B&B Transcript Monday 5/26/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/26/03

By Suzanne

maybe u d ve sle in aittl. Nd of your houseguest pacing th sparroom?

Jackie: Didn't sleep at all?

Eric: No you gave me a lot to think about.

Jack: Did you co to any conclusion?

Eric yes. Numb one is that was way out of le last night the way i reacted when i saw your sos jacket.

Jackie: After what massimo has done to your mily, i don't blame you.

Eric doesn't give me the right toomeowou the wadid.

Jackie I'm aanger you,eric.

Er: Well,notnymo.

Ckie no not af snding halthe ght telngach othlife's stories.

Ic: Yeah. You said something to me last night about the forresters, about how we always bounce back from adversity, and you got m thinkingbout that. The tragedies that we've overcome and all the conflicts that we've risen abov. What's so differen about it now? Y am so overwhelmed abou

now? An realized it's because we've always faced these problems together. Noatter our differences, we've alway done what's best fothe faly and -- unti yesterday. Yesterday, iurned my back on my kids.

Ja e: Well, you wereangry.

Er yeah. God, i never thought I would feel thatway about my il i just -- i couldn't hid my disappointment.

Jackie: Ridge and bridget, they know that u're unhpy with them. That has got to be weighing just as healyn them as it is you. Er, and that's --.

Eric: And that's onclusion number 2. I'm going to do something about it today. Thanks, jackie.

I knew you'd be here, your head buried in the san, avoid- ing the conquences of your actions.

Brooke: I'm C.E.O. Of forrester crtions, stepnie.Ive responsiliti.

Stephanie: Any responsibility to your dahter?

Brooke: You came here to talkboutridget?

Stephanie: No. Tuly, I'm lookior er

Brooke: Sorry. I haven't seen him.

Stephae: You probably haven't seen bridget sincshe's probably w ridge.

Brooke: Is that supposed to hurt me?

Stephanie: Not as much as it hurts me. You know, i always thght i could set fine example for her. Be a really good role mel for ur daughter.

Brooke: That's funny. Do you think you'd be a really od reel for my daughter?

Stephanie: Well, she needs somethg. The onlthing that she see

have inherited from you is urselfish sense of vulty.

Brooke: Are you calling bridget vulgar?

Stephanie: No just her behaviour. And as much as I hate to admit it, I see now that's exactly what ihould have expected from your daughter.

It is just great. Would you likeome bakfast? I made me. And, by the way, you left your jacket here. It's on the couch.

Nick: Oh, i wondered where itas.Breakfast? Already? Unpacked. We've been busy. What's going on?

Ie: We ... if you must kw, iaving est.

: Sobodypenthe nigh hereast night?Jaie: It's not w you think?

Ck I'm happy iyou' seeing somody. Who's the lucky guy?

Jack: Ericrester. (Kck on door)

Bridt: Go away.

Eric: Brid it's your dad. Come on, I wanto talk to you. Come on, open the door.

Bridget: Dad?

Eric: Aroulone?

Bridget: Yeah.

Eric good. I want to talk to you.

Nick: Eric forrester spent e nit here.

Jackie: He stayedere.

Nick: I didn't know you knew H.Jack: Well, i didn'T. Bute just showed up her last night. His marriage has fallen apart, he found out about ridge. Poor man's devastated.

Nick: So now we're runni a flop house for brokenearted millionair.

Jackie: It i his family's property. They just lend it to lauren nmore when they' notsing it.

Nick: Explain this to me no

justarge in on you?

Jackie: He didn't know that I was here.

Nick: You ask him to leave?

Jaie: Nded someone to talkO.

Nick: Oh, please. He's go pley of cash. Have him hire a shrink.


Nick ean .

G life lling apt onim. It's not a good time i t volv.

Ckie: N assuyo it's ling on mind

Nick i gntee y it's not th lastng ohis.

Eric: I woke you.

Idget: I didn't get much sleep last night.

Ic: Yeah, well, neither did I.

Brt: Dad, about what happened yesterday, what you saw, thaiss --

Eric: Bridget, wait. Before you get into all that, there's something I need to know.

Idget: I havet seen ridge sie you ft the bin.

Er: I need tknow that you're all right.

Bridget: You're worri about me.

Ic: Yeah. Yesterdas very difficult for all of us.

Bridget: I'm so sorry. I know you're disappointed in me.

Eric: I am. Iam, honey. But, sweetheart, I'm your dad. And ve you. And no amount o disappointment is ever gog to change at.

Brooke: Bridget is just re confused, stephanie.

Stephanie: She's in love wi ridge.

Brooke: She has everything mixed up in her head. This isn't what she wants. Is isn't who she is.

Stephanie: She's who you raised her to be.

Brooke: Lookthey're n involved. Riod.

Stephanie: Th first kiss was not just a lapse in judgment. Her father saw them kissing agn.

Brooke: S, know. In the cab. I'm not going to blame bridget for this shs the victim here.

Sthae: Yes. Yours. Anwhat's to be expected? Her whole life she's watched you from man to ma, jump from bed to bed. After you dorced her father youarry both his sons. You seduce her husband, and alys, always with thesame justifation: . Congtulaons. You shoulde ve pud o yourse. Shs aright y wom you taug herell. Good afternoon. Tonight on cfrn news at x ..both the province ottawa considow to help people affected financially by the mad cow crisis. City council meets to talk about a proposed budget ... that callsor tax hike ofen percenwe'll hear from a little boy who received a double lung transplanat the stollery children's hospital. And we'll check in received a double lung

Jackie: Nicky, the man was ieving for his family. He was t frting wi me.

Nick: Give him another chance, and, trust me, he will.

Jackie: You may not think well of dge, but eric forresteis a very dignified andonsiderate man.

Nick: And you're a gorgeous, ailable woman.

Jackie: What eric needed last night was a friend.

Nick: He needs change, mom. The guy's marriage is a shambles. Those nes are going to be chgi ver quickly.Jaie: That's jus not e his head at rightow, darling.He worried a his chdren he's not lkingor a hman paular invvement.

Nick yoaid that s thatidge I't h so

Jackie: And he's ccerned about his daughter too.

I i just don't want his problem it is to become your problems.

Jackie: Stayed the night, and i gave iely advice. That's all.

Nick: D whas that advice?

Jackie: That your childn may not alws make the choices that you approve of, but that doesn't stop you loving them. In fact, it's at those moments wh you most -- when you're most disappointed in them that ey need you the most.

Nick: He'sisappointed i bridget?

Jackie: Ridge and bridget ve had him very, very deeply -- hu him very, very dely and i just hopeor his sake he can get past that because that poor girl has ner needed her father's love and understanding more than she does now.

Bridget: Daddy, I don't know what to say I've hurt you so much. And tt's the last thing in the world i wouldever want to do.

Eric: My reaction cabin was to -- must ha hur you too.

Bridget: U were i shock. What you saw between ridgend -

eric: Look, honey, that's what is makes all of this is doift.

-- Diult. The very thing that apals me about all this is the same reason i cannot walk away from it. I know ridge is noty so, and I know that the two of you are not ... I know the two of you aren't related. But i still think of you both as my childr.

Bridget: And we let you down.

Ic: We all let each other down. We faile each her. Stepnie failed m,and ridge failedbrooke and I and iiledyou.

Bridget: No, you didn'T.Ic: Yes we D. I should havbeen aware of whatas happening with you. My god, you we sufferg from a huge brayal, and you needed somebody you c dependn. You needed swg you cld go to, d ihould have bee the one to comfort you. Not ridge.

Bridget: Dad, you thought I was over it. So did I.

Eric: Yeahwell, you weren'T. And as yr father, should ha been aware of that. I should have seen that.

Bridget: We didn't want you to see that we didn't want y to e any of it. Ridge and i, w wanted to protect you.

Eric: It's not your job. It's not your job to protect me. You've taken onoo much. Way too much. Taking care of ridge and his kids and standg up at your mother's wedding.

Bridget: I really did want their marriageo work.

Eric: I knoyo did. For all the wro reaso. You're a good girl. And you always want to do the right thing. But this is all way too much for yo

Brooke: I see. So I'm the one resible for this. I'm the one who poisoned my daughter's mind. No. It's your preciou massimo marone who is behind all of this.

Stephanie: If she had any moralseuldn't have listened to a word said.

Brooke: And if you wouldn't have slept with him,he wouldn't have had athing to say. Lyinis such a great way to start a marriage, and a wedding is a great way to keep a secret. And, hey, why not have an affair if nobody finds out about it. Right?

Stephae: I didn'tave an affair.

Brooke: You did ha baby with him, didn't you, stephanie? And that is the problem here. Idget is not confused because i set a bad exale. She's cond because she found out ridge isn't really hebrother. So don't you dare blehis on m checkered past. Why don't you blame it on yours? You kn, I am so sick and tired of arguing with you like this.

Sthanie: There really isn' anything left to argue about, is there? You've lost your daughter, and youleslost ridge.

Broo: You're the one who's lostm, stephanie. And I'm going make sure the family survive this istupidmistake of urs.

Ephanie: The only mistake that I haveever made in my whole life was letting you in our lives.

Br: Ju geout. Ta yrier th tho attitude andget t ofere!

Bridget: Dad, this wasy fault. I don't want to you blame ridge for this.

Eric: I T. I did.

Did bla ridge f this. Ihought tt he should have stopped this from happening. But thct is, hs been manipulated just as badly as you. Honey, massi marone is a very, very bad person. He's calculating, he's vindictive, he's manipulative, and he's so, so lfish. The d he dame to la, he's been chig away at our family. He's been trying to undermine ormorals and he's mocking our business. And he stroyed my marriage. And he took my son. And he trying to take away what you and I have. I'm notoing to let him. You'veost so much ady. You've lost your sense of selfsteem. And your energy,nd your focu and you'reoing to get it l back, i promise, because I'm goingo help you.

Idt: You have a lot of faith in me.

Eric: No, y're the best thing I ev saw

Bridge whatou saw a theabin the looknour es when youalked o on me.

Eric thatomething else. That's sometng ee. Honey, i pmise you I'm never going to turn my back on you ever, ever again. I'm never going to do that. 

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