B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/23/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/23/03

By Suzanne

Brooke: Ridge is your son?

Massimo: Yes.

Brooke: Well, that can't be, massimo. That's ridiculous. Because ridge is eric's son.

Massimo: No, he's not.

Brooke: Ridge would have told me.

Massimo: Ridge hasn't told anyone. Eric doesn't know himself. That's the reason why he agreed to keep it a secret. You see, stephanie and ridge don't want this to be a scandal.

Brooke: So you and stephanie had an affair?

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We were dating, we were in love, we were in college. This was before she started to see eric, okay? She did not know that she was pregnant when we broke up. And when she found out, she assumed it was eric's, until the day ridge had his accident in my office. Eric donated blood for his transfusion, and they found out that it was not compatible with ridge'S.

Brooke: Massimo, what are you saying?

Massimo: What i'm saying is that there's no way that stephanie and eric could be his parents. And that's when stephanie realized what must have happened.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Massimo: I've only told ridge a few weeks ago.

Brooke: You told ridge?

Massimo: Yes, because stephanie wanted to keep it a secret, and I promised her that i would do it.

Brooke: But you didn'T.

Massimo: No, I didn't. My first duty is to my son, regardless of what happens to stephanie and her family. My son is who I have to look out for, and do what's best for.

Ridge: You got a minute? I thought we could talk.

Stephanie: I think we should.

Ridge: I realize you're not very enthusiastic about my engagement.

Stephanie: Are you? I mean, I know brooke has been pressuring you, and now the children are finally in her corner, but is this what you want?

Ridge: First of all, the kids are behind this because I told them how i feel about brooke. And secondly, if i wasn't sure about it, I wouldn't have brought it up.

Stephanie: Well then, why are you so defensive every time i try to talk to you about it?

Ridge: Mother, I'm defensive because all you ever seem to do is launch into one of your tirades about brooke.

Stephanie: Well, I'm concerned about you. One day you want to throw her out of your life, the next day you want to marry her.

Ridge: Well, hey. We had some problems, yeah. But we worked them out.

Stephanie: You're the one that said to me that your relationship with brooke was a mistake.

Ridge: Mother, how many times have i heard you go off about something like that with dad?

Stephanie: You also told me you didn't think she was the right woman to raise your children.

Ridge: I lost my temper, okay? And I just was blowing off steam. That's all that was.

Stephanie: You know what i think? I think that you were confused. I think you're still confused.

Ridge: Well, I think you're wrong.

Stephanie: Is brooke your soul mate? Is this marriage predicated completely and absolutely on love? I'm not sure that it is. I mean, this rush down the altar, is it based on your desire for brooke, or is it -- and this is what i'm really worried about -- is it that you're running away from your feelings for bridget?

Eric: Bridget, I know what happened.

Bridget: What?

Eric: I've known since portofino.

Bridget: No, you couldn't.

Eric: I think it's very sweet of you, and very honorable, but you did try to protect me from the truth, but I think it's time you and i talked about it.

Bridget: Dad, who told you?

Eric: Your mother told me.

Bridget: Mom?

Eric: She confessed to everything after deacon came to portofino. Look, I didn't bring it up to you because i -- I was hoping that you would come to me. But I understand how hard it is to dredge this whole thing up again. It must have been impossible for you to forgive your mother.

Bridget: You know about deacon?

Eric: Yeah, yeah. And about hope. I'm sorry, honey. I'm so sorry.

Bridget: It's okay.

Eric: No, it's not okay. It's not okay if you can't stand up for your mother at her wedding.

Bridget: I told you, I wish i could.

Eric: Yeah, i wish you could, too. And not just for ridge and brooke, but for the entire family. I think it could be a whole healing experience everybody. It would be such a -- such a statement.

[Bridget scoffs]

bridget: Yeah, it would.

Eric: Would you reconsider your decision? Please, not just for me. But for the whole family. Please reconsider.

Bridget: Okay. All right. If it means that much to you, I will consider it.

stephanie: Honey, please. I want you to be honest with me, and I'm not going to be judgmental. I'm also not gonna lie to you. Any kind of a romantic relationship with you and bridget I think would be wrong. But if that's where your heart really lies, then I want to know.

Ridge: Why do you want to know?

Stephanie: Because I love you, and i want you to be happy. And unless you can be absolutely sure that you can have that kind of happiness with brooke, then you can't walk down the aisle with her.

Ridge: Okay, well, I get it now. Then this really isn't about bridget. It is actually about brooke.

Stephanie: Why can't -- i'm just trying to talk this out with you.

Ridge: Well, maybe we should just talk about something else.

Stephanie: Why is it so hard?

Ridge: Because I do love bridget. I always have. This past year, we've gotten a lot closer, and mother, she has been great for me and the kids. She's become a big part of our lives. Ever since taylor died, I didn't think I'd ever be able to rely on anyone quite like that again. And then when bridget realized that i wasn't her brother, everything changed. All of a sudden, we have a secret now. And we have to protect that secret, and we have to protect you, we have to protect dad and the whole family.

Stephanie: Is this why you're marrying brooke?

Ridge: Brooke and i have a rather large history together, unless you've forgotten. We understand each other, mother. And you know what? I don't have a doubt in my mind that brooke and I can make each other very happy.

Stephanie: And bridget?

Ridge: Bridget is a wonderful person. And I -- i think she deserves her happiness, too. And I know she will have happiness, and once this is all over she can forget about me and move on with her life.

Stephanie: And if she can't?

Ridge: She will. She will.

Stephanie: If there's one thing I know in this life, you can't be happy, honey, unless you're true to your feelings and your emotions.

Ridge: Bridget and I have made a pact. That's all there is to it, okay? We're gonna stick to it. As far as the world is concerned, i am bridget's brother. Okay?

Brooke: Ridge is your son?

Massimo: Yes.

Brooke: And eric doesn't know about this?

Massimo: Like i told you, if ridge and stephanie have their way, he never will.

Brooke: Massimo, how -- how is ridge gonna do that? How is he going to keep a secret like that? Lying to the people that he cares most about? Carrying a secret around inside him like that is going to kill him. We can't let that happen. We have to be there and support him somehow.

Massimo: Unfortunately, it seems that everyone is more concerned about eric's petty little ego instead of being concerned about ridge.

Brooke: Well, is that why you came to me? Is that why you need me to know about this?

Eric: Ridge. I thought you went home.

Ridge: I'm on my way out now. I wanted to thank you again for the party.

Eric: That was my pleasure.

Ridge: Unfortunately, everyone in this family is not as excited about my engagement as you are.

Eric: You've been talking to your mother.

Ridge: I should have known better. She doesn't support anybody's relationship with brooke.

Eric: Well, maybe she just needs to see one of those relationships work.

Ridge: Oh, I don't know, dad. The animosity between those two goes back about as far as I can remember. Brooke told me about a time years ago when mother kicked her out of the house.

Eric: Yes. I remember that, too. It is probably something brooke will never forget.

Ridge: I don't doubt that.

[Ridge remembering]

stephanie: Do you know

how long i have waited

for this?

You and your mother made

my life a nightmare.

But I got rid of her.

And I'm getting rid

of you.

You know, contrary to

what you believe,

I am really not that

possessive of ridge.

Matter of fact,

you know what

i'm going to do?

I am going to send word out

that ridge is free

and available.

I am going to find every

beautiful, articulate,

intelligent young woman

in the state of california

and I am going to

invite them here.

I am going to have

dinners and dances

and parties, just the

way we used to do before

you came on the scene.

You stole my son

just like your mother

stole my husband.

Only i got the last laugh.

There really is justice

in the land, isn't there?


I don't ever want to

look on your face again.

Ridge: They've been rivals ever since.

Eric: Yes, and unfortunately, stephanie has had the upper hand over brooke ever since. I really don't see that changing.

Massimo: Actually, brooke -- there's more.

Brooke: More?

Massimo: Mm-hmm. This situation has ramifications that will boggle your imagination.

Brooke: I'm sure. When you think about what this means for ridge and for his family --

massimo: And for yours.

Brooke: Mine?

Massimo: You and ridge have planned a life together, a life that you say is based on absolute truth.

Brooke: Massimo, I don't blame ridge for not telling me about this.

Massimo: Don't you think he would want to share this burden with the woman that he cares for most?

Brooke: Of course he would -- if he could. But if this scandal got out, it could ruin the entire family.

Massimo: Of course. And I mean, that's something that you wouldn't want to see happen, right?

Brooke: No. Nobody would. Family means everything to ridge. And I'm sure it was awful for him to find out that eric wasn't his father. And then to find out that his mother never even mentioned it to him -- that had to have been even worse. Worse than anything I've ever did to him.

Massimo: Why don't you get real? Hmm? You have been a blight on my son and his family for decades, brooke logan. And no one has been able to do anything about it. Well, I can change the future. For the sake of my son and for the sake of those children, I have to. There's something else that you should know, too. And I guarantee when you hear it, you're gonna think twice about your future with ridge.

Stephanie: What's going on? Mass, what are you doing? Maybe you'd better leave.

Brooke: Yes, I think so.

Massimo: Stephanie, there's something you should know.

Stephanie: I don't want to get into a discussion with you about anything right now. Please. Just go.

Massimo: Fine. Just remember -- I warned you.

Ridge: Brooke is getting better at handling mother.

Eric: And i think your mother is a little more tolerant of brooke these days.

Ridge: You think so?

Eric: Yes, considering -- considering how badly they have always gotten along, yeah, I think maybe they're closer to reconciling now than they've ever been. You remember that night the two of them were up at the cabin? Big bear?

Ridge: Are you kidding? Brooke told me every detail.

Eric: Brooke was afraid for her life. Apparently, stephanie had her up against the wall. I can't imagine what led her to do that.

Stephanie: You don't

think I have any right

to be angry.

You just see me as a

domineering mother, who's

always meddling in her

children's lives, who's

always trying to control

her husband, right?

Go ahead, say it.

[Stephanie chuckles]

say it!

Brooke: No, no, no, i -- I never thought that.  Oh, god!

Stephanie: You think I've lost it, don't you? You think I'm crazy, and I don't know what i'm doing.

But I know exactly what

i'm doing.

Brooke: I know you love

ridge and thorne, and I know

you're just trying to

protect them.

Stephanie: My, aren't

we being agreeable?

It's not about just them


It's about my husband's --

my former husband's younger


Bridget, rick.

Brooke: You don't have

control over them, either.

Stephanie: No, I don'T.


You're the only role model

in their life.

The whore who sleeps,

not just with their father

but with his two sons!

How can a whore like you be

expected to raise children

that would be normal and

healthy and happy and

stable, when all you do is

run around in your

underwear, seducing every

man you can get your hands


What do they see when they

look at you?

A mother in perpetual heat.

How do you think they feel?

How do you think they feel

when they see you in the

newspapers and on tv,

falling out of an elevator

with half your clothes off?

Falling out of an elevator

with their father's son?

Their half-brother?

You think that they think

it's okay for you to sell

sex at work every day?

Do you think so?!

Well, I don't!

I don't!

And I'm not gonna let

you continue.

I'm gonna stop you.

I'm not gonna let you

destroy eric's children!

You're not going back to destroy his children!

You understand?

I'm not gonna let you do it!

Eric: You know, i love your mother, ridge. I've loved her for a very long time. But I have to be honest. I wouldn't mind seeing brooke come out on top once in a while. Of course, hell would have to freeze over first, wouldn't it?

Stephanie: You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Brooke: Right. I'm the one with all the problems. Right? No honor. No morals. I'm just a bad person. Bad mother. Bad wife. Isn't that what you always said?

Stephanie: If you have something you want to say, just say it.

Brooke: Well, it seems to me that i'm not the only one in this family with a dirty little secret. You lying, self-righteous hypocrite. After all these years of listening to your accusations and your insults and your lectures on integrity and honor -- you always thought that you were better than me, stephanie. But you're not. You are just a liar. You lied to your son. And now you're lying to eric. You have known for over a year that eric is not ridge's father!

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