B&B Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Nadine

Massimo: Where's Ridge?

Eric: He's upstairs with my grandson.

Massimo: Is he telling Thomas?

Eric: No! No, my God, how greedy can you be, Massimo? I just found out less than an hour ago that my son isn't my son! Isn't that enough for one day?

Massimo: All right, Eric, listen -- I realize that this is difficult for you.

Eric: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you very much.

Massimo: Yeah, and I don't intend to rub your nose in it, okay?

Eric: No, no, no, of course not. You want to appear like a magnanimous hero in Ridge's eyes. "Oh, I did everything I possibly could to make this easy for Eric." Never mind the lies and manipulations you went through to -- to get things to end up the way you wanted them.

Massimo: I did what any father would.

Eric: No, you took the coward's way out! You insinuated yourself into Ridge's life. You lured him away from Forrester. And you made certain that he was completely indebted to you before you sprang your little secret on him.

Massimo: There were extenuating circumstances.

Eric: You gave me no credit. You gave Ridge no credit either. You didn't have the elegance to come to us a year ago. I would have had the utmost compassion for you, if you had come to us when you first found out the truth.

Massimo: All right. Stephanie asked me not to tell you. She begged me to keep it from you, from both of you.

Eric: You hid all this from us because of Stephanie? You lied, and you schemed. And you did all this to make points with Stephanie?!

Massimo: The woman is the mother of my son.

Eric: Well, if she means so much to you, you can have her.


Joanna: Jackie?

Jackie: Joanna. Oh, what a wonderful surprise. Darling, I'm so glad to see you again. You know, when Lauren called me, and she told me that someone was gonna show me this house, I had no idea it would be you.

Joanna: Well, it's my very, very great pleasure. I'm been spending more time in Beverly Hills these days. When my daughter called, said please meet you here, I thought, "what a fun excuse to see Jackie again." And besides, I think Lauren believes that personal touch might convince you to accept your job offer.

Jackie: Mm-hmm. You mean she knew that if she sent you, I'd feel too guilty to turn her down.

Joanna: I admit it. It crossed her mind.

Jackie: Well, should we go in, take a peek at what you're trying to tempt me with?

Joanna: Yes, and it's all absolutely yours, my dear. The rent will be completely taken care of by Fenmore's, if and when you move to Los Angeles and agree to become our Lead West Coast Buyer.


Nick: Watch your step. There you go.

Brooke: Somehow, when you said we were going to be escaping, I pictured us on a jet bound for Tahiti.

Nick: Oh, well, if it's Tahiti you want, all we have to do is chart a course.

Brooke: Oh, is this thing still seaworthy?

Nick: Are you insulting my boat?

Brooke: Is that what this is?

Nick: You know, you and your daughter --

Brooke: What about us?

Nick: Well, Bridget didn't understand the finer points of the "Shady Marlin" either. You're two of a kind, you two.

Brooke: I think I made a mistake coming here.

Nick: What about Tahiti?

Brooke: That was a nice fantasy, but I don't believe in them anymore.

Nick: What happened? Why'd you cancel the wedding?

Brooke: You don't want to know.

Nick: I do want to know.

Brooke: I found out something about Ridge. Something that I just can't live with.


Eric: I hope you and Stephanie will be very happy together. I can't imagine two people that deserve each other more.

Massimo: You have one hell of a nerve saying that about woman who did everything in her power to help you hold your family together. Can't you see that she tried to save you from going through what you're going through right now, keep you from losing your son?

Eric: I haven't lost Ridge.

Massimo: Eric --

Eric: Ask him. Ask him how he feels about me. Ask him how he feels about his real father.

Massimo: Eric -- I know how it feels to watch your son with another man, feeling their bond. I don't wish that on you. I don't wish it on anyone. But it's a reality, Eric. Ridge is my son, and you're gonna have to accept that fact and realize that you have a different place in his life from now on.

Eric: You're telling that I have to accept?

Massimo: Or not. That is up to you. But I am not gonna have anyone giving me or my family trouble. You're absolutely welcome to go on associating with Ridge and the children. Just know that things are different from now on.

Eric: You arrogant, self-righteous bastard. What would your son say if he could hear you talking to me like that?

Massimo: He knows exactly how I feel. And he supports my decision.

Eric: He supports you manipulating me out of his life?

Massimo: We are trying to establish a relationship, Eric. And he wants me to establish that with Thomas and the twins, as well.

Eric: You -- you leave them out of this!

Massimo: Listen, I have -- I am closer to those children than people that have known them for years! God. Just this afternoon, little Thomas -- Thomas came to me, he said to me, "I consider you another grandpa."

Eric: Thomas is a little boy who almost died of alcohol poisoning trying to deal with the way things were going around him. If you put him and those little girls in that kind of a position again --

Massimo: You have no say in the matter anymore, Eric.

Eric: Don't -- don't underestimate me.

Massimo: All right, Eric. Listen to me. I can take you to court if I want to. And we both know what will happen there. So one way or the other -- I am going to have my grandchildren.


Jackie: The family gave Fenmore's the opportunity to rent the house if we ever had the need. The Forresters -- you know them?

Jackie: Eric and Stephanie Forrester? They own this house?

Joanna: Well, Ridge, actually. It belonged to his late wife. Have you met them yet?

Jackie: No, I've admired Eric Forrester's work for years. I would love to meet him one day.

Joanna: Well, as our Lead West Coast Buyer, of course, you'd be working with him all the time. So, quite an opportunity.

Jackie: Well, he's an amazing designer.

Joanna: According to Lauren, that's not all he's amazing at.

Jackie: Well, I can see that you and I are going to have to have a very long tête-à-tête.

Joanna: That's assuming that you're here. You've got to admit, this is enticing.

Jackie: Even more so now.


Nick: Please, come down. So, Marone's pride and joy isn't the saint the old man makes him out to be?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. You have no idea. Not that Marone sees anything wrong with what Ridge is doing. In fact, he's 100% behind it.

Nick: So that leaves out shipping contraband.

Brooke: It has nothing to do with that.

Nick: You saying it's legal?

Brooke: Oh, I'm sure there's one or two states where he would've been thrown in jail. And if I didn't see and hear it for myself, I never would've believed it. I don't want to any more.

Nick: It's all right. You don't have to. I think I know. Forrester was involved with your daughter, wasn't he?

Brooke: Where would you get that idea?

Nick: It's all beginning to make a little sense. I've been around the two of 'em. He acts more like a jealous boyfriend than he does a brother.

Brooke: That's ridiculous.

Nick: Oh, I thought so, too, until I started piecing a few things together.

Brooke: Like what?

Nick: Why would Marone hire a dressmaker as his heir, be so concerned about his personal life and his future?

Brooke: What does that have to do with it?

Nick: What about the ring? Forrester wears a ring. It's Marone heirloom. He holds it very precious to himself. Why give it him? It all fits. Marone and Forrester are father and son, aren't they? Which means junior and Bridget aren't brother and sister. Opens up a lot of doors, doesn't it?

Brooke: Why would he do it? I mean, why would he get involved with her like that? I stood there, and I watched them -- on our wedding day. And he said that -- he said that he would always love her.

Nick: Why not propose to her instead of you? Why the farce?

Brooke: It's no farce. He really loves me. And he still wants to marry me.

Nick: And you believe him?

Brooke: I don't know. I don't know what to believe. I don't know who to trust.


Massimo: Whether you like it or not, those children are going to know exactly who they are and where they come from.

Eric: You're not gonna raid my family like some damn pirate, Marone. I'm not gonna let you do that. Do you understand me?

Massimo: I gave you a year longer than you deserve, as far as I'm concerned. You should be thanking me for that.

Ridge: What is going on?!

Massimo: Eric and I are laying down some ground rules.

Ridge: Don't you think it's little soon for that?

Massimo: My hand was forced.

Ridge: I think you ought to leave.

Massimo: Ridge --

Ridge: I mean it. I want you to go now!


Joanna: So, do we have a deal?

Jackie: I have to admit, I was feeling a little restless in Seattle. And, well, I love a challenge.

Joanna: You would be in charge of our entire operation up and down the coast. Quite an opportunity. One that does not come along every day, Jackie.

Jackie: That's true. Maybe there's a reason that this just popped up now. I mean, maybe I'm supposed to be here.

Joanna: Then say yes.

Jackie: Yes. [Laughter] yes, yes, yes.

Joanna: Oh, thank you, Jackie. Oh, you're gonna be so glad you did this.

Jackie: Well, my son, Nicky, will be, at any rate. He's just taken a job in town, too.

Joanna: Well, that's a perfect reason to stay.

Jackie: Bringing family together. I think we're both gonna be very happy here.


Nick: Well, you've been through the wringer.

Brooke: Oh, I feel so betrayed.

Nick: I know it's tough.

Brooke: No, no, you don't understand. Ridge is all I've ever wanted. Now how am I supposed to just forget about that and start over?

Nick: Hey, Brooke? You ever lift an anchor? Sometimes it takes all the strength that you have. But you just gotta put your feet down, take a deep breath and dig in. And you know why? 'Cause you have to. Otherwise, you don't move on, and little by little, inch by inch, it gets better.

Brooke: I'm sure once you set sail, you know what direction you're moving in.

Nick: No, not really. No, sometimes the -- the greatest adventures, the things that really get your blood pumpin', is when you take your charts, and you just throw 'em out to sea. And you look at a star, and you just follow it.

Brooke: Any star?

Nick: No, no, just sometimes the brightest star, the star that you can hear calling your name. Come here. Look. Look out there. Now, you see? You see those stars up there? Do you hear 'em calling your name?

Brooke: I don't see any.

Nick: You know, you land lovers are so short-sighted. Right up there. At the end of the horizon up there. See those twinkling lights?

Brooke: Oh, to the left of that buoy?

Nick: Port, not left, port.

Brooke: Excuse me.

Nick: But, yeah, right up there. That's what I'm talking about. Sometimes you just have to look differently at things.

Brooke: Uh -- Nick?

Nick: Yeah?

Brooke: Why is that star moving?

Nick: Haven't you ever seen a shooting star?

Brooke: That's not a shooting star. That's a plane landing at L.A.X.

Nick: Huh. How do you like that?

Brooke: Yeah, you knew all along, didn't you?

Nick: At least I got you thinking.

Brooke: Yeah, you did.

Nick: There's a whole world out there for you, kid. I can help you dig in, if you want.

Brooke: I can't. I have my sweet, little girl at home, probably wondering where her mommy is right now. Sorry.

Nick: Well, I just took a position with Marone. I'm the west coast fleet commander. I'll be in L.A. a bit.

Brooke: Well, a man of the sea being dry-docked? How you gonna handle that one?

Nick: I think it just got a little easier.

Brooke: Thanks, Nick.

Nick: Sorry we didn't go to Tahiti.

Brooke: No, no, that's fine. Actually, you helped me forget about my world that's crashing in on me. See you around.

Nick: Yes, ma'am, you will.


Massimo: All right, maybe my timing was unfortunate. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, Eric. But at some point, we are going to have to establish some parameters.

Eric: And Massimo feels that he should be the one to set them all.

Ridge: I'll decide how this is going to be handled.

Eric: Ridge, he has your whole life planned out for you -- you and the children. And not surprisingly, I'm not a part of that.

Massimo: That is your interpretation.

Eric: Oh, we both know you're gonna do everything you possibly can to squeeze me out of their lives.

Ridge: This is not the time to get into this.

Eric: Ridge, you have to know what he has planned.

Massimo: Ah! Don't I have a right to plan, after all that has been kept from me, all that I have been denied? Eric, I appreciate what you've done for my son.

Eric: You have no idea -- what I've done for him or what he's done for me. You know nothing about our relationship, and if you cared anything about him --

Massimo: You stop it right now! I've heard enough. Are you questioning my love for my own flesh and blood?

Ridge: Look, father, I've you asked you to leave.

Eric: What did you call him? You called him "father"? A man you've known less than a year, and you call him father? Yeah, well --

Ridge: Dad -- dad! Dad, wait -- dad!

[Tires squealing]

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