B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/27/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/27/03

By Eric

at'sng onith me an dge?

Ke eric td mehalo i know th iav let u do in the ptd iknhat vede some terrible mistakestabut d

best. Yoknow that.

Idget: Why are you bringing this up now?

Brooke: Because whaterr whatever terrible mistakes i have made, i am still your mother, and I'm tellg you, bridget, this fatuation with ridge cat gon. For your sake and for the family'S. It has to stop, right now. (Remembering)

Brooke: What are you talking --

Massimo: I have heard it all, all right? I ha had more babies paraded in front of me than a department store santa!

Massimo: Go ahead, damn it, and tell me that dominick -- no, no, no, nicky pay, isy son!

Nicky is not your son, and i thank god for it!

>>Mr. Maro, I have the phone numberhat you wanted.

Massimo: K you, shelley. Ank you. Yes,ndee thank u very mh.

I just hope that eric can forgive the children.

I'mtill a little surprised that he decideed to confide in you.

Nick: Was still can't believe that he decided to confide in you.

>>Ou're too close to this,nicky. You wor with ridge and you're friends with bridget. I can't expect u to be objective.

Ni this guy haslayed them against each other, mother against dghter. You just don't do that!

Ridge: Dad? I was worried about you.

Eric: Spen the night at the beach house.

Ridge: I'm going to call bridget. She's going to want to know yore oka

Er: Lready saw bridget.

Ridge: When?

Eric: Ju now. I was just at herpament just now.Ridge: Yo two have a good talk?

Eric: Yeah, we did. Now I want to talk to you. I loat y, y're here in th offand I -- well, sehat with all ofmaro instry resourc and wh your iligenceouan mpsh just abo anything you seout to do. And yet you've chosen aath that's going to cause your family unhappiness and pn and I just -- I don't know why. Why are you doing this? want to hurt you any morethan already have. But we're going toet into thisagain --

Eric: Well, ridge, i just want to understand.

Ridge: I can see y're ill very angry about this.

Eric: I can't find an cuse for what y're doing. And when i saw you and bridg together, when i saw you touchinger, kissing her like thati just -- just going to tear our family apart, ridge.

Ridge: You still consir me a part thifamily?

Eric: What's left of it, yeah. If y still want toe.

Ridg of course I do. Dad, why don't you just go ahead and ask me whatever you want to ask. I can't guarantee you're going to like what I say, but as always I'm going to be completely honest with you.

Eric: L right. Ere one thing i couldn't bring myself to ask bridget, bu..ow farashise?An, i sawou kissing.

Dge: Th's i that's it. Thissn't aboutust or desire.

Relationship with bridget, we -- it's very different tha th.

Eric: So you've grown to depend oeachth?

Rie: She and have been thugh one hell of a lot this last while.

Eric: Yeah. Know. Ridge, she's an incredible girl. And there's no questio that e les you. She loves your kids. And with everything the twof you have gone through together, you've gro very, vy clo and there is noggin appropriate about that. Butthe way -- and there is nothing inappropriate about that but the way massimo looks at her and the waye has manipulad you tok at her, at is absolutely wrong!

Bridget: Mom, that why you called me here? To ask to just stop my feelings for ridge and the kids?

Brooke: Just hear me out.

Bridget: I know what you're going to say.

Brooke: I'm so

sorry i didn't give you a better life. I'm sorry if i exposed you to too manyf my pros. I knoi h a very tumultuous romantic life, and stephanie was probably right, i could have protected you more from that. And i don't blame you if you're still angry with me about deacon. But bridget, you're not a vindtive person.

Bridget: No. And I'm not being vinctiv W.

Ooke:But u're uetand m rrieut what it isoing to you, orall us.

Idget: I talked t da, mom. He's okay.

Brke honey, he does t sut this relionship. He lovesou. Anhe wants you to be hpy. D this is not the way to be happy. Not for you, not for ridg, or his children or this entire family. Now, you have to see that! I'm da janz in the cfcn newsroom..oming up at X. Good afternoon. Tonight on cfrn

Nick: I'm telling you ridgeforrester is ruining these women's lives.

Eric doesn't s mh abt brooke.

Nick: Bridget is his daughter.

And he's very, very worried about her.

Nick: As well he should be. Estehas comely messed this rl heaup

According eric he re than a littelp.

Ck: Well heure e heck dn't nd it

as though this guy is a pro. He's been msing aroundith brooke on and off for Y. He finally proposes her, they get to the altar, and she finds out he's been messing with the daughter.

It mhavebeenul ha for h tolk ay somethinshe wanted so much.

Nick: Well, after all's id and done, he stillants to go through with the marriage. Can you believe that? (Phone rin)

Excuse me, darling, it might be lauren. Ll

Massim jacqueline? It'smassim mone. I'd like to see you.

This isn't a good time

Massim well, I've reserved a table for two at cafe rousse. I'm going there now.

Yeah, well, that's intriguing but'm not interested.

Massimo: Ok. Well, I'll be waiting for you. In case you change your mind.

Goodb. Nicky? You all right?

Nick: Ye, I'm fine. Listen, I'm runni a lite late. I've got to check in with the admiral at the oice.

Nicky? Don't make trouble with ridge forrester, all right? Ssim h given you a tremendous opptunity don'jeopardize it.

Nick: Mom, I'm a big boy. I kno when not to cross the line. I just can't say the same for forrester.

Bridt: So you wa to back aym e useyou'oncerned with my happiness?

Brooke: Honey, i know i st have sd some ings that hu you badly, but that's because i was hurt too. And ifhed out at you, it's only beuse I was feeling --

Bridge threed.

Brooke: Betrayed. I know that wasn't your intention. It's st that your friendsp th ridge got little bit out of control for a few ments. T you have to realize that's all it was.

Bridget: Have you talked to ridge?

Brooke: I'm tking to you. As your mother. Bridt, you are a extraordinary young woman. And you he more compassion and integrity than anybody in this entire family. What you'veone for ridge and his children, for me and your father over these years, that's just the kind of perso that you are. And i can see why ridge became so close to U. Buanything more than that is wrong. And deep down you know that. At is why u are going to have to end this, for your sake, bridget. You have to put an end to this.

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Ridge: Dad, this relationship that bridget and I have, i wouldt necessarily call it romantic. If you're worried about it escalating to -- whatever, i wouldn't worry. Eric, but you haven't made any plans r yourediate

Eric: But the but you haven't made any plans for your immediateuture?

Ridg have you and mother

Eric: That's over.

Dge: Over? What do you mean? Just like that?

Eric: Ridge, in my heart, you wi always be my son. But our connection --arof our bond haseen taken away r us forever. And your mother is responsibl for that.

Ridge: So, what? Re us ver g t forgiv her? Eric: She lied to me , dge, about the o thing sh knewwas most imp tant to me in my life: My amily. So ha s going to be y focus now. All of you but mostespecially and you bridge the situation with th tw of u to be rolved. Ri e: Age.

Er : Good. T me h U. U kn his hole suati, just yo, rid, is it's -- 'sassimo. He has manipulat and confused you just much as he has bridgetand he's turned your whole life inside out. I can help you get through it, okay? I've always been there for you. And I'm still here for you. I'm still here for you now.

Ridge: Anksd.

Eric: All right.

Your father, nicky. After all these years, he wants to see me.

Massimo: Ah, jacqueline, you decided to ce afr all?

I mus admit my curiosity had got the better of me.

Mass m delighted. Could i get you a drink before we sit down? Perhaps a glass of champagne.

I thi y'd better order a bottle ofthe finest we're going to need .

Brooke: You've got so much tooo forward toin le... your studies your frnds an yoo yng, bridget. I don'waou toissut on anythin, especy in lo and I know're gng to find that lo but yore not going to findit with ridge. That's not wha you're looking for. That'snowhat you deserve. You're going to meet somebody some day, somebody your own age, and you're going to be happier than you ever dreamed of. I know it's going to happen for you, baby. I just hope it's going to be easier for you than it was for me.

Bridt: Is that all u

to say to me? That's it? Okay? Okay.

Brooke: Bridget? Don't have something you want to say to me?

Bridget: No. Acally, I do have something to say to you...

Hey, forrester. Oh, that's right, i guess i can't call you that anymore, can I?

Ridge: What are you talking about?

Nick: Well, from what ihear, marone suits you better.

Ridge: Look, i don't really want to talk about any of this right n because I'm very, very busy.

Nick: Oh, I know. You have been a busman, ven't you? Getting thatgo of yours strokes stroked. But you kind of like that, don't you? You know h many times have been around the world, forrester, ani he never seennything like this. Broo bet... mother, ught I , let's factou really put 'em tough I thout it wlde a goo ideaf we talabouit.

Ri rely?

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