B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/30/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/30/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Nadine

Doctor: What are you doing in here?

Thorne: Stop! Stop! Stop!

[Talking over each other]

Doctor: Sir, you have to leave. We're in the middle of a procedure.

Thorne: Darla, please, listen to me. I can't let you do this. I can't let you terminate this pregnancy.

Doctor: Get him out of here!


Bridget: I don't know, Ridge. This party, Massimo's new attitude, and now he's over there talking to mom.

Ridge: Yeah. It does seem like he's come 180, doesn't it?

Bridget: Yeah. Doesn't it seem a little strange to you?

Ridge: Yeah, but I warned him. Hopefully mother and I really got through to him this time. He knows he can't stop this wedding. So maybe this party really is his way of making peace.


Brooke: Massimo, I appreciate what you've done, giving Ridge and me your support, telling me Ridge is your son. You don't have to do anything else.

[Doorbell rings]

Massimo: I'm not going to.

Brooke: Well, then what did you mean when you said I was going to learn something tonight? Oh --

Rick: Hey, mom.

Amber: Hi.

Rick: How are you?

Brooke: Hi, honey. Good. How are you?

Rick: Official congratulations.

Brooke: Thank you.

Amber: Hello.

Brooke: Hello.

Massimo: How are you? Good to see you.

Amber: Hi.

Massimo: Well, all righty. Now that everyone's here, let's get this party started, huh?

Amber: Well, isn't Kristen coming?

Eric: No, she's in Miami with Tony and Zende.

Amber: Oh, well, what about Thorne?

Massimo: Apparently, Macy had to have a procedure done at the hospital.

Stephanie: Is she all right?

Massimo: I told him to call us as soon as he knows.

Stephanie: Oh.


Sally: Hello, sleeping beauty.

Macy: Mom -- where's Thorne?

Sally: He'll be back in a minute. He probably went downstairs to get something to eat or a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.

Macy: He needed to be alone.

Sally: Alone? What are you talking about, honey?

Macy: It was a tumor. And it was malignant.

Sally: Oh, Macy -- you have cancer?

Macy: Not anymore.

Sally: So they were able to find it and remove it in time, hmm?

Macy: They removed everything. They did a hysterectomy.

Sally: Oh, my darling.

Macy: Thorne and I will never have children.


[Talking over each other]

Darla: Stop it! Please, everybody, stop it! Thorne, what are you doing here?

Thorne: Am I too late? Have you terminated this pregnancy?

Doctor: No.

Thorne: I can't believe I let you come here. I don't know what I was thinking.

Darla: God, I can't believe this.

Thorne: Please, can you give us a minute, please?

Darla: It's okay.

Thorne: Darla -- that's my child inside of you. And what we did, it was a mistake. It was wrong. But we also created a life. And I'm not ready to give that up.

Darla: Oh.


Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: I saw you talking to Bridget. How's she doing?

Ridge: She's surprised Massimo's throwing us this party.

[Brooke laughs]

Brooke: Aren't we all? But I was just talking to him, and he's really excited about this evening.

Ridge: Really? Well, so am I.

Brooke: Oh. Yeah?


Sally: Oh, my darling -- I had no idea your condition was so serious.

Macy: I didn't want to worry you, mom.

Sally: Worry me? Oh, Macy, I'm your mother. You never worried me a day in your life. Now you can tell me anything. Don't you know that? You can say anything to me. You shouldn't have had to go through this alone.

Macy: Thorne was here. He was the one who told me, mom. He wanted -- he wanted a baby just as much as I did.

Sally: I know he did, my darling. But he loves you. And I know he is feeling nothing but relief now, just as I am. Relief because you're going to be all right. Honey, that's the only thing that matters. All the rest can be dealt with later. There are other ways for you and Thorne to have a family.

Macy: It's just taken us so long to find each other again. I just wanted to have Thorne's baby.


Darla: You wanna be a part of this baby's life?

Thorne: Yes.

Darla: Thorne -- that night that we spent together, you said it was a mistake.

Thorne: I thought it was. But maybe Macy was right. Maybe there is a reason for everything.

Darla: You told Macy about this?

Thorne: No. She was sleeping when I left the hospital.

Darla: The hospital? Thorne, what are you talking about? Is she all right?

Thorne: Darla, Macy went in for exploratory surgery. They -- they found a malignancy.

Darla: Oh, my God.

Thorne: She -- she had a full hysterectomy.

Darla: Oh, honey. Well, she's gonna be all right?

Thorne: Physically, yes. But emotionally, Darla, she's devastated. You know how much she wanted to have children.


Massimo: I'm so glad you were able to come.

Ridge: Everything all right over here?

Massimo: Oh, Ridge, good, I was just going to come get you. [Doorbell rings] look, um -- I wanna speak to you and Bridget alone for a moment.

Eric: Look at this. Hello. How are you?

Brooke: Oh, my God. I can't believe this. What are you -- hi.

Storm: Congratulations.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Ridge: We should say hello to them.

Massimo: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. This is just going to take a minute, believe me. It's just that what I have to say to you is very important, and it just can't wait. Come on.

Ridge: All right, father, what do you want to talk about?

Massimo: Ridge -- I owe you an apology. You, too, Bridget. Look, I mean I'm, you know, a stubborn old sailor. And when I chart a course, I just -- I -- it's so damn hard for me to change it. And I realize now that trying to push you two together was a mistake. My son, you want to marry Brooke, guess it's something I'll just have to accept.

Bridget: That's why you're throwing this party?

Massimo: Well, no, I wanted to show my support for Ridge and Brooke. I also wanted to give you two a chance to resolve any tensions that I may have caused between you. Because, believe me, I am truly sorry if I damaged your friendship in any way.

Bridget: You haven't damaged anything. We're fine.

Massimo: So, forgive me?

Ridge: Well, if you really mean what you say, then --

Massimo: Whatever happens in the future, I'm just gonna lay back and let fate take its course.

Bridget: I guess you were right. Massimo has come around.

Ridge: I didn't quite believe it myself until now.

Bridget: Well, he was pretty convincing.

Ridge: So were you. Did you mean what you said about us being okay, nothing damaged?


Brooke: Oh, thank you so much for inviting my brother and sister.

Massimo: I thought it'd be nice for you to have some family around.

Brooke: Yeah. You really thought of everything, didn't you?

Massimo: God, I hope so.


Darla: Thorne, honey, I'm so sorry.

Thorne: I can't even begin to describe it, Darla. Macy was just -- she was completely destroyed. I mean, she just kept saying how much she wanted to have my baby. And she got so worked up, the nurse had to sedate her.

Darla: And that's when you came over here?

Thorne: Yeah. I drove here as fast as I could.

Darla: Don't you think she'd be upset if she wakes up, and you're gone?

Thorne: I had to take that chance, Darla. Listen, I gotta ask you something. And this may not be the right time.

Darla: Thorne, maybe we should wait to talk about this, okay?

Thorne: I can't. I can't. Look, I may not have the right to ask you to change your mind, but, Darla, I'm desperate. Would you be willing to have this baby?


Bridget: Ridge, I'm always going to care about you.

Ridge: And I'm always going to care about you, too. My marriage is not going to change that.

Bridget: Of course it will. And that's okay. I mean, I suppose I knew it was going to happen eventually.

Ridge: I just want you to know how grateful I am for everything you've done for me and the kids. You're an incredible woman, Bridget. I hope you don't mind me saying that here, but --

Bridget: No, it's okay. I feel the same way about you. My mom is a very lucky woman.

Ridge: For having a daughter like you, yes, she most certainly is.

Bridget: Okay, that's enough.

Ridge: No. No, it really isn't enough, actually. You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to just, for one moment here, let's just drop all pretenses between us and just be completely honest.


Massimo: Have I got something for you.

Brooke: Oh, yeah?

Massimo: Come here. Look here. I just had this flown in this morning from Russia.

Brooke: Mmm.

Massimo: Wait till you taste that, hmm?

Brooke: Impressive. I'll just help myself.

Massimo: Yes.

Brooke: Yes.

Massimo: Oh -- excuse me a minute, will you? One of the caterers wants to talk to me. Look, I want you to stay right here, okay?

Brooke: Okay, yeah.

Massimo: I'll be right back. Don't move now.

Brooke: Right here.

Ridge: I'm really glad we could talk about this. We can't just bury our feelings, princess. If we're gonna move on from here, then I think we have to be completely open with each other.


Darla: You want me to keep the baby?

Thorne: Yes. I want you to carry it.

Darla: I don't understand.

Thorne: Well, I know that nine months is a long time. And I know that being pregnant can be difficult. But you have to know how much this would mean to Macy. I mean, you know how much she wants a child -- my child.

Darla: No, no, no, wait. You just want me to give you my baby?

Thorne: Well, we could adopt. I mean, it would be perfectly legal. Of course, we have to find a way to tell Macy. I mean, obviously we can't tell her we slept together.

Darla: Get out.

Thorne: What?

Darla: Thorne, I want you to get out of here right now.

Thorne: Darla --

Darla: How dare you?! Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to come in here and to do this?! You barge in, and you want me to stop. Not because you care about me at all, no, because you want this baby for yourself, for Macy.

Thorne: Oh, my God. Oh, God, Darla, you thought -- oh. Darla, I'm sorry. Darla, it's just that, look, you're Macy's best friend. And you know what she's been through -- all the suffering and the disappointments. Darla, you have the opportunity to do something amazing for her now. Listen, I don't expect you to give me an answer right now, okay? Just -- just think about it, please? Just don't do anything that -- please, Darla, just think about it.


Bridget: Ridge, you gotta know it's very difficult for me to be completely open with you, especially here and now.

[Brooke listening]

Ridge: I know.

Bridget: There is something I want to tell you, though. Actually, I guess it's more of a thank you. Growing up the way I did, watching my mom jump from man to man and going through my dad's divorces. I mean, it's no wonder my choice to marry Deacon was so awful. The truth is, I don't think I ever really knew what love was until you. What I felt when you stayed with me that night after you found out about mom and deacon, the way you comforted me, nobody's every treated me like that. And it doesn't matter why you did it or what you were feeling at the time, I love you for it. I always will.

Ridge: You know, you were quite the revelation to me. That day you took off for Copenhagen, I don't even want to try and tell you what was happening with me. Just the thought of losing you --

Bridget: You won't.

Ridge: Good. Because I need you just as much now as I did then.

Bridget: You and the kids are so important to me.

Ridge: I think we -- we found something really special within each other. And even though we can never express it, we -- we have to know that that connection is always going to be there.

Bridget: See, that's one of the things I love about you. You've never been afraid of your emotions. I was. I tried to hide it. I told myself it wasn't real. It didn't exist. The second you kissed me -- there was no doubt in my mind. I've never felt anything like that in my whole life. But I know whenever I look at you, whatever I feel, I will resist it. I will. You don't have to worry. So you are gonna marry my mom. And we are gonna forget about that kiss and forget about these feelings.

Ridge: I don't think we really have a choice.

Bridget: I know.

Ridge: Come here, princess.

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