B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/28/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/28/03

By Eric

Now what ang nhing compared tot I'mfeelg right W.

Ssimo: So, what sho we drink to?

Cqueli: Umld times?

Massim .

Look rwd. He ve as, enjoying therese.

Jacqueline: So?

Massimo: : Ls drink to rekindling iendship with a breathtaking ly beautiful woman.

Massimo: You haven't lost your touch.

Ssimo: You, my dear, have not lost any o your char. Let me also be honest and contrite. I'mfraid i owe you an alo.

Jacqueline: Afra of what, the apology or the fact that i may not accept it?

Massimo: I seeall right, so you're in the going to make this easy.

Jacqueline: I don't see why i should.

Massimo: I te you what, if you ever dede tonge reer i kn tt youuld nd alace f y


Jaueli first an apolog, th I'fiel the jober.

Masso: All right, fair enough I'm sorry. I am very sorry for treating you soshly when you came to visit me in my office.

Jacqueline: I accept. And i understand.

Massimo: You do?

Jacqueli: Yes. The re thought of nicky being your son was bound to set you off after what you had just gone thrgh with ridge forrester.

Massimo: Ah, nick told you.

Jacqueline: Hed the feeling you were quite proud to claim ridge your son.

Massimo: Jacqueline, if i got to hd-pick son, i can't imagine aone comin anywhere near ridge.

Ridge: You're ngerously close to saying something you're going to regret. Just out of here. U ha n business in ts office. You definitely he no business ierfering in my personal life.

Nick: Lo, forrester, ididn't want to have anything do with this. Bridgee to me the whole messed up deal. I wanted to stay clear of it. Ridgridge well, that didn't last long.

Nick: Welsh that' because had aalk wh ooke. It's funny when youearhe other side. The od wom. They deserve better.

Brooke: You're angry withe?

Bridget: Not you,. I'm talking about myself.

Brooke: ,Ridget --

Bridget: No, please, i don't want yourY. Don'teserve i

Brke:Oh, don't say th.

Idget: It'srue. Whyhould youave a sympat for a daughter th'st you from e mayou've ery loved?

Brooke: Use you are my da. Iarried you gave you life. How could I not careor you?

Bridge i am so rry. I've -- I've tried so hard to fight these feelings for riand the kids. I've tried to deny them, ignore them, pretend ty don't exist. Bui can't do I. And I don't want what toO.

-- I don't know what t do.

Ridge: Don't likeou sticking your nose in my personal life.

Nick: I'm just lookg out for brooke and bridgette.

Ridge: What makes you think they need you looking out for them, huh?

Nick: Do you mind? I mak judgment calls every day, forrester that's parts of being a sailor. In our, the way see it, if a guy is fooling around with o women, one o them bound to get hurt. If he's juggling amother and a daughter, both them are going to get hurt. An I jus don't want to see that happen.

Dge: I care about those women re than you uld possibly understand.

Nick: You just can u your mind wh h one y wa to be with.

Ri e: You n' now about any f this. Ni : I knowou and br have en off nd on about as lg as I'v been sail and hen enter gett understand she h d you thro h ur wife's ath. To h that en you realized that e' not ally yr er. Kind of shis new lig on things. I understand I'm N. Sh s a iful g L.

Y point is? Nick: The point u've got some prob here forrester but if ask me , so on I s e: Well, there you go. I'm not as Y.

Ni ah, but I'm kin ofroll, so I'm gng to tel nywa

Bridget: I never wanted to hurt you, mom.

Brke: But you have all of these feelings for ridge.

Bridget: I've looked my whole life -- loved him my whole life.

Brooke: As a brother and now that you find out he's not your brother, what are you pposed to do wh all this love?

Br I tried to ignore it.

Ooke: It's hard to ignoret's in your heart.

Bridget: Yeah, but it's not impossible. I should have tried harder. I nev should have let myself --

Brooke: Fall in lo wi ridge?

Bridge oh, god,. I never wanted to things toned up like this. I was pulling for you and ridge. Stephanie, massimo, the kids were all against you but i knew howh you lov him and that' why this is killing me, because i know I'm interfering.

Brooke: Never if a -- never in a million years did I ever tnk we would go through mething like this.

Bridt: I don'wanto cause ouble for you. I never wanted that.

Ke: Are you saying i shn't have called off the wedding?

Bridget: I'm not goi to lie to you. A part of me was relieved when you d. But another part of me was so sad and so sorry, mom. You have to believe me. When i realized was the one who had rned th day you had wted so long for, I felt terrible. Kning I had let mysel fall for ridge and the kids -- i never shld have let that ppen. But did. D now ican' let the next ection. Tonight on cfrn news at six ... the premier pl lead the tories into the next electn. Investigors clear a herd ofcattle of mad cow disease ... but they're still moving in on some farms. Fr of a case of sars in ontario sends thousands of children into isolaon. And in consumer watch ..a new service in edmonton hout grs in need. See you at.


Massimo: Thank you.

Cqueli: So, what looks good to you? Don't answer that.

Massimo: Why? Are you embarrassed by compliments?

Jacqueline no. Just impressed by them.

Massimo: Jackie payne, yo are as straightforward and beautiful as i remember you.

Jacqueli: Ah now y remember me.

Ssimo: Well, you know, I was a little business tracked e rst day i saw you in my office.

Jacqueline t er sll in

Massimo: Amonothe .

Jauelineand those other thinare theytilltracting

Masso: Mef th, t i don'tD.

Jaueline:But you might.

Maimo: What do you mean?

Jacqueline: Ll, if the other thing became permanent.

Massimo: Like if yo were to relocate to lo angeles?

Jacqueline: You heard?

Ssimo: Abou len fenmore makg you her west coast buyer here in L.A.? Yes, ieard. And I couldn't be happier.

Jacqueline: Do you mean that?

Massimo: Oh, it'good fonick, it's good f everyone.

Jacqueline: Including u?

Massimo: Absolutely. What?

Cqueline: I was -- i just didn't think that i would change in all these -- you said you didn't think i had changed inll these years.

Massimo: You haven' jacqueline, sitting here with you like this, it's as if time stood still.

Excuse mee yoready

order, sir?

Massimo: Yes. The food here is pretty good. May i suggest meing?

Jacqueline: Please.

Mao: Okay. I'll tell u wha why don't we startith a caprise salad and if i remember correctly i think my lady may enjoys --

Jacqueline: Every time i look at nicky, i see you. He's yo son. If only you could see it to

Br o: I wish could do something to take away your pain.

Bridget: Mom, I'm the one w hur you.

Brooke: Oh please. I feel bad enough already

Bridget: Why?

Brooke: Because I'm coming down on you aboutyour inlvement with rid and telling you to end it. And you're ing is inbo my fli.

Bridt: Well, of course I'm thinboutour feel. U're m mo

broo: Oh briet

Idget: Foas long as I can rememb you loved ridge. I knew the o thing you dread out even when it emed impossible was being with him and noyou finally have your chance and --

Brooke: Never should have doubted how muchou really care about me.

Bridget: Made it pretty hard for you no to.

Brke: I wish none of thisver happened.

Bridget: I sh you and I could just go bk to the way things were before i found out ridge wasn't my brother.

Brooke: Or before I had the affair wi dcon.

Bridget: We hurt e other so muc

Brooke: Yes, we have. Buthat's done is done and we can't change that.

Bridget: So what are we going to do?

Brooke: I'll tell you.

Ridge: If it will get you out of my office, ne. Say what you have to say and then get the hell out.

Nick: I think youught to leave them both alone. Dge ridge I'll take that under con ideration.

Nick: Come on, forrester. I'm trying to help you here. You're too close to is thing to seelearly anymore.

Ridge: Oh, and you've got 20/20 vision when it mes to my personal life, is that it?

Nick u and brooke had your sho, you had a lot shots. It wasn't meto you. You and bridgette- come on. It's just wrong. Leave them both alone before they get hurt wor than they've been hurt already.

Ridge: Aryo finished?

Nick yeah, I'm finied.

Ridge: Good. 'Cuz n I'm going to tell you what i think.

Ridge: I think you're so interested in my personal life because as far as I can see, you have no perl life of your.

Nick: Well, i do all ght.

Ridge: Then you shouldn't have a lem keeping your nose out of my al life. If you do, you'll have a problem with me. Stay away from brooke and bridgette.

Nick: Foesr, is that a teat?

Ridge: That would be an order. Goodbyecaptain.

Nick: Aye-aye.

Bridget: Yohave a soluon t crazy situatio

ke: Like a surval tactic

Bridget: Do you rlly think we can rvive this?

Brooke yes. We've been through so much already, I'm certainly not going to let this stop us.

Bridget: Neith.

Brooke: Okay. Well, then, we have to stop ghti , st esen ,

hurting e h other. And we have to agree right here and r now that we'rt going to let any of this change anything for us.

Bridget: Oh, mom...

Brooke: Honey, i love you so much, bridget. You e my little girl. And I would do anything for you in t whole wideorld. Know that?

Bridget: I love you too, mom. I love you too.

Jacqueline: Why do i get the elinghat you invited me here for more than ampagne and compliments?

Massimo: All right, I'l admit it... the's something else I would like to discuss withou.

Jacqueline: Mm-hmm.

Massimo: It's your son.

Jaueli: Nicky?

Massimo: Mm-hmm. He seems t have everything going fo him. He's young, he's good looking, he's successful. There'onlyne thing missing in his life.

Jacqueline: What thaMassimo: Woman.

Jacqueli: A woman. Ll, maybe nicky doesn want a woman in his life.

Massimo: Yeah, but see, i tnk that you could direct nick to aoman that is absolutely perfect fo him.

Jacqueline: Ninny know? Las brooke logan --


Maimo: Brookeloga

Cqueli: Ooke?

Maimo: Mm

jacquene: The same brooke logan that you didn't wantit your son?

Massimo: She and ridge are st not gd mat. But nick and brooke -- i mean, she's beautiful. I mean, he could do worse, you know. She's violates she's intriguing.

Jacqueline: Let's ju get thisght, okay? Brooke is not good engh for your son but she is for mine?

Massimo: No no,no, no, no. That's not what I'm saying at all.

Cqueline the hell it isn'T.

Massimo: Jacquene?

Cqueline: Don't call

that. In fact, don't call me at all. (Knocking)

Nick: What do you think of leaving all of this and sail away wit me?

Brooke: That sounds very tempting, actually.

Nick what's stopping you?

Brooke: We, not much. Justy b, my by, my other children --

Nick: And I think you're leavin ou one big reason.

Brooke: Oh, anyone, would i hold out on you?

Nick: The though of you having o more shot at forrester --

Brooke: Ridge and I --

Nick: Don' tell me out isomplat hiy.I justot it all dectly from the hse'smouth.

Broo talked to e?

Ni: That's R. Ju loong o for frnds. You're a good woman. U're ltle. You busu'reoyal. You due serve better. God, if you would just open up your eyes. There's a ole world out ere. All sorts of menho would do anything to get you to forget ridge forrester.

Brooke: Are you one of thosmen, nick?

Nick: Doeshat ansr your question?

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