B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/17/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/17/03

By Suzanne
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Macy: I -- I don't believe this. Brooke Logan is the mother of your child?

Deacon: Wait a second. I'm starting to get the feeling here that you know Brooke beyond her little tabloid appearances.

Macy: I'm Macy Alexander Forrester.

Deacon: You're Thorne's wife?

Macy: Not anymore.

Deacon: Oh, my God. You were -- you were married to Thorne when Brooke -- I can't believe I didn't put this together. I read about you. You -- you were in Italy. Everyone thought that you were dead. Your car accident, you had it just before I came to town.

Macy: Yeah. And so you were involved with Brooke about a year ago?

Deacon: Yeah. But please, nobody's supposed to know about that.

Macy: Nobody knows that you're Hope's father?

Deacon: The whole family knows, but that's the way she wants it.

Macy: All right, I see. So that's -- that's why she won't let you see your daughter.

Deacon: Yeah. She wants to just pretend the whole thing didn't happen, just put it behind her.

Macy: So Brooke tore through your life, just like she ripped through mine.


Eric: Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, dad. Do you mind if we go in and talk?

Eric: No, not at all. Come on. Is everything all right?

Ridge: No.

Eric: What is it? Is it the kids?

Ridge: No, it's not the kids. It's Brooke. She's going out on a date. Can you believe that?

Eric: Well, obviously, you can't.

Ridge: I'm just trying to get through to her, all right? I go to her office, wave the white flag. I just thought it would be a start to try and work all this out.

Eric: Well, she's probably not ready.

Ridge: Well, not for me at least. She doesn't seem to have any problem painting the town red with someone else.

Jackie: Eric -- oh, we have a guest.

Eric: Jackie, this is Ridge.

Jackie: Ridge.

Ridge: Hello, Jackie.

Jackie: Well, um, I don't want to interrupt. I was just going to have some tea. Would you like some?

Ridge: No, no. Thank you. Hello?

Eric: Jackie is the west coast buyer for Fenmore's. She has the lease on this place. You gave Lauren permission to lease this place out to employees.

Ridge: Right, right. It doesn't explain what you're doing here.

Eric: Well, I needed a place to stay and sort of get away, and Jackie was willing to let me stay here.

Ridge: Hmm. Can't afford a place of your own anymore, huh?

Eric: Yes, I can. I enjoy her company. And I've made it very clear to her that she can tell me to leave the moment she stops enjoying mine.

Jackie: Not likely.

Ridge: So you're roommates?

Eric: Roommates, yes. She helped me through a very difficult time. And you're having a very difficult time, too, aren't you? Brooke's dates.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah. Well, it's not the date that bothers me, it's the guy she's going out with.


Brooke: I'm sorry, Nick. Maybe you'd just better take me home.

Nick: Home? No, I don't think so. You may want to roll up the sails, but I don't. Let's go.

Brooke: We're leaving?

Nick: That's right. I promised you a great night, and that's what I'm going to give you.


Macy: So here we are, trying to pick up the pieces, and Brooke's out on a date.

Deacon: Brooke's on a date? Wait a second. Didn't her wedding just go belly-up?

Macy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know. I know, but I just saw her at Las Olas with some new guy, having the time of her life.

Deacon: Well, you've got to hand it to the gal. She falls off one horse and gets right back up on a new one.

Macy: Yeah, I think the attraction to Ridge probably fizzled when he proposed to her. Brooke just wants what she can't have.

Deacon: Sounds to me like you know her pretty well.

Macy: Yeah, yeah, and I got the scars to prove it, too.

Deacon: You know, Macy, Brooke never really told me anything about you. What happened?

Macy: Well, I'm not surprised. She was after my husband. I was barely a blip on her radar screen.

Deacon: Do you honestly think that she doesn't feel any guilt or remorse at all?

Macy: Oh, please! Does she feel any guilt about keeping you away from Hope?!

Deacon: That's a good point.

Macy: You know what? I -- I don't even care what she thinks about me. She's already stolen everything she can take from me. I just don't want her to do the same thing to you.

Deacon: I appreciate that. Macy, I can't lay all this off on Brooke. I was -- I was a real loser. The things I did, the way I acted -- hell, I don't blame her and Rick for not wanting me around my children.

Macy: Rick?

Deacon: Yeah, her trollish little son and Amber, raising my kids.

Macy: Little Eric, Becky's son?

Deacon: Yeah -- wait, you knew Becky?

Macy: Becky was married to my brother when she died. That's -- that's your little boy?

Deacon: Yeah. Rick and Amber put the screws to me. They made me sign over my parental rights. I just -- I just want to get to know my kid -- both of them. I know that I've got something to offer them.

Macy: Well then, you can't let anybody stop you.

Deacon: We're not just talking about anybody. We're talking about the Forresters.

Macy: No, we're talking about Brooke. And that woman has no right to pass judgment on anybody. What is it?

Deacon: This is hard. You remember we were having coffee the other day, and I told you about my ex-wife?

Macy: You -- you cheated on her with Brooke.

Deacon: It was -- it was Bridget. I was married to Brooke's daughter when Brooke got pregnant with Hope.


Ridge: You think Brooke's trying to get to me?

Eric: Well, obviously she is.

Ridge: Nobody knows how to push my buttons like Logan.

Eric: Is that what she's trying to do, make you jealous?

Ridge: She's angry, and I think she's trying to send me a message.

Eric: And that is what?

Ridge: That she'd rather spend time with anyone but me?

[Eric laughs]

Eric: Is this guy that bad?

Ridge: He's definitely not her type. You probably met him that night at the hospital after Bridget's accident. Nick -- aptly called captain Payne. Anyway, Brooke has no interest in him.

Eric: Uh, Ridge, Jackie --

Ridge: I'm really frustrated about all this, you know? Mostly because of me. Brooke and I are just about to get married, everything's looking great, and then I go and get sidetracked with Bridget and helping her sort out her feelings. But anyway, I just don't think this guy stands a chance with someone like Brooke. I mean, really, what could he possibly offer her?

Jackie: You might be surprised.

Eric: Ridge, I've been trying to explain. You may find this hard to believe, but Jackie's Nick's mother.


Brooke: So this is your great idea, huh?

Nick: Just wanted to show you don't need a lot of cash and a private plane to get away from it all. Forrester said he wanted to take you to a far-off place, right? Well, a few more strokes, and we'll be there.

Jackie: So you don't think that my son is good enough for Brooke?

Ridge: No, it's just that they don't have anything in common. Brooke's a sophisticated business woman, and Nick is a -- a sailor.

Jackie: Well, you could call the commander of Marone's pacific fleet a "sailor."

Ridge: Right. Look, I don't mean to insult you or your son, Mrs. Payne. It's just that I think he needs to realize that he's in way over his head.

Jackie: Because he's getting between you and Brooke?

Ridge: Because I am going to win her back, because we belong together.

Jackie: Well, but she's out on a date with my son.

Ridge: He and Brooke can have their fun. They can play the game, try and make me jealous and all of that, but it is not gonna change the outcome, that's for damn sure.

Jackie: I don't know, Ridge. Nick may be more involved with Brooke than you think.


Nick: Come here. Let me put this around you. Lean back and relax. That's all right.

Brooke: Ah!

Nick: Feel a little better?

Brooke: Oh, yes. Perfect.

Nick: I thought it would help, once we got you away from the big city out here.

Brooke: I don't believe it.

Nick: Well, I did the best I could on such short notice.

Brooke: We're in the middle of the harbor.

Nick: Well, couldn't really gauge it any better without my GPS system.

Brooke: I know where we are. See those two lights over there? That's the end of the pier. And that blinking neon right next to it? That's where the shrimp shack used to be. And if we kept rowing this way just a little bit more, we'd run right into a big red buoy -- a buoy with my initials on it.

Nick: Your initials?

Brooke: Yes, mine and Jimmy Cooper's. They've probably been painted over 100 times. It was a long time ago.

Nick: Oh, so you've been here before?

Brooke: Yes. I got my first kiss at that buoy. My friends and I used to come out here and just hang out for the whole summer. We'd surf, and at night, we'd go out on Jimmy's hobie cat, and we'd lay back and look at the stars, try to figure out what we were going to do with our lives.

Nick: Making big plans, weren't you?

Brooke: No, no, no. Back then, I just kind of wanted to spend all day at the beach. But I was thinking about being a marine biologist or an oceanographer.

Nick: Wow. So was Jimmy a big part of those plans?

Brooke: No. He was going to join the pro surfing tour.

[Nick laughs]

Nick: That wasn't quite working for you, huh?

Brooke: No, I like surfing. But for me, it wasn't about the big rush or the big swell. I just liked being out there on my board, waiting for the next set to come in. It was just so quiet and so peaceful. Kind of like this.

Nick: I love the ocean.

Brooke: Yeah, I'd almost forgotten what it was like -- surfing all summer, sailing. Those were the days. What I wouldn't give to be that girl again.

Nick: You are that girl, Brooke.


Macy: Oh, my God. Brooke did that to her own daughter?

Deacon: Macy, it takes two to tango. I am absolutely as much to blame as Brooke.

Macy: Yeah, but you've had to pay for it, and she hasn't. Oh, my God. And then she gets to tell you that you're bad for your child?

Deacon: That's her story, and she seems to be sticking to it.

Macy: Well, it's got to stop. I don't know about you, but I am sick of watching Brooke derail people's lives, especially when there are children involved. Your kids need their daddy, and we're gonna see to it that they have you, no matter what Brooke has to say about it.

deacon: Whoa. Easy, tiger. I'm not looking for a battle with Brooke, all right? I just want to see my kids. That's all.

Macy: And if she says no?

Deacon: I don't know. I -- I don't know. You know, in the past, I'd just take it. I think it was -- Macy, I just, I didn't feel worthy as a father.

Macy: And you do now?

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, I know I got something to offer them.

Macy: Then don't take no for an answer.

Deacon: Look, you're preaching to the choir here. I just don't know how realistic this is.

Macy: Deacon, I can see how much this is just eating you up inside. Don't let her do that to you. If Brooke hadn't come between Thorne and me, we might have a family of our own right now. Don't let her keep you from being a part of yours. They're your kids.

Deacon: You're right. You're right. Why -- why am I listening to her? I love these little guys. I want to be a part of their life. I do. I never knew my dad, and I will be damned if I'm gonna do that to my kids. I'm gonna be there for them. I am gonna be there for them.

Macy: Yes, you are.


Ridge: So you think Brooke and Nick are involved?

Jackie: I don't think that he asked her out to make you jealous.

Ridge: Well, maybe that's why she said yes, and he has to realize that.

Jackie: So this is a game to them? They went out tonight to irritate you?

Ridge: Look, Mrs. Payne, you need to understand my history with Brooke. There's a lot that we've been through together. The idea that she would be interested in someone else so soon, no way.

Jackie: You're right. I don't know a lot about your history, but I do know my son, and I know this isn't an act. He genuinely cares for Brooke.

Eric: Well, I'm sure he does. I don't think that's what Ridge meant.

Ridge: I'm just saying that whatever's going on between the two of them, it's not gonna last. Brooke's future is with me, and I'm going to do everything in my power to prove that to her.

Jackie: I wish you luck, Ridge, because if Brooke is spending time with my son, you're gonna need it.


Brooke: You can take the girl out of the ocean, but you can't take the ocean out of the girl.

Nick: Well, I think she's still in there, that little girl, carefree and hopeful. You just can't give up on her.

Brooke: I know. Back then, everything seemed possible. You know, I had my whole life ahead of me. But now --

Nick: Now you probably still have the best part of your life ahead of you.

Brooke: When I'm with you, I almost believe that.

Nick: Look over there. That's t future. You see over there? That's the past. Now you go either direction, and you miss what's going on now. You've got to be available to feel it and hear it.

[Horn blares]

Brooke: I love that sound.

Nick: Me, too.

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