B&B Transcript Friday 5/23/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/23/03

By Suzanne

Ephae: I wa hoping that he would lm down after

Idget: I n't ink he's goingo calm down f awhile.

Wll mad when he le.

Stephae: He wenup t thcabin and the left the ca we,here did go

brt: I don't kn i thohte mightme bac here.

Stephanie: Oh iss th lastlace he would come. D you call ridge?

Bridt: Actually, ridge was too.

Stephanie: You and ridge fod your father up at t cabin? What was going on up there?

Who are you?

I'mhe one tt shou aski you that. You are standing in my living room.

Ic: Yo ling room? This is my -- this i my family's property.

Oh, my, y're -- you are eric forrest. I' jacquelineayne. Please, call me jack.

Eric: I should be call the police.

Oh, no, no, no, I'm not trespassing. Lauren fenmore, she said that i could stay he her motr gave me the key I'm the new west coast contact fo fenmore'snd I just med in today and they viously dn't knou were going to be using the place.

Eric: Well I'm not. I just need alace to think. And drink.

Oh, well, if you want to be ale, i will just call lauren. She can make other arraements.&

Eric: No, no, that' ridiculous. I'm the one who is interfering here. I'llo.

Well, no, you don't have to.& Look, i can see that you are obviously going thr something, and if you want to be alo, I don't want t intrude. This is your family's home.

Eric: Family. I don't evenknow what that means anymore.

Oh, rry.

Eric: You couldn't begin to understand, I've just derby just l everything.

I have somede o what that's like.

Eric: Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be -- i shouldn't be lg this on total stranger, I'm sorry.

Don't mention it. Just think ofe as your friendly barnder. Do you want ather one?

Eric: Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

You know, i lost my husband. It was a lg time ago. But i do remember what it felt like. To be all alone in the world.

Whole life was jusurned upside do. I do remember what i needed e the most though.

Eric: ?

You're right, there's no excuse for the pain I've p you through, but i would ke a chance to ela now.

Brooke: No, ridge. You' not going to charm your way out of this one. It's unforgable.

Ridge: Will yo hear me out?

Brooke: No, it'oo late. I can't believe, after everything that we have been throh, witea other, wi our falies, our children, and what we did to tryto be together,ow you've just gone and u'vethrown it all away because you haveme kind of crush on my daughter?

. Eric: Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Eric: You really don't mind if i stay?

No. But if you want to go, I'll call you a cab.

Eric: No, no,t's okay. Ave a car.

You've also had quiteew of those.

Eric: M not making the best first impression, am I?

Hey, you saidou wand to be alone. You said you h lost everything.

Eric: I wish I could tellyou that was an overstatement but --

You don't have to tell me anything, eric.

Eric: I don't thk I can even believe it myself. I'm supposed to be the head of this family, and i was object bailiff I couldn'tay. Was just blind sided. Allf the secrets, and I -- I didn't see it. I -- there has to have been some kind of on indication, some kind of a hint, but I -- I missed i I'morry. I'm probably not making any nse all.

You know what? Yodon't need to.

Eric: It's just that everythi's changed. Evermajor relionship in my life has been just blown apart overnight.

You know, how many sts -- they have that potential.

Eric: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be telling you all th.

I've struggledith a secret of my own, you know. I think everyamily has. It truly doesn't matter whether you're the one that keeps them, you're the o that learns them. They'requally difficult to bear. Look, i c e you're hurting and I don't want to make things worse.

Eric: No, no, you're not. You've been very kind.

Well,ike i said, sometimeit's jus easier to talk to a stranger than someone you know especially for a man like you.

Eric: A man that has lost everyone, lost faith in everyone in his life?

Man who is the cornerstone of his family and his business. You are legendary, eric forrester. You are an icon, the strength and consistency i a very risky business. You're just feeling overwhelmed at the moment. And hey, oe you get bearings and you take a breath, you're going to come back. Fighting.

Eric: How do you know that?

From what i understand, that's what you forresters do.

Dge: I do not have crush onridgte.

Brke: Don't lie to me.

Ridge: I'm no lying to yo ooke.

Brke: Eric told me what happened in big bear.

Ridge: Oh, i am so sorry that you had to find out in that context

Brooke: Are you glad that you did it?

Ridge: No. No, I'm not. That kiss --

brooke: , Please, i don't want to hear it.

Ridge: No, I don't want you to hear -- I nt you to hear i broob. I wantou to owt it had nothing to do at all with passion or sexuality. Itas just briette wanted a little comfort --

Brooke: , My god she shouldn't have kissed you. You're my fiance. And you, you sh have backed.

Ridge: Idgette has been confused. Had he, thehin has got us all totally off balance now.

Brke: So a few daws ago you wanted t spend theest of your liith me, and now you're cfused?

Ridge: I don't blame you at all foralling off the wedding.

Took a lo colonel, a t of integrity to wa away from something you've wanted for so long.

Brooke: I called off the weddinbecause i wn't surethat myiance could be honest with me, and I'm still not.

Ridge: That's what I'm trng to do right now.

Ooke: Iwish i could believe you. I really do I wish i coulgi yothe benefit of the doubt. But I can' and I'm really tired of hearing your excuses. How could you do this to me? Great good afternoon. Tonight on cfrn news at six ... there are new concerns about the slow reacon to red flag the animal ... that was ultimately diagnosed with mad cow disease. Police hit the roads in our area ... with a new idea to catch bad drivers ..and ers are not too happabout it. And it's a great weekend to get planting. Tonight ... we have tips to find getting day in your life., Here. I I want you to know what my plday in your life. Stuff here. You said

Stephanie: What's going on

Bridget: I toldou, I'm looking for dad, I'm worried abouhim.

Stephanie: Why? Did he and ridge have another gument?

Bridget: Like I said, he was upset

stephanie: Yes, you said that. You talked to him? Did ridge tr to explain to him about what happened, really, with he and massimo?

Bridt: That's not what he was upset about.

Stephanie: Welsh what'she upset about?

Bridget: It was a mistake, stephanie. We didn't mean for it to happen aga.

Dn't even know dad was there.

Stephanie: Your fatherdidn't overhear you and ridge say anything to each her did he?

Bridget: No. He saw us.

Stephanie: What did he see?

Bridget: He saw us kissing.

Sthanie: Oh, god --

bridget: It was anaccident. I tried to explain it to h.

Stepe: You didn't tell him how he felt about each her?

Bridget: He wouldn't listen to me. Heust kept saying it wa dirty and disgusting.

Stephanie: Well, it is.

Bridget: Nobody understands.

Stephanie: And bodys going to especially your father. How could you do this? Afteeverything that he's been throuow did you let this happen?

Brooke you're speechless. I don't think vever seen you like this. Wh'sone wrong with us?

Ridge: There's nothing wrong with us.

Brooke: Oh, yes, there i. You know, I have been ie with you for most of mylife so mh of my life has revolved around you. And I've spe so much time looking over myhoulder, wondering about the feelings that you had for other people, like caroline and tailor. Finally, i thought i didn't have to nder anymore. I really believed that we were going to be together. And I tho ght that you wanted this amuch as i did. I thought finally it was going to beight, and this time i s ing to be differe. And at I could finally relax, knin you were total committed to me. But now s that i was wrong. Beuse here I am, I'm in that me damn position looking over my shoulder again. But this time it's at bridgette, my own daughte

Ridge: Would you stop it, broob, just stop it. Because damn it, I'm telling you right n, that is not true.

Eric: What i t I thought you said you worked for fenmore'S.

I do.

Eric: En wha the hell is this doing here?

Eric: D mar send you here?

Jacqueline: No, i told you --

Er: I know what you me. I want you to tell me the truth now. Are you part of marone's plan?

Jacqueline: What plan --

Eri : Marone, he's been filling my faly wh ideas, corruptintheir valuand morals.

Jacqueli: Thats my son's jacket. He is marone's pacific fleet commander.

Eric: What does he ve to do withis?

Cqueline: Neither. And -- thing and neither do I. I jt thought yo nded help. I thought yoneeded someo toalk to.

Eric: Are you telling me this is all some nd of coincidence?

Jacqueline: I don't have to tell you anything, eric, and iterankly I wouldike you toeave.

Er: I'm not going. I'm not going uil you tell me what this is all about.

Cqueline: I dot know what marone is up to, but assure you, if I have any feelings for t man, they are equally as loathing as yours.

Bridget: We didn't mean for dado see us.

Stephanie: You shouldn't have been kissing ridge in the first place.

Bridt: I know

Stephanie: If younew, you wouldn't have done it.

Bridget: Look, I don'tknow whato te you it wasn emotional moment. We were looking for dad, we couldn't fd him, every was falling apart.

Sthanie: So you made worse.

Idget: No

Stephanie: Yes. I can'even gin to igine w upse and hurt your father must be.

Idget: It was terrible. Is that what you want tohear? It was it was embarrassing and humiliating and I wouldn't be surprised if he never wanted to speak either of us ever again.

Stephanie: Do you want me to feel sorry for u?

Bridget: Could you? I mean, do you even have that ability? Could you put yoursel inmy position for one minute?

Stephanie: No, ms. Sarcasm, when I stop o think out what you a my son have done to you -- it's just incomprehensible at you've done to your father. Not that I don't understand it. I do, because i saw it coming. Did i not tell you to stay away fm ridge? Did i n t and ship you off to copenhagen because i knew it was going to happen? And it did.

Bridget: This is not what you're making it out to be.

Stepnie: ,Baloney! You know what's really upsetting? That a woman of your intelligence and your character could do something so morally repugnant.

Bridget: Plse, god, uld you op saying that.

Stephanie: And iny wildest dreams, I never thought that I would say this. You are becing your mother.

Ridge: Logan, I love you. What's hapning here has nothing at all to do with how

feel about you. I haven' forgotten what we've been through, the ans we've made.

Brooke: You just don't want to keep them.

Ridge: Yes, I do. Yes, io. I have nev ever wavered from that.

Brooke: What i supposed to do about this being with bridget, just ignore it?

Ridge: Yes. Yes. Give me a chance to show you how -- howuch you mean to me.

Brooke no. Ineed some tim to think, alone.

Ridge: Okay. But you st know o thing... I am not going to allow this to come between us. You and I are going to have that lif we dreamed about. It's right around the corner, logan. It's right around thcorner, and all you have to do is say the word.

[] I love you. I love you.

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