B&B Transcript Thursday 6/12/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/12/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Nadine

Brooke: This is incredible. I'm so pleased.

Melanie: You were right. Micro emulsion was superior to the polyethylene, by far.

Brooke: No yellowing at all?

Melanie: No, not even at the highest temperatures. Abrasion resistance, crease resistance, all improved dramatically.

Brooke: So what about surface smoothness?

Melanie: See for yourself.

Brooke: Wow, it seems like we have a hit on our hands.

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Isn't that nice? It's so soft, huh? It passes the Hope test.

Greg: Eric's ready to expand women's business wear. Do a marketing blitz. Ads with an executive holding a baby and copy that reads, "softer and stronger than it used to be, just like you."

Brooke: Well, I can relate. I'm sure I'm not the only one. This should put us in the forefront of the fashion industry in an area where Spectra can't compete.

Greg: Are you kidding? Ridge will eat his heart out.

Brooke: It's okay.

[Knock at door]

Megan: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. It's almost 2:00.

Brooke: Oh, right, story time in the nursery. We don't want to miss that, do we?

Megan: No. [Laughter] come on, gorgeous.

Brooke: Bye, sweetie. Bye-bye. Thanks, Megan.

Megan: Oh, yeah, sure. Come on.

Brooke: All right, excellent job.

Greg: I can get started on the ad campaign?

Brooke: Oh, definitely. I'm very excited about this. Thank you.

[Knocking at door]

Nick: Hey.

Brooke: You. Yes, you. It's all your fault. You're the reason I'm not sunning myself on a beach in Rio right now.

Nick: Sunning in Rio? Somehow this is connected to Forrester. Oh, he asked you to go away with him, didn't he? And you said no? Well --

Brooke: Don't act so surprised. What else was I supposed to do after your little pep talk?

Nick: Well, you could have caved. But you didn't. It took guts.

Brooke: Don't try to butter me up.

Nick: All right. If you want to blame me for this, I accept. How do I make it up to you?


[Knocking at door]

Ridge: Dad?

Eric: Ridge.

Ridge: Got a minute?

Eric: That depends. If you've come over here to justify what's been going on between you and Bridget --

ridge: No, no, no. You were right.

Eric: And I take that to mean that you --

ridge: I ended it. Whatever it is. I still don't really know, but it doesn't matter.

Eric: You spoke to Bridget?

Ridge: Last night.

Eric: And you made it clear? How did she react to that?

Ridge: I think, deep down, she knows it's the right thing to do. I mean, what does she really have to look forward to? More of the same? Choosing between you and Brooke and the kids, me -- it's tearing her apart. And I should've seen it sooner. I'm sorry.

Eric: Did you tell Brooke?

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Good. Then you two are back on track?


Waitress: Can I get you anything else?

Macy: Oh, no, thank you. I'm fine.

Deacon: Hey.

Macy: Hi. That was fast.

Deacon: Yeah, I was right around the corner.

Macy: You okay?

Deacon: I'm sorry. I should've -- I should've told you on the phone that my ex-wife, she hangs out here a lot. So --

macy: Oh.

Deacon: Yeah. I don't think she'd appreciate it if I just popped in.

Macy: Well, we can go somewhere else.

Deacon: No, no, you know, it's cool. She's not here. It was my fault -- the breakup. And just -- you know, try and give her her space.

Macy: Yeah, I wish I'd done that.

Deacon: You're talking about your husband?

Macy: Yeah. Yeah, my soon to be ex-husband.

Deacon: So then you decided you're going to end it?

Macy: Yeah.

Deacon: I think you should. Look, I realize I don't know you that well, Macy. But I know this. He doesn't deserve you.

Macy: I realize -- in my head, anyway -- that the relationship's a dead end.

Deacon: But you've invested time and energy. You've defended him to your friends and your family, I bet. They hated his guts, didn't they?

Macy: How do you know that?

Deacon: Why else would you call a complete stranger up to talk about him? You don't want to deal with the "I told you so's" right?

Macy: No. No, I really do not.

Deacon: You know, macy, as much as I'd like to sit here and pretend that I've got all the answers, there's a reason why I know this. You see, I was that guy. I did what he did.

Macy: You cheated on your wife?

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, and I did it with somebody very close to her. Which is why I can say with 100% certainty that it wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference if you did anything differently or if you did it better. I mean, this guy was gonna do what he was gonna do. And I think the reason is that, somewhere deep down inside, he -- he knows he doesn't deserve you.

Macy: He used to say that. I -- I thought it was sweet.

Deacon: It sounds to me like you should have run like hell.

Macy: Yeah. Yeah, well, better late than never, right?

Deacon: That's right.

Macy: Except that now it's too late for some things. So, do you have kids?

Deacon: Yeah, I got two. I got a boy and a girl.

Macy: How old?

Deacon: Little boy's 4, and my daughter's gonna be 1 soon.

Macy: Is she walking?

Deacon: I'm not sure, actually. I don't know.

Macy: You're not sure?

Deacon: I don't get to see 'em too often. So --

macy: So you just -- you don't keep in touch at all?

Deacon: It's not the way I want it, believe me.

Macy: I don't understand.

Deacon: It's -- it's complicated.

Macy: Well, if you don't want to talk about it, that's --

deacon: By the time I found out that I had a son, he was living with this other couple. He pretty much considered them his parents. They introduced me to my ex-wife. They also introduced me to the mother of my daughter. And now they pretty much want nothing to do with me.

Macy: But your kids?

Deacon: I don't know. You know, maybe they're better off without me.

Macy: You're wrong. You couldn't be more wrong, Deacon.


Nick: Why don't I take you to dinner?

Brooke: Oh.

Nick: What?

Brooke: Nick, not a good time for me to be dating.

Nick: Well, who said anything about dating?

Brooke: You didn't just ask me out?

Nick: No. You look like you might be hungry. I thought I'd feed you. It's not like I'm showing up on a sailboat with a corsage.

Brooke: I think I need a quiet night at home.

Nick: Right. Someplace where Forrester can find you?

Brooke: That's not what I meant.

Nick: You need to get out. Get out and do something out of this office, have a little fun.

Brooke: With you?

Nick: Well, why not me?

Brooke: You smoke.

Nick: Not while I'm eating.

Brooke: You like your privacy. And I'm always hounded by the press.

Nick: Well, that's all right, as long as they get my good side.

Brooke: You work for Marone. And he would probably fire you.

Nick: I don't think so.

Brooke: Oh. You're right. He'd love it, wouldn't he? Anybody but ridge.

Nick: Any more excuses?

Brooke: I have a thing about facial hair.

Nick: Well, you got me there, kid. I tried. See ya.

Brooke: Bye.


Ridge: No, Brooke and I are not back on track.

Eric: She has every right to be upset with you.

Ridge: I bet she'd be a lot less upset if she didn't have Nick Payne egging her on.

Eric: Ridge, look, she loves you. She's always loved you. And you took advantage of that.

Ridge: Well, maybe so, but not intentionally.

Eric: You had been through a lot -- with Taylor's dying and finding out about Massimo.

Ridge: I handled all of that very badly. I mean, I -- turning to Bridget like I did. It was very selfish of me. I can't expect Brooke to understand.

Eric: Give her some time.

Ridge: I owe her a lot more than time. What I need to do is sweep that woman off her feet. Lucky for me -- that's exactly what I'd love to do.


Megan: Hey. Are you ready for this? The photos from the latest shoot. You're gonna die.

Brooke: Oh, great. Yeah, let me see.

Megan: Aren't these amazing?

Brooke: Oh, Giovanni is a genius.

Megan: Wait. Wait till you see this one. This one's great right here. Look at that.

Brooke: Oh, that's great. [Knocking at door] yes?

Nick: I'll pick you up at 8:00.


Deacon: Thanks. Look, you just found out that you can't have kids.

Macy: That's got nothing to do with this.

Deacon: Wait a second. Yes, it does. It's got everything to do with this. Macy, I've got two kids. And I keep my distance. I mean, I'm sure you think that's nuts. But here's the thing. Wait a minute, you -- you would have made a fantastic mother. Me --

Macy: You have a lot to offer your children.

Deacon: Yeah. Well, you know, I suppose if they ever want to know how to make a Tom Collins, I'm their go-to guy.

Macy: Very funny. Very funny. Look what you just did for me. I was on pretty shaky ground when I came in here today.

Deacon: Fortunately, my kids aren't alcoholics. No offense.

Macy: Okay. So what? So they're not gonna need your advice, your guidance, your wisdom?

Deacon: My wisdom?

[Deacon chuckles]

Macy: Yeah. Yeah, your wisdom. That's what comes from making a lot of mistakes.

Deacon: Oh, then, honey, I'm chock full of wisdom.

Macy: Then what's the matter? You don't want them in your life?

Deacon: Those two kids are the only thing that I've got to be proud of, the only evidence that I've ever done anything good in this --

macy: So they need to know how you feel, especially your little girl.

Deacon: Then you tell that to their mother.

Macy: You tell her. I'm serious, Deacon. Tell her.


Megan: So are you going out with him?

Brooke: No.

Megan: No?

Brooke: Well, I -- I don't know.

[Megan laughs]

Megan: Okay. I mean, I guess I can understand why you'd want to sit home and lick your wounds for a while. And if that's what you decide to do -- give him my number.

Brooke: Megan.

Megan: He's cute.

Brooke: Yeah, he is.

Megan: I know. Ridge is the love of your life -- so far.

[Knocking at door]

Ridge: Hi. How's it going?

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah. Busy day.

Ridge: Yeah. Bet you didn't sleep much last night, huh?

Brooke: No, I didn't.

Ridge: Neither did I. Neither did I. I thought a lot about what you said.

Brooke: Did you?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. I thought maybe we could talk about it some more over dinner.

Brooke: I can't.

Ridge: Can't or won't?

Brooke: I have plans.

Ridge: What kind of plans?

Brooke: Ridge, I don't really want to talk about it.

Ridge: Are you trying to make me jealous?

Brooke: No! No, I'm not.

Ridge: You don't really have a date.

Brooke: I never said I had a date. I'm going to dinner with a friend.

Ridge: Male friend? Imaginary friend?

Brooke: Nick Payne, all right?

Ridge: Oh. Gee, you had me worried there for a second. He's gotta be lovin' this. Chance to make me eat my heart out.

Brooke: Ridge, I doubt he's even thought about it.

Ridge: I doubt he's thought about it, too.

Brooke: Maybe he just enjoys my company. Have you ever thought about that?

Ridge: Yeah. Well, how could he not enjoy your company? I bet he'd enjoy it less if he knew you were just using him, though.

Brooke: Oh, you're right. Nick Payne and I -- we're just using each other to drive you crazy. Is that why you stopped by? To give me a hard time?

Ridge: No. No, no, no. I came by because I miss you. I just wanted to try and make things right.

Brooke: Wouldn't it be nice if you could?

Ridge: All you have to do is give me the chance and stop playing these games.

Brooke: Games? Is that what you think this is? Well, I guess maybe I used to do that. Force you to admit your feelings to me, to yourself, to whatever woman you were going out with at the time. But that's not really what this is about.

Ridge: You're right. You're right. But I'd like you to remember this when you're out on your date tonight.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: I love you.


Deacon: Macy, I have told Hope's mother that I want to be a part of my daughter's life.

Macy: And how'd she react?

Deacon: She stares at me with this condescending look and says, "well, if you really love her, you'll keep your distance." It's ridiculous.

Macy: That is so backwards. It's cruel. I mean, not just to you, but to your little girl.

Deacon: I don't know. I think she rationalizes it that she's somehow protecting her.

Macy: Oh, I don't buy that for one second.

Deacon: Look, I gotta tell you, in her defense -- you only know me as the guy that's standing in front of you right now, right? You have no idea how screwed up I was.

Macy: Well, you're not now. And what about this woman? I mean, is she -- is she perfect? Has she never made a mistake?

Deacon: No, I wouldn't say that. Unfortunately, she considers me to be her biggest one.

Macy: Okay. All right. I see. So this is all about what she wants, not what's best for your daughter. Look, don't -- don't let her do this to you. Don't let her manipulate you. ... (sorry! missing a line here!) ... but you think that bothered her? Please. Until this day, she's not once apologized. I don't think Hope's mother's any different. She sounds just as selfish. But you know what? You have every right to be a part of your daughter's life. I mean, who is she to tell you any different?

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Brooke Logan.

Deacon: Hey. It's Deacon.

Brooke: Deacon? Why are you calling me?

Deacon: I want to see our daughter.

Brooke: I told you --

Deacon: I know what you told me. But she's my baby, too.

Brooke: Is this just another attempt to get back in my life?

Deacon: No, it's not.

Brooke: I'm not gonna stand for it, Deacon. You're not gonna use my little girl.

Deacon: Whoa. She's not your little girl. She's our little girl.

Brooke: No. I said no. All right? Good-bye.

Macy: She said no?

Deacon: Again.

Macy: Well, you're not gonna accept that, are you?

Deacon: No, I'm not.

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