B&B Transcript Friday 2/21/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/21/03

By Suzanne
proofread by Nadine

Bridget: You're sending me to Copenhagen?

Stephanie: Bridget, this -- this is the chance of a lifetime.

Bridget: This is a farce. Admit it, Stephanie, you asked one of your friends to help get me out of town.


[Rick sighs]

Amber: Rick. Can we talk?

Rick: I'm busy.

Amber: Well, so am I, but -- I don't think I'm gonna be able to get any work done until we deal with this, and I don't think you are either.

Rick: Not here, okay?

Amber: Then where? We can't discuss it at home. Little Eric might hear us.

Rick: I'm not ready, Amber. Every time I think about -- you and that guy. On tape like that. I want to be objective about this. And I just can't right now. Okay?

Amber: I don't want you to be objective. Rick, I want you to think about who I was when I made that tape. You know, what my life was like and where I was coming from. And then I want you to think about who I am now. Now, there's a difference, Rick. There's a big difference.


Eric: Wow, look at this. Thank you. It looks beautiful.

Brooke: Bridget is going to Copenhagen?

Eric: Yes. Yes, she is. I was as surprised as you are.

Brooke: Well, I can understand her not telling me. But why wouldn't she tell the rest of the family?

Eric: I don't know. Maybe she wasn't sure she was gonna get in. She probably didn't want to upset Thomas and the girls for no good reason.

Brooke: And that's what surprises me the most. She's gotten so close to them. And now she's going to go and spend a year away from them? Especially after what Thomas has been through and all of his problems? I don't get it, Eric. Why would she do that?


Stephanie: I can't force you to get on an airplane. All I can do is ask you to please listen to what I have to say.

Bridget: I know what you have to say. "Stay away from Ridge. You're too close to Ridge." Now I know how my mother must feel.

Stephanie: What you have done for Ridge and the children is wonderful. It's wonderful. It's wonderful for all of you. But it's turning into something that's not really healthy. And it's not your fault. It's Massimo. He's taken your feelings and he's tried to turn them into something that's unhealthy.

Bridget: Why?

Stephanie: Because he's looking for a reason -- any reason that he can get his hands on to tell Ridge that he's his father.

Bridget: And you don't want that to happen.

Stephanie: I do not want that to happen. And I don't want you caught in the middle of it.

[Bridget scoffs]

Bridget: Oh? Oh, you're doing this for me? For my benefit?

Stephanie: Yes. And what's wrong also with going to the best premed school in the world?

Bridget: So when? When am I supposed to embark on this great big adventure?

Stephanie: Tonight.

Bridget: Tonight? Of course. The sooner the better, huh? So are you going to let me say good-bye to anyone or are you just gonna, like, pack up my bags and shove me in the back of a car?

Stephanie: Your father has planned a bon voyage party for you. Bridget, this isn't some form of punishment. I just really believe that you need to -- to get out of here and to clear your head.

Bridget: Stephanie, Thomas just got out of the hospital. And I promised him I would be there when he gets up --

Stephanie: You are not his mother. You're not his mother. You're his aunt. Now maybe not biologically, but in that boy's mind and in his father's mind, you're the aunt and you're the sister. And nobody should do anything to change that.


Ridge: Hey, come on in, mass. Thanks for coming over.

Massimo: I wanted to check on Thomas. How's he doing?

Ridge: He's doing much better. Thanks to Bridget. I know I keep saying this. But I've got to tell you, mass, that woman is something else.

Massimo: Is Bridget here?

Ridge: You just missed her.

Massimo: Aww, that's too bad. She's always a pleasure to watch with the children.

Ridge: Yeah, they do seem happier when she's around.

Massimo: Seems to have the same effect on you.

Ridge: Well, does that surprise you really? I've been singing her praises for months now. Everything she's done for us, the way she relates to Thomas -- it's really quite amazing. I don't know. Maybe I'm just more appreciative now that I know what she's been dealing with in her own life.

Massimo: Did you ever stop to think that maybe you miss her since she left the house?

Ridge: I'm sure that's part of it.

Massimo: Part of what?

Ridge: The way I'm feeling about her.


Eric: Brooke, I understand your concern. I just think it might be good for Bridget to get away right now.

Brooke: You mean get away from me.

Eric: No, it's not you. The situation with deacon, though. I mean, who knows what he has planned?

Brooke: Oh, I think he got what he wanted.

Eric: Well, that's another thing. The tension between you and Ridge can't be easy for Bridget.

Brooke: That's only temporary. Ridge and I are going to work through this.

Eric: I have no doubt that you will. I really don't. But until you do, I think it's a pretty uncomfortable position for Bridget to be in.

Brooke: So you really think that's why she's leaving?

Eric: Brooke, this internship is a great honor for her.

Brooke: I know. And I'm very proud of her. I just want to make sure she's not running away from her problems.

Eric: I'm don't think that's what she's doing. I really don't. But you have to admit, the timing is perfect.

Brooke: Yes, it could be. If that's what Bridget really wants.


Stephanie: I'm just trying to make you understand that there should be more to your life than taking care of a grown man and his children.

Bridget: I am proud of what I've done for them, Stephanie.

Stephanie: And you should be. You were absolutely wonderful for the children and a godsend for Ridge. But now you've gotta take care of yourself.

Bridget: Look, if you're worried about school, don't. My grades are fine.

Stephanie: But you're not excelling. You're one of the brightest people in that class. You love medicine. When you started this semester, you were filled with excitement and enthusiasm and happiness. You got your own place. You got a job. You were free. You were independent.

Bridget: And what if I want to assert that independence right now?

Stephanie: I know it's gonna be difficult leaving. But make no mistake about this -- Massimo is using you. He wants to get to Ridge through you.

Bridget: He'll tell Ridge he's his father.

Stephanie: And create nothing but chaos. What do you think, that Ridge is all of a sudden going to wake up and say -- "Bridget is the woman of my dreams"? Listen. Massimo is doing this. He's trying to find any -- any rationale, any justification for his needs.

Bridget: I want you to know, I tried -- I tried to talk to him. I told him what this would do to dad.

Stephanie: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Because he doesn't care what happens to your father. And that doesn't make Massimo a bad person. It's just -- he wants something that he shouldn't have.

Bridget: You really think he'll give up if I leave?

Stephanie: I don't know. But I think by the time you come back, things will have settled down. I think that Ridge and the children will be on surer footing. And I think you'll have a chance to sort through your own feelings.

Bridget: I've tried so hard to just block them out.

Stephanie: Well, you won't have to do that in Copenhagen, will you? You'll be immersed in classes and in your studies. You'll have a whole new life. You'll meet new people and make new friends. Bridget -- this is the best thing for you. Now let's pack.


Massimo: So what you're saying is that your feelings for Bridget have changed?

Ridge: Not exactly.

Massimo: But you -- you're more appreciative?

Ridge: It's a lot more than these last few months, getting to know Bridget as well as I have -- as an adult, as a woman with a life and problems of her own -- I've really come to respect and admire her.

Massimo: So have I.

Ridge: I think a lot of people have, though.

Massimo: Right. But you -- you see something different in her?

Ridge: Something I've only seen once before, Massimo -- in Taylor. Bridget has her grace --

[Massimo remembering Stephanie' words] Don't you do it, Massimo. Don't you tell Ridge he isn't Bridget's brother. Don't you ever tell him the truth.


Amber: Rick, you have to understand. I never meant for that tape to be made public.

Rick: I don't understand why that tape was ever made at all.

Amber: Well, I -- I told you, you know, Rudy and I were dating --

Rick: Okay, look. Look, we're obviously not gonna see eye-to-eye on this. So there's no point in even talking about it.

Amber: So don't talk. Don't talk -- scream at me. Yell at me. Throw something. I don't care. Just don't give me the silent treatment anymore. I can't take it. Please, just -- just tell me what you're feeling.

Rick: Trust me, Amber. You don't want to know what I'm feeling right now. And I don't want to say something that I'm gonna regret.

[Phone rings] yeah?

Eric: Rick. Is Amber with you? I've been buzzing her office.

Rick: Yeah, she's here.

Eric: Good, well -- look, I know this might be a bit much to ask, but could you both come to my office? We're having a little family party here.

Rick: For who?

Eric: For your sister. She's leaving for Copenhagen tonight.

Rick: What is Bridget going to Copenhagen for?

Eric: I'll explain when I see you. Will you come?

Rick: Sure.


Brooke: Are Rick and Amber coming?

Eric: Yes. They're on their way.

Megan: Is there anyone that you want me to call?

Eric: No, there isn't. I just want you to enjoy the party. I'll be the host.

Megan: Really?

Eric: Yes.

[Knock on door]

C.J.: Looks like I found the right place.

Eric: Hey, C.J. I'm glad you could make it.

C.J.: Thanks.

Eric: Good.

C.J.: How you doing?

Brooke: You got a present. That's so sweet.

C.J.: Yeah.

Mark: Knock, knock.

Brooke: Hey.

Eric: Mark. Good. I wasn't sure you'd be able to get away from the hospital.

Mark: Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this. This is quite an honor. I mean, Bridget getting the Copenhagen internship. You two must very proud.

Brooke: Oh, yes, we are.

C.J.: Bridget's not here yet?

Eric: No. Stephanie's helping her pack.

C.J.: Pack? I let Stephanie into Bridget's place earlier. She didn't say anything about the trip.

Brooke: She probably didn't want to spoil the surprise.


Stephanie: Well, it's gonna be cold over there. You'll probably end up with a whole new wardrobe.

Bridget: I don't need a whole new wardrobe. I need a few weeks to get ready.

Stephanie: You don't have a few weeks. You just have a few hours.

Bridget: Stephanie, this is ridiculous. I'm leaving for a year. I can't pack up everything in 15 minutes.

Stephanie: Well, leave everything in a big pile. I'll come tomorrow, put it in a trunk and ship it to you. Now -- you've gotta hurry. Your father's waiting for you at the office.

Bridget: Well, fine, just go ahead. I'll meet you there.

Stephanie: Listen, he's invited the whole family and all of your friends. This is your only chance to say good-bye.

Bridget: I'll be there. I promise.


Ridge: I know it might seem a little strange, comparing my sister to my wife.

Massimo: Not at all. Bridget is -- Bridget is an exceptional young woman.

Ridge: I didn't think she'd be this long. She wanted to be back here by the time Thomas woke up.

Massimo: Did she tell you where she was going?

Ridge: I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure mother called from the house, though.

Massimo: Oh. So she went to see Stephanie?

Ridge: Yeah. She didn't think it would take this long.

Massimo: Well, Ridge, I would love to stick around. But I've got some business I gotta take care of.

Ridge: All right. I'll tell Thomas you came by.

Massimo: Yes. And the girls, too, please.

Ridge: Absolutely.

Massimo: I can't tell you how happy I am that you're all doing so much better.

Ridge: Thank you. Thank you. See you later.

Massimo: You got it.

[Phone rings]

Ridge: Hello?

Eric: Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, dad.

Eric: How's Thomas?

Ridge: He's taking a little nap. He should be up pretty soon.

Eric: Good, I'm glad to hear it. Look, if he's up to it, I'd like you to bring him and the girls to the office. We're having a little going-away party for Bridget.

Ridge: Bridget's going away? What the hell are you talking about?


Megan: Hey, guys.

Amber: Is Bridget here yet?

Megan: Well, she should be here soon. Can I get you something?

Rick: No thanks. We're fine.

C.J.: Did you know Bridget was even applying for this thing?

Mark: You don't apply for it. You get nominated. And, no. Before you ask. It wasn't me. She must have had somebody with a lot more clout than me in her corner.

Brooke: Where's Bridget?

Stephanie: Packing.

Brooke: Eric said you were going to take her to the airport.

Stephanie: I am.

Brooke: Well, I guess I should thank you.

Stephanie: For the ride or the scholarship?

Brooke: The scholarship. I assume you had something to do with that.

Stephanie: Brooke, I -- I just thought that Bridget needs to concentrate on herself and focus on her studies.

Brooke: Why? Because of this whole deacon mess?

Stephanie: Among other things.

Brooke: What other things?

Stephanie: Well, I just think it's best for everyone involved if Bridget leaves town for a while.


Massimo: Oh, Bridget. Bridget. Good. I've been looking everywhere. I just had a very interesting conversation. I was talking to Ridge and -- what's going on in there?

Bridget: It's my bon voyage party.

Massimo: Your what?

Bridget: I -- I just got accepted into a study abroad program in Copenhagen. I'm leaving tonight.

Massimo: What? What are you talking about? I was just with Ridge. He was waiting for you at the house. It just -- it just happened, actually. My plane is leaving in a couple of hours.

Massimo: Stephanie. She did this.

Bridget: It's for the best, Massimo.

Massimo: The best for whom?

Bridget: Stop it. Everybody's waiting for me in there.

Massimo: Listen. Why are you doing this? You know that. And do you know why? Because I am the only one that knows how you feel. I am the only one that realizes what Ridge and those children mean to you. And you want to know something?

Massimo: Me? I've been running all over town looking for you, Bridget. And do you know why? Because I am the only one that knows how you feel. I am the only one that realizes what Ridge and those children mean to you. And you want to know something? You mean exactly the same to them. You know what Ridge just said to me? He told me he hasn't admired anybody the way he admired Taylor as he admires you. Okay? He doesn't even realize what his feelings are. All he needs is one word --

Bridget: Don't. No. That is why I'm leaving. You are not telling Ridge. And you are not gonna destroy this family.

Massimo: He is my son.

Bridget: Stephanie was so right about you. You don't care about anybody but yourself.

Massimo: Stephanie is protecting her own interests.

Bridget: And you're protecting yours.

Massimo: Bridget, would you listen to me for a moment here? What about yours? For once in your life, be selfish. This is your chance. You don't want to spend a year in Copenhagen in some lonely, cold dormitory. Your future is here. Don't throw it away. If you get on that plane and you leave Ridge and his children, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.

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