B&B Transcript Friday 4/11/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/11/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Nadine

Darla: I have the flu, nothing more. Just caught a bug. Sooner I do this, the sooner I'll know that for sure.


Massimo: It doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether we are legally liable or not. Do you understand? We are responsible. And I want these people compensated in full! [Knocking at door] Yes? [Massimo sighs] Oh, what?

Brooke: I didn't mean to interrupt. I just want to tell you how sorry I am.

Massimo: Mm. That seems to be your mantra these days.

Brooke: I'm talking about the oil spill. Ridge has been filling me in.

Massimo: Really? I thought you'd have more to worry about -- like new hemlines, whether brown is the new black.

Brooke: Massimo, don't you think it's time we called a truce?

Massimo: Why would I want to do that?

Brooke: Because, as much as you don't want me in Ridge's life and I may not want you in Ridge's life, it doesn't matter. We're stuck with each other. You're Ridge's boss, and I'm his fiancée --

Massimo: I am more than just his boss. And you might want to call yourself his fiancée --

Brooke: Well, maybe it's not official yet. But there is a good reason for that.

Massimo: Yes, indeed.

Brooke: We're waiting for the kids to be ready.

Massimo: He's waiting. There's more to it.

Brooke: If you think he's upset over Deacon and me --

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no. Brooke, it is not about the other man in your life, okay, that is holding Ridge back. It's about the other woman in his.


Ridge: Who are you?

Dominick: Hey, it's the guy in the painting. Forrester, right? I'm just looking out at the view here. You know, you can see the ocean. Nick's my name. Nick Payne.

Ridge: Captain Payne. Yes. Do you mind putting that out? We have a little smoking policy here.

Dominick: Oh, didn't know about the policy.

Ridge: Something I can help you with, Captain?

Dominick: No, not really.

Ridge: What are you doing here?

Dominick: Oh, Marone said I could use your office to make a phone call.

Ridge: Really?

Dominick: Yeah, yeah. Sorry about the inconvenience here. I forgot, your girlfriend stopped by. Right -- Brooke, a fine lady.


Thorne: Hey -- it's gonna be fine.

Macy: I hope so.

Thorne: You're going to pass these tests with flying colors.

Macy: I guess I just keep imagining the worst, you know? I mean, if Fr. Sanders comes in here and tells me that something's wrong, that I can't have children, I -- I guess I just -- I'm just scaring myself.

Dr. Sanders: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Macy: Oh, that's all right. Just tell me, please. Tell me it's good news.

Dr. Sanders: I have the x-ray right here. Let me show it to you.


Darla: Hi, it's me again. I promise, I'll never, ever do anything so stupid again.


Brooke: What do you mean the other woman?

Massimo: Well, I realize he probably doesn't discuss her with you. Or perhaps he has.

Brooke: Just long enough to tell me there's nothing to worry about.

Massimo: Oh, I see. Well, I mean, he didn't tell you about the kiss?

Brooke: Yes, he did. I know what you're trying to do.

Massimo: Open your eyes.

Brooke: Make me feel insecure. And that's ridiculous. Because Ridge already told me he wants to share a life with me.

Massimo: Makes you wonder what he's telling her.

Brooke: I'm not going to fall for this stupid little game. I have faith in my fiancé. And he is my fiancé, Massimo.

Massimo: You know something? I have never heard him refer to you as such.

Brooke: So you discuss his love life, do you?

Massimo: More and more these days.

Brooke: You're probably hounding him to pursue this other woman. Wait, what am I talking about? You must have engineered -- you engineered this, didn't you?

Massimo: No.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Who is she? Is she a business associate or something?

Massimo: I see, you think that I'm paying somebody to have Ridge taken away from you.

Brooke: Well, I wouldn't put it past you. I mean, and knowing you, she's probably some kind of socialite with impeccable breeding and taste.

Massimo: Breeding? [Massimo laughs] no, no, no, no, Brooke. As a matter of fact, her family's no better than yours. Her mother, in particular, now she is a real piece of work. But in every other respect, she is head and shoulders above you. And don't think that Ridge hasn't noticed.


 Ridge: Brooke was here?

Dominick: How many girlfriends you got?

Ridge: Captain, it's been nice meeting you.

Dominick: Am I to understand that she's your sister's mother or -- it's confusing for me, I apologize. I appreciate you like to keep it in the family, though.

Ridge: Listen, Captain, I realize you have a lot of time on your hands now --

Dominick: Would you mind if I gave her a call?

Ridge: Gave who a call?

Dominick: Your sister. I sort of feel like I owe her one.

Ridge: You met Bridget in Mexico?

Dominick: Yeah. She took good care of me. Do you happen to have her number?

Ridge: No.

Dominick: Well, Brooke may have it. Hey -- I've got an idea. What do you say the four of us maybe all go out together some time?

Ridge: I don't know, Captain. I really don't see that happening.

Dominick: You're probably right. Guys like us really don't frequent the same places, do we? You're a bit more of a five-star, jacket required kind of guy. But you never know. Brooke and Bridget -- they may enjoy going to a place that's got a little sawdust on the floor, a little smoke in the air. What do you think?


Dr. Sanders: The results were not what we had hoped. You can see here where we injected the dye through your uterus, and where it flows through the fallopian tubes -- well, normally, we'd expect it to fill the tubes and spill out the other end. But you can see here where the tubes have become enlarged. What that tells us is that there's a blockage.

Thorne: What would cause that?

Dr. Sanders: There are a number of possibilities. Given what you told me about your accident and its aftermath -- it seems most likely that the infections you were dealing with have created some scar tissue.

Macy: They're completely blocked?

Dr. Sanders: I'm afraid so.

Macy: It's hopeless. I -- I can't get pregnant.


[Darla crying]

Darla: Oh, my God. I'm pregnant.

[Knocking at door]

Clarke: Darla? Darla.

Darla: Please, Clarke, go away.

Clarke: Look, I don't want to bother you, okay? But I got you some soup downstairs at the deli, okay?

Clarke: Oh. Oh, no. Oh, Darla. [Darla crying] Oh, kid. Oh, you poor kid. Hey -- you're gonna be okay, okay?

Darla: God, my best friend's husband. Clarke, what's the matter with me?

Clarke: There's nothing the matter with you.

Darla: It's not fair, Clarke. And I took the test and I prayed to God that I wasn't pregnant.

Clarke: It's pretty normal, under the circumstances.

Darla: Yeah. God, it's so weird, Clarke. You know, now that I know that I am pregnant -- there's a part of me, God, that feels happy.

Clarke: What?

Darla: I know if Macy found out about this, she would die. Clarke, it would kill her. And that would kill me. So why do I feel -- I feel -- I feel happy.

Clarke: It's hormones. I mean, it's going to be all over the place for a while for you.

Darla: Clarke, what am I going to do?

Clarke: That's your decision to make.


Brooke: I'm not taking the bait.

Massimo: No bait, just a friendly warning. You can still back out, spare yourself some humiliation.

Brooke: Right, right. When he dumps me for this other woman that nobody's ever heard of or seen.

Massimo: Oh, whoa, whoa, wait a moment now. I have seen her, all right? And they make a very lovely couple. And let me tell you something. The children think she is great.

Brooke: She met the children?

Massimo: Of course.

Brooke: I don't believe you.

Massimo: Ask Ridge.

Brooke: You'd love that, wouldn't you? Because that's what you're trying to do -- get us arguing.

Massimo: No, no. You know what I'd love? I would love for you to stop this pathetic chase after Ridge and find somebody a little more suitable for yourself.

Brooke: There is nobody more suitable for me than Ridge!

Massimo: That might have been true a few years ago. I heard about Ridge in his youth. He was a little on the wild side. But that's the kind of thing that gets your juices going, isn't it? Somebody who's a little rough around the edges, like Deacon? Or Captain Payne?


Ridge: I'm beginning to understand why you chose a life at sea. It's a new challenge everyday. A new woman in every port, huh?

Dominick: Do I really strike you as that kind of guy?

Ridge: Well, you don't have to worry, Captain. You won't be landlocked much longer. We'll get you back in the open sea in no time.

Dominick: Who's we?

Ridge: Massimo and I. We have a meeting set up to discuss all the options.

Dominick: Options for my future?

Ridge: A few slots have opened up. It's just a matter of finding the right fit.

Dominick: You feel you're qualified to do that?

Ridge: Excuse me?

Dominick: You feel that your vast experience in fashion qualifies you to determine where I fit?

Ridge: Apparently, you're unaware of my position here, Captain.

Dominick: It's becoming a lot clearer to me. I know the Marone fleet like the back of my hand. And if anyone decides my next assignment, it'll be me.


Dr. Sanders: No, Macy, that's not at all what I'm saying. It's still very possible for you to get pregnant. I've had a great deal of success removing scar tissue surgically. And even if that's not possible, you might want to consider in vitro fertilization. I wish I'd had better news.

Thorne: So do we. Thank you, doctor. Hey, come here. [Macy crying] it's okay.


Darla: Clarke, I can't talk about this right now.

Clarke: Darla --

Darla: I think I just need a little time to myself, okay?

Clarke: Honey, you've got to face this.

Darla: I am. I will. I don't really have any choice in the matter, do I?

Clarke: No. No, you don't. Macy's your best friend. Sally's her mother. They're your family.

Darla: They're the only family that I've ever known.

Clarke: Listen to me. I know that night with Thorne meant so much to you. And I know that you're having a very hard time letting him go. But, Darla, having his baby -- I don't know. Maybe you should get an abortion.


[Macy crying]

Macy: I'm sorry.

Thorne: Hey. What are you apologizing for?

Macy: Okay. It's -- it's not the end.

Thorne: No, it's not. It's a road block, not even. It's a speed bump, okay? Macy -- it's going to happen for us, all right? I promise you that. Okay?


Brooke: Captain Payne?

Massimo: I overheard a bit of your conversation with him.

Brooke: You were eavesdropping?

Massimo: Come on. I mean, don't tell me that there wasn't a little spark between the two of you, huh?

Brooke: I'm through wasting my time with you.

Massimo: Dominick Payne -- we're gonna have to think of a way to keep you in the picture.


Ridge: Are you finished?

Dominick: Depends.

Ridge: First of all, I wasn't going to give you an assignment, I was going to make you an offer. You can take that offer or not. I really don't give a damn.

Dominick: And what kind of an oil man doesn't give a damn about losing one of his best?

Ridge: What kind of captain doesn't respect the chain of command?

Dominick: Well, you tell me what I'm supposed to respect. That picture of yourself in your pretty office here? Or the fact that you're second in command of a company you know nothing about? That may qualify for you, Forrester, but I ain't buying it.

Ridge: Good-bye, Captain.

Dominick: Policy, huh?

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