B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/11/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/11/03

By Linda
Proofread by Nadine

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April: Maybe you didn't hear me. I said it wasn't Amber in that video, it was me.

Reporter #1: Who are you?

Reporter #2: Yeah, we'd all like an answer to that.

Reporter #3: Are you Amber Moore, or is she?

Reporter #1: Yeah, tell us what's going on.

[Crowd murmuring]

Eric: What is going on?

Amber: I don't know. I swear, Eric, I have no idea.

[Crowd murmuring]


Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: To honesty.

Ridge: I'll drink to that.

Brooke: I meant it before, when I said you could ask me anything.

Ridge: You sure?

Brooke: Anything.

Ridge: Okay. Why'd you do it? Why did you sleep with Deacon?

Brooke: I was afraid of being alone. And I thought you and I had a chance. And when I realized we didn't, I just fell apart.

Ridge: So you turned to your daughter's husband.

Brooke: Ridge, I didn't see him that way. They were getting a divorce, or so I thought. Look, there's no good explanation.

Ridge: And I don't want to keep throwing the biggest mistake of your life back in your face like this.

Brooke: It may have been the biggest mistake of my life, but in a way, I'm glad that it happened.


Reporter #1: Is this some kind of hoax?

Reporter #2: Is somebody going to tell us what's going on?

Reporter #3: Which of you is the real Amber?

Reporter #1: Mr. Forrester, don't you have anything to say?

[All shouting]

April: Hey! [Crowd murmuring] So, sis, are you gonna give 'em the 411, or should I?

Amber: Uh -- no. Go ahead.

April: Cool. [Crowd murmuring] Hi. My name is April. April Night. You probably figured out by now that Amber and me, we're twins, but that's a really, really, really long story, which is a whole other press conference, which I'm totally up for.

Reporter #2: And you're saying it was you, not your sister, in "Ambrosia Undressed"?

April: Yep. Right down to my bare you know whats. See, my sweet sister over there, she -- she was gonna jeopardize her own career for my sake, but I just could not let her do that.

Reporter #1: She was covering for you?

April: Yep.

Reporter #2: Or maybe it's the other way around.

April: What?

Reporter #3: He's right. How do we know it's really you on that tape?

April: How do you know? Oh. Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, it's good! Oh, oh, yeah, honey! Rudy. Rudy! That's how. [Crowd murmuring] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everybody, dial it down.

Reporter #2: Mr. Forrester, is this a publicity stunt?

Eric: No, of course not.

Reporter #2: You planning a sequel?

April: Wow. Never even thought about that. But it -- was pretty good, wasn't it? You guys want to see some more? Huh?

[Crowd murmuring]

Eric: All right, all right, all right. That's enough. This press conference is over.

Rick: Amber, who is she?

Amber: I don't know, I swear.

Reporter #2: Mr. Forrester, please --

Eric: No more questions. Megan, Kristen, show everybody out, will you, please? Thank you.

Kristen: Come on, everybody.

Reporter #1: Just one more --

Megan: No, none. You heard him.

[Crowd murmuring]

Amber: Are you really --

April: Yeah.

Amber: My sister?


Ridge: You're glad you slept with Deacon?

Brooke: It was the lowest point in my life. And maybe all the proof you need to know that I'm not the woman you want as a wife or the mother of your children. But, Ridge, it did accomplish one thing -- it got Bridget away from Deacon. And now I have my precious daughter back. I am not proud of what I did. But in a way, I had to go through that fire to get here, to become the person that I want to be. I've had to think about my life and the choices that I've made, and why I made them.

Ridge: Not easy questions.

Brooke: No. I needed to grow up. And I did.

Ridge: I believe you, Brooke.

Brooke: You do?

Ridge: Yeah, I do.

Brooke: Well, then?

Ridge: This isn't just about you and me, though. There's Hope. There's Deacon.

Brooke: And Hope is a blessing. I refuse to see her as anything other than a gift from God.

Ridge: You're right, she absolutely is that. But she also ties you to Deacon forever now.

Brooke: I know. And I can deal with that. I promise you, Deacon is not going to be a problem for us.


Host: May I help you, sir?

Deacon: I think I'm just gonna go to the bar.


Brooke: Oh, that looks good. Do you want one?


Bridget: I really wish there was something you could do, C.J., But there isn't. I love Ridge, and I can't just turn that off.

C.J.: Bridget, listen to me. You are confused. And, you know, I don't see how you could not be. You have been living with a guy that you have cared about your entire life, and he and his family have needed you so much in these last few months.

Bridget: After Deacon, it felt good to be needed.

 C.J.: Right. So you did what you do best. You came to their rescue, and you took care of them.

Bridget: I felt like I was their lifeline.

C.J.: You were. You were. They depended on you. And they love you.

Bridget: I love them, too.

C.J.: And there's nothing wrong with that.

Bridget: No, but that's where it should have ended.

C.J.: And it would have if Massimo hadn't dropped his little bomb.

Bridget: Definitely blew my world apart.

C.J.: No, it didn't. Bridget, it didn't. Listen to me -- nothing has changed. Your feelings for Ridge are exactly as they were before. You love him, but you are not in love with him.

Bridget: That's what Ridge said.

C.J.: Well, he's right. He is absolutely right. Massimo is taking your innocent feelings for Ridge and twisting them around to make it seem like there's something romantic there. Why is he doing that? Why? Because he doesn't want Ridge with Brooke. And you cannot let him manipulate you like that.

Bridget: I don't know. I don't know anymore. I'm so mixed up.

C.J.: Okay, Bridget, but I am not, all right? Now listen to me. I'm gonna help you get through this. You just have to let me.


Rick: Oh, my god.

Stephanie: It's amazing.

Eric: Absolutely identical.

April: Your mom never told you about me, did she?

Amber: She knows?

April: Of course she knows, Amber.

Amber: Right. Sorry. I just -- it's all so weird for me.

April: Yeah. For me, too. I mean, I saw you on TV, but --

Amber: You did?

April: Telesave.

Amber: Telesave. So you just -- you just turned on the TV, and --

April: There I was, selling clothes. I mean, it -- it blew me away. I thought it was some freak coincidence, you know? Till I saw the look on my mom's face. That's when I -- I found out I was adopted.

Rick: So Tawny gave you up?

April: I tracked down the lawyer who did all the paperwork, but he wouldn't tell me anything, so -- so I broke into his files, and then I found out that I had a twin sister.

Amber: I -- I don't understand. Why would -- why would mom give one of us away?

April: Well, the fact is, she gave us both up. Two different families, but -- yours didn't work out.

Amber: Didn't work out?

April: They gave you back. I don't know why. It didn't say in the files but --

Amber: So -- so mom, she was just -- she was just stuck with me?

April: She probably fell in love with you.

Amber: Right.

Eric: You found out about this months ago?

Rick: Why didn't you tell us then?

April: Oh, well, I didn't want to be one of those people, you know, you hear about. The lost family relative shows up because someone wins the lottery. And you were in rehab. I figured you had enough goin' on. Then I started gettin' all kinds of attention from that little tape of yours.

Amber: Oh, God.

April: And I figured this was my chance.

Stephanie: Your chance?

April: To do something nice for you. Let you know that I don't want anything from you. I just want to be your sister.


Ridge: So you think you can control Deacon?

Brooke: Well, he's not an animal. He does have an ugly side to him, and that's all you've ever seen, but --

Ridge: Wait, wait, wait, if you're gonna tell me this guy has a heart of gold --

Brooke: No. But he does have a heart. And he wants what's best for his daughter. I really believe that. That's why he left town in the first place.

Ridge: But he came back, didn't he?

Brooke: He thought he could have a second chance with me if you were out of the picture. But that's ridiculous. I'm sure he realizes that now.

Ridge: What about you? Do you realize that?

Brooke: Ridge, I made it very clear to him where I stood. And I want him out of my life and Hope's.

Ridge: And what Logan wants, Logan gets, right?

Brooke: Eventually.

Ridge: Well, Logan, I've got to admire your persistence, anyway.

Brooke: I hope you admire more than that.

Ridge: You know I do.

Waiter: There you go.


Deacon: What the hell, did you get lost?

Waiter: Another?

Deacon: Give me a double, and bring this one over by the piano.

[Playing "You Are So Beautiful"]

Piano player: Hey --

Deacon: Hush. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to sing this for a very special lady. [Singing off-key] You are so beautiful to me. You are so beautiful to me, can't you see wait, wait, sir, please, no standing ovations, not yet.

Ridge: So you can deal with Deacon, huh? Good luck, Brooke.

Brooke: Ridge, wait.

Deacon: You are so beautiful to me, you're everything I hope for you're everything I need, you are so beautiful to me you are so -- [Sputtering]Stick around for the midnight show, folks.


Amber: I just -- I can't believe that you came here, and you took the blame for that video for me. I mean, somebody that you'd never even met.

April: It's no big thing.

Rick: I don't think you realize, you just saved this company millions of dollars.

Amber: Yeah, and my career. I called that press conference to resign.

April: Oh, no, no. That would have been a huge, huge mistake. Thank God I got here when I did.

Amber: I just -- I just wish you would have shown up 24 years ago. I just -- I knew -- I just, I knew that there was something missing.

April: But you thought it was inside. Me, too. And all this time, you were just a couple hours away.

Amber: Oh, my God.

Rick: Amber, are you okay?

Amber: I was -- I was just so lonely. And nobody ever said anything. You -- you were just right there. And I -- why didn't my mom say something?

Rick: Maybe she thought that you wouldn't understand.

Amber: No, you know what? I don't. I don't. Okay? Because she made it seem like that there was something wrong with me. But you know what? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, because -- because you're here. Right? You're here.

Stephanie: Right in the middle of a media circus.

Amber: Oh, you don't know what it's like. They're gonna hound you.

April: They won't even recognize me.

Rick: Are you kidding?

April: No, I don't look like this normally. See? Never would've pegged me for a Forrester, huh? I'll get back to Reno no problem.

Amber: Reno? No, no, no, no. Don't. You can't go. You can't go just yet. I mean, I just -- I just found out about you. I have so many questions, and --

Rick: You don't have to leave right away, do you?

April: I guess I could hang out a little bit if you want.

Amber: Yeah, please.

Eric: Yeah, Amber has a point. If you stay here in L.A., the press will just hound you to death.

Amber: No, no, well, not if she stays with us. I mean, your mom won't mind.

Rick: No. No, we -- we owe you so much.

April: Stop -- stop thankin' me already. I -- I'm just glad I could be here for my sister.

Amber: Sister. I can't believe it. I have a sister.

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