B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03

By Linda
Proofread by Nadine

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 Darla: You and Macy are back together?

 Macy: Can you believe it?

 Darla: What happened to Lorenzo?

 Thorne: He went back to Italy.

 Darla: Why?

 Macy: Because I told him that my future was with Thorne.

 Darla: When did this happen?

 Thorne: Macy showed up at my doorstep the morning after mom and dad renewed their vows and said she wanted to start over.

 Darla: Just out of the -- out of the -- out of the blue? Just like that?

 Thorne: Yeah, it caught me by surprise.

 Darla: Oh, Macy, this is -- this is great. Oh, my God. I'm so happy for you.

 Macy: Oh, Darla.

 Darla: Congratulations.

 Macy: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

 Thorne: Well, we should -- we should sit down. I mean, C.J. and your mom are waiting, huh?

 Macy: Okay.

 Darla: You guys go ahead. I'm just gonna use the ladies' room.

 Macy: Oh, all right. Okay.

 Darla: Okay.


 Massimo: I swear -- in all the years that I have been in this business -- it was not malicious, it was pure, inexcusable negligence.

 Ridge: Don't you think you should find out what happened first?

 Massimo: There is no other explanation. That ship was equipped with the most advanced navigational equipment on this planet!

 Ridge: Well, you can't prepare for everything, Massimo. Accidents do happen.

 Massimo: Not like this. That man ran one of my tankers onto a reef. I want that idiot brought up on charges.

 Ridge: Is he in custody?

 Massimo: If he survives, he will be. Mark my words. He is gonna pay for this.


 Dr. Brauer: Any changes?

 Bridget: His pulse is stronger.

 Dr. Brauer: Good. Okay, Bridget, Magdalena's gonna relieve you.

 Bridget: Okay. Dr. Brauer?

 Dr. Brauer: Mm-hmm?

 Bridget: About the captain --

 Dr. Brauer: Yeah?

 Bridget: Is he gonna make it?

 Dr. Brauer: Yeah, it's too soon to tell.

 Bridget: But he's doing better, right?

 Dr. Brauer: He's stabilized. Whether he recovers or not, we can only guess. We just don't have the latest equipment to assess the extent of the neurological damage.

 Bridget: His head wasn't hit.

 Dr. Brauer: He injured his neck at the base of the skull. A hematoma in that area could be extremely dangerous. But like I said, we just don't know.

 Bridget: Okay. Thank you.

 Dr. Brauer: You're doing a good job, Bridget. I know this isn't easy.

 Bridget: I just don't want to get in the way. I mean, I'm not a nurse. I can't really help anybody.

 Dr. Brauer: You can observe. You can monitor these patients. And right now, that's the best help we can get.


 Clarke: You two are back together. This is the most unexpected news.

 Sally: Well -- you can't be that surprised.

 Clarke: Oh, I am.

 C.J.: So what is this? An engagement party, or what?

 Macy: Well, I guess it would be, except for the fact that we're already married.

 Thorne: Yes, Macy just wanted to share her excitement with all of you.

 Clarke: What about you, Thorne? Are you excited?

 Thorne: Well, of course I am. But that's not why I'm here.

 Sally: Well, tell us. Don't keep us in suspense.

 Thorne: I came here to thank you. See, given my history and all the mistakes that I have made in the past, I wouldn't have blamed any of you for discouraging this relationship. But you didn't. 'Cause you knew how much it meant to Macy. And hopefully, you saw how much I love her. And you understood what we had to go through to get to this place. And you respected her enough to let her make her own decision. And for that, I will be forever grateful. To all of you. Thank you.

 C.J.: Right, dad?

 Sally: Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me --

 Macy: Yes?

 Sally: But I would like to propose a toast, if I may.

 Macy: Well, of course.

 Clarke: Yes.

 Sally: I would like to drink to my daughter, Macy, who is the love and joy of my life. Here's to you, my darling. Congratulations on finding your love again. And here's hoping that it will comfort you and bring you happiness for the rest of your life.

 C.J.: All right.

 Sally: Oh, yes, and here's for you, Thorne. Just let me say that if you do anything to break my daughter's heart, I will break your legs.


 Macy: Oh, come on, mother.

 Sally: Oh, come on, my darling, it's a joke. You know I'd never do anything like that.

 C.J.: No, but I would.


 Macy: You know, nobody is breaking anybody's legs, and you certainly don't have to worry about my heart.

 Thorne: That's true, because I will take care of that.

 Macy: And I'll take care of yours. Because that's what love is. People taking care of each other, being completely engaged and aware in each and every moment, because that -- that's what I realized the last few weeks. I mean, I was so caught up worrying about my past and my future that I almost missed out on the present. Until I just opened my eyes and I saw this love right there in front of me. And all I had to do was accept it. In fact -- a very wise woman told me that I'd be a fool not to. So hey, here is to appreciating what you have, and not letting it slip through your fingers.

 Thorne: I'll drink to that.

 Macy: You will? Okay. Cheers. Clarke? All right. Darla?

 Darla: I'm sorry. Don't mind me.

 Sally: Darla, please. Will you turn off the waterworks? We can't have Macy's maid of honor blubbering all through the renewal ceremony.

 Darla: Her maid of honor?

 Macy: Darla, who else would I choose? You're my best friend.

 Darla: I'm really sorry. I'm sorry. Excuse me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


 Massimo: I don't see how this could have happened. Marone Industries has the most impeccable safety record. The fleet, the crew, they are the best in the world.

 Ridge: Hey, even the best make mistakes.

 Massimo: All it takes is one mistake, Ridge. One moment of carelessness, of weakness. And then countless people are destroyed. [Phone rings] Ah. Marone.

 Bridget: Massimo, it's Bridget.

 Massimo: Bridget, are you at the hospital? Tell me -- how bad are things down there? I mean, are there fatalities?

 Bridget: Yeah. I'm sorry, Massimo. You've lost a number of men.

 Massimo: How about the captain?

 Bridget: He's here. But he's unconscious. The doctors won't know anything until they can get a CAT scan. I'm really sorry. I wish I had better news.

 Massimo: Yeah, so do I. Wait a minute. Hold on. Hold on a minute, would you? There's someone, wants to speak to you.

 Ridge: Hey, princess.

 Bridget: Ridge. Hey.

 Ridge: How are you holding up?

 Bridget: I'm okay. I know this is probably gonna sound weird, but I think this is what I needed. Just to come here and put my focus into something that really matters.

 Ridge: And having you down there now is the best thing for all those guys on that ship.

 Bridget: Well, I don't really know how much good I'm doing.

 Ridge: Well, you're making the effort, anyway, and we're very grateful.

 Bridget: Thank you.

 Ridge: Well, I -- I don't want to keep you any longer. Just want you to know that our hearts are with you. So -- bye, princess. I'm very proud of you.


 Macy: Maybe I should go check on Darla.

 Sally: Oh, no, don't, darling. You know how she gets so emotional.

 Clarke: Yeah, yeah, she's -- she's probably embarrassed enough. Let's not make it worse.

 C.J.: Okay, now that we've got that squared away, how about we eat? 'Cause I, for one, I'm starving.

 Sally: Oh, C.J, all right, all right. I will get a waiter.

 C.J.: Thank you, mother.

 Thorne: Honey, excuse me, I'm gonna use the restroom before we order, okay?

 Macy: Okay.

 C.J.: We came here for the food, right? Not all this toasting and whatnot.


 Massimo: Ridge -- is there something I should know?

 Ridge: About what?

 Massimo: Well, you and Bridget. I -- I just heard something in your voice, I --

 Ridge: I'm just concerned about her, Massimo. She's -- in a very intense situation right now, and she's right in the middle of it.

 Massimo: Because she chose to be.

 Ridge: Look, she's focusing on her education, and I think that's good.

 Massimo: I see, so you mean instead of focusing on you. Look, I'm telling you, she still has feelings for you.

 Ridge: No, she doesn't. Not anymore.

 Massimo: Why? Did something happen?

 Ridge: Look, we agreed that nobody should know we aren't brother and sister. It just wouldn't be good for dad.

 Massimo: Oh, I see. So what you're gonna do is ignore your feelings because of Eric.

 Ridge: I don't have feelings for Bridget, all right? I'm seeing her mother.

 Massimo: "Seeing"?

 Ridge: Oh, Massimo, look, I realize you don't support this relationship.

 Massimo: And I am not the only one, you know.

 Ridge: That may have to change. Thomas is coming around, and Bridget, too, for that matter.

 Massimo: Oh, come on. She's in love with you.

 Ridge: No, she isn't. I told you, we -- we worked that out.

 Massimo: How?

 Ridge: I proved you wrong. All those ideas you filled her head with about romance and true love, well, they're gone. It was all just fantasy, and now she knows that.

 Massimo: How can you be so sure?

 Ridge: Because I kissed her.

 Massimo: What?

 Ridge: I told her she wouldn't feel anything, and she didn't.

 Massimo: Oh. Wait a minute, well, oh, ooh. You kissed her?

 Ridge: Massimo, I wanted her to see there's nothing romantic between us, all right?

 Massimo: And that's all that kiss proved to you, Ridge? I mean, you -- you, I don't know, you must have felt something. Didn't you?


 Jackie: Excuse me.

 Bridget: Yes?

 Jackie: I'm looking for my son.

 Bridget: Was he on the ship?

 Jackie: Dominick Payne. He's the captain.

 Bridget: Yes, ma'am. He's here.

 Jackie: How is he?

 Bridget: He hasn't regained consciousness yet.

 Jackie: I see.

 Bridget: Ma'am, he suffered a blow to the base of his skull. But he's stable. Until they can do more tests, that's all we know. Right now, we're just waiting for him to wake up.

 Jackie: Can I see him?

 Bridget: Of course. Follow me.


 Thorne: Darla?

 Darla: Thorne. Just go back to the table.

 Thorne: What's going on?

 Darla: Nothing. Nothing, nothing. I'm fine.

 Thorne: No, you're not.

 Darla: You left me a message. You said that your whole life had turned around. That you wanted to see me. I thought you wanted to have dinner.

 Thorne: I was afraid it would sound that way. That's why I -- I left you another message.

 Darla: You called again?

 Thorne: Yes. To tell you that Macy and I got back together. You didn't get it?

 Darla: No. No.

 Thorne: Oh, God, Darla, Darla, I -- oh, God -- I am so sorry.

 Darla: So am I.

 Thorne: I didn't want you to find out this way.

 Darla: I should have known.

 Thorne: How could you? We both thought Macy had chosen Lorenzo.

 Darla: But she didn't.

 Thorne: No. That kiss that I saw -- it was good-bye.

 Darla: So we were a big mistake. God.

 Thorne: I should have called you earlier.

 Darla: You don't owe me any explanations, Thorne.

 Thorne: Yeah, well, you didn't deserve to be blindsided.

 Darla: It wasn't all your fault. I don't know what I was thinking. I heard your message on the machine and -- it just sounded like you and me and dinner, and -- after what happened the other night --

 Thorne: Look -- you misunderstood me. But Darla, about the other night -- if Macy ever finds out that we slept together, no matter what the circumstances, it would ruin everything.

 Darla: Thorne, we were drunk. You thought you had lost her.

 Thorne: No, I will if she finds out.

 Darla: She's my best friend. You know, if I just explain to her what happened --

 Thorne: No, Darla, no --

 Darla: I know she'll understand.

 Thorne: She will never trust us again. Ever.

 Darla: Thorne -- I'm sorry. I don't want to mess things up for you. And I certainly don't want to ruin my friendship with Macy. But I don't think that I could live with myself if I had to lie to her. If I had to keep this secret.

 Macy: Is everything all right? What's going on with you two?


[Monitor beeping]

 Jackie: You had to choose the sea, didn't you? Just like your father. Now this life may have killed you. You never knew him. And he never knew you. But if you die, my son, you will die -- a Marone.

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