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By Eric

>> Stephani it s m from tuilding.

>> Thne: Wh? T's crazy.

>> Mr. Forster, I catet you.

>> Thorneu knhat? I'll ke resibily, georgeok>> Iyou O. Lly sorry, mrorreer.

>>Nie: I derstand

thorne: Les go to my office. Maybe you catell me why my father hasost mind.

>> Jacqueline: Youcame bac

>> Eric ye I D. Do you mind?

Jacqueline hardly. A friendly face.

>> : I don'tnow. Yodn't take this pce expecting to have a roommat

>> Jacqueline then i guessi lucked out, didn't I?

>> Eric: Why I get the feelou'r just sayin that?

>> Jacqueline: Not at all. I don't beeve in leading people on.

>> Eric: Thas a refshing change of pace.

>> Jacqueline: Did u talk to bridgette and ridge?

>> Eric: Yes, I did. I just finished.

>> Jacqueline: And?

>> Eric: Well, told them that I wou n tolerate their relationship developg

furer andthat I'm againsit altogher. But that I -- il not turn my back on them.

>> Jacqueline: I'll bet that they were very, very rieved to hr that.

>> Eric: Ye, as angry as i am with them, i still want them to be a part of myife.

>> Jacqueline: Idme a man who will danythi to keep his family together.

Eric: I will do ything... except reconcil with my wife.

>> Jacquene: You're really holding firm to that , aren't you?

>> Thorne: So --

>> Stepha I never waed to have this conversation with you, believe m I -- I hopedhat your father and would have bee back together again.

>> Thorne: Dad le you?

>> Stephae: Yes. I found sometng outbout a year ago, and didn' tell him about it. I thought it was best not to. But circstanceshanged and I had to tell him and he didn't -- he didhandle veell.

>> Thorne: Well, what could be that bad?

>> Stephanie: Your fhe had the same look on his face, concern and cing and, when i told him, it justevaporated.

>> Thorne: Ll, i not going to walk out on you.

>> Stnie: Eric is not dge's father.

Thorne: What?

>> Sthanie: Eric is not ridg's father. Hi father is massimo

>> Thorne: Mother, i -- i don't derstand.

>> Stephanie: Well,ou know massimo andi grewp together. We went offo the me college, at was jus always assumed by his family and my family thawe would probably g married. And then i met your father, and i fel madeley in love with him. And I did one of those lly, foolish ings you do when yore yng, you don't know better. I slept with o, one time. And then i never rlly saw him again. I was with you father. I slt with your father. I mn -- when I fou out i was egnant, it never occurred to me that he sn't the fher of thebaby.

>> Thorne: So y really didn't know that --

>> Stepni no, I didn. I really dt. I uld never have married him, honestly, i would never have rried him.

>> Thorne: We, when did you find out the truth?

>> Stephanie: Abt year ago when ridge had that accint. You remember in massimo's office and the rhed him to the hospital and we had to go down there. They wanted blood. And the doctor -- the dtor came to see m and i -- i couldn't quite understand what he was talking about when he first sa.

Said,ou know, as result of the blood tests, he sd that eric and i uld not be ridgs rents. And i -- i coun'treally put

togetr. And tn when I- iid understand, i realized what h was sang, that eric wasn't ridge father. And I thought, how the hell do I tell him something like that, I'll break his heart.

>> Thorne: So tt's why you didn't say anything, right?

>> Stephanie: Yeah. I made aecision.

Thought it s be for everybod for efamily, to keep it a secret just fd a wa deal with . Butour fathers upset, really, I think, that i didn't tell him. He felt it was just another trayal.

Thinks i did it really just to save face. Buthat's n -- what do i care about saving face? I would ll the whole world if thought -- youknow, if i thought wou keep the family togetr.

>> Thorne: Mother, doe ridge know?

>> Stephani ye,ey, he does. And yo, he's dealing with it.

>> Orne: Do he blame you too?

>> Stephanie: He was angry th me, sure. But 's kind of gotten past thnd what he's concned about n is eric. And as far a your father is concerned, he would like to see me run out of town on a rail.

Thorne: Well -- he'lhaveoet past me to do that.

>> Nie: Oh, hoy, oh, baby. I loveou.

>> Thorne: I love you to , mom. Jacquene: Ll, at s quite a statement, having the security guard order your we off the pre S. >> Eric: I don't know what else I could have done. It is the last himy company ne s f stephanie an me to be a each other's roats every day. >> Ja ne sounds like u d very oductive day. >> Eri hink did. Long way to go with ridge and bridget, b at leas we tookhe firs st.

Haveou o thank for at.

>> Jaline: Me? I didn't h of anything.

>> Er : Whyou did. You t me tget off my high horse and go see my cldren. A very wise man, jack.

>> Jacqueline: I'm not so sure about that.

>> Eric: Why?

>> Jacqueline: I had lunch with ssimo marone today. I know, i kno, it was tempory insanity. But -- well, he wanted to meet me and i guess i just -- my cuosgot the better of me.

>> Eric: What did he want?

>> Jacq: For to play matchmak beten my son and brooke logan.

>> Eric: Of course. With brooke occupied, then ridge isree to pursue a relationship with bridget. That basta.

>> Jacqueline: Don'twoy. I told him exactlyhere he could stick hi plan. I mean, the rve of the man, trying to use nky a me that way.

>> Eric: That's what he es. That's wha does. He pits pelegain eac other.

Uses people to further hi own agen.

>> Jacqueline: Yeah, wl, unfortunately for massimo, i ve a agea of my own and that's to ma sure at my son lives the life that he deserves, and like it or not, mr. Marone is going to come to realize that nicosia lot me than one of his lite chess piec.

>> Eric: You got guts, lady.

>> Jaueline: Well, i didn't ways, but you do learn what's worth fighting for.

>> Eric: Yeah, yea, you do.

>> Jaueline: But u kno what, if ever i get t urge tok downi hyou're the et me straight.

>> Eric ll what are new friends for?

>> Jacqueline: Ne friends. How is it possible, mean, to have a new friend andust feel like yove knownthat on fover?

>> Eric: There's only one explanation for that, andhat is that we lived in a previous life together.

>> Jacqueline i know.

>> Eric: What?

>> Jacqueli: We were on holiday. In... pompeii.

>> Eric po eii?

>> Jacqueline: Yei was aer of goods for ndidium and you of cours we the famous toga maker f rome nd then your travel agent, marcus incompetus, he kept us at the same villa and if thatinity inconvenient enough, on that paicular day mount vesuvius decides to --

>> Eric: Erupt. Just myuck.

>> Jacqne: Actually, 's ad thing.

Think that there's a reason that we met when we did. And i that I'm very, very grateful. >> Eric: Jack , i --

>> Jaueline: Sorry. Shouldn'have done that.

>> Eric: No, no, look, it's just -- wi my le where it is right w and my marriage the way it is,I'm jusnot certain it's a very gd idea for me to be ssed by a butiful wom.

>> Jacqueline: Caus you' afraid, right? You're afrai m going to take advantage of you.

>> Eric: No. , The other w around. Ne good afternoon. Tonight on cfrn testimony in the case of a a woman accused of secd degree rder I the deat of her infant daughter... crystal on her boyfrie. Plus, hundre of cattle are loaded up to be slaughtered to test for mad w dise E. Join carrie and ryl for edmonton's number one ne , atix

>> Jacqueline: I am so sorry I'm notsually that impuive.

>> Eric: Welsh thesere not usual s for er o of us.

>> Jacqueline: I guess this transition has been abit more discombobulating than i thought.

>> Ic: Well, it's ce to knowhat I' not thenly one who is discombobled.

>> Jacqueline: I have the rfect redy for discome boblatio

>> Eric: What?

>> Jacqueline: Another cup of tea. Why are you sling?

>> Eric: Because you remind me of my grandmother.

>> Cquene oh, goo.

>> Eric: No, co ony dmother was absolutely coinced that there's not a obleinhe world that can't beolved by having another cup of tea.

>> Jacqueline: Then think wehould ink toha

>> Eric: Acally, I -- i want to b not right now. I want to get back to t office. I have some things I want to take care of.

>> Jacqueline: Um, well othetime then.

>> Eric: Tonight when i get home.

>> Cque ne: That wou be wonderful.

>> Are you sure t tha okay, then, let's tal to kincade ab t expanding int japa al ght, yh, I'll have him set it up. All ri, buy.

>> Amber: I hope ur mom a dad know how lucky they are to haou on the job.

>> Rick: Didn't you hear, th're makingemployee of the month.

Ambethey should. The reason thisbusiness runs so smooty is becae of you. Look at all the new markets u' getting us into.

>> Rick: I'm just doing what they pay me to

>> Amber: Theyou go, being all modest d everything.

>> Rick: Well, you know, i just -- I n'come here to get my ego stroked. I'm putting in time f you and eric, s can live o all our dreams.

>> Amr: And april wondered why i married you.

>> Rick: Hey, how is her tour going, anyways?

>> Amber: Reallyod. Shs playingut at smaller venues but she's sell out in every city and they justdded two weeks in branson and a whole week in dc.>> Ri: Anyou're sure u don'el like you're missing out?

>> Ber: If i hadn't gone on for april that nht, i always would have wdered, what it would be line,f i cld have done it. But now that i have, I don't know, i just -- I kd of feel like I could just let it g, you know? Not aton't be putting on a few shows in the swerow and then.

>> Ri: Well, just -- make sure I get a front row seat.

>> Amber: Oh, baby you're partf the act. (Knocking)

>> Good afternn.

>> Could i help you?

>> Ephanie: Oh, I'm so soy. I was oking for eric forrr.

>> Jacqueli: Oh, goodne. I did recognize you. You' stephanie.

>> Ephanie: I'm stephan forrter, yes. Who e you?

>> Closed captioning of this program brought to you in part by canada optometrists who remind yoyour edeserve a lar e health checkp. Your eyedesee

optometrist. (Knockin >> Thor come in. Dad.

>> Eric: I understand you had some difficulty with a security guard today.

>> Thorne: I had oblem with the order he was trng to enforce.

>> Eric: Did your mother explain what's going on?

>> Thorne: Yeah. Dad, look, iw that you're rious --

>> Eric: T do that. Don't defend her to me. And don't tell me I'm going to get past this.

>> Thorne: Dad, she was in an impossib situation.

>> Eric: A situation that she created, thoe. From the moment sheound out e wasreanwith ridge, she lied to me.

>> Orne: Because she loves you.

>> Eric: We don't lie to people we love. We tell them the truth.

>> Thne: Dad, comeon, not all the time. Noif you know that i going to rock their wld -

>> Eric: She did toyou too, thorne, your whole life long. Don't you feel betrayed? Growing up your whole young life in rge' shadow? Watching guide him and train him to fl my shoes one day? By a rights, all of that should have been yours.

>> Thorne: I don'tare about that.

>> Ic: You don care about that? Ll, i do. You're myldest son. You're my son.

>> Thor: I'm he for you dad, okay? Anything that you need, I' .

>> Eric: Okay, all rit. You and i -- y and are going to rebuild this family together. Thorn orne with mom in it?

>> Eric: No. No. I don't think that's possib.

>> Thorne: Well, um, I don't think she's gog t give up that easily. As a matter of fact, she's headed for the beach house right now. Eshg t beach house?

>> Thorne: That's where yore staying isn't it?

>> Eric: Ah. Well, I think your mother is in for a bit of apris

>> Jacqueline: I'm jacqueline payne, wt coast burr fenmore.

Stephanie: How youdo, ms. Payne.

Jacqueline: Oh, mreshgs call me jackie come on in.

>> Stephanie: No, there seems to be some mistake. I thought my husband was staying here

>> Jacqueline: Yes, he is. Come in. Th must look terribly coromising, but really it's just a comedy of errors. You see, i just moved to los angeles and lren fenmore was very kind and rented me islovely house. Unfortunately what she failed to do was teller i can, so when he showed up here and found me herethe was quite a scene.

>> Stephanie: Why didn't he go a hot?

>> Jacqueline: Offered. I mean, he was aentleman but welli coul't send him away, t after what he had been through.

>> Stephanie: Oh

>> Jacquene he just nded someone to talk to.

>> Stephanie: A stranger?

>> Jacqueline: Well, what d he have to lose by dividing in me?

>> Stephanie: Welli don't knowbut it eems to me that this is a privatemaerbetween myself and my hnd.

>> Jacquene: Well, considering that eric i living here, I mean, for the moment, he's likely bring yoroblems up again.

>> Stephanie: Well, this is stl someinat has to be worked out between us.

>> Jacqueline: He doesn't want to work it out, stephanie.

>> Stephanie: D how would you know that?

>> Jacqueline: Because he was very clear. I assure you, i didn't misinterpretthing. I'm sorry.

Your marriage is over.

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