B&B Transcript Monday 3/17/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/17/03

By Linda
Proofread by Nadine

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[Knocking at door]

 Stephanie: I didn't think you were so anxious. Acting like a blushing bridegroom. Hello, Ridge.

 Ridge: Hello, mother.

 Stephanie: Well -- Eric says you're going to stand up for him tonight.

 Ridge: Yeah, he's a hard man to say no to.

 Stephanie: Tell me about it.

 Ridge: I'm glad you accepted his proposal.

 Stephanie: He didn't give me much of a choice.

 Ridge: Would you have answered the same if he had?

 Stephanie: Yes. He's the only man I've ever loved.

 Ridge: It does seem like you two are destined to be together. I mean, there I was, one breath away from telling him everything about you and Massimo, my paternity. And he goes and announces that he's -- he's wanting to renew your vows.

 Stephanie: That's what stopped you?

 Ridge: I was speechless, mother. All the things he said, his passion, his devotion for you, and for this family. We really are the most important people in his life.

 Stephanie: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, I guess I just had to hear it from him.

 Stephanie: Well, now here's something you should hear from me. I've very happy that you finally realized how much you love him. And thank you for not hurting him. And thank you for saving the family.


 Thorne: So, if she's okay with it, you can do it?

 Minister: Well, if you'd like, we could combine the ceremonies.

 Thorne: Oh, no, no. I don't want to steal my dad's thunder.

 Minister: Okay.

 Bridget: Reverend?

 Minister: Yes.

 Bridget: Sorry. My dad has another question for you.

 Minister: Pardon me. Thorne, if you -- why don't we discuss this after your wife arrives?

 Thorne: Okay. Thanks. Thanks.

 Bridget: What? Is Macy coming?

 Thorne: She should be here any minute.

 Bridget: Oh, my God, that's amazing. Are you guys getting back together?

 Thorne: Well, let's just say that mom and dad may not be the only couple renewing their vows tonight.


 Lorenzo: What are you wearing?

 Macy: It's just a dress.

 Lorenzo: From Thorne?

 Macy: Lorenzo, calm down.

 Lorenzo: Now he's sending you gifts?

 Macy: His parents are renewing their vows tonight.

 Lorenzo: And he wants you to go with him?

 Macy: Lorenzo, okay, why don't you just sit down, all right? There's something I need to tell you. I've made a decision.

 Lorenzo: No! You're not going! You hear me, Macy! You're not going anywhere.

 Macy: Lorenzo -- I know you're upset, but we have to talk about this.

 Lorenzo: Not like this. Not in that.

 Macy: I'm so sorry. You know I care about you.

 Lorenzo: Take it off. Take it off now!


 Bridget: You and Macy are renewing your vows tonight?

 Thorne: Well, I just got the green light from the Minister. So if Macy agrees, then, yes, we are.

 Bridget: Macy doesn't know?

 Thorne: No. See, it's a romantic surprise. I'm taking a page from dad's book. I know that Macy loves me. And I know that we can have a great life together. And when Macy gets here, she's going to see it's time to start that great life.

[Bridget laughs]

 Minister: Are we ready to begin?

 Eric: Absolutely. I'm absolutely ready. I just sent Ridge to check on his mother. But he's not back yet. I don't know what's keeping them.


 Ridge: You should be thanking Massimo, as well.

 Stephanie: He knows that you didn't tell Eric?

 Ridge: Yeah. I saw him this afternoon.

 Stephanie: How did he react?

 Ridge: He was furious. He threatened to tell dad himself.

 Stephanie: Do you think he'll do that?

 Ridge: Don't worry, I reminded him that fatherhood is about a lot more than just genetics. It's about putting the needs of your children first. God, mother, all these secrets.

 Stephanie: I know.

 Ridge: I can't make things right for dad without devastating my biological father. And if I let Massimo tell the world I'm his son, it could destroy the only family I've ever known.

 Stephanie: Why do you think he feels it's necessary to tell anybody? I mean, you've accepted him as your father.

 Ridge: I haven't acknowledged him publicly. And I probably never will.

 Stephanie: You still can have a very close relationship with him.

 Ridge: Yeah, well -- let's just hope that's enough for him.


 Massimo: I was so close, father. Just one word. One word to Eric, and Ridge would have found his rightful place in our family. Instead, Eric and Stephanie are renewing their marriage vows, and my son will be standing up for them. This ridiculous ceremony marks the end of the Marone line. After tonight, Ridge will be a Forrester forever. How the hell could this have happened? Marone.

 Stephanie: Hello, Mass.

 Massimo: Yeah?

 Stephanie: I've just spoken with Ridge, and he told me how upset you are.

 Massimo: Upset? I have a son, grandchildren, a family that I cannot acknowledge. And your husband wants to renew his marriage vows?

 Stephanie: I'm sorry. I can only imagine how you feel.

 Massimo: No, no, you have no idea. You can't imagine how humiliated I feel. He chose that dressmaker. I gave him my company. I gave him a fortune. I made him my sole heir before he even knew that he was my son. And he gives his loyalty to a man who lets his ex-wife walk out with half his inheritance.

 Stephanie: Mass, this isn't about money.

 Massimo: I know that. It is about respect -- honor, commitment, duty. The duty a father has to his children. Something that Eric has never been able to live up to! This ceremony is a farce, Stephanie. It is an illusion.

 Stephanie: I'm sorry that you feel that way. I -- I really called just to say thank you. Thank you for accepting Ridge's decision.

 Massimo: I do not accept his decision. He is my son. He should have my name!

 Stephanie: Is that really so important to you? More important than having his respect and his love? I know my son. Mass, if you go to Eric with this, you'll lose him. And any connection that you have with Ridge and his children and with me, you'll destroy. Is that what you really want? Mass?


 Thorne: Macy, you should be here by now. Where are you?


 Macy: All right. Are you happy? I took off the dress.

 Lorenzo: No, Macy, I'm not happy. And you won't be either if you go through with this.

 Macy: Lorenzo, you have to listen to me. I've given this a lot of thought.

 Lorenzo: You're leaving me?

 Macy: I've always been honest with you. You've always known how I felt about Thorne.

 Lorenzo: Don't do this to yourself, Macy. I beg you. He will break your heart all over again. I love you. I want to give you a family, a home, a real life.

 Macy: I'm sorry. My life is here. You know, I just never realized it until I -- until I came back here. And now I can't imagine being anywhere else.

 Lorenzo: I'll be here with you.

 Macy: No. No, you need to go back to Italy. You need to go back to Camogli. That's your home. That's where you belong. You'll never really be happy here.

 Lorenzo: I'm happy with you, wherever you are.

 Macy: No, no. I belong with Thorne. He's my husband.

 Lorenzo: Cara, no.

 Macy: I'm so sorry.

[Phone ringing]

 Macy: Lorenzo, don't.

 Thorne: Macy? Is that you?

 Macy: Thorne?


 Eric: Ridge, why don't you walk your mother down the aisle.

 Ridge: Dad, I thought I was standing up for you.

 Eric: You're standing up for the whole family.

 Kristen: Hey, you guys, where's Thorne?

 Rick: He was just here.

 Bridget: Maybe he went to pick up Macy.

 Amber: Macy's going to be here?

 Rick: Well, you know what? If they don't show up, they're both going to miss the ceremony.

 Ridge: How are you doing? You look a little tense.

 Stephanie: Well, I -- I called Massimo. And he's very angry.

 Ridge: He will be for a little while.

 Stephanie: He hung up on me.

 Ridge: Don't worry about it. Everything will be all right.

[Wedding march plays]


 Massimo: Ridge -- loyal to the man who raised him over his own father. Choosing to live a lie that won't allow me to acknowledge my son, my sole heir, my legacy. And I can't let that happen. I'm going to put a stop to this.


 Lorenzo: Macy, you cannot do this. You're making a terrible mistake.

 Macy: I can understand why you feel that way.

 Lorenzo: You cannot erase your history, what that man did to you.

 Macy: He's not going to do it again.

 Lorenzo: How can you be sure? You can be sure of me! Cara, when have I ever hurt you? When have I ever let you down?

 Macy: Never. That's why this is so hard. You're a good man, Lorenzo. You're going to make somebody a wonderful husband someday. But I'm not the woman for you. And the truth is, I never was.

[Macy sobbing]

 Thorne: What the hell is going on here?

 Macy: Lorenzo, please -- I do care. You know I do. Lorenzo, what we've meant to each other, what we've been through, nobody can ever take that away from us. Nobody's ever done as much for me as you have. And, for that, you'll always have my respect and my love -- always. You have my love. You always will.


 Minister: Eric, Stephanie -- your family has come today to witness and celebrate your love and commitment to each other. I'm sure it's been an inspiration, as it has to everyone who's had the good fortune to witness it. I want to remind you what the word "renewal" means. It means a new beginning, but also an extension. Being granted more time, more love, more opportunities to be grateful for one another. Tonight, you're not just reviving your relationship, you're strengthening it and giving it more endurance. So, before you exchange your vows and intentions, if there's anyone here who has any reason to oppose this union, speak now. For what God has joined together --

 Massimo: Wait! I have something to say.

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