B&B Transcript Thursday 6/5/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/5/03

By Suzanne

Macy: You think this baby is a miracle? You think this baby is an answer to my prayers?

Thorne: Darla is willing to give him to us -- no strings attached.

Darla: You'll have what you always wanted, mace -- a child by the man that you love. And those eyes looking up at you when you hold him in your arms -- they'll be thorne'S.

Macy: And what about his smile? Will that be yours? Yeah, that's just what i need. A constant reminder for the rest of my life of my husband's infidelity.

Thorne: Macy!

Macy: No. I'm sorry. That's right. It was a -- a show of comfort?

Darla: God, honey, if you could've seen thorne that night, thinking that you had chosen a life with lorenzo, that your relationship was over --

thorne: Macy, i'd just found you again after all that time. And then suddenly, that second chance was taken away from me.

Darla: You can understand that, can't you, honey?

Macy: Instead of waiting a few hours to ask me? Instead of walking into the room and dealing with it like an adult? No, you know what? I do. I do understand. Because this is the way you've always dealt with anything. When in doubt -- cheat.

Thorne: This isn't like before!

Macy: Oh, why? Why? Because you don't love the girl this time?

Thorne: I was drunk, macy!

Macy: Oh, god. That's no excuse!

Thorne: You of all people should know what that would do to a person.

Macy: It's because I'm an alcoholic that I know that that's the coward's way out. You should have come to me, damn it! Charge in on me and lorenzo! Make a scene! Anything instead of downing a couple of quarts and getting between the sheets with my best friend!

[Darla gasps]

thorne: I was wrong, macy.

Darla: Oh, god. We both were, mace.

Thorne: I made a mistake.

Macy: No. I made the mistake. For believing that you changed. You'll never be faithful. You're not capable of it.

Thorne: That is not true. Macy, you are the only woman for me. And all I care about is living out the rest of my life with you and being a family. And if this baby can give that to us --

macy: If you want this baby so much, then you raise it yourself!

Amber: Oh, no. No, no, no --

jackie: I'm afraid so.

Amber: You're -- you're my meeting? You're the one i'm supposed to --

jackie: Supposed to impress, yes. Jacqueline payne. West coast buyer for fenmore's and home-wrecking hussy. How do you do?

Amber: Not well. Not -- not -- not well at all.

Bridget: "Not only did helen learn to read braille, she went on to college and graduated near the top of her class."

Steffy: Wow. She did all that, and she couldn't even see or hear?

Bridget: Yeah. Makes you believe you can overcome even the biggest obstacles, doesn't it?

Ridge: Speaking of obstacles, you've been putting up a whole lot of them lately to avoid going to bed, young lady.

Steffy: But bridget promised she'd finish this chapter.

Bridget: Steffy's right. I did. And we're not supposed to break promises, are we? Hmm-mm. Which is why you are going to march yourself up those stairs and brush your teeth, young lady.

Steffy: How do you know i didn't already?

Bridget: Because grown-ups know these things. And because your breath smells suspiciously of that spicy mustard you put on your hot dog tonight.

Steffy: Okay. You win. But after I brush, will you come upstairs and finish reading in bed?

Bridget: It's a deal. And don't forget to floss!

Ridge: You are a natural.

Bridget: I love your kids.

Ridge: No, it's more than that. You've got this gift.

Bridget: It's getting late. I'm just gonna whip through that chapter with steffy and then take off.

Ridge: You don't really have to run, you know.

Bridget: Oh, I'm not running.

Ridge: Stay. Please.

Rick: This is a disaster, dad. I mean, we have got to do something.

Eric: I know. Rick, slow down now, all right? If it makes you feel any better, I already spoke to both bridget and ridge.

Rick: Well, what did you tell them? Did you give them your blessing? Because she's there right now.

Eric: What?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, you should see them. She's cooking dinner for the whole family.

Eric: Damn it.

Rick: Look, i'm telling you, dad -- if we don't get her out of there right now, i don't know what's gonna happen.

eric: What's wrong with ridge? What is he thinking? He swore to me that this was innocent. That he wouldn't let it escalate.

Rick: Yeah, well, we all know ridge and how he likes to keep two women on a string.

Eric: Yeah, but bridget, I mean, surely she can --

rick: Bridget isn't thinking clearly, dad. Ridge has got her so damn turned around.

Eric: And that's when she digs her heels in, huh?

Rick: Yeah, and do you remember how defiant she got over deacon? And we all know how that ended up -- how he practically destroyed her. I mean, if i had any idea mom and deacon -- we've gotta stop it this time, dad. We cannot let bridget get her heart broken again. And we both know that's what's gonna happen.

Eric: I can't let that happen.

Rick: Just get her out of there, dad.

Eric: That's exactly what i'm going to do.

Bridget: The kids are asleep.

Ridge: Well, I think you may have gotten out of your reading duties.

Bridget: I love spending time with them. And with you. I just wish rick could understand that.

Ridge: Do not let him get to you.

Bridget: I know. If he could just see us right now, just two people simply enjoying each other's company.

Ridge: You know what you've done? You've brought peace back into this house.

Bridget: I just hope to god mom won't be hurt when rick tells her I'm here.

Ridge: Yeah.

Bridget: Okay. I'm gonna go check on the kids, and then i'm gonna go.

Ridge: Okay.

Thorne: Hey.

Macy: I can't believe i let you get to me again. I bought all those lies about you learning your lesson.

Thorne: I meant it. And I still do.

Macy: That makes it even worse. You can't even be honest with yourself. God, why didn't I see it? Why didn't i listen to my mother, C.J. And lorenzo? Lorenzo. I broke his heart for you!

Thorne: You didn't love lorenzo.

Macy: No, i love you -- a grown man who can't keep his pants zipped. Maybe I deserve what i got. I mean, I set myself up perfectly. I put myself in the exact perfect position for you to break my heart again. But I sure as hell didn't ask for what i got from you. Emale announcer)you are 12 months old.

amber: This is our, uh -- our latest collection. As you can see, we've targeted exactly the market that you're hoping to attract.

Jackie: Handsome men who have just left their wives?

[Nervous chuckle]

amber: Ms. Payne, i -- you know, that stuff that I said before about eric -- well, you know, sometimes, i can be just a little --

jackie: Presumptuous? Catty? Insulting?

Amber: Well, you know, I -- I didn't mean -- okay, I did mean it. But -- but i hope that you don't hold this against the company. I mean, forrester has always enjoyed doing business with fenmore's.

Jackie: Likewise. And it's been an very successful marriage.

Amber: Yeah.

Jackie: But, of course, I don't have any respect for that institution, do i?

Amber: You're not going to buy our line, are you?

Jackie: Did i say that? I actually think these drawings are quite good. And I really admire someone that stands up for her friend.

Amber: Oh, you have no idea how relieved i am --

jackie: When the situation warrants it. Then next time that you decide to run off at the mouth, dear, I'd have your facts straight. Otherwise, you just might find yourself -- gosh, how shall i say this -- up the creek without an account. I'll be in touch.

[Amber sighs]

darla: Mace, you have to know how sorry I am.

Macy: You're my best friend. You knew how much I loved thorne.

Darla: God, i would never hurt you. Not on purpose. Oh, my god, mace, I'm offering to give you my baby. My baby, macy. Doesn't that tell you anything? Doesn't that prove to you how much i want to make this up to you? How much i cherish our friendship?

Macy: I wish you'd thought about our friendship before you slept with my husband.

Darla: Oh, god.

Macy: I trusted my heart to you. I told you things. You knew what it did to me when he cheated with brooke. You knew it. You saw it eat away at me. You saw it destroy my self-worth. You watched me almost kill myself.

Darla: I hate what I've done. I hate it. I hate it every bit as much as you do. Oh, but, please, mace, please -- can you find it in your heart to please forgive me? Please?

Macy: I can't. I just can't do it. I won'T.

Thorne: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Macy, wait, wait. Look, I know you're reeling from this, but don't make any snap decisions, something you might regret.

Macy: I'll never regret standing up for myself. What i regret is ever trusting you again, thorne.

Thorne: Macy, wait. Wait!

Macy: No, i've waited enough. I've waited for you to become the man that i've always wanted you to be. All my life, thorne -- all my life, ever since my father ran off, i was looking for someone who would always be there for me. A man who was steady and stable and reliable. A man who wouldn't leave me. And what do I go and do? I find a guy who deserts me over and over and over again. This time, i'm saying good-bye, thorne. And this time, it's for good.

Thorne: Macy --

macy: Thorne -- I loved you with everything that i had. That's a mistake i'll never make again.

Thorne: Macy, don't. Macy?

[Knocking at door]

ridge: Oh, not again, rick. Dad?

Eric: Where is she? Where's bridget?

eric: I want to see bridget. I know she's here!

Ridge: Well, I see rick's been busy.

Eric: Where is she?

Ridge: She's upstairs.

Eric: Bridget?!

Ridge: Dad, she's checking on the kids, all right?

Eric: No, it's not all right, ridge. I told you to stop seeing her like this. Bridget, come downstairs!

Ridge: Look, we're not doing anything. Nothing's going on.

Eric: Can you guarantee me that it's gonna stay that way?

Ridge: Yes, i can.

Eric: No, you can't, ridge. The only sure thing here is that bridget is gonna be hurt by this. God, why can't you see that? Ridge, you're a danger to her.

Ridge: What?!

Eric: You're -- you're a danger to bridget and to yourself and to your children and everybody else in this family that's gonna be torn apart by this thing. And I'm not gonna stand for it. Do you understand?

Ridge: Dad, just let it go.

Eric: No.

Ridge: Let it go.

Eric: No, ridge. I gave you your chance to end this thing. And now it's my turn.

Ridge: Now just calm down. I don't want her around you like this.

Eric: Ridge, I'm gonna take her out of here.

Bridget: What's going on here?

Eric: Get out of my way, ridge!

[Bridget moans]

eric: Oh, god, bridget. Bridget? Oh, my -- bridget? Honey? Oh, god.

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