B&B Transcript Friday 5/9/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/9/03

By Suzanne

Bridget: Leave him alone, mother. Ridge didn't take advantage of me.

Brooke: You don't have to defend him, bridget. I know what happened.

Bridget: No, you don'T.

Ridge: Bridget, this is between your mother and me. I don't want you involved.

Bridget: I am involved. This is my fault. I'm the one who started this. I'm the one who couldn't control my emotions. I tried. I swear to god, I tried. I kept telling massimo that --

brooke: Massimo? What does he have to do with this?

Ridge: He's the one that told bridget I'm his son.

Bridget: That's when everything changed -- my relationship with ridge, my feelings for him. Mom, i knew it was wrong. I just thought i could fight it.

Brooke: Honey, you were confused.

Bridget: That's what ridge told me. He tried to convince me that my feelings for him weren't romantic.

[Sobbing] and I wanted to believe him. It would have made things so much easier. But now I know that he was wrong. And so are you.

Darla: Macy, are you asleep, sweetie? It's darla.

Darla: Hi. Thorne said it would be okay if i came in to see you.

massimo: You're gonna tell eric that ridge is not his son?

Stephanie: I didn't want him to hear it from anyone else, especially brooke.

Massimo: Brooke would never go to him with this. Ridge would never forgive her.

Stephanie: She called off the wedding, and eric is going to want to know why.

Massimo: I'm sure you're right. But -- are you going to tell him everything? About ridge and bridget, too?

Stephanie: I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to say. I mean, how do you tell a man he's not the father of your child? A child he's raised all his life? And after you take that away from him, do i have any right to expect that he's going to forgive me?

Massimo: Stephanie --

stephanie: Mass -- will you excuse me? He's going to be back here any moment.

Massimo: I understand. I'll be out on the terrace.

Eric: Stephanie?

Stephanie: You're back.

Bridget: Don't blame ridge for this.

Brooke: Bridget, I know that he kissed you.

Bridget: You weren't suppose to find out about that.

Brooke: Obviously.

Bridget: Why did you tell her?

Ridge: I didn't tell her. She overheard us talking.

Bridget: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, mom, please, let me explain to you.

Brooke: No, there is no explanation for this!

Ridge: Brooke, if you won't listen to me, at least listen to her.

Brooke: I don't want to hear a thing!


bridget: I'm so -- mom, i'm so sorry.

Brooke: But you agreed to be my maid of honor. How could you do this?

Bridget: I wanted to support you. I wanted --

brooke: You wanted my fiance.

Bridget: No! God, no!

Ridge: Brooke, don't do this! Bridget, please leave. Let me handle this.

Brooke: No! No, I want an answer. And I want one right now! How could you do this to me, bridget? Were you that angry with me?

Bridget: No. Listen to me, this doesn't have anything to do with you.

Brooke: It's because of deacon, right? You couldn't forgive me for that, so you decided to punish me!

Bridget: Don't you dare compare this to what you did to me! You had sex with my husband! And you had his baby! What you did with deacon was sick and immoral!

Ridge: All right, stop it! Stop it, both of you! Brooke, you have your reasons to be angry. But, please, believe me, none of this is bridget's fault.

Brooke: Right. You just wanted to protect your family, ridge. You couldn't carry on with your feelings because eric would find out that your massimo's son.

Ridge: Oh, brooke, no.

Brooke: I heard you say it. I wanted to believe that i heard wrong and that it was a mistake, but it's true.


bridget: We didn't want this to happen.

Brooke: Really? You didn't want this to happen? You just couldn't help yourself, could you, ridge? You couldn't keep your hands off of my little girl.

Macy: Hi, darla.

Darla: I hope i'm not disturbing you. Thorne said you were resting.

Macy: No, no. I heard somebody at the door. I -- i thought it was my mother.

Darla: Your mom is worried about you. We all are.

Macy: You don't have to worry about me, darla. It's over. The hysterectomy was a success. They -- they got the cancer. I'm gonna be fine.

Darla: Oh, macy -- I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.


eric: Did ridge and brooke come down?

Stephanie: No.

Eric: Stephanie, everybody's gone.

Stephanie: Actually, bridget's upstairs with them.

Steffy: That's good.

Thomas: Yeah. Brooke will listen to bridget.

Eric: Actually, i think you're right about that. I think your aunt is a very persuasive young lady.

Stephanie: Catherine, why don't you take the children down to the kitchen for a minute?

Eric: That's a good idea. I think you have ice cream all the way up to your elbows.

Catherine: Let's go, guys.

Eric: What's going on?

Stephanie: I'm not sure.

Eric: This doesn't make any sense. Brooke's been in love with ridge for half of her life. Why would she call off the wedding?

Stephanie: Well, we don't know that she has.

Eric: All right. I wanna find out what's going on. I'm going upstairs.

Stephanie: Eric, I think we should go home. I have my car. I'll just meet you at the house. I want to talk to you about something. I don't want to do it here.

Ridge: Brooke, what i want right now is for you to just calm down.

Bridget: Please, mom, you have to believe us. We never wanted any of this to come out.

Brooke: I'll bet you didn't. You told bridget that our marriage didn't have to change a thing.

Ridge: That is not what i meant!

Brooke: Well, if our engagement didn't stop your feelings, why should our marriage?!

Ridge: Oh, brooke, just stop it! Stop that right now! Look, I am sorry that you found out the way you did. The last thing bridget and I would have ever wanted is for you to be hurt. But I'm not sorry that you know now.

Brooke: You're relieved?

Ridge: Yeah, actually, I am. And I bet bridget feels the same way.

Brooke: The truth is out. Now you can get on with your lives.

Ridge: And you and I can get on with our lives.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: Because, despite everything you've said today, I still want to marry you, brooke.

Brooke: You're crazy.

Ridge: Yeah, maybe I am. Or maybe you've just forgotten why we're here today. But I haven't forgotten.

Brooke: No, ridge, I came here today to get married. You came here to bury your dirty little secret!

Ridge: That's not true! That is not true, brooke! Listen to me. I want you to think -- i want you to think about everything we've been through to get to this moment right now. With us and our families, our kids. Brooke, for most couples, that walk down the aisle -- it means the beginning of their life together. But for you and me, it's so much more than that. Brooke, this was supposed to be a celebration of a commitment that you and i have already made to each other, to our families, to our kids. And that's a commitment I'm not willing to break. Brooke, my love hasn't changed for you. I still want you to be my wife. Yeah, I do. And I want our life to start right now, today.

Macy: Darla, you don't have anything to be sorry for.

Darla: No, honey, i should have come sooner.

Macy: No, it's okay. I know it's hard for people to see me like this.

Darla: Oh, it's not that.

Macy: Everybody tells me i should be grateful to be alive. And I -- i am. I --

darla: I know. I'm sure -- I'm sure you're just sad. I understand.

Macy: Darla -- I hope you don't understand. I hope you never, never have to know what this feels like. To want something that -- that you'll never have. I don't know how many times I'd pictured myself holding our baby in my arms. Driving to work or flipping through a magazine, and I'd see a diaper ad, you know, or a car with an honor roll bumper sticker on it. I'd say to myself, "that's going to be me someday." But it won't be. And I have to find a way to live with that. I'll never be pregnant. I'll never get to give thorne that good news. We'll never have a sonogram. We'll never go to lamaze classes. And we'll never share that moment when we hear our baby's first cry. I know that this must sound ridiculous to you.

Darla: Oh, no, honey, no, not at all.

Macy: It's just so hard.

Darla: I know.

Macy: It's just so much to lose.

Darla: I know.

[Sobbing] baby, I know. I know.

Massimo: They're still at it up there, the three of them. Hmm. When this is over, and the dust settles, there will only be one woman for ridge.

Brooke: You still want to go through with this?

Ridge: If the minister hasn't left, you're damn right. We can do it right now.

Brooke: No, ridge. I'm sorry. I can't go into a marriage looking over my shoulder with somebody that has unresolved feelings for somebody else, especially my daughter.

Ridge: Oh, brooke. Please, I told you, we're past all that now.

Brooke: Since when? An hour ago?

Bridget: That's not fair.

Brooke: No, you're right. It's not fair. You know, I've been waiting for this moment my entire life. And I was hoping that this was the time that I could put the scandals and the lies behind me. And I wanted to be the woman that you and your children could be proud of. And I was living by the standards that you set -- you and bridget, stephanie. And I was trying so hard to prove myself. And all this time, what was going on behind my back?

Bridget: Nothing.

Brooke: I know you want me to believe that, bridget, but I can'T. I don'T. Not after what i heard!

Ridge: Oh, brooke, please --

brooke: Don't -- don't touch me! How could you? The two people that I thought would never betray me. And you did -- with each other. I never want to see either one of you ever again!

Ridge: Brooke!

Bridget: Oh, god.

[Massimo sighs]

the very thought of you and I forget to do the little ordinary things that everyone ought to do

i'm living in a kind of daydream i'm happy as a king and foolish, my dear

eric: Sweetheart?

[Stephanie sighs] you beat me. So, what did you want to talk to me about that you couldn't say at ridge's?

Stephanie: I -- i just -- I wanted some privacy for us.

Eric: Why all the suspense?

Stephanie: Eric, I want you to know something. These past few weeks have been the happiest -- happiest for me in years. I -- i really loved renewing our vows, going to australia, you know, and having that wonderful honeymoon with you, being here in the house. But I can't really be completely happy about all of this until i'm honest with you.

Eric: About what?

Stephanie: About something that i should have told you about well over a year ago.

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