B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/21/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/21/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Nadine

Eric: Bridget -- our little girl -- and Ridge -- in each other's arms.

Brooke: Eric, you're wrong. You have to be wrong.

Eric: I'm not wrong! I saw it! They were kissing one another.

Brooke: Oh, God, no. They wouldn't do it again.


Secretary: Captain Payne to see you, sir.

Massimo: Oh, shelly, thank you. Come in, come in, Captain Payne. Bruno, new commander of my pacific fleet, Captain Payne.

Nick: How do you do?

Massimo: I'm glad you could make it on such short notice.

Nick: Well, I got a call, so I'm here.

Massimo: Good. I know it's late, but we're going over the plans for your new office.

Nick: Before we get into that, there's something we probably should discuss in private.

Massimo: Okay. Leave the plans with me, okay, Bruno? Thank you.

Bruno: Yes, sir.

Massimo: Well?

Nick: Since I'm gonna be working here, I thought I'd tell you that I know the truth.

Massimo: What in the world are you talking about?

Nick: I started putting a few things together and it started to make sense to me. You remember the story you told me behind the ring?

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Why would an employee be wearing the symbol of your family's heritage?

Massimo: Now, Ridge is a very trusted employee.

Nick: Knowing's gonna make working here a lot easier. When the memo came out about Forrester being hired as your second-in-command, nobody could understand why. Why, Massimo? He's a dressmaker! But then it all made sense. You wanted him to learn the business, carry on after you. And why wouldn't you? He's your son.


Ridge: Call me if you hear anything.

[Bridget remembering]

Taylor: Bridget -- love is too precious to not let yourself feel it. Never withhold your love. Don't let old hurts steal it from you, okay? Always love, no matter what the cost. It's the greatest gift.

Bridget: Ridge?

Ridge: What is it?

Bridget: I just remembered the most amazing thing. It seems like nobody understands our feelings and our connection. But what if somebody does?

Ridge: Who?

Bridget: Taylor.


Brooke: Ridge -- he said -- he said he still wanted to marry me. That's what he said. The day after we're supposed to get married, he's kissing my daughter.

Eric: I'm sorry. The wedding -- I can't imagine what you've been going through.

Brooke: I really thought we were going to work things out, you know? And now they're at it again. And I was actually making excuses for them. That they'd been through so much, and they were so confused, it only happened once. But now it's continuing.

Eric: And it's over now. I told them it's over. It has to stop -- now. What is happening to this family?

Brooke: Please tell me, Eric, that they agreed to end this. I mean, you made them see how awful it is.

Eric: I tried. I tried.

Brooke: Well, so did I. I confronted them after the wedding. And they just couldn't see how sick it is. And Bridget was actually defending it.

Eric: She did the same thing with me. She said she just couldn't stop caring for Ridge.

Brooke: Why don't you tell me exactly what she said?

Eric: Well, she defended Ridge. She said that she was the one who first had feelings, and that they tried to fight it, but they just couldn't -- they just couldn't ignore it. Oh, Brooke, I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you.

Brooke: This has got to stop.

Eric: It will. It will stop. Hey -- they will see the immorality of it, and they will stop. You know, if they don't -- I'll stop it.


Ridge: Taylor?

Bridget: I know it sounds crazy. But I've asked myself over and over again why I can't erase my feelings for you. They've hurt so many people -- mom, dad. God, what he said before -- it killed me to see him so destroyed. And I'm the one responsible.

Ridge: Not just you.

Bridget: Ridge, I started this. It's okay. I know how wrong these feelings are, how much they scare people. I mean, God, it scares me that I can't let them go. But just now, I -- I thought about something Taylor told me. I went to visit her in the hospital just before she died. And even after everything she'd been through, she was still so strong and she had so much wisdom. And she told me something so beautiful, I'll never forget it. She said, love is precious and that I should always love, no matter what the cost, because it's the greatest gift. And, at the time, I didn't understand why she'd said it. But now I think I do. I think that's why I can't make my feelings go away, because I keep remembering her words. And I -- I keep seeing her face and how sure she was that love is always good.

Ridge: It sounds like Doc.

Bridget: Look, I want you to know I'm not telling you this to make everything more complicated. I just -- I can't stop thinking about it. Ridge, what if Taylor knew something we didn't?

Ridge: Aw, Bridget, I don't know.

Bridget: I do. Ridge, when I'm with the kids, I know. I love them so much. I know it's right for me to be with them, for me to be a part of your family, for me to love. I just wish to God I could ask Taylor if this is what she meant, and this is where I'm supposed to be -- or if it's as evil as everyone says.

Ridge: Hey, our friendship is not evil.

Bridget: Try telling Stephanie that. Or mom or dad. They think our feelings are dirty. And they're so sure -- I don't know. Could they be right?


Massimo: Yes, Ridge is my son. How'd you find out? Oh, wait a minute, let me guess. Brooke Logan.

Nick: Why would you say that?

Massimo: Typical Brooke. She's supposed to get married, the marriage is called off. She's feeling low, she turns to the nearest guy and pours her heart out, one thing leads to another.

Nick: That's not what happened.

Massimo: No. Look, I think it's wonderful that you are communicating and that she can confide in you.

Nick: She said a few things, but I had a lot of questions of my own.

Massimo: No, it's wonderful. I mean, you're talking. Brooke Logan is a very alluring woman.

Nick: Her biggest problem is that she's involved with your son.

Massimo: Ah, see -- Ridge and the children need a woman of -- how can I put this? Greater substance.

Nick: Oh, see. So Brooke's not good enough for Ridge, but she's just fine for me?

Massimo: Let me put it this way. I look out for my own.

Nick: Well, somebody needs to look out for her. And she's lucky she didn't marry him.

Massimo: Tell me something, Captain Payne. Are you always this protective of a woman you just met?

Nick: You know, this is a little weird, Marone. You know, if you were my father, I'd be pretty pissed off about how you're sticking your nose in my love life.

Massimo: I do not apologize for protecting my son.

Nick: He's a grown man! You're trying to run his life!

Massimo: Ridge means the world to me. See, I thought I was alone in this world. And then suddenly -- suddenly -- I found out I had a son, grandchildren -- my blood flowing through their veins. You see, I missed years with Ridge. I missed his growing up. I could have helped guide, you see? I could have helped mold his character. I wasn't given the chance. So, yes, damn, I will do anything and everything I can to make sure that my family gets the best. I'm not sure if you can understand that.

Nick: You're wrong, I can. What you're saying that you missed -- I know how that feels.

Massimo: You have children?

Nick: No. But I understand the things that you said you'd missed. I grew up mostly without a father. He died when I was young. I have a wonderful mother, but -- I missed having him there.

Massimo: I see.

Nick: And even though I don't agree with how you're doing it, I see you're trying to be a father to Ridge. I respect that.


Bridget: There is so much confusion right now. I feel it. I know you do. We think we're responsible. We think our feelings have ripped this family apart. But what if that's not true?

Ridge: What do you mean?

Bridget: What if all this anguish is because we're trying to keep a lie in place? Ridge, Taylor said to love no matter what. She could be looking down on us right now, praying we have the strength to do just that.

Ridge: We'll never really know, will we?

Bridget: Maybe we already do. Ridge, do you remember you told me you went to Taylor's grave? You asked her for a sign. You didn't know who to turn to, and then you saw my mother.

Ridge: Right.

Bridget: I was there, too. I knew that you were lost and that you needed help. And I just had this feeling that you would be with Taylor. I just knew. Maybe -- I don't know, maybe Taylor somehow drew me there. I mean, maybe that was her way of telling us which direction to go in. Do we ignore that? Or maybe I'm just like a stupid, naive, romantic little girl. You missed your wife. Of course you'd want to see her. I'm reading too much into this.


Brooke: You shouldn't be comforting me. She's our daughter. You're just as upset.

Eric: I just don't understand how it started. Ridge may not be my son, but Bridget grew up thinking of him as her brother. What in the world would make them start to look at each other this way?

Brooke: Massimo.

Eric: Massimo? What does Massimo have to do with this?

Eric: Massimo has something to do with what's going on between Ridge and Bridget? You mean because he's Ridge's father that it makes it possible and all?

Brooke: No. There's more to it.

Eric: Like what?

Brooke: He initiated it.

Eric: Why? But if he has any feelings for Ridge at all, why would he do that?

Brooke: Because of me. He thought that Ridge should have a better woman.

Eric: And so he chose -- he chose Bridget?

Brooke: He planted the idea in her head and let it go from there.

Eric: He's manipulating our daughter?

Brooke: Yes. And Ridge.

Eric: Ridge is a grown man!

Brooke: Who has had his life turned upside down in a matter of months! He didn't even know who he was, Eric. And I'm sure Massimo was there every day telling him what a horrible person I am and all the mistakes that I made. I'm sure this would not be happening if it weren't for him. I'm positive!

Eric: He's systematically taken everything that I love -- my wife, my son and my family. And now this! He -- he conjures up a relationship between Ridge and Bridget. That bastard. Damn him. Dammit! Damn him! Dammit!


Bridget: I'm sorry. I brought up what Taylor said because it meant a lot to me. I didn't want to upset you.

Ridge: No, you didn't. You loved her, too.

Bridget: I miss her. I'm gonna go.

Ridge: Hey, Bridget -- hearing Taylor's words -- it's like a piece of her spirit. She would have been very grateful to you for how you've helped me and the kids through the most difficult time in our lives. She blesses our friendship. I know she does.

Bridget: Thank you.


Secretary: Mr. Forrester, wait. I'm sorry, Mr. Marone, he just went through security.

Massimo: No, that's okay. It's okay, Shelly. Leave us. Go on, go on. I'll have to call you back. Well, this is an unexpected visit.

Eric: Shut up. I never trusted you. The day you came to L.A., I knew you'd be trouble, but I never -- never could have imagined the devastation and the carnage that you would cause in my family -- ensnaring my wife and my son. But now you've gone too far, you sick bastard. Promoting a relationship between Ridge and Bridget. Well, you're not gonna get away with it. Your corruption ends here, Massimo -- right now!

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