B&B Transcript Thursday 2/13/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/13/03

By Suzanne

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Amber: Turn it off! Please just turn it off!G # I know what it looks like, but it's not what you're thinking.

Eric: It looks like an x-rated video.

Amber: Okay. Yeah, that's what it is.

Ridge: Al and that guy?

Amber: Rudy was my boyfriend years and years ago. The tape was fora@ S.V v bert# ctv nobody was suppose odd to see it. I didn't even know it existed. He told me he destroyed it when we broke up.

Eric: Obviously he didn'T.

Amber: You don't have to worry about it, eric, because I'm going to take care of it.

Eric: What do you mean? Is he blackmailing you with this?

Ridge: That bastard. He's using this tape to threaten you, isn't he? Is he still here. 3E4C695C.JPG

Erica: I'm going to call security.

Amber: No, no, no don'T. Please? It's just going to make it worse.

Brooke: Oh, ridge. How did this happen? Everything was finally coming together. And now it's just falling apart.

Stephanie: Are the children home from school yet?

Ridge: No.

Stephanie: Good. Ridge, i want to talk to you about this situation with brooke and bridget.

Ridge: You knew, didn't you? You knew that baby was deacon'S.

Stephanie: Yes, honey, i did.

Ridge: Why didn't you tell me? 3E4C69A5.JPG

Stephanie: Because i gave bridget my word of honour i wouldn't tell anyone.

Ridge: She was ashamed. Can you believe that? Her mother sleeps with her husband, and she's ashamed to tell anybody about it.

Stephanie: Well, i think if you consider that she grew up surrounded by her mother's scandals, she didn't want to get pulled into one of her own.

Ridge: That's what i don't understand, though. Brooke's done a very strange things in her life, but she's always managed to protect her kids from them. But this, deliberately betray your own daughter? I was going to announce our relationship to our kids. I knew thomas wasn't thrilled about it, but i figured that brooke could win him over. I kept telling him how he could trust her, what a good person she was. I figured he'd see that if he just gave her a chance. God, no wonder he's suffering in his school work now. 3E4C69E7.JPG

Stephanie: Is he?

Ridge: Just got of known with his guidance counsellor. She's completely, totally worried about him.

Massimo: So, ridge stayed here last night, huh?

Bridget: I knew you were going to read too much into this. I was upset, he didn't want to leave me.

Massimo: Your mother was upset, he had no problem walking out on her.

Bridget: Don't do that. Don't turn last night into something creepier because it wasn'T. It was very difficult for both of us.

Massimo: He obviously told you what happened.

Bridget: Yes. You got what you wanted. Ridge was ready to propose to my mother last night. He was wanting to start a life with her. And now -- 3E4C6A14.JPG

Massimo: Now, he doesn'tal

Bridget: That's all you care about? Never mind ridge just found out my mother had an affair with my husband. Never mind @ that jerk is harassing our family. You know what? Who cares if he turns hope's paternity into the tabloid story of the week. Right?

Massimo: I care, bridget. I care very much. Look, I don't want hope to suffer. Or you. Or ridge and his family. That is why i have been so vehemently against the relationship with brooke. Because I knew that it was going to finally come down to something like this. Except that this time, my grandchildren were involved. Young children who have endured enough loss for one lifetime. So, yes, I'm relieved that brooke isn't in the picture anymore, to say the least. She'd never be able to give them the stability and love you that gave them. And judging from the look on your f e , i think you finally are ready to admit it. 3E4C6B5B.JPG

Stephanie: Whwhat do you mean he's having trul at school? Is he acting out?

Ridge: No, just the opposite, actually. He's not participating in his class. He's not interacting with his friends.

Stephanie: Well, he's still upset. He's grieving over his moth death.

Ridge: That's what everyone thought at first. But the last few weeks, he's been getting a lot worse.

Stephanie: I guess i don't have to ask why.

Ridge: Don't start with mect now step step now you're not going to agree --.

Stephanie: Now you're not going to agree with me?

Rie:E: I made a mistake about brooke. You don't have to rub it in. 3E4C6B7E.JPG

Stephanie: I'm not trying to rub anything in. I'm just relieved that finally you see to have brought her into your family would have been the wrong thing to do.

Ridge: It surprises the hell out of me that i even have to admit that. Everything you said about brooke was true. I misjudged her. I thought i knew brooke better than you, better than massimo, better than anybody. I didn't know her. I didn't know her at all.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'm sorry.

Ridge: Listen, thomas is going to be home in a few minutes, and I'm going to need to talk to him, alone.

Stephanie: Okay. You call me if you need anything. 3E4C6BAA.JPG

Ridge: Yeah.

Stephanie: I love you.

Bridget: Look, I know you want to turn this into some sick competition betenen me and my mother.

Massimo: Come on, bridget. This is not a competition. Spidz, your mother doesn't hold a candle to you.

Bridget: You think I'm going to agree with you because I'm angry with her?

Massimo: No, no. You're going to agree with me because you know I'm right. Last night proves that.

Bridget: Nothing happened last night.

Massimo: That's not what i mean, okay? What I'm talking about here is ridge left your mother and he came right here to you.

Bridget: He was worried about me. 3E4C6BE3.JPG

Massimo: Well, of course he was, because he cares for you. If the truth were known, and ridge realized that you weren't his sister, i mean who knows how he would feel?

Bridget: Do you have any idea how sick that is?

Massimo: Why, why, you think it's not possible?

Bridget: No, no, because you're not going to tell anybody about that.

Massimo: Duplicity never solved anything, bridget. Look what it did to your mother. And we have a chance here to reveal the truth about something that could actually do some good.

Bridget: You think ridge is actually going to be glad you're his father? He already feels that he's been betrayed by my mother. How do you think he's going to feel had he finds out stephanie's been lying to him. How do you think my dad is going to react? 3E4C6C15.JPG

Massimo: I know there's going to be some shock, and i know there's a period of adjustment. Just think what it will do for thomas and the girls, not even to mention that you'll be in their lives again. Bridget: No, no.

Massimo: Bridget, will you please listen to me a moment? I'm their dpran father. I'm ridge's father. He's my son. All I want is the best for them.

Bridget: You can't control everything. You can't dictate who's going to raise your grandchildren and you can't decide who ridge is going to love.

Massimo: All things being equal, i mean, wouldn't you v it to be you? (Telephone ringing) 3E4C6C4C.JPG

Bridget: Hello?

Hi, bridget.

Bridget: Thomas, where are you?

I'm at school.

Bridget: Is everything okay? Thomas?

Can you come over tonight?

Bridget: Sweetie, I'm sorry, I don't think I can.

Please? We'll be real quiet. And we won't bother you if you have to study.

Bridget: I wish I could. But I can'T. Not tonight.

Okay. It's just ... I miss you.

Bridget: I miss you too. Tell phoebe and steffi hi. I have to go. Bye.

Amber: I didn't know he had the tape, eric. Otherwise I would have stopped it. 3E4C6D58.JPG

Eric: You mean he's already released it?

Amber: He made copies, and sold it.

Ridge: To who, the press? Tabloids, what?

Amber: Everyba he thinks he's a film maker, and it's likaa movie.

Eric: Is he selling it to the public?

Amber: That's how I found out about it. This guy, he recognized me and he asked me to sign his copy.

Eric: Recognized you? Ridge rimming like those guys at the bar.

Eric: Howanany copies has he sold? How many, amber?

Amber: A lot.

Eric: Hundreds?

Amber: Thousands. I offered to buy them back, but rudy said that it was impossible. 3E4C6D8B.JPG

Eric: No, you know what's impossible, amber? You. You and your knack for dragging this family and this company through the gutter. God, just when i thought you'd grown up, you if and you pull something like this.

Amber: But I didn't! Okay, i mean, it waarars ago. I mean, yes, I made the tape, but it was personal. I didn't know rudy was going to sell it.

Eric: Oh, oh. Sorry, so once more, you're not to blame, are you? We have poured millions of dollars into your name and your image and your talent. Do you know what's going to happen when this gets into the press?

Amber: I'm sorry. I didn't know this was going to happen. I was a stupid kid. I would have never made that tape if i knew it was going to end up in the front page of the news. 3E4C6DBB.JPG

Eric: Well, that's where it's going to be, amber. You pull yourself together a good press release, all right? Anii want to see it, and it better be good.

Ridge: Hey, sport. How was school?

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: You sure? You seem a little down.

Thomas: I'm tired. Can I go up to my room?

Ridge: Yeah, in a minute. I want to talk to you about something. I got a call from your guidance counsellor today. She said your teachers are a little worried about you.

Thomas: I didn't do anything.

Ridge: That's okay. I know. Then just concerned because you've been so quiet lately. Not just at school. I've noticed it too. 3E4C6DFA.JPG

Thomas: I guess i don't have anything to say.

Ridge: And I haven't exactly been listening to you very well, have I? You think I'm spending too much time with brooke? It's all right. It's all right because all that's going to change. (Doorbell)


Thomas: It's bridget. I knew she'd come. Hi, bridge ... brooke brooke hello, thomas. Ridge.

Ridge: Brooke, what are you doing here?

Brooke: I thought we should talk. Ridge rimming discussing something with thomas right now.

Brooke: Well, i don't mean to disturb you. I just wanted to check in, make sure that you were okay. 3E4C6EF9.JPG

Ridge: We're fine. Brooke ridge, look. I know last night didn't quite go the way that either one of us expected.

Ridge: No, it didn't, did it? Brooke but if you just give me a chance to explain, i think that we could make sense of this situation.

Ridge: Thomas, why don't you go up to your room and start your homework, and I'll be up in a few minutings, and we'll continue our conversation. Okay?

Thomas: Sure. Brooke something wrong?

Ridge: Thisv really doesn't concern you, brooke.

Brooke: Ridge, please, don't be like that. I understand that you're angry, but -- 3E4C6F29.JPG

Ridge: Brooke, not here. Not here.

Brooke: Ridge, what are you doing?

Ridge: What am i doing, brooke? What are you doing, come over here and airing our problems in front of my son?

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Ridge: Is that all you're going to say? Beyou could have saved yourself a trip here because no amount of apology is going to undo what i heard last night.

Brooke: No, you're right, it won'T. But I do have an explanation. If you would just hear me out.

Bridget: Ridge and I went through something last night. He reached out to me in a way nobody else ever has, and I'm not going to deny it affected me. But it didn't change our situation. 3E4C6F71.JPG

Massimo: Bridget, everything changed last night. Your connection to him, his relationship to your mother.

Bridget: It din change my mind. I'm n moving back to his house.

Massimo: Oh, damn it, bridget. Those kids need you, okay? Don't you understand that? They don't need a nanny, got forbid your mother.

Bridget: You just said yourself my mother is v of the picture.

Massimo: You forgave her. Same thing could happen with ridge.

Bridget: That's true.

Massimo: That woman causes nothing but turmoil. She moved in too fast. She just pushed herself into those kids' lives without any thought of the consequences. Because all she does is think about herself, first and foremost. Her needs first, and that's all that counts to her. That's the way she's been. That's the way she always will be. I don't want that for those children. They deserve better. They deserve someone like you. 3E4C6FBD.JPG

Bridget: I'm sorry. I don't want anything to happen to thomas and the girls. But i can't help you.

Massimo: So you'd be willing to send them back into some kind of an emotional meat grinder?

Bridget: I think they're more resilient than you give them credit for, massimo. Regardless of what happens with ridge and my mother, those kids are going to be fine.

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