't want to betray any confidences, you know?

 Nick: No. No, of course not. You know, I just don't see it.

 Ridge: See what?

 Nick: The family resemblance.

 Ridge: What? I don't look like a pirate?

 Nick: And I don't look like a dress maker but hey, we're family now, so maybe I can get a little break on tailoring. I got a little socks with holes in them.

 Ridge: You know what Payne? We may share some blood but it's going to take a lot more then that -- to take a lot more than that to make you my brother.

 Nick: Don't let pop hear you say that. He has a real Norman Rockwell picture in his mind.

 Ridge: What do you say we agree to be civil, and leave it at that?

 Nick: Absolutely. What about in the office?

 Ridge: What about in the office?

 Nick: Could get a little cramped, don't you think? Two sons... one right hand man?

 Ridge: I have a solution for that.

 Nick: Do you?

 Ridge: Yeah. I stay here. You go back out to the big old open sea where you seem to feel so at home.

 Nick: You're real generous.

 Ridge: Pi any tanke put you in command just think of it... all that salt air, no suits, no smoking policy.

 Nick: No Brooke. Come on, that's really what this is all about, isn't it? You want me to stay away from her. I'm sorry to disappoint you, bro... it ain't gonna happen.


 Brooke: Wow, what are they teaching you at those meetings?

 Deacon: It's pretty amazing, actually. You know? It's like the first time that I have ever talked about this stuff. Except with you. You know, what it was like to grow up without a dad. And that feeling -- I just -- Icarry it around with me all the time, like I'm not good enough. Like somehow I don't measure up. Does it sound familiar? You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

 Brooke: Yes, I do.

 Deacon: That was the one thing you and I always had in common. But you didn't turn to alcohol.

 Brooke: No. I just spent half my life chasing after the unavailabe Ridge.

 Deacon: Oh... Ridge,. You know, I've got to tell you, on that note, if I had been your dad, I would have kicked that guy's ass to the curb for you years ago, no problem.

 Brooke: I would have given anything if my father just gave a damn, just once.

 Deacon: I know , I know . That's why you don't have to worry about Hope. I am not going to do that little girl who doesn't shower complete and total respect.

 Brooke: You know, I'd like you to be that kind of father. It would be the answer to all my prayers. If only could .

 Deacon: You think it's something I can't do?

 Brooke: I think you would try. But I think you would disappoint her. And if there's one thing worse than Hope not knowing her father, it's hope having a father who lets her down.

 Deacon: Yeah. Yeah. I get it. I get it, no matter what I do, no matter what I do, you just don't think that I can cut it, do you? What was I thinking? I don't know even know why I bothered coming here, or why -- you know, this is pointless. You know hat? You don't have faith I me , lady, that is your issue. I cannot be concerned with that anymore . I've got more important things to focus on, like my kids. Like being a good dad. And there is nothing that is going to stop me from doing that, do you hear me? Nothing.


Rick : You know, they have been in there for a while.

 Amber: Well, you know, no matter what your mom decides, I still think we should consider giving Deacon some time with Eric. At least one more visit, just to see how it goes. Where did he go?

 Brooke: Deacon, don't turn this into a fight.

 Deacon: For god's sake, Brooke, this is not about you versus me. This is about two kids, giving them what they need. You know what? You tell our daughter that he daddy was thinking about her.

 Eric jr.: No! Don't go!

 Deacon: Hey. Come here, you. Let me tell you something, pal... I'm your daddy, and I love you and I have to go now, but I ain't leaving. You understand? Yeah? Yeah? Gimme a hug. Come here. Okay. I'll see you real soon, okay?


 Ridge: This has nothing to do with Brooke.

 Nick: No. Of course not.

Ridge:Want to move out of your ocean for Brooke you could be living in the same house with Brooke and it really wouldn't matter at all because she's still going to end up with me.

 Nick: Well that's not what she's whispering in my ear. This really bugs you, doe 't it the first you have had any real competition.

 Ridge: Not when e finds out you're my half brother. You know that breath of fresh air she feels around you? That's going to blow out of here real fast.

 Massimo: O... Ridge. I didn't know you were coming in today.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, change of plans.

 Nick: Lot of that goin around.

 Massimo: Look at you two... my boys! My sons! Sorry. What a moment, huh?

 Ridge: Yeah. Heart warming.

 Nick: Where's the camera when you need it, huh pop?

 Massimo: Pop! He calls me pop!

 Ridge: How cute is that, huh?

 Massimo: So... have you been behaving yourselves?

 Nick: No black eyes yet.

 Massimo: Look , I know this is not going to be easy to get used to but we're men. We're adults. Besides... we know the value of family, hmmm? When I think about where I was a year ago today. I wish my father could see this. And my mother. Mother... god, a true saint on this earth. I wish the two of you were lucky enough to find someone like her. Anyway... Ridge, Dominick, we have been given a gift . Something to hold on to, something to cherish, hmmm? And I hope that we can come together when we need to , for wisdom, strength , come to rely on each other. I know that may sound like a lo of wishful thinking but when a man's heart can be so empty one day and so full the next, anything is possible. So I'm telling you, we are going to be one happy family.

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