B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/8/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/8/03

By Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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 Bridget: I thought it was me. That was hard enough but knowing you feel it too. You can't tell me that kiss didn't matter, because it did. You felt something, didn't you? 3E93B70E.JPG

 Rick: Bridget, It wasn't supposed to be like that.

 Bridget: We're not going to do this.

 Ridge: I just want to be able to explain.

 Bridget: I don't want to hear it. We have to stop this right now. I want you to leave.

 Ridge: Bridget, wait.

 Bridget: I can't handle this. I can't. Ridge, it was just one thing when I thought it was me. But knowing you feel it too, I can't deal with that. Please, you have to go.


 Massimo: Captain, I have offered you my apology.

 Nick: No.

 Massimo: Why? Because you think that you have been treated unfairly. I understand

Nick: What do you understand that you were sitting up in your ivory tower, you're passing judgment, playing God while my men were fighting for their lives.

Massimo: I told you, I shouldn't have blamed you. 3E93B74B.JPG

 Ck: You made a mistake.

 Massimo: Yes! But I find your attitude disgusting. And ill advised.

 Nick: What happened to you?

 Massimo: Excuse me?

 Nick: I Can't believe I used to admire you.


 Eric: Amber, I like this design. I can just think of a couple of revisions I'd like to make.

 Amber: Whatever you want. Go ahead.

 Rick: Thank you, Sheryl. We will finish this up later.

Amber: Are we done?

 Eric: We never really got started.

 Amber: I'm sorry, Eric.

 Eric: Is something wrong?

 Rick: It's April.

 Amber: Yeah, I can't -- she's not at her apartment, I can't get her on her cell. I think she left for Miami already. 3E93B799.JPG

 Eric: What's in Miami?

 Rick: An all-star concert. It's also a showcase for up and coming talents.

 Eric: Did you want to go?

 Amber: We weren't invited.

 Eric: You weren't invited? Why doesn't she want you at her concert?


 April: Deacon Sharpe, you are a genius.

 Deacon: It's easy to sell a product that everybody wants. Right?

 April: Everybody?

Hostess: Excuse me, a passenger in coach recognized you, miss Knight. He asked if you could get -- he could get your autograph once we reach cruising altitude.

 Deacon: She isn't going to sign any autographs. Bee just wants to relax and enjoy the flight. 3E93B7C6.JPG

 Hostess: I'll let him know.

 April: I have fans.

 Deacon: April, listen to me. You've got a lot of fans. How do I say this? Look, you're a legitimate performer now. We have to do everything we can to distance you from this video. You understand?

April: Right.

 Deacon: This concert is just the beginning. This is going to attract people from all over the country, deejays, club promoters. I'm going to make certain every single one of them sit front row centre just to watch you.

 April: See? I toll Amber you were a professional. That girl doesn't know about the music business. I swear. You and me, Deacon. We are going to rock Miami! 3E93B8DA.JPG


Massimo: I'm warning you, Captain. You're walking a very fine line here. I understand that you have just been released from the hospital you are mourning your friends. So I will not take offence.

 Nick: You ought to be offended. You ought to be ashamed.

Massimo: I am only going to remind you of this one more time, sir. You have not been released from your contract. You are still my employee.

 Nick: And that used to mean something to me. Did you ever look around his office? Did you ever look at this? Look behind you! You ever look at it? Look! Do you ever look at this ship? What do you feel when you look at this ship? Do you look at it or is it just a piece of your furniture? When is the last time you took one of these to sea? You're not a sailor. You're a suit. Issuing press releases, worrying about your bottom line because of the accident. I'm so glad I'm not like you. This isn't a business to me. the sea's my life.


Ridge: Bridget. 3E93B952.JPG

 Bridget: Please, Ridge, just go.

 Ridge: I'm not going to run away from this, and neither can you.

 Bridget: What else can we do? You're involved with my mother.

 Ridge: And dad thinks you're my sister.

 Bridget: You promised Stephanie you wouldn't tell him the truth.

 Ridge: I'm not going to.

 Bridget: Well, neither am I. I'm not going to do that, Ridge. I know how much dad loves you. For him to find out you're not really his son ... I'm not my mother. I'm not going to throw everybody's lives into chaos just because I have feelings for someone. No matter how strong those feelings are. I'm not going to do it. 3E93B97C.JPG

 Ridge: I know.

 Bridget: So then why are you here?

 Ridge: I'm agreeing with you. Look, that kiss was wrong. But my intentions were good. I really thought that I could help solve those romantic feelings, to resolve everything that you've been feeling towards me. But ...

 Bridget: But instead you started feeling something for me.

 Ridge: Looks, I'm not sure what I felt in that kiss, but, I know we can't pursue this. I mean, we can't even explore those feelings, can't take them any further than we've already gone with them.

 Bridget: They haven't really gone anywhere. 3E93B9AF.JPG

 Ridge: No, that's right. And they're not going to. Right? That would destroy this family. Can you imagine the scandal this would cause? It would destroy all of this.

 Bridget: That's why I asked you to leave. I know.

 Ridge: We also can't avoid each other, that's no solution.

 Bridget: I know you and mom --

 Ridge: Don't you worry about your mom and me, okay?

 Bridget: You love her.

 Ridge: I don't want t lose your friendship, Bridget.

 Bridget: I don't want to lose yours, Ridge. 3E93B9E2.JPGThe thing is, I'm scared that we can't take back what we did. you know? It's out there, Ridge. This thing between us, and if we can't ignore it, we have to do something about it.


 Amber: I don't blame April for not inviting me to her concert. It's not like I've been all that supportive.

 Eric: I thought you two were getting along.

 Amber: We are, personally. When it comes to her career ...

 Rick: You guys just have different ideas on that will. April wants to conquer the world, Amber thinks she should take her time and lay the proper groundwork.

 Amber: Which is probably why my singing career never took off. I thought you had to play by the rules like everybody else.

 Eric: You have a strong, good work ethic, Amber. That's a good thing.

 Rick: We don't even know that this is going to work out for April. 3E93BAE5.JPG

 Amber: The truth is maybe I don't want it to.

 Eric: You think maybe you're jealous?

 Amber: Don't get me wrong. I love my job. You have begin me amazing to me and I truly do appreciate it. Maybe you were right, Rick. I told you that I was okay with this, that it didn't bother me, but the more I think about it, April was discovered in my office after copping to my video. This could have been my story.

Eric: You think if the situation had been reversed you would have auditioned for this producer?

 April: No, I probably would have just taken a message. A few years ago, you know I would have. I mean, I was every bit as wild as April. 3E93BB18.JPG

 Eric: You were pretty irresponsible, too.

 Amber: I'm not saying I want to be that way again. I love my life and my family. My dream. I worked for it. I did for years. And now April's in Miami doing a concert just because she happened be in the right place at the right time. It doesn't seem fair.

 Eric: So it's the principle that bothers you.

 Amber: Yeah. Yeah, it's the principle. I don't want to be a rock star. No way. I mean, always having to be on the road. I mean, traveling all around the world, fans screaming out your name wherever you go. And the press conferences and the interviews. Hey, could you imagine having to sing the same songs over and over again? I mean, ten years down the road, she's still going to have the same fans chanting out the same tired old hits. No thank you. No thank you. I am satisfied with my life just the way it is. 3E93BB6D.JPG

Amber: Can I help you?

Wes:  I hope so.

 Deacon: I don't think you're supposed to be up here now, are you?

Wes:  I just wanted to -- I saw you when I got on. I couldn't believe it. I never do stuff like this. I'm not some sort of crazy fan or anything. I just had to make sure it was really you.

 April: Me?

 Deacon: Okay. Thanks for stopping by.

 Wes: I told the flight attendant before, I don't think she recognized you.

 Deacon: Well, now she wouldn't, would she?

Wes: Not a lot of people have seen your work,@ but I have, and I thought it was great.

 April: Look, pal, what your name? 3E93BB90.JPG

 Wes: Wes.

 April: Very nice to meet you, Wes.

 Wes: I don't mean to bother you, could I get an autograph?

 April: Look, but I don't think I'm --

Wes: You aren't' April Knight? You weren't on "The Late, Late Show"? You didn't do that gig on the strip?

April: yeah, I did. I did. Did you hear that? He recognized me from "The Late, Late Show".

Wes: I've been checking all the record stores. Is there a C.D.?

 Deacon: There's not one right now, but it's coming out. So you keep your eyes open, all right? She's going places.

 Wes: Thank you. 3E93BBB5.JPG

 April: Thank you! Did you see that?

 Deacon: What do you think you're doing?

 April: That was my first fan, Deacon. I have a fan. I have a fan. Do you know how turned on this makes me?


 Massimo: Captain, I understand your commitment to your job, to your men. Because I have responsibilities too. And not just to the families of the crew. But to every single employee of Marone Industries, not just to you. I am not a captain. I am a corporate executive. A man who feels as deeply about those men as you ever will. And believe me when I tell you that those families will be well taken care of. On that, you have my word. But you see, there are going to be a lot of other people who are coming to me for answers for this tragedy. I have to face inquiries from international governments, environmental agencies. I have been on the phone for hours with maritime lawyers, doctors, engineers. I have not closed my eyes since your ship ran aground. So don't you dare condescend to me. This is a very emotional time for everyone involved. 3E93BCDF.JPG

 Nick: It's your company.

 Massimo: That's right. It's my name on that ship. It's my name at the bottom of the sea.

 Nick: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you haven't lost it.

 Massimo: What?

 Nick: Your attachment to the sea.

 Massimo: That's something I'll never lose, Captain.

 Ninick: My ring.

 Massimo: What? What are you doing?

 Nick: I have a ring just like that.

 Massimo: That's impossible.

 Nick: It's identical. It my ring.


 Ridge: Tell you what we're not going to do here. We're not going to let this drive us apart. And I'm not going to let you disappear from my life or the lives of my children, because they love you too much. Do you hear me? 3E93BD30.JPG

 Bridget: I love them too. But I'm not going to put myself between them and my mother.

 Ridge: If I thought for one moment that our friendship was going to be detrimental to my family or to Brooke, I wouldn't even be here.

 Bridget: What? You want to go back to being friends? Like none of this ever happened? I mean, do you think we can do that?

 Ridge: You tell me.

 Bridget: We have to protect the family, especially dad. That is so much more important than any feelings we might have for each other.

 Ridge: Absolutely. Right. So that's exactly what we're going to do. 3E93BD74.JPG

 Bridget: I just want you to be happy.

 Ridge: And I want the same for you. We don't have to be strangers to each other, you know? That doesn't have to happen.

 Bridget: I know.

 Ridge: You are an exceptional, exceptional woman, Miss Bridget Forrester. And I admire and respect you as much as anyone I've ever known. This is not goodbye, you know.

 Bridget: I know. We're doing the right thing. We're doing the right thing.

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